MKW Chapter 871

Chapter 871  [Title below]


After the midnight bell is rung, everyone welcomes a new year.

Li Biyue leans against the balcony’s window as she clasps a cup of red wine which she took from her car and asks Liu Yi, “Liu Yi, what wish do you have for New Year?”


Liu Yi looks at his hands, “I hope that I can become stronger.”

“You pervert. You are already very powerful.”

Yuan Zhenyue says unhappily, “I do not know when  I will surpass you!”

“Strength trained bit by bit. One’s mental state is the Way of the King.”

Liu Yi smiles and says, “Bis Sister Yuan does not need to keep thinking of surpassing me. That way will cause you to gain a heart devil which will be detrimental to your cultivation!”

Yuan Zhenyue curls up her lips unhappily, “Tsk, like I need you to say!”

“Talking about this…when are you going to teach this miss!”

Murong Die cannot help but ask, “This miss also wishes to come and go as I please!”

“Not yet. But in the future, perhaps there will be a chance.”

“Really? You cannot lie to this miss!”

“Will not. How would I lie to you.”

Looking at Murong Die’s exception-filled eyes, Liu Yi cannot help but smile.

Right now I am letting Huang Jie refine pills that can allow ordinary people to wash their bone marrow. The moment this pill is refined, Murong Die and the rest of them can start their cultivation.

Only with cultivation can they have longevity.

It is not like I can seek longevity alone and cast away these girls!

As long as they enter the path of cultivation, I shall impart to them some exceptional techniques and guarantee their strength to increase step by step. If they are my Daoist partners, wouldn’t my life be happy!

Wang Lele raises her hand high up and says, “Then, I also want to learn!”

“Of course. At that time, I will let all of you learn.”

“I never expected it …”

Wang Yuzheng is still rueful, “I was able to become a celebrity and in the future, I can also cultivate to be an immortal…why do I feel like I am dreaming!”

“Life is like a dream.”

Liu Yi looks at the stars outside the window and says, “In a dream, outside a dream, real or false. Watch the early evening when lanterns are first lit, listen to the snowstorm. The so-called decreed by fate, fitter away years for this reason.”


The girls cannot help but look at Liu Yi, “Didn’t expect that you would know how to recite poetry and pair them together.”

Yuan Zhenyue swallows her tongue, “My gosh, Aren’t you a martial artist, when did you carry the sour aura of a literate!”

Liu Yi says feeling wronged, “I’m reminiscing, all right? Is there a need to stare at me like I am an alien?!”

At this moment, Wang Yaru had fallen asleep. Only Liu Yi and the beauties are sitting in the living room keeping vigil.

Li Biyue who is the oldest woman currently suddenly has a thought and says, “Sitting like this is boring. Why don’t we play a game!”

“Okay, what do we play?”

“See, there is a deck of poker cards here.”

As Li Biyue speaks, she stretches out her hand and in her palm in a deck of poker cards.

The poker cards are brand new. Clearly, it was just bought today.

Her hands keep shuffling the cards. The poker cards flashes between her hands like lightning. Those who do not know would have thought that she is a gambling queen!

“Everyone should know the rules of poker right. Black, red, clover, diamond. The biggest is A while the smallest is 2.”

“That’s right, that’s right. We know this.”

The rest of the girls nod their heads.

“Oh, what are we going to play?”

Liu Yi became curious.

“That…I do not know how to play cards…”

Wang Yuzheng is somewhat worried as she says, “Usually I was busy studying…now, I am busy learning how to be an idol in the company…I don’t know how to play cards…”

“No worries. We will play something a bit simpler!”

As Li Biyue speaks, her finger turns over and takes out a card. It is actually the spades A!

“In a while, every one of us will draw a card from here. The one with the biggest card can give the one with the smallest card an order. You cannot act shamelessly and refuse it. You must comply with it! How about it, do you dare to play?”

“This is not fair!”

Murong Die immediately says, “You have abilities. The moment you draw, it is a spade A, how are we going to play, won’t we lose!”

“If you want to play this game, then you cannot use any technique or ability. Everything is completely up to luck!”

Li Biyue says, “If you break this rule that means that you have lost.”

“That is more like it.”

Only then did Murong Die and the rest of the girls agree.

“Come, come, come. I will shuffle the deck. Everyone,  prepare to draw your card.”

Li Biyue uses a skilled technique to shuffle the cards.

The cards are like a long dragon, swimming about between her hands. Making Murong Die and the girls dazzled.

Wang Yuzheng cannot help but ask, “Big sister Li…you go to the casino frequently, right…”

Yuan Zhenyue nods her head. In the past, she had captured countless gamblers.

“Not at all. I seldom play.”

Li Biyue waves her hands and says with a smile, “But in the past when I had nothing to do, I went to the casino in Macau or Alaska. When I did not exercise control over myself and accidentally won too much, I got blacklisted.”

Cold sweat instantly covers the rest of their heads.

This…is still called seldom play?

Wang Lele is slightly apprehensive as she says, “As we agreed…you cannot act shamelessly!”

