MKW Chapter 857

Chapter 857  [Title below]


Although the princess does not have any cultivation the Nirvana Barrier originates from the natural ability of the Nine Heaven Fire Staff. Thus it easily spread out and protects the entire room.

After Liu Yi had drunk the soup that the princess had given him, his entire person fell into a dream, no longer knowing what is going on around him.

How would he know that right now, the outside is in a messy fight all because of him!

Perhaps if he had known, his face might be covered in tears. After all, so many women are fighting all because of him!

Furthermore, all of them are beauties!

“Liu Yi is mine!”

“No! He is mine!”

“Damn it! Who among all of you dare to snatch from me!”

The outside is in a mess as the women of Womanland are fighting with their spells as their weapons clashes against each other creating loud sounds.

Any woman who loses means that they had lost their qualifications. Thus these women are risking it all!

Yue Qinger who had just reached adulthood exhibits her matchless bravery. Her twin swords dances like an impressive wind and in a short time, defeated countless of other women!

At this moment, a woman appears in front of her.

“Qinger. I didn’t expect that you would be so brave!”

“Big sister. Even if it is you, Qinger will not give in!”

“Don’t be like this…big sister is so nice to you normally!”

“A, a yard for a yard! For Brother Stonehead, I don’t want a big sister!”

“Damn it! You thankless wretch! Watch my sword!”

And so the two of them fight.

The guards of the royal palace are facing too many enemies thus finally all of them were defeated.

As for those women who won afterward, all of them were blocked by the Nirvana Barrier. Their attacks were also blocked.

“Princess! Quickly lower the Nirvana Barrier!”

“That’s right, that’s right! You are cheating!”

The girls are angered.

“I am not lowering!” Dragon Lotus smiles faintly in delight, “If you have the ability then kill me!”

Damn! Who can kill this princess! Even if it is a fair competition it must not threaten the safety of princess!

“Princess, you are cheating!”

An elder says, “How are we going to enter the guest room like this! We are unable to get close to Liu Yi?!”

“This…this…I don’t care!”

Dragon Lotus acts as a rogue, “In any case….I will not let you obtain him…”

“Could it be that, your highness…” Qiu Han suddenly thought of something and ask, “Could it be that, your highness….you fell in love with this Liu Yi?”


Dragon Lotus suddenly stops speaking as her cheeks went red.

“It can’t be!”

“Gods! Your highness, didn’t you just meet him for the first time!”

The women wail in anguish. After all, this is a big matter!

The princess fell in love with an outsider!

This matter is like what happened to the queen back then…the queen fell in love with Tang Xuanzang…and gave birth to the princess with him…

This is why the princess is a very special existence in Womanland. Because the other women rely on drinking the water of Zimu River to become pregnant and thus do not have fathers.

And now…the princess also fell in love with an outsider?

“Cannot! You cannot!”

Qiu Han is the first to shake her head, “Princess! You cannot fall in love with an outsider! Even more so you cannot fall in love with Liu Yi! Otherwise, you will only repeat the queen’s tragedy!”

“That’s right!”

“Princess please reconsider!”

All of the women immediately kneel in front of the princess as they beg.

Qiu Han requests again, “That’s right your highness, please reconsider!”

“The tragedy of queen cannot happen a second time! Your highness! Womanland cannot have a woman who falls in love with a man!”

Qiu Han expressed urgently. She feel that she is being considerate of Womanland’s royal family.

“I will decide my own matter. There is no need for Elder Qiu to be worried about it.”

Dragon Lotus had already decided thus there is no change.

“It is royal mother who sent him to me. The two of us are fated. Thus Elder Qiu don’t talk anymore. No one can this princess’s thoughts. This Mr Liu, I am getting him!”


“Your Highness, please reconsider!”

Everyone starts begging as they do not wish for their queen’s matter to happen again.

Princess waves her hand and says, “I appreciate all of your good intentions. But it is very late tonight. Everyone, please go back.”

“Since princess has decided, then we can only use our strength to make princess wake up to reality!”

As Qiu Han speaks, she pulls out her twin swords.

“Edler Qiu, you dare to take action against me?”

“Of course I won’t hurt you…but, I can capture you!”

Qiu Han disappears and re-appears by princess’ side as her hands land on princess’ shoulder, trying to grab her.

While the princess raises the staff in her hands, “Nine Heaven Fire Staff! Royal Father! Please Help me!”

From the Nine Heaven Fire Staff, the figure of a monk flies out instantly.

The monk is formed from golden light. He is wearing a red kasaya and looks very attractive!

If Liu Yi is around, he would definitely exclaim, oh my gosh a handsome guy!

This kind of handsome guy is a monk. No wonder it would make the queen of Womanland be infatuated and head over heels in love!

“This, this Nine Heaven Fire Staff… can be used like this as well?”

