MKW Chapter 859

Chapter 859  [Title below]


As continues from the previous chapter, the following story below contains sexual content.

So enjoy

Now that the two women had been defeated, they can only count on Elder Qiu to help.

Qiu Han clenches her teeth before taking her clothing and walks up. She aligns herself into position before sitting down.


This going down is painful! But I am the elder of Womanland! What does this bit of pain count as! For breaking that evil ancestral curse of Womanland, so be it if I lose my life! No to mention this virgin body!

Qiu Han starts to learn from the princess and Qinger’s previous movements. She rides up and down, continuously shaking her waist roughly jolting her butt all over the place.

Womanland’s women’s physical strength are all very good. Only Qiu Han can continue persevering in this kind of intense movement.

“I, I definitely can…”

Qiu Han moves with all her might as she bears with the feeling of spraying out something from her body. Her hands press down on Liu Yi’s shoulder as she continues to move.

Qiu Han persists the longest for over half an hour before she is unable to bear with it and retreats in defeat. She gasps before falling down, lying on the side no longer moving.

“To not come out yet…sir is too impressive…”

Dragon Lotus does not have any other choice. Taking advantage of the fact that she had restored some strength, she can only climb back up and start moving up and down again, carrying on after Qiu Han’s shift.

In this manner, the three women continue to take turns working to obtain Liu Yi’s essence.

Luckily it is three people and they are able to take turns to rest.

In this manner, they struggle for over 10 hours. Dragon Lotus who is doing her best to obtain the essence suddenly feels that the thing below suddenly turns even more ardent and even thicker.

Dragon Lotus says in fluster, “It, it seems like something is coming…”

Qiu Han squats by Princess’ side and says, “Princess! Persevere! It must be the essence from Liu Yi’s body! Princess you must succeed!”

Yue Qinger also clenches her fist as expectations fill her eyes.

The thousand year curse of Womanland is going to be broken…and the hope lies of us three!

“I, I am coming…”

Dragon Lotus’s forehead is covered with sweat as she pants delicately.

The two women support her on either side, helping the princess with her up and down movements.

After persisting for over three minutes, the princess finally trembles and collapses on top of Liu Yi.

A golden eye-catching radiance shines from her body. It is very beautiful like a golden sun.

“Succeeded! Succeeded!”

Yue Qinger and Qiu Han hug each other emotionally!

The ancestral curse can finally be broken! Now as long as we carry princess to the Queen Spring to soak, the Queen Spring’s spring water will turn into spring water that can break the curse!

“Qinger, I shall send princess to the Queen Spring. You send Liu Yi back to the Imperial Palace.”

After Qiu Han had given her order, she carries up princess and disappears from the cave.

Yue Qinger nods her head. She carries up her Brother Stonehead and looks at him bashfully.

“Brother Stonehead…from today onwards, Qinger is yours…”

Liu Yi is still in deep sleep and is unable to reply to Yue Qinger.

Yue Qinger did not wake Liu Yi up. She carries up Liu Yi like this and silently returns into the Imperial Palace before carefully placing him on the bed.

“Brother Stonehead…”

Yue Qinger stands by Liu Yi’s bedside looking at him with tender sentiments.

“If only Qinger could go out together with Brother Stonehead how nice would it be…it is a pity that right now Qinger is unable to go out…”

Yue Qinger’s gaze carries some grief but not regret.

“But no matter what, Qinger is Brother Stonehead’s…Brother Stonhead, have a good sleep. Qinger must go to the Queen Spring…”

Yue Qinger disappears from the room.

While at this moment, Liu Yi is still muddleheaded in his dreams.

He feels like he had a very strange dream. In the dream, he had seen three beautiful women who took turns fucking him.

I am no longer young…why would I have this kind of erotic dream…

When the sun rises, Liu Yi slowly wakes up

The moment he wakes up, he feels full of vitality. Furthermore, a powerful surge of strength is flowing around his body.

This strength makes Liu Yi very comfortable and also very baffled.

Where did this strength come from?

Liu Yi lets out a shout as that strength surges and flies out from his back turning into a golden avatar floating behind him.

This golden avatar is very formidable. It is exactly the same as Liu Yi just that it is much larger.

“An avatar came out? But the techniques that I had learned were not like this?”

Liu Yi feels strange. I was imitating the unique technique of Womanland, using my cultivation to form 9 golden chains to strengthen my combat power.

This avatar is the unique technique of Womanland. This is impossible…

I seem to have fallen asleep earlier…a bit strange as I have forgotten how I had fallen asleep.. this kind of situation shouldn’t have happened. After all, I did not take the initiative to choose to sleep, as a cultivator, I can keep an awake status.

Could it be that it is the effect of that Womanland Assorted Soup?

I clearly remember that the princess told me that this soup is very good for sleeping…don’t tell me that it was a drugged soup?!

Liu Yi cannot help but cover his forehead. Damn it what happened while I was asleep?

Could it be that I had gotten done in by those women?

Is…is it possible?

It seems to be impossible…but it also seems to be the only answer!

Even Liu Yi himself is unable to understand!

“Meng Xi! Meng Xi!”

Liu Yi suddenly recalls that he is carrying a lass who is watching the outside all the time and hurriedly calls for her.

“Benefactor, this servant is here!”

Indeed Meng Xi’s voice rings out making Liu Yi feel relief.

