MKW Chapter 876

Chapter 876  [Title below]


The young man raises his head to see a guy wearing a black high collar windbreaker squatting on top of the cage.

“At the very least you should ask me if you wish to bring my woman away.”

That person is none other than Liu Yi.

He squats on top of the cage as he stares at the young man below.

When Wang Yuzheng sees him, her face is immediately filled with delight.

The guy raises his head and looks at the guy on top of the cage, “To come so quickly?”

This fellow is the number one name on our wanted list.

“How can I not be quick. If I don’t come, my wife would have been brought away by other people.”

Liu Yi says coldly, “The God Realm Army really does play a good scheme. To attack here. From what I see, your God Realm is too peaceful!”

“This woman is very important to us. If you wish to block, then do not blame me for being impolite.”

“Impolite? I do want to see how you are going to be impolite.”

Liu Yi thinks rapidly, why did this shota say such things?

They are not coming after me? Instead, they came for Wang Yuzheng?

Wrong…why would they come after Wang Yuzheng?

But since I am here, I will not let them have their way!

Whoever wishes to take away my woman can only do it after stepping over my corpse!

“Liu Yi it is you who is asking for it.”

As the shota speaks, he makes a move with both hands.

Instantly the tables and chairs, as well as video camera and more, float up before smashing at Liu Yi.

“Parlour tricks.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he raises his hand and clutches his hand.

A golden light instantly exploded out sending those messy things flying away.

Although the shota’s move is very mysterious his strength is way below Liu Yi’s.

Just that single ray of Nine Yang God Qi erupting out causes not only those messy things to fly away, it also sends that shota flying out as well. The shota crashes into the sofa behind him before falling onto the ground.

“Such powerful strength…”

The shota climbs up to his feet with blood on his mouth and hatred in his eyes.

“I guarantee that you will see even stronger tricks.”

Liu Yi laughs coldly, “So be it if you provoke me. But you dare take action against Yuzheng. Very good. Doesn’t the God Realm like to find trouble? Then I shall make God Realm unable to have peace!”

“Just you?”

The shota laughs coldly as well, “You are looking down on my God Realm too much!”

“Don’t say the God Realm. I don’t even place the God-King in my eyes!”

“Too arrogant!”

The shota suddenly roars, “God-King assist me!”

A pair of white wings suddenly open up behind his back stretching towards the side.

White feathers scatter all over the place making the scene very beautiful.

The surrounding people were badly frightened.

What, what is this… an angel?

The shota’s figure suddenly changes as he instantly turns into a two-meter tall golden hair handsome guy.

He is releasing sacred light making the surrounding people feel pious upon seeing it and wish to kneel down and pay respect.

“I, Saint Luise shall eradicate you heretic!”

He raises his hand and silver crucifixes, around the size of a tablet computer, drop from the sky smashing towards Liu Yi’s head.

Liu Yi opens his arms and his three meters tall avatar flies out holding an enormous black shield in its hand.

This is the Monarch Shield which has the most amazing defense!

When those crucifixes land on the shield, they scatter into silver lights.

But these crucifixes continue to drop. It is like rain, falling non-stop.

At this moment, the avatar forms another arm that grabs hold of Sky Splitting Spear and tosses it out.

That Sky Splitting Spear pierced through that Saint Luise’s chest before carrying his body and nails him into the wall behind him.

Silver blood drips out pooling on the ground.

“Damn it…”

Saint Luise’s mouth is also covered with bloodstains as his gaze turns sluggish but carries a trace of hatred.

Liu Yi knows that this angel hates him to death but why would he not hate them as well!

To take action against my woman! Their sins cannot be forgiven! I can pardon anything except for those people who seek to harm my women!

This ball-breaking God Realm Army! Do they have nothing to do?

“But don’t think that it is finished after you kill me!”

The strength of Saint Luise, who was nailed to the wall, is continuously disintegrating.

Lightning from the Sky Splitting Spear keeps swimming about his body making him unable to gather any strength and only feel more and more pain.

He wishes to die but is unable to die thus he can only glare at Liu Yi hatefully!

“It is not only me who is here to capture you!”

While he is speaking, the men and women lying on the ground suddenly stand up.

These people were the staff of the television station but from the looks of it, they were possessed by angels.

As long as a human accepts the possession of an angel, the angel can descend into the body of the human.

Those ten plus people who stood up are all angels from God Realm.

From the strength that they are emitting, they should be God Generals.

One of the generals roared, “Today we must snatch that person!”

The God Generals are wearing silver armor and holding enormous swords made of light. 

