MKW Chapter 864

Chapter 864  [Title below]


“What Fourth says sounds not bad.”

Liu Yi sways his teacup as he says absentmindedly, “But right now, Qin Imperial Palace does not have any strength. One can only say that it is struggling whilst at death’s door. Mr Fourth words are asking Ruyi Sect to pay in advance, taking the lead to protect Qin Imperial Palace to resist the rest of the great sects’ attack. It is a good plan!”

Fourth’s eyes narrow as he stares through the narrow gap at Liu Yi.

Liu Yi can sense the cold glare.

It is useless even if this fellow uses his gaze to kill me. Today, how would I let him get any benefits?

“What Daoist Liu Yi says is no different from using the thoughts of a petty person to guess the thoughts of a righteous person?”

As Fourth retorts, his gaze towards Liu Yi carries killing intent.

“Is there even a need for me to say this?”

Liu Yi laughs, “Wasn’t all of it placed in front of everyone? What is your Qin Imperial Palace left with? Nothing but a group of empty air! The Ten Heavenly Stems of yours can only hide and drift,  living without purpose! If Qin Imperial Palace is as powerful as what you say then good! Tell me where Qin Imperial Palace is and let us personally take a look just how impressive it is.”

Fourth sneers, “Daoist Liu. Could it be that you wish to use these few sentences to dig out the secrets of my Qin Imperial Palace?”

“Mr Fourth. Could it be that you wish to use a few sentences to obtain the help of Ruyi Sect?”

Liu Yi retorts sharply making Fourth speechless for a while.

“If you still wish to live, then hurry and scram!”

Liu Yi continues impolitely, “Right now, Qin Imperial Palace is nothing but a sinking dog that everyone wishes to beat! Instead of hiding in your Qin Imperial Palace, you dare to run to this place to parade yourself Hahaha! Do you think that there is no one in the cultivation world?”

Qin Imperial Palace had never had a good public reputation. It can be said that all of the inner pavilion cultivators were all people who resisted Emperor Qin in the past.

Ruyi Sect is also not an exception. Thus Liu Yi would dare to not give face when speaking.

Indeed after Liu Yi speaks, Qiu Jiqing sits there like nothing had happened as he sips his tea without saying anything.

Right now is like a game of cards.

Ruyi Sect Sect Leader is like the king in the game while Liu Yi and Fourth are the traitor and faithful officials.

As for who is the traitor and who is the faithful official, Qiu Jiqing himself is also unclear. The only thing that he can do now is to stand there and watch the show. Watch the two of them fight until a survivor appears!

Up until now, Liu Yi is still unable to see through who this old fox is partial towards!

Perhaps, he indeed has an ambition of uniting the six realms! This fellow pretends to be free like the wind. If he is, he wouldn’t have become the Sect Leader of Ruyi Sect.

If he is not merciless and vicious, how would he manage the group of restless devil children?

Otherwise how would Mo Wang be respectful towards him?

Fourth asks, “Daoist Liu. Didn’t we agree on negotiating? Why are your sentences carrying the smell of gunpowder?”

“We agreed on negotiating but what I hear is nothing but empty promises.”

Liu Yi laughs, “Moreover the prerequisite for negotiations needs both sides to have almost no difference in strength. Right now what strength does Qin Imperial Palace have? What rights do you have to negotiate with us? So many conditions without any good cause?”

As Liu Yi speaks, he cups his hands and says to Qiu Jiqing, “Sect Leader Qiu. This one shall not say about anything else. Right now, this one has already obtained the support of Kunlun Mountain, Fengdu City as well as White Cloth Sect of Womanland! As long as Sect Leader Qiu is willing to work together with us, then at the very least, these three sects would not be enemies of Sect Leader Qiu. Of course, Sect Leader Qiu needs to restrict your subordinates a bit and do not do things out of the bounds.”

“Oh? You obtained the support of those three sects?”

Qiu Jiqing raises his eyebrows slightly.

Liu Yi smirks in his heart. Looks like there is a show to watch.

“Of course. I did not make a trip for nothing. These three sects are all completely in favor of me.”

Other than Fengdu City but I will never tell him.

“What you say is not correct, right?”

Fourth mocks instead, “Does Daoist Liu feel that you became the idol of the cultivation world? Could it be that you do not know that Penglai Island has a large bounty to buy your head?”

Penglai Island? Looks like this sect has known that their island master was killed by me.

But perhaps no one knows that the Island Master was a spy of Qin Imperial Palace.

Even if I said it, perhaps only a minority would believe me.

After all, I do not have any evidence! While Qin Imperial Palace would not admit to this matter!

“Talking about this, Daoist Liu Yi is impressive. You ran over to other people’s territory to kill the Island Master. Sect Leader Qiu you need to be careful. This kind of savage person, perhaps one of these days he might have thoughts about you.”

“The death of Ye Heng has nothing to do with me.”

Liu Yi has a brilliant idea and says firmly, “This is nothing but a coincidence. Due to urgent matters, on the night itself, I could only leave behind the invitation letter and leave. Who would know that that Island Master Ye would die at that time? Talking about this, this one also feels that this matter is too much of a coincidence. Could it be that Qin Imperial Palace took action and killed that Island Master Ye to frame me?”


