MKW Chapter 863

Chapter 863  [Title below]


The bamboo house inside the bamboo forest is uniquely elegant. Making Liu Yi cannot help but recall that bamboo house where Ren Yingying and Zhu Linweng had stayed in ‘The Smiling, Proud Wanderer’. It was like this.

Mo Wang points at the bamboo house and says, “This is the place where our sect leader is staying.”

“Rather unusual!”

Liu Yi blurts out, “If I want to live in seclusion in the future, I also want to get this kind of bamboo house. It looks like your sect leader knows how to enjoy himself.”

“Of course. Sect leader is a guy who pays close attention to taste.”

Mo Wang laughs and says, “Only this kind of place is suitable for our sect leader to live in. You see that red-crowned crane on the roof, that is our sect leader’s pet.”

Also raising cranes?

Good fellow. Is he really a devil sect head?

To be so immortal like!

Just as the two of them walk close to the bamboo house, a thunderous voice came from inside the house.

“Who dares to approach my Nourishment Hut!”

“Sect leader, it is me!”

Mo Wang stands in front of the bamboo house and cups his hands and says, “This subordinate is sorry for disturbing sect leader from receiving your visitor. But this subordinate has an important matter to discuss with you!”

“Oh, it is Protector Mo.”

The voice inside made a sound of agreement before saying, “Since it is Protector Mo then there is no need to be so polite. Come in!”

As he speaks, the door to the bamboo house opens on its own.

Inside is two men sitting.

One of them is holding a teacup and was about to sip it when he suddenly saw Liu Yi standing outside and stood up.

“Liu Yi!”

“This one is Liu Yi, nice to meet you sect head.”

Liu Yi clearly knows that that person is a person from Qin Imperial Palace but he pays no attention to him. Instead, he first greets the sect head of Ruyi Sect.

The sect head placed down the teacup in his hands before smiling at Liu Yi and says, “Well said. Haha, I have long heard of Daoist Liu Yi’s name. Now that I have seen you today, you are indeed a young hero!”

Liu Yi suddenly feels that this fellow is not that easy to deal with…the more a person smiles at you, the deeper their thoughts are hidden!

Liu Yi is unable to see through this old fellow. Whether he has goodwill or ill intentions towards him!

There is still a need to observe and study whether he is an enemy or friend!

But Liu Yi layers his doubts heavily in his heart while his expression does not change, “Sect head has overpraised. What does this one’s bit of fame count as? It is not as impressive as sect head’s devil fame!”

“Hahaha, this seat never bothered about these things!”

The sect head laughs, “There are a lot more people who angle for fame in this world while this seat is not among them!”

This old fox, does he wish to play that he stands aloof from the world?

“Sect head Qiu!”

The other guy opposite him withdraws the anger earlier and asks, “Today the two of us have a pleasant discussion, why did this kind of unnecessary person appear?”

“Don’t be anxious Mr Fourth. For tasting tea there is no need for only two people. Wouldn’t it be that same if there are a few more people?”

Liu Yi can see that this Ruyi Sect Head is crafty and that right now he does not wish to stand on either side.

After all, he does not understand the strength of either side, making him choose a side to stand on is hard.

“Sect Head Qiu, what you say is a mistake.”

Fourth’s complexion is not alarmed as he says unhurriedly, “This is the so-called different dao cannot work together! The two of us have similar dao thus the rest of the people do not deserve to talk with us! The emergence of Qin Imperial Palace is just around the corner! It is a foregone conclusion. No matter who it is, it cannot be changed. Sect Head Qiu, you are a smart person. You know what you should do.”

The Sect Head Qiu slowly drinks his tea as he did not even look at Fourth and says dully, “Mr Fourth. Your words seem to carry threats.”

“Sect Head Qiu, what I say is not a threat but advice.”

Fourth plays with his teacup, “Sect Head Qiu is a smart person. You will figure out the key point within.”

“Is that so?”

Qiu Jiqing beams as he says, “This seat feels that it is an acceptable choice to work together with Daoist Liu.”

Fourth says in disdain, “Sect Head Qiu overvalues him!”

“What you say seems to be incorrect.”

By the side, Liu Yi finally cuts into the conversation, “Four people from this so-called Qin Imperial Palace of yours have already died in my hands. Let me ask you, right now how many people are there remaining in your Ten Heavenly Stems?”

“Don’t be arrogant, youngster!”

Fourth says mystifyingly, “Do you think that you are undefeatable after defeating a few of Qin Imperial Palace’s warriors? Let me tell you! You have yet to see the tip of our strength! We are nothing but ghosts who died once! Wait till Emperor Qin awakens then it will be your death date!”

“Then it looks like I can still live for a while more.”

Liu Yi exercises his joints, “I was worrying that I could not find people from Qin Imperial Palace and you appear by my side. It is a gift from the gods. The fifth name from Qin Imperial Palace is going to be added to my list.”

“Wish to take action?”

Fourth thinks rapidly, “Liu Yi don’t be arrogant. This place is Ruyi Sect, not a place where you can mess around as you please!”

“Daoist Liu, perhaps you might have deep hatred against Qin Imperial Palace but please bear with it in here.”

