MKW Chapter 865

Chapter 865  [Title below]


Liu Yi is high up in the sky as he steps on his flying sword but he did not descend down to the snow-covered North Dragon City.

Right now his heart is very twisted as he looks at the phone numbers of the girls in his phone book, not knowing who to look for.

It is not like I can bring all of them back home and tell my mother, ‘Take a look. All of them are your son’s wives!’ right?!!

Wouldn’t I be chased out of my house by my mother with a broom?

This is why Liu Yi is in deep distress. This is the first time he feels that the New Year is so difficult!

From the phonebook, a few numbers stop in Liu Yi’s gaze making him waver.

Wang Yuzheng, Wang Lele, Murong Die…. these three seem to be the first choice candidate.

But there are still two numbers which are also in Liu Yi’s list of names.

Yuan Zhenyue….as well as Li Biyue!

These two older sisters are all busy with their own tasks.

Yuan Zhenyue should be at the Dragon Group in Jingou while Li Biyue should be doing tasks all over the place. Right now I also do not know where she is. She is like a dragon whose head can be seen but cannot see the tail!

Lin Tong lands on Liu Yi’s shoulder and volunteers her services, “Why doesn’t this miss help you choose!”

“My Immortal Fox sister!”

Liu Yi hurriedly shakes his head, “Right now you are still a spiritual body. If my family sees you, wouldn’t the two of them be frightened to death!”

Spirit Body is another word for ghost!

If I bring a ghost wife back home….how should I say it?

“Mother this is your daughter-in-law but right now she is dead! May the two of you not mind it too much!”

Or should I say…

“Mommy, this is your daughter-in-law, a fox spirit. I hope that you can accept her!”

Fucking hell…it seems like no matter which one I say it is seeking death!

Liu Yi is very vexed as both paths seem to be seeking death.

“Then let this servant help benefactor!”

Meng Xi also speaks up, “Meng Xi has a real body!”

“I do appreciate Meng Xi’s kindness, but you are also not suitable!”

At this moment, there is nothing for Liu Yi to hide, “You left society for too long and have lost touch with our current society! With your ancient-like manners, if my mother finds any loopholes then we will be finished.”

Meng Xi says with some grievance, “Benefactor considered too much. This servant can behave like a modern person right now!”

“Is that so? Can you not call yourself as this servant?”

“This servant can…ah…”

Meng Xi obediently crawls back into Liu Yi’s hair.

“That is why I still have to find a few reliable women…”

Liu Yi opens his phonebook again as he thinks. Let me first send Wang Lele a message.

‘Lele…come over to my home to celebrate the new year. My mother says that she wants a daughter-in-law to visit…’

After a long time, Wang Lele did not send a reply.

What is she busy with? Perhaps she cannot make it I guess…then let’s change to another person…

Liu Yi can only send Murong Die a message.

‘Xiao Die. Come over to my home to celebrate new this year. My mother wants me to bring a daughter-in-law back…’

After waiting for half an hour, Murong Die also did not reply!

Liu Yi is being driven mad. At wit’s end, he sends a message to Wang Yuzheng but in the end, she also did not reply after a long time!

Damn it. This lass should be busy with the show business matters. This group of artists do not have any concept of the new year.

Liu Yi sends another message to Yuan Zhenyue requesting for help from this policewoman flower. But it is a pity that they is no activity from her.

Finally, without any choice, he sends a message to Li Biyue!

My good elder sister…you must help this younger brother…

In less than three seconds after sending out the message, he received Li Biyue’s reply.

‘Okay. I will visit punctually.’

Liu Yi wishes to kiss Li Biyue’s photo a few times!

Big sister is awesome!

Liu Yi’s worried heart settle down as he steps on his flying sword and speedily land towards his home in North Dragon City.

Although Liu Yi is secretly a rich man he still lives in the house where he used to live.

Although his two parents know that their son has some capability, they do not know that his business would be so big!

The two of them feel that Liu Yi should save up the money he earns for marrying a wife, thus they are not willing to listen to what Liu Yi says to buy a huge house to live in.

When Liu Yi returned to North Dragon City, it is New Year’s eve. The spring festival atmosphere is comparatively strong in the north. Every household had prepared firecrackers, pasted their rhyming couplets and wrapped their dumplings. They are just waiting for the CCTV New Year’s Gala to start to watch the gala as they eat the dumplings.

When it is midnight, as they listen to the new year bell sound, they will go outside to release the fireworks.

In the past, Liu Yi celebrated New Year’s Eve with his grandpa and parents.

Later after his grandfather had died, it is only their family of three celebrating new year’s eve.

But what made Liu Yi curious is that their relationship with his maternal side had eased up so why are they not going over to his maternal grandfather’s side to celebrate the new year, this year? Wouldn’t it be more festive this way?

When Liu Yi returned home, he sees his mother standing at the entrance of the house pasting the rhyming couplet.

He hurriedly took over and helped his mother paste the couplet.

“You stinky brat, you did not return home for a year. You even need to be prompted then you return!”

