MKW Chapter 874

Chapter 874  [Title below]


Today is the second day of the new year. Chen Dahai is unable to idle.

As the boss of Hongxing on the surface, every day he is so busy that he has no time for himself.

During New Year, he is unable to idle and still has to be busy discussing business.

Today he is discussing business with the boss and directors of Red Star Estate in North Dragon City.

But he does not wish to discuss business in the office during New Year, thus the few of them ran out to the coffee shop to enjoy the atmosphere of the Chinese New Year.

After discussing, Chen Dahai leads them downstairs.

As they are going down, a few directors are surrounding Chen Dahai bootlicking him.

Chen Dahai did not stop them nor did he pay attention. Going in from left ear and out from the right.

These people if you stop them, it will cause them to feel awkward and the relationship in the future will be no good.

If you pay attention, it means that you are taking their bootlicking seriously and at that time, you will be unable to see clearly.

The moment Chen Dahai went downstairs, he became delighted.

My gosh, isn’t that Commander Liu Yi!

I didn’t expect that my boss did not return back to his maternal grandparents’ home and ran over here to drink coffee with a girl!

One of the directors also looks at them and his face instantly turns pale.

“Chairman. Please give me a moment…I met a familiar person.”

After that director speaks, he immediately walks down the stairs and in front of Liu Yi and Wang Jing with a gloomy face.

“Wang Jing! What are you doing?”

When Wang Jing heard this voice, her expression instantly changes.

“Ah, Di-director?”

She stands up in shock as she hurriedly explains to the 40+ years old guy with a balding top/

“I, I am meeting a friend…”

“Meeting a friend? You came to this coffee shop to meet a friend?”

The director says coldly, “You are carefree. I was wondering why is it that you said you had things to do today when I asked you out. So it is to meet this gigolo?”

Liu Yi more or less understands what is going on.

Alas, I was thinking of how Wang Jing was doing so well. From the looks of it, she is a mistress.

Using youth to change for wealth, it is also a path that can be considered.

“Director…you, you are mistaken…”

Wang Jing tries her best to explain. “This one is an old classmate of mine. He came back during Chinese New Year thus I came out to meet him. I planned to leave after chatting with him for a bit.”

“Leave after chatting?”

The director sneers coldly, “Today our chairman is here. Little hussy, I will not bicker with you anymore. Just wait for later.”

Wang Jing’s face turns pale as she seats back down no longer speaking.

“On the contrary, it is you who should be careful!”

The director turns around and says to Liu Yi, “You better take it easy. In this world, not any woman can be touched! At the very least for this woman, not to mention touching, don’t even think if knowing her, understand? Otherwise, in this North Dragon City, I will make you suffer the consequence!”

“The morals of the current era have really changed. Even the directors of real estate companies can be so wild?”

As Liu Yi drinks his coffee unhurriedly as he says, “Those who know, know that you are a director. While those that don’t would have thought that you were the mayor.”

“You do not know how high the heavens are nor how thick the earth is!”

The director scold, “Looks like if I don’t teach you a lesson today, you will not know who cannot be provoked!”

Liu Yi gives the director a glance, “I do not dare to provoke those from the gangs. Could it be that you are from the gangs?”

“I am not from the gangs but I know people from the gangs.”

The director says coldly, “Do you know which company I am from? Let me tell you! It is Hongxin Conglomerate! Do you know who is behind Hongxin Conglomerate? Let me tell you it is the Red Scarf Army!”

The director gives a thumbs up, “Do you know the Red Scarf Army? Dealing with you is just a matter of seconds!”

Liu Yi licks away the foam on the edge of his mouth and asks, “Is that so? Is Red Scarf Army impressive?”

“Of course. In North Dragon City…ah no, in the entire Chine, who is not afraid of the Red Scarf Army?”

“If you really want to ask this question…then I can really give you one.”

Liu Yi raises his finger.

The director snorts and question, “Oh? Who is it? I do want to know.”

“Right here.”

As Liu Yi speaks, that finger points at himself.

“You? Based just on you?”

The director starts laughing loudly, “You think that you are worthy! I see that you are sick of living!”

As he speaks, he points backward, “Do you see him, that is the Chairman of our Hongxin, the boss! With a sentence from him, he can sentence you to death!”

As they are speaking, that Hongxin boss had run over rapidly and says respectfully to Liu Yi, “Boss! Why are you here! Didn’t we agree that I shall go and find you to offer you tea?”

This sentence scared both that director and Wang Jing.

“Dahai. Recently you must be doing quite well.”

As Liu Yi drinks his coffee, he smiles and says, “Doing super well. Look at these underlings of ours. Each of them is so impressive at threatening people.”

“Fucking hell, who dares to threaten my boss!”

Chen Dahai instantly slaps the table in anger and that director kneels down in front of them.


That director’s face is covered in cold sweat.

The one that I had offended…is Chen Dahai’s boss?

Isn’t, isn’t that the boss of Hongxin!

The director nearly peed from fear.