Indeed, Qiu Jiqing speaks up.

After all, this place is his Ruyi Sect. If he let Liu Yi and the Qin Imperial Palace start a fight here, it will cause his Ruyi Sect’s name to go bad if it is known by others.

At this time, wouldn’t my name be discounted?

But Liu Yi’s attitude this time is very firm, “I will not let off any Qin Imperial Palace people who I meet. Sect Leader Qiu. Please let me have this convenience.”

“Liu Yi don’t mess around…”

Mo Wang hurriedly advises as he says in his heart, isn’t Liu Yi slapping Qiu Jiqing in his face?

Indeed when Qiu Jiqing heard this, he is a bit unhappy.

“Daoist Liu. This seat respects that you are a young hero but you do not place this seat in your eyes!”

Qiu Jiqing’s gaze turns severe. That earlier amiable middle-aged uncle disappeared instantly.

This old devil…his acting is quite real. Which is his real face?

“What you say is wrong.”

Liu Yi waves him off, “This one has always been respectful of Sect Leader Qiu and also believes that Sect Head Qiu is a good fellow to cooperate with. But right now I have changed my impression because not only is Sect Leader Qiu irrational, but the things you have done, make this one very disappointed! Having talks with Qin Imperial Palace is no different from asking a tiger for its skin!”

Qiu Jiqing berates, “What this seat wishes to do is not up to an outsider to decide!”

Liu Yi cups his hands, “This one does not wish to care nor will this one care. But this one’s matter can only be decided by this one!”

His gaze lands on Fourth.

Fourth instantly shivers. Bullshit it is impossible not to be afraid of Liu Yi!

In the past, Liu Yi was used by Qin Imperial Palace as a chess piece and in the end, this fellow became powerful! Not only did he break away from Qin Imperial Palace, he also killed off a few of Qin Imperial Palace’s Ten Heavenly Stems!

Fourth feels that this kind of thing would only happen in stories! But right now, it is reality. A reality that Fourth does not dare to believe!

I am considered as the Wisdom General in Qin Imperial Palace and even Seventh who is \ so powerful died in his hands….what am I considered as?

“Sect Leader Qiu. He is disregarding you!”

Fourth immediately played taiji and tries to provoke a fight between Liu Yi and Ruyi Sect.

“Daoist Liu. This seat hates violence and the likes.”

Qiu Jiqing continues his act, “Why don’t you sit down and have a cup of tea? If you have anything to say why don’t we have a chat?”

Liu Yi suddenly changes and sits down, “Since that is the case then let this one give Sect Leader Qiu face. Let’s have a discussion.”

Fourth is startled as he did not think that this fellow would agree to have a discussion!

He wished to make use of Liu Yi’s persistence and make him and Ruyi Sect fight while he be the fisherman!

But unexpectedly…this fellow does not play his move according to the norm!

“What should I do now…”

Fourth seems to wish to oppose but Qiu Jiqing’s sentence causes him to choke.

“Mr Fourth. You will give this seat face, right?”

If he does not give face, perhaps Ruyi Sect might stand on Liu Yi’s side!

Right now Qin Imperial Palace is still emerging and cannot antagonize all sides!

Wait till Emperor Qin has revived, who in the world would dare not submit!

At that time, everyone will become Emperor Qin’s slaves!

For that moment, what harm is there for me to bear with it for now?

“Good. Then we shall discuss!”

Fourth touches his teacup, “Our Qin Imperial Palace also wishes to have more allies and less enemies. If Daoist Liu can work with us, I believe that that would be the best.”

Work together?

Liu Yi sneers. Qin Imperial Palace you can tolerate this thorn in your eyes?

But this Fourth is quite shrewd. It looks like he is not that easy to deal with.

But different situations call for different actions. No matter how two-faced this Fourth is, I must think of a method to deal with it!

“This time around my Qin Imperial Palace came to Ruyi sect to become allies with Ruyi Sect.”

Fourth sits there as he slowly tosses out his bait, “Sect Leader Qiu. Ruyi Sect is so powerful but why should Ruyi Sect receive suppression from those famous righteous sects? My Qin Imperial Palace is optimistic about Sect Leader Qiu as well as Ruyi Sect. If we work together, wait till Emperor Qin ascends to the throne, he will confer Sect Leader Qiu as our Qin Imperial Palace’s State Protector. At that time, Sect Leader Qiu will be under one person while above millions!”

“This condition seems to be very generous.”

Qiu Jiqing sits there not expressing an opinion. While Mo Wang, who is standing behind him, sneers slightly. Clearly he finds it somewhat disdainful.

“Sooner or later, Qin Imperial Palace will conquer the mortal world. At that time, not only the mortal world, the entire six realms as well as the nine layers of heaven will be ours! Sect Leader Qiu, could it be that your ambitions are this small Ruyi Sect?”

Liu Yi exclaims in his heart, impressive. This Fourth’s words jab Qiu Jiqing’s heart from the bottom up! This Qiu Jiqing…might be moved and work together with Qin Imperial Palace.

This way…is not beneficial to our alliance!

Liu Yi thinks rapidly as he raises his teacup and interrupts.


Chapter 863  [Negotiations?]

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