MKW Chapter 853

Chapter 853 [Title below]


Arrange a few females to serve me…

Hearing this sentence, Liu Yi feels weird in his heart.

“You are a guest of my Womanland. We will repay our debt of gratitude.”

Princess Dragon Lotus’s gaze is so pure that it made Liu Yi feel that he is too wicked.

It must be me to is thinking too much! Yeah…definitely must be!

“Princess! Let Qinger serve Brother Stonehead! During the past few days, while Brother Stonehead was sick, it was Qinger who fed him medicine!”

“Cannot. If it is Qinger, it is not okay.”

Unexpectedly Princess Dragon Lotus rejected Qinger’s request which made Liu Yi and Yue Qinger shocked.

Why does she not agree?

Qinger thought that Princess is afraid that she would neglect Liu Yi thus she hurriedly says, “Ah, your majesty, Qinger will not be clumsy. I will take good care of Brother Stonehead! Qinger’s and Brother Stonehead’s relationship is very good. With Qinger by brother Stonehead’s side, Brother Stonehead would be even happier!”

“That is why…”

Princess Dragon Lotus mutters but no one heard it clearly.

Yue Qinger hurriedly ask, “Your majesty what did you say?”

Princess Dragon Lotus says, “No-nothing…anyways, first arrange Liu Yi…Mr Liu Yi to stay in the imperial palace.”

Qiu Han expressed her objection, “Liu Yi is a guy! How can he stay in the imperial palace!”

Princess Dragon Lotus says faintly, “He is our benefactor, our Womanland’s benefactor and is also our royal family’s benefactor. Furthermore, he is the guy who is born from the Queen Spring…he, should be a guy whom the Queen chose.”


The surrounding people were instantly shocked as they looked at Liu Yi in surprise like they had seen a weird monster.

Liu Yi subconsciously touched his face and did not feel that anything was missing. Eyes and nose are still around. Then why did they look at me like this?!

But Liu Yi feels that the gaze of these women carries a bit of heart symbol!

What is this situation…

Qiu Han seems to be in slight disbelief, “Would, would he be that kind of person?”

Princess Dragon Lotus says slowly, “Born from within the Queen Spring…is there anything else to be suspicious about? It definitely must be the Queen who had cast her technique in secret and drag Mr Liu Yi from the lake outside into Queen Spring.”

“Queen technique? What does this mean?”

Liu Yi is becoming more and more confused, “Furthermore, hasn’t the queen turned into stone, how can she cast techniques?”

“Brother Stonehead. You do not know!”

Yue Qinger says arrogantly, “Although our Queen had turned into stone, her cultivation is still there, furthermore, she still has her mind. After all, she is still waiting for the return of Elder Tang! If she does not have consciousness, how would she know when Elder Tang came back?”

“Then what are you saying?”

“It is…”

Just as Yue Qinger is about to speak, Qiu Han covers her mouth.

“Qinger don’t speak too much!”


Yue Qinger also seemed to realize that she had almost spoken wrongly as her complexion instantly turns pale.

Liu Yi’s curiosity became deeper. What is going on, why make it so mysterious?

“Anyway lets Mr Liu Yi stay in my imperial palace first.”

Dragon Lotus continues to arrange, “Stay here for a few days to half a month and let us repay you!”

“There is no need for repayment. Saving Womanland is out of righteousness. It is not to make you all repay me.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he takes out an invitation letter, “But since I have seen your majesty, may your majesty please accept this invitation letter.”

“This is the invitation letter to the 5 Spirit Gathering? I heard Elder Qiu talk about it before.”

Dragon Lotus accepted the invitation letter which makes Liu Yi gloomy in his heart.

This Qiu Han told the princess, why chase me away then!

“Since princess has accepted the invitation letter, it is also time for me to leave.”

Liu Yi says, “I still have some things to do, thus I shall not disturb everyone.”

“Ah, you cannot leave!”

Dragon Lotus’s complexion turns panicky as she hurriedly stops him.

“I understand Princess Dragon Lotus’s intentions but I do not have much time. Thus please understand.”

“Since, since this is the case…then staying here for a day is also fine!”

A palace maid by the side suddenly steps forward and says softly, “You are the benefactor of our Womanland. If we do not properly receive you…in the future, our Womanland will be mocked by other people. Thus, it will be great for sir to stay in our Womanland for a day to let our Womanland act as a host.”

Princess Dragon Lotus also says hurriedly, “Right, right! Stay for just a day!”

“Since that is the case… I will stay for 1 day. I can also experience the local conditions and customs of Womanland.”

“Our Womanland has a lot of fun places.”

Princess Dragon Lotus smiles sweetly making Liu Yi slightly infatuated.

Why is this woman so beautiful?

Since she is so beautiful, perhaps her mother would not be any inferior!