They flap their wings as they charge at Liu Yi.

So many of them surrounding Liu Yi.

At the same time, Liu Yi’s avatar behind him puts away its weapon before its six arms keep hitting out Glorious Sun Palm.

Illusion Extermination was blasted out in all directions. Those God Generals are hit very quickly and fly out even faster.

All of them scream as they fly backward and fall all over the place.

Liu Yi’s Glorious Sun Palm was already very powerful. Right now with the additional strength from his avatar, it became even stronger.

The six arms keep hitting out like a machine gun letting none of the God Generals get close to him at all.

“This person is too powerful!”

“His strength…is it around God-King?”

These God Generals were forced into retreating from defeat while wailing like ghosts and howling like wolves.

Anna who is hidden in the darkness was stunned seeing these.

Why does Liu Yi seem to be becoming stronger and stronger!

What is that enormous figure behind his back? Why is it so powerful!

The formerly impressively God Realm Army was no use at all and was beaten until they pissed in their pants in terror!

“Whoever dares to touch my women shall die for me!”

Ruthlessness flashes across Liu Yi’s eyes. In a blink of an eye, he appeared in front of that Saint Luise.

“You birdman. Who sent you?”

The avatar behind Liu Yi’s back stretches out a hand and raises Saint Luise, pulling him out from the way before pinching his throat and raising him in midair.

“Tell me now!

“Even if I die, I will not betray the God Realm!”

Saint Luise laughs loudly, “I, Saint Luise am a God General of this generation! The great cause of God Realm is my responsibility, defending the supreme holy aura of my god!”

“Fine then.”

The avatar behind Liu Yi’s back moves. Two of its hands grab hold of the two wings of Saint Luise before tearing them off.

Although this is not the first time using this move, it is very effective to deal with these birdmen!


Indeed Saint Luise screams in pain as cold sweat covered his face.

“You, you devil!”

As Saint Luise screams in pain, he curses in anger, “Sooner or later, the punishment from god shall fall on you!”

“If they have the capability then strike now!”

Liu Yi is worried about Wang Yuzheng’s safety and says savagely, “If you cannot then don’t talk big!”

For his women, Liu Yi does not mind turning into a devil!

At this moment Saint Luise suddenly shouts, “We are allied! Could it be that you guys are not coming out!”

Streams of water fall from the ceiling and from the water walk out soldiers in black chain armor.

Liu Yi is very familiar with these soldiers. They are none other than the Sea-patrolling Yaksha!

These Sea-patrolling Yaksha possess the strength of around earth grade. When they walk out, they did not do anything else but roar as they charge at Wang Yuzheng.

Over hundred of yaksha suddenly appear in such a huge television studio in the television station, making the spectacle rather large.

“Comparing the number of people is it?”

Liu Yi laughs. Although he did not foresee that East Sea and the Western God Realm would ally, everything had not exceeded the range of his capability.

Netherworld Realm lets out black light as close to a thousand of Netherworld Soldiers appear in the room.

These Netherworld Soldiers all possess the strength of Earth Realm and instantly filled up the room.

All of them are covered in black samurai armor. Nether green flames burn in their eye sockets making them very horrifying.

Dense ghost qi and murderous intent!

“What, what is this!”

Saint Luise is stunned.

These Netherworld Soldiers easily took down those yakshas.

The yakshas are not the opponent of these Netherworld Soldiers!

“To be defeated like this! How is this possible!”

Saint Luise does not believe in what he is currently seeing. Their God Realm Army and East Sea Army working together were so easily defeated!

How is this possible!

The God Realm Army should be impossible to resist!

Why can’t we deal with a small person from China!

“God-King! Respected God-King!”

Saint Luise roars at the sky, “With my humble life, I ask of you to descend! Use my soul to open the passage for you to descend! God-King! Descend!”

At this moment, one of the Netherworld Soldiers charges over in front of Saint Luise as the ghost blade in his hand slashes at Saint Luise’s neck.

The eyes, ears, nose, mouth of Saint Luise suddenly erupts out with silvery light like the soul is set on fire!

A beam of holy light descends from the sky and following which, the figure of a man descends. Both his legs step on top of that Netherworld Soldier’s head and destroy its head.

This guy is thin and his hair is sleek. He is wearing a white suit with black leather shoes.

The moment this guy appears, he immediately carries an unblockable might.

He is wearing a smile filled with evil as he looks at Liu Yi.

“It seems…I have come to a rather good place…”


Chapter 876  [Ball-breaking God Realm Army]

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