Liu Yi ask impatiently, “What happened yesterday night?”

“This…no-nothing much happened…”

Recalling what she had seen yesterday night, Meng Xi blushes in shame.

She is unable to say…

“Nothing happened?”

“No-nothing really happened…benefactor! We should start making out way to Ruyi Sect!”

Meng Xi hurriedly changes the topic.

“True. The deadline is pressing and the numbers of days that I have left are not much.”

Spring Festival is almost approaching while the 15th is not far away.

The deadline to the 5 Spirit Gathering is also getting close thus I must hurry.

Liu Yi orders, {Little Jade give me my clothing. The Raising Immortal Palace Hall one will do.}

{Understood master!}

Little Jade immediately carries out the order before dressing Liu Yi in a black and white robe. On the back, the ‘Raising Immortal Palace Hall’ is very majestic.

For this final place, Liu Yi wants to vigorously arrive.

After all, I greeted Ruyi Sect before. Mo Lan’s elder brother, Mo Wang is there thus they should not make things too hard for me!

Let’s hurry and send this final invitation letter then all of the tasks are complete!

Liu Yi acts on his thoughts and immediately walks out of the room.

“We respectfully welcome Sage Ruler!”

Unexpectedly when Liu Yi walks out, there are rows of women kneeling outside.

All those with status in Womanland seems to be all here!

What the heck! What is going on!

Why is it that Womanland is never peaceful!

“We respectfully welcome Sage Ruler!”

Dragon Lotus is dressed in a bright golden clothing as she stands in front of the crowd. She is as beautiful as usual but that delicate feeling is no longer there. No matter where you look, there is only dignity on her face.

While standing by Dragon Lotus’ side is two women wearing red robes. Liu Yi is very familiar with their appearance. One is Yue Qinger while the other is Qiu Han.

But at this moment, these two women are dressed in red with a golden crown as they stand by Dragon Lotus’s sides.

While on their chest is embroidered with the word ‘Supreme’.

Sweat…what is going on?

Why are Qinger and Elder Qiu dressed the same?

Why is it that after sleeping, I feel like the world changed!

Dragon Lotus asks, “Sage Ruler, where are you going?”

“Sage Ruler? What Sage Ruler?”

Dragon Lotus gives a simple explanation, “Because sir has saved our entire Womanland, naturally you are our Sage Ruler.”

“So that is the case…”

Liu Yi nods his head, this makes sense.

Never mind. Sage Ruler then Sage Ruler. Afterall, Womanland would not wantonly publicize it.

But I do have a lot of nicknames, Sword Emperor, Sage Ruler and more…

Liu Yi cups his hands and says, “Since the danger of Womanland had been resolved, what should be played has been played yesterday, today it is time to take my leave.”

“Sir is not going to stay for a few more days?”

Dragon Lotus instantly became slightly anxious as her expression changes.

“Time is pressing thus I cannot remain here any longer.”

Liu Yi waves his hand, “I still have to make a trip to Ruyi Sect and cannot stay here for too long. I do appreciate your good intentions.”

“Alas….since that is the case then I shall not make sir stay .”

Dragon Lotus sighs, “Sir has helped Womanland so much and is a benefactor of Womanland. Based on logic….we shouldn’t request from sirs…but we can only rely on sir for this matter…”

Liu Yi laughs, “What is the matter. We are all one family, there is no need to be so polite.”

[TL: no idea what to use for one’s own people in this sense so used one family. Any better ideas please comment.]

“Is sir taking Dragon Lotus as your own people…”

A pleasant surprise instantly appears on Dragon Lotus’ face.

“Of course. at the very least we are good friends!”

Liu Yi smiles and says, “There is no need to hide or conceal the matter. You can just tell me directly.”

Liu Yi did not notice that Dragon Lotus’s complexion turned slightly dim but swiftly recovered.

“Sir…my royal mother is still a statue…no matter what technique or magic we use, we are unable to resolve the curse….later I understood something. It is not that we are unable to resolve it but royal mother herself does not wish to undo it. She is still waiting for royal father….thus if sir meets Buddha of Sandalwood Merit, please help us convey our royal mother’s wish…ask him to come back to meet my royal mother…”


Liu Yi nods his head, “In the future when I am able to ascend to the nine heavens and reach the Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss, I will tell Tang Xuanzang.”

Yet another task in the future is pressuring me.

“Then I shall thanks sir…are you really not going to stay for a few more days?”

“It is inconvenient to stay any longer. I shall say goodbye to everyone now. If we are fated, we shall meet again!”


Chapter 859  [Say goodbye]

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  1. Welp another on the list of authors love of using ten as a exaggeration. This chapter had both of the top two things that bug me about this novel. Using ten too sound dramatic, and forgetting the main heroin exists.
    The use of tens to describe size or distance is always ridiculous and mood breaking, it ether makes no sense or is just is just way to expensive. Yes i know this a a power fantasy, but that one word tipps the scale from cool to cringe instantly.

    Fyi i place them as more annoying than the racist stuff as it rather easy to just dismiss it do to the author clearly lives in a small community with no real interactions with the outside world. Hell a good amount of the racist stuff seem completely unintentional and sometimes even like they were ment to be a compliment, like the author thinking all Americans are blonde and extensively attractive. Its just lack of knowledge, so i ignore and place as third most annoying thing he does, still bad, but not as annoying as the first two.


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