MKW Chapter 860

Chapter 860  [Title below]


After Liu Yi flies out from Womanland, he heads directly for Ruyi Sect.

At this moment, Liu Yi is standing by the side of the entrance to an enormous volcano as he looks inside of it.

Ruyi Sect is hidden inside the volcano. Liu Yi activates his Golden Eyes and uses his true sight to see through the illusion outside.

On the inner wall of the volcano crater appears buildings that were embedded in.

The volcano appears to be going to erupt at any moment. The dense black smoke keeps spraying out, rising towards the sky.

Liu Yi leaps down into this crater that is covered with black smoke.

The volcano is very hot. If it is a normal cultivator, he would not be able to take such high temperatures.

But Liu Yi cultivated to the peak with Scarlet Blood Sutra thus this kind of heat is nothing.

He keeps descending deeper into the volcano as dense smoke appears around him.

After Liu Yi passed this smoke, he suddenly notices that there seems to be something among the magma.

Strange…what kind of thing could exist among the magma?

Liu Yi is puzzled while the magma swiftly restores back to normal like the thing was an illusion.

He shakes his head, perhaps my vision is blurred.

The entrance to Ruyi Sect is very close to the magma. Liu Yi descends all the way to the entrance of Ruyi Sect.

It seems like due to the sect being a devil sect, few outsiders pay a visit, thus this Ruyi Sect’s entrance is rather simple. Two doorposts with a stele by the side.

On the stele is two large words, ‘Ruyi Sect’.

There are smaller characters below. Liu Yi strengthens his eyesight and takes a close look.

‘People who wish to enter Ruyi Sect must first past the Bull Devil Fire Spirit Beast’s test.’

Bull Devil Fire Spirit Beast? What is that?

Liu Yi does not understand what is the meaning of what Ruyi Sect had written.

He keeps walking towards the inside of Ruyi Sect and at this moment, the volcano suddenly starts shaking. A roar came from deep within the volcano as the stones above drops into the lava.

Liu Yi nearly falls over. He immediately looks around and realizes that the lava is surging.

Following which from the center of the lava appears a whirlpool and from that an enormous creature climbs out slowly.

It has four arms with countless of yellow eyes growing all over its arm.

While on its head, there is not a single eye, instead there is an enormous mouth.

A pair of two-meter long bull horns grew on the top of the head and it are as sharp as  swords!

The four arms of the creature grab the surrounding wall and climb out.

Fucking hell…this thing is that Bull Devil Fire Spirit Beast?

Liu Yi immediately waves his hand as seven god swords immediately appear above his head.

Ever since he had woke up, Liu Yi realizes that his four starjade had recovered thus he can summon four fire-god swords to use.

If he wishes to break through the fifth sun jade, he will need to absorb five different qi!

All of the eyes on the Bull Devil Fire Spirit Beasts are staring at Liu Yi. It then opens its bloody maw and spat out a sun-like fireball at Liu Yi!

This fireball is over four meters wide. Its temperature is very high and inside seems to contain boiling lava!

OH MY GOD! This brother also knows how to play with fire no wonder it is called a fire beast!

“But talking about playing with fire, you are still too weak!”

As Liu Yi speaks, he raises his hand and bends a finger lightly.

Instantly a fire-god sword immediately collapses and turn back into a golden red Fire God Dragon. It roars and bites that fireball.

The Fire God Dragon twist its hundred-meter long body and crashes into the Bull Devil Fire Spirit Beast with the fireball in its mouth.


The Bull Devil Fire Spirit Beast was struck heavily as an eye-catching explosion happened.

Flames shoot all over the place as the Bull Devil Fire Spirit Beast was knocked loose of the four walls. It finally falls headfirst into the lava.

The lava splashes high up and some splashed onto Liu Yi’s body but it was like he was being splashed with water as he did not get injured by it.

His black and white robes flutter as he stands by the side of the stone stele with his hands behind his back.


Although he had stuck that Bull Devil Fire Spirit Beast he did not cause any substantial harm to it.

After all, it is a fire attribute spirit beast thus its resistance towards fire is very high.

The creature was angry as it climbs out of the lava before roaring, releasing his stinky breath high up into the sky.

“Has this fellow never brushed its teeth?!”

Liu Yi covers his nose before leaping down the edge of the precipice, He falls above that enormous Bull Devil Fire Spirit Beast.

That Bull Devil Fire Spirit Beast immediately raises a palm, like it is going to slap Liu Yi l.

But Liu Yi only pauses in the sky as he stretches out a hand and uses the strength of his single hand to block the enormous fist of the Bull Devil Fire Spirit Beast,

Bull Devil Fire Spirit Beast does not have any intelligence. It subconsciously swings out another hand wanting to clap Liu Yi into a meat patty.

