MKW Chapter 869

Chapter 869  [Title below]


Why did Murong Die call me during New Year’s Eve?

Liu Yi does not dare to ignore this big miss call thus he hurriedly picks it up.

The moment he picks up the call, he instantly heard Murong Die’s shout, “LIU YI! YOU SCUMBAG! WHERE DID YOU DIE OFF TO!”

Liu Yi instantly sweats, why did she start scolding.

Liu Yi hurriedly asks, “My big miss, what is the matter?”

“What is the matter? You dare ask what is the matter?!”


Oh my gosh…

Murong Die actually came?!

This is not a joke, right? What time is it now, why did Murong Die come now?

I thought that this big miss would not come! Good gosh, the gods are messing with me!


Murong Die lets out a final roar before hanging up the call.

Wang Yaru asks, “Xiao Yi, who called you?”

“That…was also a friend…who wanted to come to our house to celebrate the new year…”

Liu Yi keeps away the phone and says awkwardly, “Mom…looks as we can only have our New Year’s Eve dinner to here…we need to go home.”

Wang Yaru asks, “Why don’t you ask that person to come over and eat as well?”

“That…it is not that convenient…”

Liu Yi sighs. Looks like there will be a scene soon.

“Then let’s hurry back…Old Chen, we shall go back first.”

Ms Chen asked in shock, “Ah, you are not going to eat anymore?”

Liu Yi apologizes to Ms Chen and the rest, “WE have some matter thus we need to hurry home. Aunty, please don’t blame me.”

“If you have matters then hurry and get it done. It is no worries, no worries!”

Qingqing says hurriedly, “Why don’t I let Yongyou drive you back. Today is New Year’s Eve, it is probably hard to flag a taxi!”

“There is no need. I drove here.”

Li Biyue smiles, “But thank you, sister.”

“Look at me. I had forgotten about this. Big Sister Li definitely drove here.”

Qingqing pats her forehead, “Then let me see you off!”

“No need. You all continue eating. We shall leave first.”

Liu Yi says in his heart, this attitude is the complete opposite of earlier.

Indeed she is a person who curries favor. In the future, this neighbor of mine will have hardship.

Liu Yi supports his mother and leaves with Li Biyue.

Very quickly, Li Biyue drove her car over. When that BMW Z4 stops in front of them, Wang Yaru is slightly shocked.

[TL: yeah so am I…its a 2 seater…]

“Lady Xiao Yue’s qualification is not bad…”

Taking advantage that Li Biyue is in the car, Wang Yaru secretly whisper into her son’s ear, “You must treat her properly!”

Liu Yi also does not know how to explain. He can only reply, “Relax mom. I will.”

“That is good. Don’t you bully her! Our Liu Family cannot be heartless do you hear me? You look at your father. Back then he was such an impressive soldier but now doesn’t he still have to obediently obey your mother? He does not dare to be unfaithful outside and you are also the same. If you dare to be unfaithful, I shall break your leg!”

Liu Yi shivers as he says in his heart, this leg of mine…perhaps is going to be broken soon …

But Liu Yi is also unable to explain to his mother. Thus he can only board the car first and be nervous as they drive home.


Murong Die is sitting on the staircase playing with her phone in boredom.

As the big miss of Murong Family, she had received a number of SMS on her phone asking her to go out to have Chinese New Year’s Eve dinner together.

But Murong Die does not care about those SMS and only saved that single one which was sent by Liu Yi.

“This damn bastard! Why is he still not back yet! Watch how this miss deals with him later! To actually stand me up!”

Just as Murong Die is raging, she heard the sound of footsteps.

The footsteps are coming from downstairs making Murong Die pleasantly surprised.

“Scumbag! Finally willing to come back?”

Murong Die stands up and turns around only to realize that the person coming up is not Liu Yi but a woman wearing police attire.

“Eh? Big sister Yuan?”

“Oh? You came as well?”

Yuan Zhenyue and Murong Die were stunned at the same time.

Although Yuan Zhenyue is a member of Dragon Group. But on the surface, she is still a policewoman. Thus occasionally she would need to step forward to be on duty.

Today is also the same. Now that it is the lunar New Year’s Eve in North Dragon City, a lot of police officers are on holiday. Furthermore, a robbery happened on the streets thus she had only just settled it and got off work.

Because of Liu Yi’s SMS, Yuan Zhenyue was secretly delighted.

This heartless one finally got enlightened!

Although on the SMS he is asking me to act as his girlfriend… this kind of matter. Yeah…very easy to turn from false into real!

I can curry favor with Liu Yi’s mother. As long as aunty likes me, then wouldn’t my matter with Liu Yi have a higher chance of success.

But unexpectedly when I came over, I actually see the big miss of Murong Family!

Damn it…this heartless one! He found a few ‘girlfriends’ is it

Unfaithful ghost!

“Could it be that…you also received the SMS?”

“You also received it?”

The two women look at each other in shock before scolding Liu Yi in their hearts.

Damn it..this Liu Yi…too [add in your own curse]!