“Relax. I will keep my word. This time around, it is up to luck.”

Li Biyue stacks the cards in front of everyone.

“Come. All of you draw first. I’ll be the last.”

“Then let me be the first!”

Wang Lele took the initiative and volunteered herself. She pulls out a card.

“Quickly see, Hearts A! Hahaha! I’ll be the winner!”

The rest of the girls instantly became sad. This big chest girl’s luck is too great! To draw Hearts A immediately!

“Hmph. Don’t be too delighted. Perhaps this miss will draw out the Spades A!”

As Murong Die speaks, she self-confidently draws a card.

In the end, when she flips it over to take a look, she nearly cries. Clubs 2!

“Hahaha, there are no cards that can be smaller than yours!”

Liu Yi rejoices in her misfortune making Murong Die so angry that she scolds him without grace.

“You damn fella! Let’s see what good card you can draw!”

“Definitely bigger than yours!”

Liu Yi smiles widely as he draws a card and turns it over.

A big Diamond 2 was slapped on the table.


Murong Die instantly starts laughing.

Liu Yi’s forehead is covered in black lines not knowing what he should say.

Bullshit…this luck of mine…isn’t it too lousy?

The rest of the people laugh as they draw their own cards.

In the end, it is still Wang Lele’s card which is the biggest with Liu Yi’s card the smallest.

“Following the rules, Lele you can give your order.”

Li Biyue covers her mouth while she laughs and says, “The sillier the better!”


Wang Lele seems to be slightly excited.

Liu Yi coughs, “You must feel for your Big brother Xiao Yi ah… I treat you very well, right?”

“En…but Lele still has a thing that Lele wants…”

“Want do you want? I can buy it for you!”

Seldom would Liu Yi be so generous. He pats his chest and says, “There is nothing that I, Liu Yi can’t buy in this world!”

“Hehe, Big Brother Xiao Yi, I want the moon in the sky!”

Liu Yi’s legs soften and he nearly slips.

What the crap, the moon…

Liu Yi roasts, “My Lele, why don’t you want to sun!”

“How can that do. Big Brother Xiao Yi treats Lele so well. How would Lele makes things hard for Big Brother Xiao Yi!”

Wang Lele says with a lot of distress, “The sun is a large fireball. So hot. What if it burns Big Brother Xiao Yi!”

What the, this is called feeling sorry for me…

Liu Yi says bitterly, “Lele, it is better for you to say something that I can do …this is too ridiculous.”

“That’s right Lele. This is indeed a bit too ridiculous.”

Li Biyue and the rest of the girls are laughing while saying in their heart, this Lele can make things hard for Liu Yi.

“Fine then. Lele will change to another one.”

As Wang Lele speaks, she picks up a black marker from the side and says while giggling, “Come, come, come Big Brother Xiao Yi, let Lele draw a cute tortoise on your face.”


Liu Yi instantly got a huge shock as he covered his face and said, “That’s not alright! How can I let you draw on my charming face! Let me tell you, this place prohibits urination and defecation anywhere you like! I turn muddled from being angered by you! I prohibit you from doodling and writing without basis!”

Wang Lele persists, “That’s not alright Big Brother Xiao Yi. You must accept your loss if you agree to bet!”

The rest of the girls also urge immediately afterward. Each and every one of them are rejoicing in Liu Yi’s misfortunes, angering Liu Yi so badly that he clenches his teeth.

This group of women….no wonder they say three women are enough for a drama….now that there are 5 women…my god…

Li Biyue pulls Liu Yi to sit down while Murong Die holds his jaws.

“Lele go ahead! Do whatever you like!”

What do you mean do whatever you like!

Liu Yi turns nervous.

Wang Lele scoots over beaming. Holding the marker, she draws all over Liu Yi’s face.

The marker is slightly cold. Thus as she draws on Liu Yi’s face, he feels that it is a bit itchy.

They play a few rounds of the game laughing happily.

At the same time, the clouds outside the window hide two figures.

The slightly shorter girl says unhappily, “Master, you see…you are suffering from the cold here while he is happily playing with a few girls over there!”

The other girl says indifferently, “He is celebrating the New Year.”

“It also cannot be like this! I see that he has clearly forgotten master to the back of his mind!”

“Xue’er, you are too talkative.”

The other girl is none other than Ai Ling.

“So-sorry master…it is Xue Luo’s mistake! Xue Luo had forgotten again!”

Xue Luo hurriedly kneels while trembling slightly.

“Forget it. You are also thinking of me.”

Ai Ling sighs, “No matter if he has forgotten about me, my matter must continue to be done.”

“What is the point master?”

Xue Luo says with heartache, “As Xue Luo watches, it is painful in Xue Luo’s heart…”

“You do not understand.”

Ai Ling laughs bitterly, “Wait till you have fallen in love with a guy in the future, then you will understand.”

“No matter what master wishes to do, Xue Luo will sacrifice my life to help you!”

“This I know. There are 15 more days. Upon that day, everything will come together…”


Chapter 871  [Drawn a small tortoise]

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