MKW Chapter 878

Chapter 878  [Title below]


Although Anna is a minor angel, those few abilities of hers make Liu Yi see only the other’s dust.

For example, this current magic that Anna is using, which makes everyone forget about this event, Liu Yi is unable to do it.

For this 5 Spirit Gathering, Liu Yi did not attend on his own. He brought a few slightly stronger Scarlet Cloth Guards.

[TL: yeah I know it is a big jump…caught me by surprise as well]

Guan Yihua and Hunters stand by Liu Yi’s side. Mingyue Xuefeng had hurried back in time from the 18 levels of hell and followed by Liu Yi’s side.

At this moment, Yuan Zhenyue is also following behind Liu Yi. After all, she is one of the 5 Spirit Body, Liu Yi must bring her there.

Even if Liu Yi does not bring, he also understands that Ai Ling will snatch her.

Of the five spirit bodies, the Water Spiritual Body Wang Yuzheng was snatched. Wood Spiritual Body Poison Jasmine is in Raising Immortal Palace Hall. Fire Spiritual Body Lin Tong is in my body while Earth Spiritual Body Yuan Zhenyue is by my side.

[TL: Poison Jasmine is Liu Yi’s disciple who he had left behind in Raising Immortal Palace Hall when he was forced out by the righteous sect.]

That Metal Spiritual Body, Ma Yixuan… I don’t know where she is.

As for the Spirit Vein Ai Ling and the Fake Spirit Vein, I am both here. All of the major sects are all taking part as well.

The external pavilions and inner pavilions are more or less here.

When Liu Yi returned to Raising Immortal Palace Hall, after so many years. This is the first time he feels that this place had become so bustling.

All kinds of sects are gathered here, gathering at the enormous public square in Raising Immortal Palace Hall.

Liu Yi feels that this is even more bustling than the Dao gathering in World Manor!

“I didn’t expect that this cultivation world would have this kind of gathering!”

Guan Yihua who is following beside Liu Yi looks around and is unable to hold back his shock.

He had been a soldier for his entire life. After that, he joined the Scarlet Cloth Guard and followed by Liu Yi. Until now, he had not seen such a huge spectacle!

As far as the eyes can see are cultivators standing on their flying tools. There are countless groups on the ground. It is like the Eight Immortals crossing the sea, each showing their own special talent!

Anna was invited by Liu Yi so she follows closely behind Liu Yi.

She is also stunned by this scene. This place is filled with more holy qi than the Western God Realm! Ah wrong, the east calls it immortal qi! Indeed the Eastern Cultivation Realm is out of the ordinary!

“Of course. This can be considered as the first time the eastern Cultivation World has had a gathering.”

Liu Yi laughs and says, It is natural for it to be so bustling.”

“I have seen the world. this time.”

Hunter cannot help but feel emotional, “In my lifetime, when have I seen such things?”

“I have heard of the cultivation world but this is my first time seeing it.”

Yuan Zhenyue looks around, “But with so many powerful cultivators if they do evil, who would be able to control them?”

“Big sister Yuan does not know.” Liu Yi explains, “Naturally the cultivation realm has its own rules. Anyone who goes against the rules of the cultivation realm, such as wantonly taking action against the mortals, influences the structure of the mortal world, they shall be crusaded against by the entire cultivation world.”

“So that is the case…Then what if the opponent is someone the cultivation realm is unable to deal with?”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders, “Then that’s that…it will be the calamity of the entire six realms.”

Yuan Zhenyue immediately grabs her belt and says, “That cannot! If that’s the case, then even if I sacrifice my life I must stop it!”

Liu Yi immediately advises, “Aiyah, my big sister Yuan. It is not that bad. Even if the sky had collapsed, there’s an even taller roof shielding. Your cultivation is not up to par so don’t worry.”

“You are looking down on me!”

Yuan Zhenyue is unhappy and she says coldly, “Say, who is the bad person inside here. I shall go and capture them right now!”

“Enough. Calm down first!”

Liu Yi does not know how to react, “I let you come so don’t mess around. Watch by my side quietly.”

“Fine. I’ll give you this bit of face.”

Yuan Zhenyue also did not say much and follow beside Liu Yi bearing her temper.

“Senior Brother!”

“Senior Brother!”

As Liu Yi leads them and walks towards the public square, all of the disciples from Raising Immortal Palace Hall greet Liu Yi as he walks by them.

“Ah? Why did they salute you? As well as call you senior brother?”

Yuan Zhenyue does not understand.

“Big sister Yuan it’s like this. In the past, there were less than a hundred disciples left in Raising Immortal Palace Hall. Later on, after I joined Raising Immortal Palace Hall, Raising Immortal Palace Hall started accepting disciples and accepted a few hundred people. Thus, most of the people in Raising Immortal Palace Hall are my junior sisters and junior brothers. There is nothing wrong with them calling me senior brother.”

“So that’s the case…then you are a member of this Raising Immortal Palace Hall as well?”

Liu Yi smiles, “No. My name was struck off by Raising Immortal Palace Hall.”

“Ah? Why? Aren’t you an expert? Raising Immortal Palace Hall was willing to expel you?”

Yuan Zhenyue became curious.

“Because I am a person that the entire cultivation world hates.”

Liu Yi’s words cause Yuan Zhenyue to blank out for a moment.

Her gaze towards Liu Yi became slightly different.