Right now he has the thoughts of dying! Failing in pretending to be cool and got fucked over instead. Right now he finally understood the real meaning of this sentence!

“Motherfucker it was you?”

Chen Dahai grabs hold of the director’s collar, “You still wish to overturn the heavens?”

“I, I…chairman, spare me…”

Although Chen Dahai is the chairman of Hongxin Conglomerate, he is also the boss of the Red Scarf Army!

If he wishes to toy with me, there will not be any waves if he toyed me to death!

Wang Jing also sits there blankly watching the entire scene. What is going on…this junior high school classmate of mine? How did he turn into the boss of the triads out of a sudden?

“Spare you? Haha…”

Chen Dahai laughs coldly, “Savor this for Yama.”

“I, I…”

The director is so badly frightened that he is unable to say anything.

“Forget it Dahai.”

Liu Yi places down his coffee cup and says, “Don’t bother. The Red Scarf Army are not homicidal maniac devils. Don’t shout that you want to kill or beat people up at the drop of a hat.”

“Yes, boss.”

Only then did Chen Dahai let go of that director’s collar, “Resign from the company and beat it. Our conglomerate does not need you.”

“Of course!”

That director frantically scrambles out from the coffee shop not daring to even retort.

Chen Dahai smiles merrily and says to Liu Yi, “Boss. Let me offer you a cup of coffee!”

“You can drop it. This is a coffee shop, where would the tea come from.”

Liu Yi rejects, “Today I still have things to do. As for paying respect and the like, let’s do it next time. In the future when Hongxin hires people, watch it. How many has it been already? You cannot just accept them without looking at their character. Otherwise, this bit of fame that our Hongxin has will sooner or later turn bad.”

“Yes, yes, yes. What boss says is right! In the future when our Hongxin hires people, we will hire those with good character.”

Chen Dahai glances at Wang Jing before leaving.

There is no need to talk about that gaze. Liu Yi mutters in his heart, alas. This Dahai, where is he thinking too.

I should also leave.

As Liu Yi prepares to pay for the coffee, the waitress immediately rejects, “Sir, that customer earlier paid for you”

“Dahai is rather quick-witted.”

Liu Yi smiles as he stands up.

“Old classmate. Today shall end here. Slowly drink, I shall leave first.”

“Ah, don’t, don’t!”

Wang Jing hurriedly holds onto Liu Yi’s sleeve and says, “Our-our blind date still has not ended…”

“Blind date?”

Liu Yi looks at Wang Jing in shock, “Weren’t we just going through motions?”

“I was just joking with an old classmate…just joking!”

Wang Jing says sweetly, “You see you are unmarried and I am also the same…we still need to continue with our blind date!”


Liu Yi does not know how to feel, “One I have no money, two I have no car, three I have no house. How can I have proceeded with the blind date with you?”

“Aiyah. What you are saying.”

Wang Jing smiles, “If you don’t have them, we can earn them. We are still young, sooner or later we will possess it right?”

“I can’t even afford to buy a bag.”

“We don’t need to buy one, furthermore, I already have so many bags, there is no need to buy new ones!”

“Poor couples have hundreds of sorrowful matters?”

“Building up from nothing is true love!”

Liu Yi became speechless. This lass can say anything.


“Aiyah. After all, you don’t have a girlfriend. You see we can just try dating…”

Right now Wang Jing is wholeheartedly wanting to stick to Liu Yi.

No money, no car, no house?

Who would believe that the boss of Hongxin does not have anything!

Liu Yi keeps wanting to leave but Wang Jing holds onto Liu Yi’s hand tightly not letting him leave.

But at this moment, the door of the coffee shop was pushed open.

A woman walks in from outside and it is like a beam of sunlight had shined into this coffee shop.

Instantly all of the gazes of the guys were drawn to this woman.

The gaze of the guys became filled with adoration while the gaze of women is filled with jealousy!

One of the guys was holding a cup of coffee in his hand preparing to pour into his mouth to drink. But upon seeing this woman, he forgot to drink and that coffee was poured onto his pants, scalding him into crying out in pain.

One must say that this woman is very beautiful.

The beauty walks over and pulls Liu Yi’s hand.

“Quickly follow me!”

Wang Jing is stunned. Who is this beauty? Why does she look familiar?

Before she can react, Liu Yi was already pulled away!

“Hey! Hey! Liu Yi! Liu Yi! My Liu Yi!”

Wang Jing hurriedly chases after them. But the moment she walks outside, the street outside was empty. During Chinese New Year, there are fewer people who leave their houses. Thus right now, the street is quieter.

Where did they go?

Could it be that the two of them had flown away?

What Wang Jing had thought is right. At this moment, that woman had pulled Liu Yi and appeared on top of the roof of the building.

“Anna, is it you?”

Liu Yi looks at the familiar female angel in front of him, “Why did you come and look for me?”

“I had told you that us angels have some special abilities.”

Anna’s expression is anxious as she says, “But all of these are not important. The important thing is that right now, you are in great danger!”


Chapter 874  [Angel dropping in]

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