Momentarily, Fourth cannot hold back, “Ye Heng died in your hands and you dare pour the dirty water on my Qin Imperial Palace?”

“How can Qin Imperial Palace determine this matter?”

Liu Yi smiles, “Could it be that Qin Imperial Palace was present that night? Or is it that Ye Heng was a spy that was sent by Qin Imperial Palace?”

All of Liu Yi’s sentences are not said resolutely and decisively. On the contrary, this kind of leading nature makes people unable to help but wish to believe it.

Indeed Qiu Jiqing’s gaze towards Fourth carries a trace of suspicion.

“Liu Yi! What a gift of the gab you have!”

“Over praise, overpraise. It was all trained. Actually, in the past I was inarticulate.”

Liu Yi smiles modestly while Fourth does not believe at all.

“Sect Leader Qiu. When views are irreconcilable, it’s a waste of breath to continue the discussion. Looks like there is nothing for us to negotiate today!”

As he speaks, Fourth stands up, “May Sect Leader Qiu consider what I had said. I hope that Sect Leader Qiu will not let me down and also not let yourself down!”

He turns into a ray of moonbeam and disappears on the spot.

As Qiu Jiqing indifferently sips his tea, he asks casually, “Is Daoist Liu not going to chase?”

“That moonlight technique of Qin Imperial Palace is unrivaled in the whole of China. Even if this one wishes to chase, this one is unable to catch up.”

Liu Yi says in disapproval, “I shall let that fellow live for a few more days. The next time, I will kill him!”

“Oh? Daoist Liu plans in advance.”

Qiu Jiqing’s gaze towards Liu Yi carries more deeper thoughts.

“I wouldn’t claim that I plan in advance but I am not afraid. Then Sect Leader Qiu, do you wish to ally?”

Qiu Jiqing is not in a hurry as he continues and asks unhurriedly, “Other than bringing a few sects to support me, what other benefits can Daoist Liu give my sect?”

Liu Yi points at the sky. “The moment that Emperor Qiu wakes up, would there still be Ruyi Sect? Would there still be a place where Sect Leader Qiu can base yourself? What that Emperor Qin wants is to unify. As for me, Liu Yi, what I want is coexistence.”

He drains the tea.


Qiu Jiqing claps, “But why should this seat believe you?”


He takes out the 5 Spirit Gathering invitation letter and pushes it in front of Qiu Jiqing.

“Wait till the 5 Spirit Gathering and it will be enough to prove everything.”

If Liu Yi did not anticipate wrongly, Qin Imperial Palace should also be waiting for this chance.

At that time, whether or not it would make all of the cultivators work together to repel Qin Imperial Palace shall depend on my personal charisma!

But before it rains, bind around with silk. I cannot wait for the meat pie to fall from the sky. I must mobe before that to win over more allies!

Perhaps in the future, I might be able to summon clouds and rain as I wish but the current me alone can’t do everything.

“Naturally this seat will bring people to attend this 5 Spirit Gathering.”

Qiu Jiqing nods his head and says, “But as for which side I will be on, right now, I am unable to reply to Daoist Liu.”

“I am also not anxious for this answer.”

Liu Yi is indifferent, “Using what that fellow said earlier, Sect Leader Qiu is a smart person. At that time, you will determine it. I will not say anymore. Let’s meet again then.”

Liu Yi stands up and cups his hands saying goodbye.

“You are leaving now? Why don’t you stay a few more days?”

Qiu Jiqing has intentions of asking him to stay, “After all, it is just a few more days till the 5 Spirit Gathering. Why don’t you stay for a few days and have a long talk with this seat?”

“Being able to converse with Sect Leader Qiu is this one’s glory.”

Liu Yi says very politely, “But now that the new year is around the corner, as a son, this one ought to return back to this one’s parents side to jointly stay up for New Year’s Eve. I hope Sect Leader Qiu can empathize and don’t blame this one.”

“Not at all. Not at all. Daoist Liu is actually a filial son. That is hard to come by ”

Qiu Jiqing waves his hand, “Since that is the case then I shall not make Daoist Liu stay. Let’s meet during the 5 Spirit Gathering.”

“Good. Let’s meet then!”

“Then let me see you off.”

As Mo Wang speaks, he leaves along with Liu Yi.

He sends Liu Yi out of the drawing and back within the volcano. After which he claps Liu Yi’s shoulder and says, “Daoist Liu. In the future, my sister shall be entrusted to you.”

“Hey, hey…”

The vein on Liu Yi’s forehead pops out, “Mo Lan is not a three years old child! Does she still need you to entrust her?”

“I, as the elder brother, the person whom I am most worried about is this younger sister of mine!”

Mo Wang sighs with sorrow, “You are also anxious to return so you should also know the preciousness of family Daoist Liu, you must empathize with my feelings!”

“Fine, fine, fine. I understand.”

Liu Yi is rather helpless. At this moment, Little Jade reminds Liu Yi that he had received a message.

The message came from his mother.

‘Stinky brat. If you do not bring home a daughter-in-law to celebrate the Chinese New Year, don’t think about entering the house!’

Ah…when did mother start to concern about my problems?

Could it be that she is anxious to hug a grandson?

Liu Yi does not have any other choice but to reply with five words.

‘Guaranteed to complete the task!’


Chapter 864  [Return home to celebrate Chinese New Year]

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