MKW Chapter 855

Chapter 855  [Title below]


Inside a tavern, an elder raises both her hands and shouts, “Sisters! We cannot endure it anymore!”

“We have waited for so long and our queen has finally sent the curse breaker in front of us!”

In front of her stands countless beauties. Among them, Qinger is also standing among them with righteous indignation.

“But the princess has seized the curse breaker, not allowing us to get close to him! All of you! IS THIS FAIR?”

The group of women raises their hands and shouts, “NOT FAIR!”

The elder asks again, “Then what should we do now!”

“Snatch him! Snatch him! Snatch him!”

The women shout as their voice flies out of the tarven to the outside.

The elder says loudly, “That’s right! We must snatch him! After all, the princess is within the market! We must find her and snatch the curse breaker back!”

“That’s right!”

“Snatch the curse breaker back!”

The crowd shouts, “Let’s take action now!”

“That’s right! Take action now!”

The elder waved her hand and the crowd of women immediately dash out of the tavern and seek Liu Yi’s and the princess’s figures.

“Brother Stonehead. Qinger will definitely find you!”

Yue Qinger is very excited. Like lightning, with a few leaps, she disappears.

While at the same time, on the roof of the tavern, a female in black clothing squats there smiling as she watches all of the women running out.

“Hehe, wanting to snatch people from me, it’s impossible!”

She pinches some golden powder before blowing on it.

The golden powder fly towards the north and Qiu Han’s smile deepens.

“So they ran there. Good. Your highness, I will definitely become the Supreme Elder!”

Her figure flickers and disappears from the roof of the tavern.

At this moment, Liu Yi does not know that he had become the target of so many women. Right now he was pulled by the princess and is running madly!

Liu Yi cannot help but ask, “Princess Dragon Lotus, why are you running?”

Princess Dragon Lotus mutters, “Don’t run. Don’t run then you will belong to others…”

But due to them running and her voice being soft, Liu Yi did not hear it clearly.

Liu Yi can only ask, “Then where are we going?”

Dragon Lotus thinks for a bit before saying, “Go…going to a place that has no one!”

“A place that has no one?”

Liu Yi feels that it is strange.

“Anyways, anyways just find a place that does not have anyone…”

Princess Dragon Lotus feel that she is too daring…perhaps, it is because this guy is very special…royal mother said before that this curse breaker…will be destined for me…

It seems like this guy is indeed special. He transformed into a butterfly and got to know me…apparently, he is slightly romantic…

Thinking about these, Dragon Lotus turns her head around slightly and glanced at Liu Yi.

Her special ability is to see the memories of others.

With this glance, she is instantly stunned.

Liu Yi’s memories are very concealed like something is safeguarding them.

Dragon Lotus is unable to see his memories. Instead, she feels the emotions of the memories…that is sorrowful… that kind of irreversible grief!

Why is it like this…what has this guy experienced?

Dragon Lotus cannot help but start tearing as she stands there.

“Princess Dragon Lotus? Your highness?”

Seeing her sudden transformation, Liu Yi says in his heart, what is up with this lass. Why is she gloomy one second when normal the other?


Only then did Dragon Lotus awaken as she hurriedly wipes away her tears.

Dragon Lotus asks, “Who…who is that woman?”

“What woman?”

Liu Yi blanks out being questioned like this. What?

Dragon Lotus says, “It is a woman in your heart…although it is only a back view and I am unable to see clearly…but I can see that she is very important to you…furthermore, you seem to be quite distant from her, very very distant…”

“I have such a person in my heart?”

When Liu Yi heard this, he instantly turns taciturn.

“That’s right. there is such a person…can, can you tell me who that is?”

Princess Dragon Lotus does not know why she is feeling sour in her heart and very uncomfortable.

She wishes to understand who is that woman.

“I…also do not know who she is…”

Liu Yi does not understand who that female figure is…

Is it Demon Emperess Zhang Yunyun or little lass Ai Ling?

These two people are important in my heart. Furthermore, due to the time travel, the two of them distanced away from me. But…who do I love more, I do not know.

Liu Yi wishes to sigh. Just who did I provoke? Why am I stained with this love debt that cannot be thrown away!

Dragon Lotus continues to question, “Sir. who is it…”

“This…I do not know.”

Liu Yi shakes his head, “It is better not to ask about this matter. There is no use asking. Where shall we be going next?”

“This…let me think…”

Dragon Lotus props up her mouth and thinks for a while but is unable to think of a result.

Although there are a lot of fun places to play in Womanland, there are other women in those places.

These women are equivalent to my enemy!

Cannot…I cannot bring Liu Yi to other places…I must go to a place that no one goes!

After thinking for a while, Dragon Lotus finally thought of a place.

“Right, right…I know where we should go!”