This fellow. Just what heinous crime did he commit!

But seeing that Liu Yi does not wish to say anything more, she did not continue to question.

Although Yuan Zhenyue’s character is a bit barbarous, she is not stupid.

She wants to see just what ploys are being played during this 5 Spirit Gathering!

Liu Yi leads them to the public square.

At this moment countless people have gathered there making the surrounding of the public square impenetrable.

Currently, at the top of the public square stands an enormous statue.

This statue over 100 meters tall and is a man.

That man is holding a huge sword in his hand with the sword point stabbing into the ground making the statue look very impressive.

Liu Yi can see that this man is none other than the current ‘master’ of Raising Immortal Palace Hall, Liu Haisheng.

This old fellow erected a statue for himself. Disgraceful as it can be!

How can he have no shame!

Liu Yi wishes to wreck the head of the statue with his sword but now is not the time so he bears with it for now.

There are really a lot of familiar people here. Liu Yi glances around and sees people from Immortal Snow Peak, Concealed Sword Pavillion, Dragon Tiger Gate, and the likes!

As for those sects from inner pavillions that he had seen, they are all present as well.

Fengdu City, Ruyi Sect and the rest are all here.

“Husband! Husband!”

From the KunlunSide, a girl wearing armor runs over.

Although it is armor it exposes an arm and a leg.

Her body is also tattooed with black ink making her look very barbaric.

The moment she appears, she immediately attracts the attention of all of the male cultivators present.

While that beauty runs over to Liu Yi’s side and hugs his arm.

“Husband why are you here…”

This person is none other than Kunlun Mountain’s Yang Mianmian, Liu Yi’s convenient madam.

She is very seductive as she leans sweetly into Liu Yi’s embrace, “Husband…I really missed you…”

The eyes of everyone instantly widen, what the hell. Why did such a beautiful woman throw herself into the embrace of Liu Yi?

Isn’t he the famous devil of the cultivation world?

Kunlun Mountain is a righteous sect among the inner pavillions. Why would she muddle with Liu Yi!

Yuan Zhenyue and Anna are also shocked because this woman is very beautiful and is not to be outdone by any of them!

Why would there be such a beautiful woman by Liu Yi’s side? And also call him…husband?

Could it be that the two of them have married?

At this moment, a handsome young man walks over and bows before asking, “This miss, may I have your name?”

“ I am Yang Mianmian!”

Yang Mianmian’s voice immediately turns flat.

“So it is the sect head of Kunlun Mountain!”

That young man’s eyes immediately brighten up, “This one is from Fuxi Palace Hall, Moon Palace’s disciple, Fangshi Jing! Greets Sect Head Yang!”

Yang Mianmian is rather impatient, “Why are you looking for me, quickly say it.”

“Actually this one came because this one admires Sect Head Yang’s beauty!”

This Fangshi Jing is rather direct as he says, “This one is untalented and is the next hall master of Moon Palace! How can such a woman like Sect Head Yang be together with Liu Yi! May Sect Head Yang do me the honor and admire this 5 Spirit Gather together with this me?”


Yang Mianmian turns around and turns from a gentlewoman into a demoness, verbally abusing him, “Don’t stand there and dirty my eyes!”


That Fangjing Shi is stunned. I am being chased by countless of junior sisters in Fuxi Palace Hall. Right now, I am being so heartlessly rejected?!

Which point of mine is lesser than Liu Yi?

Before he can understand, from the side came a group of women.

All of these women are supreme beauties. Marrying any one of them will make men laugh in delight.

Although it is the cultivation world. These guys who are used to seeing beauties were all stunned and unable to say anything for a moment.

At this moment, all of these beauties walk to Liu Yi’s side and kneel in front of him.

“We greet Sage Ruler!”

These women respectfully address Liu Yi.

This causes everyone to be stunned.

What, what is this situation?

These people should be the beauties from Womanland right! Why would they kneel down to Liu Yi!

Why call him Sage Ruler?

As for the person standing at the very front, it is none other than Princess Dragon Lotus.

By Dragon Lotus’ side is Qiu Han who seems to have become what Supreme Elder.

As for Yue Qinger, she did not come but a number of other beauties came.

“All of you stand up. Don’t be so polite. It’s making me awkward.”

Dragon Lotus orders, “Since Sage Ruler has ordered, everyone stands up.”

Liu Yi feels that the current Princess Dragon Lotus seems to be different from the last time he had seen her.

Dragon Lotus seems to have a faint queen aura which makes her even more like royalty.

It is like…she became more female…

“For this 5 Spirit Gathering, Womanland will definitely stand on Sage Ruler’s side.”

“Right, right, right. My Fengdu City as well, hahaha!”

Fengdu City’s Sect Head Tao Cheng had also come over to greet Liu Yi.

“Then I shall first thank the two of you.”

Liu Yi also replies back politely but he is laughing in his heart.

Tao Cheng this old fox. Seeing Womanland and Kunlun Mountain standing on my side, he also came over to join the fun.

“Ah…why is Womanland…Kunlun as well as Fengdu City all following Liu Yi?”

The rest of the sects cannot help but raise their eyebrows.

Chen Sihang clenches his fist as he stands there staring at Liu Yi who was crowded by everyone.

“Hmph! Liu Yi, this time, my Fuxi Palace Hall will stand out and make you suffer!”


Chapter 878   [ 5 Spirit Gathering]

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