MKW Chapter 854

Chapter 854  [Title below]


Yue Qinger cannot help but ask, “can Brother Stonehead break this curse?”


Princess Dragon Lotus nods her head, “Mr Liu is the one that was chosen by the Queen. As long as we complete the ceremony with him, we can lift the curse of Womanland.”

“What ceremony?”

Yue Qinger is curious. Originally at her age, she is like a curious baby.

Now that Princess Dragon Lotus says it like this, Yue Qinger’s curiosity starts burning up.

“This ceremony….is very simple…”

Princess Dragon Lotus’s face suddenly turns slightly red, “Whoever can complete it will obtain the supreme glory…”

“What ceremony is that…”

Yue Qinger realizes that other than herself, the rest of the people present know about it.

Could it be that it is because I just completed the adulthood ceremony?

“This ceremony….is…”

“Is what?”

“It is to undergo dual cultivation with Mr Liu…then we can to obtain the strength of the Queen’s Favor…using this strength and soak in the Queen Spring, it will allow the Queen Spring’s water to possess magic power. From then on, after the women of Womanland drink this spring water, they will be rid of their curse.”


Even Yue Qinger’s ears turn red after hearing this. This is too shameful…to a dual cultivate with Brother Stonehead…

“If we want to resolve the curse, we can only do this.”

Princess Dragon Lotus says firmly, “Furthermore, the person who complete this will from then on, be the Supreme Elder of our Womanland!”

“Gods! Supreme Elder!”

“Supreme Elder?!”

For a while, the women turn crazy.

Even Qiu Han also clenches her fist in excitement as expectation filled her eyes.

Dragon Lotus pouts with slight unwillingness.

The women started shouting sweetly.

“Princess then we shall not be polite. We shall have a fair competition!”

“That’s right. The queen has left behind the order that everyone in Womanland can fight for it fairly! Princess you cannot use your power to pressure us!”

Dragon Lotus became even more gloomy. She shouts, “You damn women…fine, I will not use my power to pressure you. Tomorrow Mr Liu will be leaving. Today everyone use your own ability. Whoever can obtain this glory is the final winner!”

She turns around and walks out of the hall.

“Hehe, as long as princess does not use her power to pressure us, Supreme Elder is mine!”

“Hmph, just you? I see that I will be the final winner!”

“It’s me!”

“Clearly it is me!”

“Ah! Where is Qinger?”

“It seems like she left already!”

“What the heck! This lass and Mr Liu are very close! We cannot let her have the advantage! Let’s all chase!”

The women in the palace hall turn into a mess as all of them rush out like the Eight Immortals crossing the sea while showing off their own special talent!


“I love to bathe!!!”

At this moment, Liu Yi is currently soaking in the cask in Womanland, enjoying the embrace of the hot water in great happiness.

How long has it been since I had bathed. Although a cultivator’s body will not be stained by dust and dirt, I do feel weird for not bathing.

Liu Yi feels that he is too tired. He is a heaven realm expert who can move unhindered in the mortal world, but, he had to run around daily and almost turned into an errand-runner.

But being the errand runner for my lass is still worth it.

As long as Ai Ling is willing to forgive me…don’t say making me being an errand runner, even being a waiter is also okay!

Liu Yi leans against the cask as he continues to enjoy the hot water.

At this moment, lots of footsteps came from outside.

Did someone come?

Liu Yi hurriedly hides his body within the water, only revealing his head to prevent other people from seeing embarrassing thing.

Liu Yi shouts, “Who?”

“I am under orders to bring sir to play.”

From outside came the soft voice of a woman.

Ah, it looks like the palace maid that the princess had arranged for me have arrived.

“Wait for me at the entrance. Let me put my clothing on.”

I have more or less finished. It is time for me to come out.

Liu Yi stood up from as he prepares to let Little Jade puts on his clothing.

With Little Jade, it is indeed convenient.

But before Liu Yi had put on his clothing, something happened.

A graceful woman walks out from behind the screen. Her face is completely red as she stands in front of Liu Yi.

Seeing her, Liu Yi’s eyeballs nearly drop into the tub!

What the fuck…isn’t this the princess! Why did she come here!

Isn’t this just teasing me?! Especially since I am still butt naked!

The princess seems to be very ashamed as she stands there somewhat ill at ease.

Right now the princess is in a palace maid attire…

Liu Yi suddenly understood. What the heck, don’t tell me that she wants to dress up as a palace maid and bring me on a tour?

Is the princess of Womanland so free?

Nothing to do but play water, play pipe… wrong, it is play flute!

[TL: play pipe, 吹箫 is a slang for fellatio/blowjob]

Princess Dragon Lotus’s face is red as she asks, “ you want me to help you bathe…”

What the fuck…there is no need to fool around like this!