Everyone present is startled. They had lived in Womanland for so many years and this is the first time they had seen that the Nine Heaven Fire Staff can have such use!

That monk sits cross-legged above the Nine Heaven Fire Staff as golden light shines from behind him like a sun.

He is chanting Buddhist sutras causing notes to flood the entire Womanland.

When the women heard this chant, for a moment they turn sluggish.

Dragon Lotus says loudly, “If you dare to be disrespectful to me again, then do not blame me for being disrespectful!”

With her yell, everyone calms down.

One of the elders frown curiously, “It isTang Xuanzang? He has turned into buddha already why is he still inside the Nine Heaven Fire Staff?”

Qiu Han orders, “Chen Li, go and test the Nine Heaven Fire Staff!”

Her position in among the elders is not low. With this order, an elder charges at the Tang Xuanzang in the sky with her twin swords.

Tang Xuanzang did not move and made a dharma sound.

Instantly a golden enormous ‘Ten Thousand’ character descends and smashes into that elder.

The elder was pressed into the ground and fainted.

“What a powerful technique…”

Qiu Han and the rest were even more startled. This is too powerful. How deep is his cultivation!

Dragon Lotus raises the Nine Heaven Fire Staff and yells, “Who else dares?”

All of the women retreat. Since it is like this, who dares to stick their head out!

“Since all of you are not going, I am going!”

Yue Qinger is anxious to meet her Brother Stonehead. She rolls up her sleeves preparing to charge forward.

“Qinger stand still.”

Qiu Han grabs hold of the agitated Qinger and whispers to her, “Qinger, don’t be impulsive…”

“But, but….”

“Listen to what I have to say…”

Qiu Han uses voice transmission to tell Yue Qinger, {For the Nine Heaven Fire Staff  to release this ordinary Nirvana Barrier, the princess has to maintain her consciousness. If she wants to do anything else, the barrier will disappear. There is no harm in us waiting for a while. After the barrier is gone we can decide what to do!}


Yue Qinger can only agree.

“Looks like all of you finally understand.”

Dragon Lotus nods her head, “Since that is the case then tonight Mr Liu is mine.”

She walks into the guest room with the Nine Heaven Fire Staff.

The rest of the women do not have any methods and can only retreat silently.

Yue Qinger and Qiu Han look at each other and nod their heads before disappearing from the spot.

“Mr Liu…Dragon Lotus is entering…”

Princess asked softly to sound out Liu Yi before pushing open the door and entering.

There is no sound from inside the room.

The princess smiles before placing the Nine Heaven Fire Staff on the ground and walks slowly to the back of the screen.

Liu Yi is naked as he leans against the wooden tub. He has soaked in the water until his face had turned red while steam surges around his body.

Dragon Lotus’ face and ears are red. After all, this is her second time seeing the body of a man. Although it is the same man…but she cannot help but be ashamed.

So this guy is my fated person…on the contrary, he has regular features and clear edges.

For countless years, Dragon Lotus had been thinking in her heart how her fated person would look like. She is worried that he will be an ugly person.

But since it was what her royal mother had arranged for her, even if it is an ugly person she will resign to it.

Luckily…luckily he is not an ugly person, hehe…

Dragon Lotus rejoices in her heart.

She slowly takes off her clothes revealing her perfect flawless body.

Her curvaceous figure is basically a heavenly masterpiece.

If Liu Yi is awake and sees this, he will have a nose bleed.

But Womanland’s secret recipe is nevertheless effective. Liu Yi is still in deep sleep without any reaction at all.

If he is awake, perhaps his little Liu Yi would have stood up.

“Sir…let me serve you…”

Dragon Lotus slowly walks into the wooden tub. The water is very warm making Dragon Lotus feels like it is the temperature of Liu Yi’s body.

She is very embarrassed but knows that it is not time for her to be embarrassed. Thus she gathers her courage and slowly leans against Liu Yi’s body.

“Apologises princess. Please forgive this servant for being rude!”

Qiu Han suddenly appears in front of Dragon Lotus. Her legs are standing on the side of the wooden tub as she taps Dragon Lotus with her finger.

Dragon Lotus instantly trembles before being unable to move.

Qiu Han uses her cultivation to seal the meridians of Dragon Lotus making her unable to move.

Right now she is unable to even speak, thus Dragon Lotus can only widen her eyes and look at Qiu Han in front of her.

“Leave Brother Stonehead to us, your highness.”

Yue Qinger carries up Liu Yi from the water before reappearing outside of the room.

Originally Qiu Han found Yue Qinger to let her help her. But unexpectedly Yue Qinger grabs the Nine Heaven Fire Staff from the ground and tosses it to the princess.

“Your highness, the remainder shall be left to you!”


Chapter 857  [Brother Stonehead is mine]

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