MKW Chapter 867

Chapter 867  [Title below]


Qingqing incessantly causes a disturbance making a group of people by the side watch the show.

Even the lobby’s manager got startled. The manager is also a woman and is wearing the phoenix bordered cheongsam of an empress.

She does her best to explain to Qingqing but Qingqing refuses to listen and does not spare her.

“How does your Longfeng House operate! Isn’t this lying to customers?!”

Qingqing keeps shouting while the lobby manager keeps apologizing.

“Sorry…why don’t we do this. This store shall help you cancel the VIP card. We will refund you twice the amount, what do you think?”

“Cancel? Why would I want to cancel!” Qingqing says hurriedly, “I want to have a meal!”

It is very strenuous to apply for this VIP card! Back then when she first applied for it, she had spent a large amount of her heart’s blood!

Cancel the card? Impossible!

It is because she wants face, that is why she wants to make a scene.

“If you don’t want to cancel…then there nothing I can do.”

The lobby manager’s expression is awkward and feels that this situation is becoming thorny.

At this moment, Liu Yi steps forward and says, “Since the VIP area has no seats, open the Monarch Hall for me.”

When Liu Yi said this, everyone present got a shock.

“When did Longfeng House have a Monarch Hall?”

Qingqing says in annoyance, “If you do not know then do not butt in .”

Ms Chen also tugs Wang Yaru unhappily and says, “Yaru , how can your family Xiao Yi speak carelessly. My family’s daughter-in-law’s face is thrown away by him!”

“Xiao Yi…let’s not join in…”

Wang Yaru also advised her son.

While the lobby manager looks at Liu Yi in shock as she says, “Sir…this Monarch Hall is not open to the public…”

When Qingqing heard this, her eyebrow raises. What, what a coincidence. Does this Longfeng Hall actually have a Monarch Hall?

Even I have not heard about this. How did this fellow know?

“No worries. I know a friend. I’ll ask him to call you.”

As he speaks, Liu Yi takes out his handphone and calls Chen Dahai.

Longfeng House is a high-end industry that became famous during the past two years. The one behind it is Red Star Conglomerate.

After Liu Yi’s call went through, he immediately get to the point and says, “Dahai. Help me open the Longfeng House Monarch Hall.”

“Ah! Commander has come back!” Chen Dahai is slightly agitated, “I am also in North Dragon City. I shall come and have a drink with Commander!”

“No need. Make a call to the restaurant and help me open the Monarch Hall. As for drinking, let’s gather the brothers some other day.”

“Okay! Boss, you just wait for a moment!”

Chen Dahai immediately hangs up.

In less than three seconds, that lobby manager’s phone starts ringing.

After the lobby manager picks up the call, her expression instantly changes.

“So you are boss’s friend! We have been disrespectful!”

The lobby manager keeps apologizing to Liu Yi, “Since that is the case, Monarch Hall is open! May ladies and gentlemen follow me!”

Everyone’s gaze towards Liu Yi changes.

Ni Yongyou has an even more lifeless look in his eyes and only regains sense after a while. He then asks Liu Yi, “Liu Yi when did you get to know the boss of this Longfeng House? Aren’t you a counselor in Keda?”

Liu Yi did not explain much and says casually, “I met him in the past.”

“Tsk, make it so mysterious!”

Ni Yongyou sneers while Qingqing’s gaze towards Liu Yi changes.

Just who is this Liu Yi. How would a small counselor know the boss of Longfeng House?

Under this lack of explanation, they walk into the three-story Monarch Hall.

This Monarch Hall is very large. After entering, the dazzling sight is simply like the hall of a real Monarch.

Not only Ms Chen. Even Ni Yongyou became dazzled from the sight.

Qingqing also inwardly praises but her expression did not change.

“Everyone please have a seat!”

The lobby manager personally receives them and leads them to sit around a table.

While 8 waitresses dressed up like palace maids are standing by the side, in charge of serving the guests of Monarch Hall.

“Sir, you are the friend of our boss so your drink expenses are exempted.”

The lobby manager says respectfully, “Furthermore, it is also the supreme standard monarch meal. I hope that everyone will have a good year in Longfeng House.”

Ms Chen says with some understanding, “This, this time around, we borrowed Xiao Yi’s light…”

“Not considered. Not considered. It is just some help from my friend.”

Liu Yi smiles.

“Didn’t expect that Xiao Yi’s relationship with people is now quite good…in the past I didn’t notice.”

When Ni Yongyou said this, his tone carries some sourness.

“It’s ok I guess. Even if it is luck, I cannot be compared to how well Yongyou is getting along now.”

Liu Yi waves his hand, “Talking about this, Yongyou is also the pride of aunty.”

“Hahaha, I can also be considered as getting along fine I guess. I cannot say about others but at the very least I married a good wife, hahaha!”

Qingqing’s expression somewhat clears up but she sits by the side not saying anything.

The atmosphere turns somewhat stiff. After all, originally it was Yongyou who wished to show off but unexpectedly they failed in showing off. On the contrary, it helped Liu Yi and his family!

Seeing that the atmosphere is slightly awkward, Ms Chen can only change the topic and asks, “Can we watch the CCTV New Year’s Gala here?”

“Of course.”

A palace maid immediately takes out a remote control and points at the wall by the side and presses the button.