Dragon Lotus pulls Liu Yi and went to another place.

A clear river runs through the entire Womanland.

The river is around 8 meters wide. It is like a long dragon, which makes it very beautiful.

“This river water is very clear!”

Liu Yi squats by the riverbank as he scoops up a handful of water, “Looks like it is very delicious to drink…”

“Hehe, sir cannot drink this water.”

Dragon Lotus covers her mouth as she giggles, “But if sir wishes to give birth to a girl…you can drink a mouthful.”

“Ah? Could it be that this is the rumored Zimu River?”

[TL: for those who do not know, Zimu River is the river water that will make a woman become pregnant after drinking it]

Liu Yi had also watched Journey to the West as he grew up. Hearing what the princess had said, he immediately understood.

“That’s right. This is indeed the Zimu River.”

Dragon Lotus secretly smiles in her heart. Only adult women who are a hundred years old will come to Zimu River on fixed dates to drink the water before 

Today is not that date thus there will be no one at this Zimu River.

“If it did not make me pregnant, I would taste this Zimu River.”

“Sir cannot be curious. Actually I have not drunk the water as well.”

Dragon Lotus smiles, “If sir wishes to drink. I can accompany sir to taste”

“Let’s, let’s not!”

Liu Yi hurriedly rejects, I do not wish to be pregnant for ten months!

If I conceive a weirdo, for example, a brat or the likes or being pregnant for three years…wouldn’t that be crazy!

“There is no one here. Mr Liu, why don’t we…”

Dragon Lotus gathers her courage and just as she started speaking, a shout came from far away. “Your highness, how can you eat it yourself!”

The two of them turn around in a flurry to see that the person is none other than Elder Qiu.

What the heck! Why did this woman come here? Didn’t she hate me a lot? Why did she take the initiative to seek me?

Or is it that she is looking for the princess?

If she is looking for the princess, why are her eyes staring at me without looking else where?!

It feels like she wants to eat me up!

Liu Yi does feel a bit afraid in his heart!

What does this woman want to do?

Liu Yi is unable to understand. He only feels a surge of chill emerging in his heart.

Dragon Lotus exclaims, “How, how did you find this place!”

Qiu Han smiles, “Your highness, this servant has a lot of methods to find people! As long as there is a person that this servant wishes to find, none can ever escape!”

Dragon Lotus immediately grabs hold of Liu Yi and says anxiously, “Damn it…Mr Liu, hu-hurry and bring me away!”

Liu Yi is unable to understand what is going on, “What’s going on? Why are we escaping?”

Dragon Lotus starts rambling and says in a rush, “This…this, Elder Qiu wishes to plot against this princess! Hurry and bring me away!”

Liu Yi became even more confused. Just now when fighting, Qiu Han had always been loyal and devoted. Why is it that in a blink of an eye, she wants to plot against Princess Dragon Lotus?

When Qiu Han heard what the princess said, she became anxious. This princess is lacking integrity! How can she weave such blind words! Too willful! “Your highness! You! You are saying drivel ah!”

In comparison, it is still the queen who is more imposing and steady. It is a pity that she got trapped by the word love!

She did not learn anything but she inherited all of her cleverness!

Liu Yi is confused, “This… what is going on with you two?”

“Liu Yi! It is princess who wants to harm you! I am here to save you!”

In anxiousness, Qiu Han fights fire with fire!

Using the others’ methods to harm him back!

“Wha, when did I want to harm Mr Liu!”

Dragon Lotus became even more anxious.

She hurriedly turns around and tugs Liu Yi saying, “Sir, I’m not harming you!”

“I know, I know…I am confused by your behavior…”

Liu Yi covers his forehead and feels that his head is becoming big.

“Your highness…then don’t blame me for being impolite this time!”

Qiu Han does not have any other methods. She can only decide to use force to snatch Liu Yi away!

After all, princess’s cultivation is blocked which lets me have the advantage!

“Elder Qiu! I am the princess! You dare to use force in front of me!”

Dragon Lotus became even more anxious.

“Your highness, this time around, it is no longer up to you! Our Queen has given the order that this contest disregards official posting! Everyone is equal!

“You, you, you….Elder Qiu you are too wicked!”

“Your highness, please forgive me!”

As Qiu Han speaks, she flashes and suddenly appears in front of Liu Yi and the princess.

She grabs hold of Liu Yi’s arm and shouts, “Liu Yi! Leave with me!”

Qiu Han taking advantage of her stronger cultivation wants to grab Liu Yi and leave.

Unexpectedly, Liu Yi is like an iron rod. When she tries to leap, she is unable to fly up with him.

Damn it…why is this guy so heavy?

Qiu Han’s temper appears as she uses all of her cultivation trying to lift Liu Yi up!


Chapter 855  [Struggling for a man]

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