MKW Chapter 875

Chapter 875  [Title below]


“I am in great danger?”

Liu Yi laughs, “There is no need for you to warn me. I have always been in great danger. In this world, there are a lot of people who wish to kill me. Let me tell you, if you line up my enemies, they could line up from North Dragon City to New York City!”

“This is different! Those are small fries. Right now are the big characters!”

Anna says, “The God Realm Army has come!”

“Let them come.”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders, “After all, this is not the first time we’ve met.”

“Not only the God Realm Army! Right now even the Rebel Army is working together with the God Realm Army!”

“Then why did you come and help me?”

“I, I…”

Anna’s face turns red for a moment before she hurriedly says, “I feel that the current Rebel Army is no longer the Rebel Army of the past. The God-King of the Rebel Army has already obtained benefits from the God Realm Army’s God-King. The few of them sit together and divide up the God Realm’s territory. From then on, there will no longer by any Rebel Army.”

“Isn’t this good? Now that God Realm is united, there won’t be any more wars.”

Liu Yi says, “No matter the Rebel Army or the God Realm Army, warring with each other will only cause the death of your brothers and sisters.”

“What you say is right. This looks to be very good.”

Anna says anxiously, “Right now the entire God Realm is regarding you as the biggest threat! They want your death!”

“Then let them come.”

Liu Yi sticks his hands into the pockets of the windbreaker with his collar high up as he ignores the snowflakes landing on his body.

“No matter how difficult, I Liu Yi shall accept it. China has a saying. Soldier’s come general’s block. Water comes earth blocks!”

“Liu Yi! You idiot!”

Anna scolds angrily, “I took a risk to descend to the mortal world to find you! How can you say such things!”

“I am thankful to you for descending to the mortal world to warn me. But if the God Realm Army wishes to come then let them come. Even if they do not come, sooner or later I will go and find them.”

Since they are enemies then I will not let them off.

Right now Liu Yi does not have time to go and take care of the Western God Realm. When he has time, it will be shall be the day of their suffering.

“Do you think that they will directly find you to take action against you?”

Anna sneers, “The God Realm Army is not that stupid. They know that you are powerful, thus they will not find you.”

Liu Yi’s gaze suddenly turns serious, “Then who do they wish to take action against?”

His heart turns heavy. I expected that God Realm Army was going to take action!

“You should thank me.”

Anna says as she takes out a photograph, “They found out that this woman’s relationship with you is quite special thus they want to take action against her!”

Liu Yi takes a look. The woman is none other than his girlfriend Wang Yuzheng!

Fucking hell! This group of damn birdmen! They are unable to defeat me thus they take action against my woman!

“Your God Realm Army is despicable…”

“This, this…can you not say such things in front of me?”

Anna’s expression is awkward.

“Cannot. I must go and find Wang Yuzheng!”

Liu Yi hurriedly gives Wang Yuzheng a call but she did not pick up.

“This lass…where is she right now!”

Liu Yi is as anxious as an ant on top of a stove.

“Cannot. Let me go and ask Dahai…”

Before Liu Yi could call him, Little Jade reminds him, {Master, someone is calling you.}

{Right now I am busy, not going to pick up!}

{Okay master.}

An ingenious thought flashes across Liu Yi’s heart as he asks, {Wait…who is calling?}

{It is Military Blade.}

Military Blade?

Wasn’t he in River Song helping me train my navy? Why did he suddenly give me a call?

Liu Yi turns apprehensive and feels somewhat restless thus he picks up Military Blade’s call first.

“Quickly say what you have to say.”

“Commander! It is an urgent matter!”

Military Blade’s voice is still that cold, “Right now we are currently warring with the East Sea! The East Sea retreated again and again in defeat thus they sent out assassins to you!”


Liu Yi nearly breaks his teeth from clenching them. Fucking hell, why does this group of people only know how to play dirty tricks!

Why didn’t that Third Princess of the East Sea give me news about it, fucking bitch!

Perhaps that lass is still hiding a hand from me!

Presently, the East Sea and God Realm Army have gathered in North Dragon City. Looks like it is lively now.

“Anna, can you help me?”

Liu Yi’s gaze lands on Anna.

Anna is very clever and immediately guesses what he wants to know. “Is it that you wish to know where your girlfriend is?”


Liu Yi nods his head. “Can you help? It is better for me to rely on you for these techniques.”

Anna smiles merrily at Liu Yi and says, “Hehe. I can but you must beg me.”

“Damn. Let you take advantage! Aren’t I already begging!”

“That’s right. So beg.”

Anna smiles even deeper, “Could it be that all of you China men do not know manners? Asking people to do things for you without requesting?”

“Fine. Your mouth is hard to deal with.”

Being concerned over Wang Yuzheng’s safety, Liu Yi can only say, “My little angel Anna, I beg you. Can you help me?”

“That is more like it. Follow me!”