Wang Yaru is wearing an ordinary home clothing and appears to be an ordinary middle-aged woman.

No one would know that she is the mother of a son who is famous throughout China.

At this moment, this guy who is famous throughout China is meticulously helping his mother to paste a pair of rhyming couplets.

“So be it if you say that you are not coming back! Your dad is also not coming back! Originally we had agreed to go back to Guangdong to celebrate new year and right now we can only celebrate it with just the two of us at home!”

“Mom, what is dad busy with?”

Liu Yi does not understand. What would my dad be busy with that prevents him from celebrating the new year?

My dad is only a small company’s procurer. Could it be that this company still needs to procure goods for the New Year?

“That unreliable dad of yours!”

Speaking about Liu Zibing, Wang Yaru has a bellyful of anger, “I asked him to resign but he did not want to and insisted on continuing working in that small company! This company has now promoted him. He is no longer a procurer and had changed into the vice factory director!”

“Vice factory director? That’s not bad!”

Liu Yi smiles and says, “He has been promoted by quite a few ranks!”


Wang Yaru sneers, “That lousy company has not paid for a few months thus almost all of the workers had run off! Right now the company is only left with almost no people! A factory director, a vice factory director and a dozen old men!”

“But that factory year’s harvest is quite long. In the past, it manufactured language learning devices. I heard that its public reputation is not bad. But right now, who would still be using this language learning device. It has long been phased out!”

“That’s right… it’s an antique.”

Liu Yi cannot help but shake his head. Indeed not reliable.

“As a matter of fact, its the New Year and your father said that he has to attend a project discussion then he disappeared! I do not know when would he be back!”

Wang Yaru sighs, “Should I be angry or not! You are also a disappointment! How old are you and you still have not brought a girlfriend back home! Back then your father had brought me and eloped!”

Sweat…how are the two matters related…

“Talking about your time in senior high, your mother stopped you from finding a girlfriend to make you study properly! But now that you are in university…ah no…you already graduated in advance. Aren’t you staying in school to become a teacher? You already found a job but still have not found a girlfriend, aren’t you making your mother mad?”

“Mom…it is not like your son is not wanted…why are you mad?”

Liu Yi is helpless.

“Cannot. It is not like my son is lacking, how can you not have a girlfriend?”

Wang Yaru says angrily, “You don’t know that annoying Ms. Chen next door keeps flaunting to me how good the girlfriend of her son was! Working in a bank, has a house, has a car, also shows filial respect to them! Xiao Yi! You must strive for your mother! If you don’t find a good girlfriend then don’t come back to meet me!”

“Mom…wouldn’t it be fine if I guarantee to complete the task?”

Liu Yi is rather helpless, “Can you extend it for two more days?”

“Cannot! I told you that on the first day of the new year, you are going on a blind date with a girl from some family in our unit! Let mom tell you. This girl is quite pretty and her job is also okay. She is a cashier in a large company and earns quite a bit a year…mother has seen her photograph. The most important point is that girl has a large butt! She will give birth to a fat grandson…”

Liu Yi nearly starts crying.

“Mom, what blind date did you make for me. Didn’t I say that I will be bringing a girlfriend back home to show you?”

“What did you bring back home. Didn’t you just run back home alone!”

“She needs to put on makeup to meet her mother-in-law…”

“Make-up your head! Yo always liked to escape stealthily since young!”

“Mom! I didn’t lie to you! I have a girlfriend!”

“All right! Since you have one why didn’t you bring her back? Son… tell mom the truth…do you…like guys? If that is the case then mom shall accept it. It is also fine for you to bring him home for mom to take a look…”

“Mom! What are you thinking!”

The mother and son start quarreling and at this moment, the opposite house door was opened as their neighbor Ms Chen walks out as she shells melon seeds.

She glanced at Wang Yaru and Liu Yi, “Oh? Yaru. Your son came back. Oh, Xiao Yi is growing taller and taller. He is even taller than my Yongyou. How is it, he should be dating right? Does he have a girlfriend?”

This old woman is asking too many questions!

Wang Yaru’s temper is very strong-minded. The moment she heard what that neighbor said, she straightens her back and says, “Of course my son has a girlfriend!”

“Then why didn’t he bring back for us to see! Why didn’t he bring his girlfriend home to celebrate the new year?”

Liu Yi says in his heart, aren’t these matters that you care about too broad!

“This, this…”

Wang Yaru became lacking in confidence.

“She is dressing up. She will be here later.”

Liu Yi replies for his mother and got pinched in secret by his mother.

Wang Yaru says in her heart, so be it if this brat speaks nonsense to me. To speak foolishly to outsiders, if his lies get seen through, my face will be thrown away during this new year!

“Haha. My Yongyou has gone to fetch his girlfriend. At that time our two families can meet each other!”

“Ah, that. You guys celebrate your own. It is not nice of us to disturb you…”

Wang Yaru hurriedly says while Liu Yi only smiles.

“Okay. Then let’s have a get-together.”

Wang Yaru nearly dies from anger, this fellow! What are you doing!


Chapter 865  [What are you doing?!]

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