MKW Chapter 877

Chapter 877  [Title below]


“The human realm is indeed very interesting. But, you are even more interesting.”

That guy’s face is covered in evilness as he looks at Liu Yi while licking his lips.

Liu Yi instantly shivers as he curses in his heart, don’t tell me that this God-King has a heavy taste!

This is not that easy to say…I always feel that people from the God Realm are a group of perverts and psychopaths!

Perhaps only Anna is more normal…yeah, but there is only this one!

“Human, yield under my, Andel’s feet.”

He steps on the Netherworld Soldier’s body as he stretches out a finger as he points at Liu Yi’s face and says, “If you lick my shoes right now, I will consider lightening your suffering.”


Liu Yi looks at that Andel and laughs before pointing at his own shoes.

“If you come and lick my shoes, I will give you a quick death.”

“Interesting. Really interesting!”

Andel laughs loudly, “This is the first time I have met this kind of human! Silly human. You are too ignorant. You do not know how powerful am I!”

He stretches out his left hand and clutched the air.

Instantly the top of this building scattered like ashes and vanished, exposing this entire floor to the outside.

Snow lands in the room scattering on the ground.

“Do you see this? Ignorant human! This is my strength. You can only kneel under my feet!”

With that Andel pressed down towards Liu Yi with his palm.

Originally he thought that with this press, Liu Yi will be forced to kneel.

But unexpectedly that guy is still standing there not moving like he is not affected.

Liu Yi crosses his arms as his black windbreaker flutter along with the winter wind.

“Why is there no effect! Could it be that my holy strength is ineffective towards you?”

“Your holy strength is effective.”

Liu Yi chuckles, “But you are too weak. Way weaker than me.”

“Impossible! I am a God-King, the supreme God-King!”

“That’s right. You are a God-King.”

Liu Yi mocks, “But did you really think that you a God-King are undefeatable? Andel, right? Today I shall let you understand that there is always someone better!”

“I shall let you know first!” roars Andel as three pairs of white wings spread out from his back.

These wings are very enormous and each pair is over ten meters long.

The moment he spread open his wings, he blocks the vision of the people.

He carries a holy aura and is like a real god descending to the mortal world!

Those people who were fixed in place cannot help but kneel and worship him with lifeless eyes.

“Rather impressive.”

Liu Yi laughs, “Don’t be too delighted. I also know.”

Eye-catching golden light erupts out from behind his back!

This golden light revolves around Liu Yi’s body as a sun emerges behind his back!

The golden light is Buddhist qi which is very eye-catching.

“What grade is this holy light?!”

Seeing this radiance, Andel got a huge shock, “You a mortal person! How is it possible for you to possess holy light!”

“The world is so big. How can your small God Realm be able to imagine it?”

“Conceited nonsense!”

Andel roars as he flashes in front of Liu Yi instantly.

His palm slams down on Liu Yi’s forehead.


Liu Yi only roars, as qi turns into a shockwave and smashes into that God-King.

This God-King angel who has six wings was sent flying away, crashing through a wall and fell outside.

Andel hurriedly flaps his wings and stabilizes his figure.

Who is this fellow! Just a roar sent me flying?

But I am a God-King!

What is the standard of a God-King? That is God Realm’s first-rated angels!

How many angels kneel and worship me, begging me to bestow upon them grace!

But this fellow. This man bullies me to death!

Where is the prestige of a God-King!

Where is the prestige of the God Realm!

“Liu Yi! Liu Yi!”

Andel who is floating in the air roars, “Tell me, how powerful are you?”

“Soon you will know!”

As Liu Yi speaks, he raises his palm, and god qi erupts out from his palm.

“God Sword Protecting Body!”

There is no need for Liu Yi to use the entire God Sword Protecting Body, thus he only summons his four Firegod Swords.

These four fire-god swords instantly appear in midair and surround Andel.

Although Liu Yi does not know Moon Dream Sutra through God Sword Protecting Body, he can achieve nearly the same effect!

The four fire-god swords twirl around Andel. With Liu Yi pulling back his hand, the swords drag Andel in front of him.

Liu Yi clutches his palm and the four fire-god swords pierce into Andel’s body creating four bloody holes on his body.

Andel is unable to withstand the fire god qi. With his body being injured by fire-god swords he vomits out blood.

“I, I am not convinced!”

Andel who is not weak kneels in front of Liu Yi.

“Then I shall make you accept it!”

Liu Yi raises his palm and slams down on his head.

Andel’s head slams into the ground and through the floor!