As Anna speaks, her hand touches Liu Yi’s shoulder.

A white light flashes and the two of them disappeared from the rooftop.


“Yuzheng. The television interview is very important! You must bring up all of your vigor and mental state!”

The new manager is a guy who is over 30 years old. He is holding a booklet as he gives instructions carefully and insistently to Wang Yuzheng over and over again.

“En, Big Brother Wang. I know, I will.”

Wang Yuzheng nods her head obediently, this television interview was also arranged by Hongxin Entertainment. The main objective is to give publicity to Wang Yuzheng’s new album.

Right now Wang Yuzheng’s career is on the rise. Thus even during Chinese New Year, she still has to work busily.

Not only is she busy, but the staff from the television station are also busy.

While there is a group of fans standing outside of the television station. In their hands, they are holding Wang Yuzheng signs waiting to get a glimpse of Wang Yuzheng.

These are Wang Yuzheng’s fan group. After she is done with the television interview, she will meet them.

The director walks over and shouts, “Okay everyone, prepare to start the shoot!”


The manager replies before turning back and warns again, “Remember. You must express yourself properly. There is no need to be nervous. After all, this is a recording.”

“Ok Big Brother Wang.”

The make-up artist by the side helped Wang Yuzheng redo her makeup before she walked out calmly.

The host is an old hand. The moment the shoot starts, he starts saying things to warm up the atmosphere. After which the host starts discussing Wang Yuzheng’s new album.

It is also not the first day that Wang Yuzheng had stepped forward as a performing artist. She replies very appropriately to the occasion.

“Right. Yuzheng ah. Seeing that you are so beautiful, you must have a lot of male fans right.”

The host smiles as he asks, “These male fans are all very concerned about this question. Yuzheng do you have a boyfriend?”

“Ah, this question…”

Wang Yuzheng thinks rapidly as she hesitates.

The manager who is standing opposite hurriedly gives her a meaningful look, afraid that she will say something wrong.

The current manager already knows that Wang Yuzheng has a boyfriend. Furthermore, he also knows that her boyfriend is his big boss!

But this will affect Wang Yuzheng’s career thus it cannot be revealed!

Wang Yuzheng sighs lightly in her heart and without any better options, she says “I still don’t have one. During university, I was always busy with my studies. Afterward, I became a performing artist thus I didn’t have time to find a boyfriend…”

Alas, when then I can tell everyone that I already have a boyfriend.

I hope that Liu Yi will not blame me…

“The male fans will be very happy when they hear this.”

The host leads the conversation, “Outside there are fans waiting to see you. Yuzheng is indeed very popular. These fans have been waiting outside since morning. We found a few fans to meet you. Why don’t you sign a few of your new album and gift them?”

“Not a problem.”

Wang Yuzheng nods her head while keeping a bashful smile on her face.

Very quickly a few of those selected fans walk in excitedly. Each of them waiting for Wang Yuzheng to sign for them.

“Wang Yuzheng. I am your most faithful fan!”

A roughly 16 years old young boy walks over holding a large bouquet of flowers in his hands.

“Nice to meet you. Which school are you from?”

“That…I, I am from Yi Zhong…”

The young boy smiles very bashfully, “This year I am in the first year of senior high…”

“Yi Zhong! That is my alma mater!”

Wang Yuzheng claps her hand happily, “If you think about it, I am still your senior! You must listen properly to the album that senior is gifting you!”

That young man suddenly smiles sinisterly, “Instead of listening to the album, why don’t you sing for me daily.”


Wang Yuzheng tilts her head to the side slightly not knowing what this young guy means.

“It means that I shall capture big sister.”

As the young man speaks, he grabs hold of Wang Yuzheng’s sleeve.

“What are you doing! Where did this stinky kid come from!”

The manager immediately rushes out wanting to drag away the young man.

While that young man only wave his hand and that manager went flying away until he smashed a video camera set by the side.

“What, what is going on?”

The rest of the people were all shocked.


The young man does a keep quiet gesture and the rest of the people no longer dare to speak.

These people were covered in cold sweat. Who is this person? What kind of demonic technique is this?

“Who is causing trouble!”

A few security guards rush in and the young man waves his hand and those security guards were sent flying into the ceiling before falling onto the ground.

“Really. There are always those who come to disturb.”

The young man sighs, “Let me and big sister change to a quieter place.”

The young man claps his hand and an enormous golden birdcage appears out of nowhere and encloses Wang Yuzheng inside.

Wang Yuzheng grabs the cage as shock fills her eyes.

“Big sister, on the contrary, was born to be a canary.”

The young man touches that canary cage and says with a smile, You make people’s hearts ache…big sister. Let’s go. Follow me to a quiet and beautiful place. Only that place fits you.”

At this moment, a figure suddenly descends on top of the cage.

“Apologises. If you wish to take my woman, shouldn’t you ask me first?”


Chapter 875  [Meet and greet]

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