MKW Chapter 856

Chapter 856 [Title below]


How deep is Liu Yi’s cultivation? How could he let Qiu Han grab him?

The pitiful QiuHan thought that something else went wrong. Being unable to lift up Liu Yi after a while, Dragon Lotus had thrown herself at Qiu Han, grabbing hold of Qiu Han’s arm.

“Elder Qiu, you cannot be like this! He, he is mine…”

“Your highness, right now he has no owner. You cannot have him all for yourself!”

Qiu Han’s attitude is also very firm which makes Liu Yi confused.

What is going on with these women?

Liu Yi is confused. The two women suddenly grab him on each side pulling with their might.

“Liu Yi! Follow me!”

“Sir…please leave with me…”

With the two women pulling him by his arms, it almost makes Liu Yi insane.

“The two of you,  calm down!”

Liu Yi advises, “If you women have a matter can’t you just talk? Don’t be like this, it makes me very awkward ”

Dragon Lotus had already made her resolution. No matter what, she will not let go as she says to Liu Yi, “Sir…after you leave with me then you will understand!”

Qiu Han continues to throw stones at her who is down. “Don’t leave with princess! Princess wishes to harm you!”

“I, I don’t! I will not harm sir!”

Dragon Lotus is about to cry. She realizes that her method is indeed very bad but her face is not as thick as Qiu Han!

It is like digging a pit and jumping in myself…

“That… what is going on. Can’t you explain?”

As Liu Yi speaks, he trembles as a surge of force erupts out, gently pushing away the two women without harming either of them.

“This, this matter…”

Dragon Lotus’s face is red while she does not know how to explain to Liu Yi.

After all, it is to do that thing with him…would he think that I am a very loose woman…

“If you want to know, follow me!”

Cunningness flashes across Qiu Han’s eyes as she continues to entice Liu Yi.

Liu Yi is tempted. He is very curious about what’s going on.

The feeling of being kept in the dark is not nice.

Dragon Lotus says hurriedly, “No, cannot! Definitely cannot go with Elder Qiu….she, she will eat you!”

Even Qiu Han’s face turns red when she heard this.

What, what do you mean by eat…what, what the princess said is too…too shameful!

“I am not delicious to eat, not to mention that eating me will not give immortality…”

Liu Yi starts sweating. What is going on?!

Just as the two of them are in a deadlock, a familiar exclamation came from the side, “Brother Stonehead!”

Liu Yi turns around to sees that it is none other than his adorable sister Qinger. Originally he wanted to greet her but his expression soon turns into alarm.

“Liu Yi! Liu Yi is over here!”

“Mr Liu! Mr Liu!”

A dense black group of women ran towards Liu Yi.

With so many women running together…even the ground starts trembling…

“My mother…did all of these women go berserk…”

Liu Yi is a bit afraid now. Although beauties are good…but so many beauties gives people a kind of pressure!

Especially since Liu Yi has a bad feeling in his heart which makes him unable to be happy!

These girls making so much momentum but not saying what the matter is. Making people worry!

“Sir…quickly, quickly follow me!”

Dragon Lotus pleads once again, “I will not harm sir!”

Qiu Han also did not let go, “I will also not harm you! Follow me!”

With the two women in a deadlock, the rest of the women had already rushed up and surrounded them completely.

With so many women…all kind of body fragrance mixed together and nearly bewilder Liu Yi into losing his focus.

So exaggerated…these women are too frantic…what do they want!

Liu Yi is unable to comprehend. He can only be pulled around among the girls in extreme ‘bliss’!

This farce continues for the entire afternoon. Whoever opens their mouth is no good and no one is willing to let Liu Yi leave.

No one can bring Liu Yi away nor is anyone willing to let Liu Yi leave.

This situation continues to be in a deadlocked all the way until the moon quietly hangs up in the sky.

“Everyone, everyone please rest. I am tired.”

After being pulled all over the place by the women for so long, his mentality is withered, “Even if you women are not tired, I am tired and wish to rest…”

“Wish to rest, of course!”

Before anyone else speaks, Dragon Lotus thinks rapidly and says, “Since Mr Liu is tired, why don’t you enter the imperial palace to rest properly t. That way you can set out for Ruyi Sect tomorrow.”

Qiu Han instantly also thought of something as a gleam flashes across her eyes, “Right, Liu Yi go and sleep!”

“Thank you, princess! Thank you, Elder Qiu!”

Liu Yi cups his hands while feeling heartfelt gratefulness in his heart.

I have been surrounded here for an afternoon and wish to rest…one person dealing with so many women alone is impossible t…women and the likes are too scary.

Seeing that Liu Yi wishes to go and sleep as well as Elder Qiu and Princess given the word, the crowd of women cannot continue to impose.

Furthermore, Liu Yi’s expression is indeed very exhausted. If they continue to force, perhaps there will not be a good ending!

Yue Qinger stands by the side with a slight frown which loosens very quickly.