Murong Die thinks rapidly and asks, “Big sister Yuan is working the night shift right…how come you have time to come over, given how busy it is?”

“Ah… I just got off work…”

Yuan Zhenyue coughs, “Why isn’t Miss Murong accompanying Mr Murong to celebrate the coming of a new year?”

“My father does not stay up late. He is already asleep.”

Murong Die flips over her handphone and shows Yuan Zhenyue the time.

It is already around 11 pm and is indeed not early.

In another hour, the bell for the coming of a new year is going to be struck.

“It is already so late. Perhaps Liu Yi is not going to come back!”

Murong Die continues to say, “Big sister Yuan is so busy and had just got off work. You must be tired right, why don’t you go back and rest.”

“I’m still okay. My physical strength is good. I just got off work which is why I came over to take a look.”

Yuan Zhenyue smiles faintly, “But for Miss Murong. it is so late and you ran out from your house. Wouldn’t Murong Family be thrown into disorder?”

“Big sister Yuan shouldn’t be concerned.”

Murong Die’s smile carries craftiness, “I informed my home before leaving.”

“This way h…looks like Miss Murong is very concerned about Liu Yi. To come and look for him during New Year’s Eve night.”

Yuan Zhenyue’s sentences carry questions.

“Who is concerned about that fellow!”

Murong Die instantly sneers, “But coming over to see him is what I should do. After all…the two of us…are boy and girlfriend. Doesn’t Big sister Yuan know?”

“Boy and girlfriend?” Yuan Zhenyue was instantly startled, “When did that happen?”

“It happened during university. It is still abuzz in our two universities!”

At this moment, Murong Die’s expression can be called conceit like a victorious peacock.

“So, so it was like this…”

Yuan Zhenyue seems to be somewhat sad but very quickly she puts away this expression.

Who am I? I am Yuan Zhenyue!

Yuan Zhenyue from Dragon Group!

I am not afraid of those bad people, how would I fear this girl in front of me!

So what if they are boy and girlfriend! They aren’t married yet, right?

I, Yuan Zhenyue have been strong for so many years and had with great difficulty found a guy that I admire, how can I let go of him so easily!

Yuan Zhenyue gathers her courage and says, “No wonder you came to look for him in the middle of the night. But why would he send me an SMS, saying that he wants me to pretend to be his girlfriend?”

Yuan Zhenyue starts attacking.

“Is, is it like this…”

Fire starts emitting from Murong Die’s eyes, that damn bastard. Clearly he had a girlfriend and played this move!

This dissolute guy!

Is it not enough to have me and Wang Yuzheng? To still wish to accept more?

Repulsive! Wait till he comes back. I must put him in order!

“Talking about this, Liu Yi can also be considered as my colleague.”

Yuan Zhenyue says, “Since my colleague has a problem, naturally I came over to help.”

“I am already here, there is no need for Big sister to help.”

“How is that possible. For this kind of matter, I can only make another decision after meeting the person himself, right?”

Murong Die is very angry. This policewoman beauty…looks like she wishes to be involved with our scoundrel!

How can this do? I must find a method to chase her away.

Just as Murong Die wishes to say something, she hears footsteps coming from downstairs.

The two women instantly look downstairs at the same time and realize that the ones coming up are none other than Liu Yi and his family.

“Eh, why did all of you come?”

Seeing Murong Die and Yuan Zhenyue standing in front of his house door, Liu Yi instantly starts sweating from fear.

What the fuck…I thought that the SMS was no good…fucking hell!

Isn’t this asking for my life!

This has turned into a life taking SMS!

When Yuan Zhenyue and Murong Die see Liu Yi coming, they were originally happy. But when they realize that there is another good looking woman standing by his side, they immediately became angered.

Just how many women does this fellow want to call!

Wang Yaru also did not expect that the friends of her son would be two great beauties. Furthermore, one of them is also a policewoman, thus making her ask in astonishment, “Xiao Yi…who are they?”

“Aunty! I am Murong Die, I am your son’s girlfriend!”

Murong Die hurriedly introduces herself while saying in her heart, this miss is the real one!

“You, you are also Xiao Yi’s girlfriend?”

Wang Yaru is stunned. Then what is going on with that Li Biyue?

She does not care about the rest and hurriedly asks that woman in police attire.

“This, this police comrade…why, why did you come here for? My son is a law-abiding citizen…”

“Aunty, you are thinking too much.”

Yuan Zhenyue cannot hold back her smile, “I am also Liu Yi’s girlfriend.”

Liu Yi nearly cried.


Wang Yaru’s legs soften and she nearly slipped.

Liu Yi hurriedly supports his mother as he curses in his heart, is this New Year’s Eve fucking around with me!!

So be it if Xiao Die says it…after all the two of us are indeed boyfriend and girlfriend!

But why is Yuan Zhenyue messing about! Isn’t this just asking for people’s life?!

“Aunty, aunty are you fine?”

“Aunty, let me help you to rest!”

“Aunty, you should sit down first!”

The three women step up making Wang Yaru feel faint…

What is going on?


Chapter 869  [Who is then the girlfriend?]

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