Anna who is standing by the side collapsed onto the ground. This…this God-King Andel cant receive a single blow from Liu Yi!

He…he is too scary!

Luckily I am not his enemy…


This Andel is like an undying roach. His body trembles and blast apart the floor before he flies up again.

Although he is covered in dirt, after wiping his face with his hand, he restores his clean appearance.

“Damn it! Could it be that you are the Oriental Supreme God?”

“Supreme god? Hahaha!”

This time, Liu Yi is unable to take it and starts laughing, “You are thinking too much. I am nothing but a small cultivator of China! As for the supreme god, I don’t even dare to think about it!”

“What? With, with this kind of strength and you, you are not the Oriental Supreme God?”

“I already told you that you are thinking too much.”

Liu Yi crosses his arms, “I have never seen what that Supreme God looks like! You can only say that you are too weak. Scram out of my East! Otherwise, don’t blame me for being impolite!”

“Fri-frightening East…”

Although the God-King is clean his face is completely pale.

“Still not getting lost!”

Liu Yi roars and that Andel immediately trembles. Countless of his feathers also drop from his shivering.

He leads his subordinates who are still alive and escapes in a panic.

These angels came quickly and left even faster.

“To turn this place so messy!”

Liu Yi looks at the surroundings before sighing, “And I still need to help you clean up this place.”

He stretched out his hand, preparing to save Wang Yuzheng first.

At this moment, a figure suddenly appears in front of him and grabs hold of his wrist.

Liu Yi turns around and realizes that it is the figure of a female. Just that this woman’s face is covered by a black cloth making it hard to see her appearance clearly!

But Liu Yi knows the fragrance of this woman!

Liu Yi instantly trembles as he stares at that woman in a daze.

“It’s…it’s you…”

“Sorry. Lend me this person for a bit!”

That woman snaps her finger and a blood blade descends chopping the birdcage into two halves.

After which that woman’s hand holds Wang Yuzheng’s shoulder and the two of them turn into a stream of blood light before disappearing.

“Gods, both of them disappeared!”

Anna immediately appears in front of Liu Yi and exclaims, “Liu Yi! Hurry and chase!”

While Liu Yi stands there not moving like he got frozen.

“Liu Yi! Liu Yi! What’s the matter with you?”

Anna does not know why Liu Yi is stunned. She immediately shook his shoulder, “Quickly wake up! What’s the matter with you?”

“It’s, it’s her…”

Liu Yi is still in a daze like his soul is out of his body.

“She? Who is she?”

Anna asks, “You recognize that woman?”

“Recognize…how would I not recognize…”

Liu Yi laughs bitterly, “Even if she had covered up her face, I can still recognize her.”

“So unforgettable? Could it be that she is your old lover?”

“Old lover? I’m afraid that our love is even deeper than old lovers…”

Liu Yi is smiling bitterly, “This love…even if my body is destroyed, I cannot repay her…”

“This I do not understand. But…aren’t you worried that you’ll lose your woman?”

“I’m not worried about her.”

Liu Yi says, “Looks like the people for the 5 Spirit Gathering can be considered as gathered.”

“5 Spirit Gathering? What is that?”

“You wish to know?”

Liu Yi glance at Anna, “At that time, I will bring you to take a look.”

“Is, is that okay?”

Anna is slightly shocked, “It should be a distinguished meeting of your East side , right? I am an outsider from the West, and you dare to let me take part?”

“Why not.”

Liu Yi places his hands behind his back, and says, “The east and west rejecting each other, this kind of thinking is only parochialism. This way of doing will only let culture fall behind.”

“This way of thinking of yours is rare!”

Anna’s gaze towards Liu Yi is slightly lost in thought.

She suddenly feels that the guy in front of her sooner or later will become an influential master who will shake the world!

So much so that his accomplishment will be even greater…perhaps he might even possess a region of the gods in God Realm!

Just that…I don’t know if I will see this scene.

“I need to continue cleaning up the mess.”

With Wang Yuzheng being at Ai Ling’s side, Liu Yi is not worried at all.

He waves his hand and the Netherworld Soldiers immediately start dealing with the corpses.

“That a pity about this building…being wrecked into such a manner.”

Liu Yi sighs.

“This…leave it to me.”

As Anna speaks, she snaps her fingers.

The fallen debris immediately starts moving and mending on their own.

Every single piece of wall stone moves back to its original place. In a blink of an eye, the wrecked building restored to its original appearance.


Chapter 877   [Fighting against angels]

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