While Liu Yi is not willing to be treated as a housefly. He continues to descend again like a bullet as his feet steps onto the face of the Bull Devil Fire Spirit Beast.


Feeling the pain, Bull Devil Fire Spirit Beast cries out before entering the lava again.

Liu Yi also descends into the lava before raising his fist and punches the Bull Devil Fire Spirit Beast on the top of its head.

Bull Devil Fire Spirit Beast instantly starts crying in pain while Liu Yi keeps punching continuously.

“You beast! To dare fumigate me with your breath! See how I teach you a lesson!”

As he punches, each of the blow rings out heavily while blood starts flowing out of all of the eyes of the Bull Devil Fire Spirit Beast making it in so much pain that it does not want to live.

“What? You want to admit defeat?”

Liu Yi senses a surge of fluctuation of his conscious which seems to be the thoughts of Bull Devil Fire Spirit Beast.

Bull Devil Fire Spirit Beast keeps moving its head up and down like it is nodding its head.

Liu Yi questions, “Really?”

The Bull Devil Fire Spirit Beast nods its head even faster.

“Fine then. I shall spare you this time. Next time if you dare to roar at me again, then do not blame me for beating you into minced meat!”

Only after speaking did Liu Yi let go of Bull Devil Fire Spirit Beast before leaping out of the lava and returning to the front of the entrance of Ruyi Sect.

After sensing the movement of the volcano, a few disciples from Ruyi Sect had come out and stood by the entrance to take a look.

“Who are you? To dare trespass my Ruyi Sect?”

A guy wearing the black robes of Ruyi Sect stares at Liu Yi coldly. At the same time, a purple and gold calabash hangs on his waist

While the other Ruyi Sect disciples by the side are also the same. All of them also have purple and gold calabashes. It seems like this is their sect characteristic magic tool.

“Friend from Ruyi Sect, this one came from Raising Immortal Palace Hall.”

Liu Yi points at his robe, “The reason this one came is for the 5 Spirit Gathering, to send Ruyi Sect the invitation letter.”

“What 5 Spirit Gathering? Never heard before! I see that you are just a spy!”

“That’s right! Definitely must be a spy sent over from the righteous path!”

These disciples do not yield an inch as their attitude towards Liu Yi is very bad.

“Everyone has thought wrongly. I had karma with Mo Wang from Ruyi Sect. If everyone does not believe what this one says, you can ask Mr Mo Wang.”

“Protector Mo?”

The disciples look at each other before laughing.

“You know our Protector Mo, bullshit. Let me tell you. Be tactful and scram otherwise don’t blame my Ruyi Sect for being impolite!”

A few of the disciples touch the calabash on their waists.

What is this meaning? Going to start a battle?

Liu Yi raises his eyebrow.

He came to Ruyi Sect not to fight. Fighting is too troublesome. He only wishes to hurry and finish delivering the letters then he can go home to celebrate the new year.

Liu Yi asks, “Is this an indication that you wish to take action?”

“Hahahaha! Do you think that you can make us fight? Just wait for it and our Mystical Beast Protector will come and deal with you!”

A Ruyi Sect disciple laughs and takes out the head of a raw pig before tossing it into the lava below.

Instantly the lava starts surging and that Bull Devil Fire Spirit Beast climbs out and swallows up that raw pig head.

That Ruyi Sect disciple points at Liu Yi and shouts, “Mystical Beast Protector quickly kill this idiot!”

This Mystical Beast Protector is very powerful. Even if we combine strength, we are not its opponent.

This fellow possesses the strength of a heaven realm and is thus formidable.

The disciples from Ruyi Sect are waiting for Liu Yi to be killed.

While at this moment when the eyes of the Bull Devil Fire Spirit Beast lands on Liu Yi, it immediately shivers like shifting chaff.

It immediately plops down on its knees in the lava and kneels down in front of Liu Yi.

“Mystical Beast Protector! What are you doing?!”

When the Ruyi Sect disciple sees this, his face turn pale from shock, “Attack! Kill him! What are you kneeling down for!”

The Bull Devil Fire Spirit Beast roars impatiently. The shockwave from its roar smashes into the Ruyi Sect disciples sending them flying away crashing into the wall behind them.

“How, how is this possible?”

After being thrown into a daze, Ruyi Sect disciple finally climbs to his feet after a long time.

When he regained consciousness, the scene that he saw scared him to death.

Because the Mystical Beast Protector who is usually majestic is currently crawling respectfully in front of that person. It is like it is not a Bull Devil Fire Spirit Beast but a husky!

Oh my gosh…ho, how is this possible…this is our Mystical Beast Protector!

“Just…what is your background…”

“Wish to know who am I?”

Liu Yi turns around and looks at that guy and smiles, “Go and ask your Protector Mo!”


Chapter 860  [Let’s go look for the Protector]

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