Instantly, the wall that was originally portraying nine dragons starts fluctuating. The nine dragons scatter and show the CCTV-1 channel.

“My gosh. I thought that it was a wall. So it is a large television!”

Ms Chen exclaims, making Qingqing’s expression turn displeased.

Ni Yongyou coughed hurriedly making Ms Chen’s face turn red and no longer daring to speak.

“Liu Yi. When is that girlfriend of yours coming?”

Ni Yongyou does not wish to let tonight’s limelight be snatched away by others, thus he purposefully jabs Liu Yi’s sore spot.

Liu Yi looks at the time on his watch before saying, “Looking at the time, she should be arriving soon.”

Ms Chen asks, “Aiyah, I do not know what kind of girlfriend has our Xiao Yi found. Yaru, have you seen her before?”

“This…today will be my first time meeting her…”

Wang Yaru coughs drily and says in his heart, when had I heard that my son had a girlfriend? It is because I forced him to bring one for the New Year. Furthermore, I also wish to bring him out for a blind date during the 2nd day of the New Year!

“I do not know who Xiao Yi’s is. Why don’t we let my Qingqing introduce her colleague to him.”

 Ms Chen says enthusiastically, “Her unit has a lot of ladies with good qualifications. Introduce one of them to Xiao Yi!”

“There is no need for that. Thank you aunty.”

Liu Yi hurriedly waved it off. It is messy enough, no need for others to butt in!

Listening to her earpiece, the lobby manager stoops over and says to Liu Yi, “Sir, a woman outside says that she is your friend.”

“It should be my girlfriend who arrived. I’ll go and welcome her.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he stands up and walks out.

The gaze of everyone immediately gathers on Liu Yi. It seems like they wish to see what his girlfriend looks like.

While two palace maids pull open the door to Monarch Hall as a beautiful image of a pretty woman appears outside.

When this woman appears, it causes a lot of people to be unable to breathe.

Ni Yongyou is one of the cases. Seeing this woman, he is unable to say anything for a while.

He had thought that his girlfriend was already quite beautiful but unexpectedly meeting this person today…only then did he know that there are women who are so beautiful!

Qingqing is also ashamed of her inferiority. Compared to the woman at the entrance, she turns dim without light.

The woman at the entrance is as beautiful as a flower, like she had come out from a painting. Furthermore, she is also carrying a mature feel, not that young and inexperienced feeling. On the contrary, she is more steady.

A mature older sister!

This woman is wearing a black windbreaker that fits her figure. She is wearing black velvet pants as well as a pair of navy blue ugg boots.

Although it looks low-key, but Qingqing can see that the value of the clothing that this woman is wearing is considerable. All of them are internal branded goods!

The windbreaker alone is at least over ten thousand.

This is not clothing that ordinary women can wear!

Isn’t Liu Yi…just a counselor? Why did he make it so mysterious?

Could it be those clothings are imitations? Did he purposely buy them to act out?

Perhaps it is like this. Otherwise, with the wages of a counselor, how can he afford this kind of clothing! Wouldn’t he not eat or drink for a few years?

Liu Yi looks at the woman at the entrance and his gaze instantly turns warm.

Li Biyue…I have not seen my elder sister for a long time.

Ever since the last time during the fight against Ao Ri, I had not seen her.

“Apologises. I had to settle some matters thus I came late.”

Li Biyue’s cultured and refined manners make Ms Chen and Wang Yaru unable to find any fault.

This kind of beautiful woman who is also so mannered is hard to come by.

“No worries. After all the dishes have not been served yet.”

Liu Yi stretches out his hand and pulls Li Biyue over. After which he secretly winks at her to appeal to her to cooperate with him.

Li Biyue also secretly smiles but her smile carries some deep meaning.

Liu Yi makes an introduction, “Let me introduce first. This is my girlfriend, Li Biyue.”

“Not bad, not bad. Quickly sit, quickly sit!”

Upon seeing Li Biyue, Wang Yaru instantly smiles brightly!

Such a good woman ah! Comparing to her that what Qingqing is completely inferior!

“Nice to meet you aunty.”

Li Biyue moves over calmly and greets Wang Yaru before sitting down by her side.

“What a good woman ah!”

Wang Yaru holds Li Biyue’s hand as she smiles lightly, “Lday, when did you know my family Xiao Yi?”

“I had known him for some time already.”

Li Biyue’s reply is very fitting, “I had always wished to meet aunty. Just that I didn’t prepare properly. Today is the first time we met, this is a small present. Hope that aunty would accept it.”

Speaking finish, Li Biyue opens the bag that she is holding and takes out a white purse from inside.

When Qingqing saw this, she gasped.

This is the Chanel limited edition handbag! The price is at least a million!

I had taken a fancy for it for a long time but I never had enough money to buy it!

Gods….just what is the background of this woman!



Chapter 867  [Soon to be Daughter-in-law]

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    • That is less likely now, they all had a text inviting them to his house, but the text inviting to the restaurant wasn’t sent to all of them. So they may show up at his house, but they wouldn’t here.
      That all said, we should be worried about their safety, remember that one of them is a heavenly stem that is deep undercover. And that she is close to all the ones who didn’t respond except the poilice officer, who probably is actually busy. If just one was giving him the silent treatment it would be safe to bet she is mad at him, but they all have rather different personalities so all of them doing out of nowhere is a bad sign.


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