MKW Chapter 861

Chapter 861  [Title below]


“Liu Yi you came!”

Mo Wang walks over from far away. Seeing Liu Yi’s figure he is instantly surprised.

“You made this Mo wait for a long time!”

It had not been a long time since they last said goodbye. Mo Wang originally thought that he would see Liu Yi in a few days but who would have known that it would take so long?

Looks like for these invitation letters, this brother sent out quite a number.

Liu Yi smiles helplessly, “I did wish to come but this place does not welcome me.”

“What a joke. How would my Ruyi Sect not welcome the honored presence of Daoist Liu Yi?”

Mo Wang glares at those people by the side coldly.

The disciples were instantly shivering in fright.

“If I’m welcomed then that’s the best.”

Liu Yi cannot be bothered to bicker with those people. He waves his hand and says casually, “Since you have come then bring me to meet the person-in-charge. I need to hurry and pass the invitation letter to your Ruyi Sect. I have finished sending the letters to the rest of the sects.”

“Daoist Liu is anxious.”

Mo Wang is slightly regretful as he says, “I wished to let Daoist stay for a few days to properly receive you.”

“This is not possible. I wish to go back home to celebrate the new year.”

“That is true…” Mo Wang’s expression turns gloomy, “You still have a family. I do not have this fortune anymore.”

Liu Yi roughly understands what Mo Wang means. In his early years, Mo Wang had fallen into the devil sect and abandoned the World Manor.

Right now Mo Wang and World Manor are as incompatible as fire and water. Thus going back home to celebrate the new year is impossible.

“It’s because it’s difficult thus it must cherish.”

Liu Yi’s words contain meaning, “But all of these matters are for later. For now, Senior Mo bring me to meet your sect master.”

“Talking about this, this is unfortunate.”

Mo Wang withdraw his hands into his sleeves and says, “Recently a guest came to Ruyi Sect. It seems like that person’s identity is quite respectable thus my sect master is currently receiving that person.”


There are outsiders who come to the Ruyi Sect?

Strange…could it be that Little Lass had sent other people as well?

No…it shouldn’t be. Little Lass is not that kind of person.

Liu Yi thinks deeply before asking, “Then your sect master does not have time to meet other people?”

“That is also not the case.”

Mo Wang chuckles, “Daoist Liu come along with me. Come, relax in my Ruyi Sect and let me report to my sect master.”

As Mo Wang speaks, he start leading the way in front.

A black smog flies out from the calabash on his waist before landing below Mo Wang’s and Liu Yi’s feet.

The two of them step on the black cloud of Mo Wang and fly deep into Ruyi Sect.

The inside of the volcano is not that big. Seeing that Mo Wang is not leading him towards those golden palaces he asks, “Aren’t we going to Ruyi Sect? Where are we heading to?”

“Hahaha, don’t look at those golden palaces. Those are all fake and no one stays there.”

Mo Wang laughs, “Our real Ruyi Sect cannot be in this kind of foul atmosphere!”

He points at a landscape painting hanging on the wall of the volcano.

He waves his hand and this black smog warps them up before the two of them instantly turn into a black ray of light and enter the painting.

His sight turns blurry and Liu Yi saw that they had come to another place.

This place has mountains, water and scenery. It is a good place.

If one does not know where this place is, who would have guessed that this is the place where a devil sect is!

Compared to Lijiang feng shui, that place is not as good.

Liu Yi became spellbound for a moment.

Mo Wang is delighted as he asks, “Daoist Liu, how is the scenery?”

“It is not bad. Even I wish to enjoy a life of retirement here.”

Liu Yi replies as he has nothing to hide.

“That’s right. The scenery here is very beautiful and most importantly is that we display our characters. If we are happy then we are happy. If we are angry then we are angry. We will not be like those so-called famous righteous sects who shows a face on the surface while expressing another face behind the mask. Today I smile at you and tomorrow I stab you!”

Mo Wang is also very frank.

“Well said.”

Liu Yi nods his head. After experiencing so many things, he had more or less seen most appearances of the righteous sects.

“But this does not mean that all of the righteous paths are like that. For example, Kunlun Mountain. I feel that it is not bad.”

“Yeah. Kunlun Mountain is one of the few good places.”

Mo Wang does agree to this point.

“That kind of righteous sect is becoming less and less.”

“Oh, as for the matter regarding righteous sect, I will also have a discussion with your sect master in the future.”

Before setting out of Womanland, Liu Yi had a discussion with Dragon Lotus. To ally together in the future to deal with Qin Imperial Palace.

Right now Liu Yi’s alliance contains Kunlun Mountain, Womanland as well as Fengdu City.

It is unknown if Fengdu City will become an opportunist at the crucial point. Thus Liu Yi is still on guard against them.

“I have more or less heard of this matter.”

Mo Wang says, “I heard that other than going to the sects to deliver the invitation letter, you are also announcing something?”