Also rubbing my back…after rubbing, I don’t know what she would do to me!

Although this kind of beauty is in front of him and offering to rub his back, any other guy would perhaps enter the wooden tub obediently.

But Liu Yi can be considered as a person who had experienced a lot of things and seen countless beauties!

 He is still in control of himself.

Liu Yi keeps away his lustful heart and says firmly, “No, no. There is no need!”

“No worries…Mr, Mr Liu…”

Dragon Lotus is as red as an apple with an oriole like voice, “You are our benefactor…we are willing to help you do this…”

“How can this be!”

Liu Yi firmly rejects, “I have hands and legs, how can I rely on you to help me bathe!”

“But when I bathe…it is the palace maids who help me bathe…”

“That is because you are the princess! I am not!”

Liu Yi starts sweating as he says in his heart, how is this the same!!

“No worries. Today while you are here, you shall receive the same treatment as a princess!”

The princess follows up and says, “You just need to enjoy yourself…although I have never helped others bathe before, it shouldn’t be too hard…”

Dragon Lotus picks up a towel by the side before walking over towards Liu Yi with a red face.

Fucking hell, what does this princess want to do. Don’t tell me, snatching?

This cannot happen. I am still a pure little boy!

Liu Yi hurriedly let Little Jade put on his black and white attire of Raising Immortal Palace Hall.

He jumps out of the water as a black pants cover his lower body.

Due to the lack of time, he did not wear anything else inside.

“How did you put on your clothing so quickly!”

Liu Yi has a feeling that the princess is disappointed! Making people unable to comprehend!

“Then…then let me first lead sir to take a look around.”

The princess does not seem to have any intention of leaving. Seeing this, Liu Yi says in his heart, looks like this woman has hardened her heart to accompany me.

Might as well. After all, I am going out to stroll around. It doesn’t matter who is the one leading me!

Liu Yi arranges his clothing before bowing towards the princess.

“Since that is the case, then may Princess Dragon Lotus lead the way.”

“There is no need to be so polite. Please follow me.”

Princess Dragon Lotus leads the way before walking out of the imperial palace.

The scenery outside of Womanland is beautiful.

As the princess walks along, she introduces the scenery to Liu Yi.

“You see sir, this place is our Womanland’s local conditions and customs.”

As Dragon Lotus speaks, she points at the market by the side.

Liu Yi turns his head over to take a look as he instantly feels amazed.

This place is like the downtown of the demon world. Lots of ancient style peddlers are lined up along the streets hawking their wares.

But all these peddlers are all beautiful women. If it is in the market of the current era, with so many beauties marketing, they will definitely attract a lot of customers!

It is a pity that this is Womanland. Although these women are all beautiful they can only be seen by women.

If this is the case…only yuri will be interested.

Liu Yi does not know what to say and can only continuously look around.

The eyes of the women by the side start to see stars after they saw Liu Yi.

“Sir, sir. Try out this meat patty! It is very delicious!”

A beautiful woman offers a delicious meat patty as he scoots over to Liu Yi’s side. She is almost sticking to his body as she says sweetly into his ears, “You just give it a try. It is free for sir…”

“Sir, it is best to try out my family’s self brewed wine!”

Another woman wearing very revealing clothing sticks to Liu Yi’s body holding onto a wine jar, “This is the Nuerhong that my mother had buried on the day that I was born.. have a taste…”

What the fuck! What is this situation! Why did the surrounding women all stick to me?

Could it be that they are that thirsty? It shouldn’t be…

Although everyone is all women, they do not seem like hungry nymphos.

Thus Liu Yi feel that he is unable to make things out. What is going on? Why is it that in a blink of an eye, I became a popular person?

“Sir, sir look at this…”

“Sir, come to my stall…”

These women surround Liu Yi in an impenetrable wall.

“Come here sir…”

“That’s right…we will serve sir warmly…”

There are legends that a woman is like 500 ducks. Even Liu Yi is unable to determine just how many ducks are by his ear.

Furthermore, the scent of women filled Liu Yi’s nose making Liu Yi’s mind in a mess.

Fucking hell…this is the first time that I realize that being surrounded by so many beauties is so scary!

“Follow me!”

At this moment, Dragon Lotus suddenly ran over and pulls Liu Yi’s hand running off.

“Hey, hey! Mr Liu, don’t run!”

“Princess! You are cheating!”

The group of women are very anxious but they do not dare to chase.

After all, that is the princess…could it be that for this matter…the princess is going to personally do it herself!

Damn it, she is a princess and she does not want to let others take the position of the Supreme Elder!

Princess is too mean!

In a blink of an eye, Dragon Lotus had pulled Liu Yi and ran far away making the group of women stomp their feet in anger.


Chapter 854  [Women fight]

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