Ah…so princess and elder are thinking of that matter…

Hmph, do they think that I, Qinger do not know anything? I will obtain Brother Stonehead!

Yue Qinger secretly made her resolution before silently standing within the crowd.

While Liu Yi finally returned into the guest room under the escort of the princess, Elder Qiu as well as a group of women.

“This…the room cannot fit so many people…”

Liu Yi blocks those women who were following outside, not letting them enter.

Who knows what these girls want to enter for. Too scary.

“Let me serve sir.”

Dragon Lotus claps her hands.

A palace maid walks up holding a bowl of soup.

“This is our Womanland’s Daughter Assorted Soup. It has the effect of consolidating basis. It is very suitable for drinking a bowl before sleeping. Why doesn’t sir give it a try.”

With princess serving this bowl of soup, passing it to Liu Yi, those women who were chattering continuously earlier quietened down.

One must say that this soup smells very fragrant and appears very nice.

For these two days, Liu Yi had not eaten anything. He had only seen a few steamed buns inside the black coal oven.

When the princess serves this Daughter Assorted Soup, it evokes Liu Yi’s appetite causing his stomach to growl.

He takes the bowl of soup and gives it a slight sniff.

Ah! Too fragrant! It’s making me have a craving!

“Thank you princess for your hospitality!”

After saying that, Liu Yi raises the bowl of Daughter Assorted Soup and drained it in a gulp.

WTF, damn tasty!

Liu Yi licks his lips and wishes to have another bowl!

But how can a man be defeated by food! I cannot be so greedy!

“How is it? Does it suit sir’s taste?”

The eyes of the princess and the rest of the girls brighten up.

“Very good! I hope that I will be able to have a good sleep tonight!”

Liu Yi returns the bowl to the palace maid by the side before saying, “Then I shall go and rest first. See you all tomorrow!”

“We wish that sir has a good dream!”

Dragon Lotus smiles mysteriously before closing Liu Yi’s door.

Liu Yi is indeed slightly tired. He plans to first bath then go and sleep. But in the end, after lying in the wooden tub, he fell asleep unknowingly.

At the same time, the princess stands within the imperial palace as she admonishes her subordinates Queen Guards, “People who are loyal to my imperial family! Battle for this princess!”

The several tens of Queen Guards raise their hands as they respond faithfully in chorus with a roar.

The princess continues and says, “Help me guard the imperial palace and drive out everyone who comes!”

“Willing to die for princess!”

The several tens of Queen Guards immediately surround Liu Yi’s room. They are not yielding twin swords, instead they are holding spears.

Only high ranking Queen Guards would yield spears. They are Dragon Lotus’s support!

Dragon Lotus is pressingly hoping. I can only rely on all of you. You must help me guard Mr Liu!

At the same time, several black shadows are silently getting closer.

Only to see Qiu Han and the rest of the elders each leading some women, getting close to the imperial palace.

Dragon Lotus is like a mother hen protecting her chicks as she says, “Today with this princess here, all of you can forget about getting close to sir’s bedroom! As the royal family’s guards, all of you should be standing on this princess’s side!”

Qiu Han says firmly, “Your highness, please pardon our disrespect this time! We have been looking forward to the title of Supreme Elder for too long already!”

“That’s right your highness. Please excuse us!”

These elders ‘betray’ the princess one after the other, making Dragon Lotus almost blow her top.

Dragon Lotus who is holding Tang Xuanzang’s staff says loudly, “Good. Since that is the case, then we shall see who is the final winner!”

“Sisters, the opportunity will not come again! Let’s attack!”

Qiu Han waves her hand and over hundred of female warriors charge up.

-clashing sound-

These Womanland’s warriors are in a mess as they fight. Their incarnation keeps crashing into one another to contest over the guy sleeping in the room!

“All of you get out of the way!”

Qiu Han has the highest cultivation base among everyone. Holding her twin swords, it is like she had entered uninhabited territory, beating her opponents into a sorry figure as they run away.

She excitedly breaks through the obstructions and with great difficulty reached the room.

At this moment, Dragon Lotus raps Tang Xuanzang’s staff heavily on the ground.

A red barrier rises sealing the guest room within.


Seeing this situation, Qiu Han cries out, “Princess! You used Nirvana Barrier?!”

“Why can’t I?”

Dragon Lotus is smiling with delight as she stands in front of the barrier looking at the group of women who are outside, “This staff  was my father’s thus there is nothing wrong with me using it.”

“Princess!!! You, you, you are too shameless!”

Qiu Han is about to die from anger. This time the princess…has done something that cannot be forgiven!

“Very fair.”

Dragon Lotus is smiling slightly with delight, “You see Elder Qiu, your cultivation is deep while I Dragon Lotus do not have any cultivation thus I can only rely on Nine Heaven Fire Staff! That way all of us are the same!”


Chapter 856  [There is no princess in a battlefield]

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