“That’s right. It is the matter regarding Qin Imperial Palace.”

Liu Yi nods his head, “Qin Imperial Palace is wishing to revive their country. This is not a small matter!”

“Yeah. If Qin Imperial Palace succeeds in reviving their country, perhaps the world will become theirs.”

Mo Wang more or less heard about the matters regarding Qin Imperial Palace.

“That’s right. If Qin Imperial Palace once again rules over the world, this world will never have peace.”

Liu Yi blurts out, “That is why I hope that Ruyi Sect will stand by my side as well and resist Qin Imperial Palace with me.”

“To be honest, this Mo also has this wish. Just that this Mo does not know what the sect master plans to do.”

Mo Wang shrugs his shoulder, “Especially at this time…”

Seeing how Mo Wang’s expression is not right, Liu Yi immediately became suspicious.

“Could it be…something happened?”

“This…yes, something happened.”

A trace of unusual expression flashed across Mo Wang’s eyes, “That person who came to discuss matters with my sect leader seems to be a guy called Fourth.”


Liu Yi instantly got a huge shock, fucking hell. isn’t that a person from Qin Imperial Palace?

He suddenly understood something, the reason why Fourth came to Ruyi Sect is he has the same thoughts as me.

They want to rope in Ruyi Sect!

Ruyi Sect is different from the rest of the righteous sect in the world. It is an independent branch, furthermore, its strength is not weak!

After all, being able to keep developing in the presence of so many righteous sect until now, moreover continuing to grow stronger and stronger, this strength is more than those famous righteous sects.

Although it is not as powerful as all of the sects added together, but it is not a problem to take care of a few of those standalone righteous sects.

“This cannot do. Senior Mo, you must bring me to meet your Sect Leader. Furthermore, it is best if it is now! Otherwise, if your Sect Leader got enticed by Qin Imperial Palace, that would be bad!”

“This matter ah…hahaha….”

Liu Yi’s expression turns anxious.

“It is not possible for you to meet my sect leader now.”

Mo Wang’s hands are hidden inside his sleeves like he is posing.

“Senior Mo. If you have things to say just say it.”

“Before talking about this, I must first ask you a question.”

Mo Wang’s calm gaze suddenly had a bit of expression.

“Oh? What does Senior Mo want to ask?”

“This matter is actually very simple.”

Mo Wang says, “I want to ask a matter. I want you to answer truthfully.”

“Senior Mo please ask!”

“Fine. Let me ask you. What is the relationship between you and my sister Mo Lan?”

“Ah? This…”

Being questioned like this stumped Liu Yi.

Mo Wang asked this kind of matter…Although he knows that Mo Wang is a complete sis-con, he does not know how he should reply…

Because my relationship with Mo Lan….is indeed a little unclear!

Say that we are ordinary friends…but she seems to have some feelings for me but it is also impossible to say that I have no feelings for her.

If I say that we are lovers, we have not reached that stage yet.

The two of us maintain a bit of ambiguity but neither of us have yet to take even half a step closer.

Liu Yi is wholehearted towards cultivation while Mo Lan also treats the rise of World Manor as her responsibility. Wishing to enlarge World manor once more and become one of the top sects in the cultivation world.

Thus.. what is the relationship between both sides?

“This…Senior Mo…”

“You must reply!”

Mo Wang is very concerned about this matter, “If you can tell me, then this Mo shall bring you to meet my Sect Leader.”

“Actually…the two of us…can be considered as very good friends!”

After thinking, Liu Yi can only give this kind of answer.


Mo Wang was instantly shocked as his expression turned slightly furious.

“Liu Yi! I respect you that you are young but have profound cultivation and are a talent! But unexpectedly you are such a fickle person! You slept with my younger sister and say that you are only ordinary friends! You are too shameless! This Mo misjudged you!”


Liu Yi blanks out, “Senior Mo, when have I slept with your younger sister?”

“The feelings between the two of you are so good and my younger sister is wholehearted towards you. With her temper, if she did not sleep with you then what else could it be!”

Mo Wang clenches his teeth, “So be it if you had slept with my adorable younger sister! You still do not admit to it! Good fellow! Today even this I pay with my life, this Mo will fight you!”

Mo Wang roars as the lapel of his clothing starts flapping in the air.

Black smog flies out from the calabash on his waist before transforming into an enormous black hand grabbing Liu Yi.

This is Ruyi Sect’s Specter Technique! Also called Ruyi Sutra! Tempering a mouthful of smoke cloud and move it with one thought. It is very powerful!

The black hand grabs at Liu Yi while Liu Yi hurriedly uses Shadow Step and instantly appears a few meters away.

“Senior Mo what are you doing?”

Mo Wang’s eyes had turned red as he roars while activating his sutra, “What am I doing? Helping my sister vent her anger!”


Chapter 861  [Speak for sister]

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