Alas, that Tang Xuanzang was too wicked. To not know the feelings of a woman and instead, wholeheartedly focused on his journey to India for Buddhist scriptures. Too stupid! 

This kind of man is a weirdo!

Princess Dragon Lotus’s face is slightly red as she says, “Or perhaps, this princess can also accompany sir to play chess. My chess skills are still not bad…”

“Ah, I do not know how to play chess. It is better for me to stroll around!”

Liu Yi says excitedly, “I always heard of Womanland in myths, today I can finally have a good look!”

Princess Dragon Lotus seems to be somewhat angry as she lightly flings her sleeve, “Since that is the case then I shall order the palace maids to bring you around to play!”

Yue Qinger immediately volunteered, “Let Qinger accompany him as well!”

Princess Dragon Lotus glares at Qinger, “You stay here. I n will arrange for someone!”

“Yes, your majesty…”

Yue Qinger pouts as she does not understand why the princess would suddenly become angry. Wasn’t she alright earlier? She was also smiling so happily.

“Someone come! Bring sir to take a bath and have a change of clothing!”


Two palace maids walk forward and cautiously guide Liu Yi.

“Mr Liu, follow them first. My Womanland still has some personal matters to settle first!”

Princess Dragon Lotus seems to be angered as she leaves Liu Yi behind, leading the rest of the female warriors.

Liu Yi is slightly stunned. Why did this woman become mad for no reason?

I do not understand…the thoughts of women are too hard to guess!!

Let me bathe first then take a look at the scenery of Womanland!

Liu Yi follows the two maids into the depths of the imperial palace. The inside of the imperial palace is filled with pavilions and kiosks, completely a dazzling sight.

As the two palace maids walk, they secretly look at Liu Yi before whispering to one another and giggling.

Alas, these women are too pitiful. How long have they not seen a man?

Perhaps seeing me is more interesting than looking at the gorilla in the zoos!

Damn, why did I compare myself to a gorilla!

My mind must have flown away for a moment!

Forget it. Let’s not think about these anymore. Let’s hurry to the place and bathe first. It’s been a long time since I bathed. Staying in the cave for so many days, perhaps my body is stinky.

While Liu Yi leaving with the palace maids, Princess Dragon Lotus leads the group of elders as well as her guards into the main hall in the imperial palace.

Princess Dragon Lotus sits on the throne as she holds that golden Nine Heaven Fire Staff in her hand.

Qiu Han kneels down and request, “Your majesty. Now that the danger had passed and we have obtained back the Nine Heaven Fire Staff, we should hurry and set up the Nirvana Great Barrier to protect our Womanland!”

Unexpectedly Princess Dragon Lotus shakes her head before saying something surprising, “No. Who says that I was going to set up the Nirvana Great Barrier again?”


“Then what do we do if we are in danger?”

The women are all confused.

“Calm down!”

Princess Dragon Lotus berates. Although her voice is very weak but it makes everyone present quiet.

“Look at how panicky you are. How are you warriors of my Womanland? Could it be that without the Nirvana Great Barrier, the people of our Womanland cannot exist?”

Princess Dragon Lotus’s words are like a dagger, stabbing into the hearts of a lot of people.

“For countless years, we had always relied on this Nirvana Great Barrier to live. We are proud of this barrier and we also fall from grace because of this barrier! Everyone from Womanladn, I, Dragon Lotus request all of you to please rely on your own hands to protect our country!”

“What princess says is right!”

An elder nods her head, “We fell into dependence of the Nirvana Great Barrier. We should believe in our own strength! The reason why our Womanland is so much weaker than the rest of the great sects in the inner pavillion is that we have Nirvana Great barrier. Right now! We should strive for self-improvement!”

“I agree!”

Qiu Han also understands the reasoning and nods her head, “I support the decision of princess! Abolish the Nirvana Great Barrier!”

“Very good. Do the rest of the elders have other opinions?”

The princess is also unable to decide everything. She needs the agreement of the elders. This is the current system of Womanland.

But this decision of Princess Dragon Lotus has obtained the support of everyone.

She nods her head before saying her second matter, “Good now that the matter of Nirvana Great Barrier is over, let us now talk about the matter regarding the curse breaker!”

The moment this is said, the entire hall becomes excited.

Even Qiu Han is unable to hold back her nervousness and happiness.

“We have waited for so many years and our queen finally sent the curse breaker to our side! Does everyone know why the elders do not let anyone leave Womanland?”

Yue Qinger tilts her head and ask, “Isn’t it because the outside world is too dangerous?”

“That is only part of the reason.”

Dragon Lotus sighs, “The real reason is because of our Womanland has a very scary curse throughout generations! Women of Womanland who had not attained Heaven Realm cannot leave Womanland even half a step! Otherwise, they will slowly turn into a stone statue! As for Women who had attained Heaven Realm, they are constrained by time! If they do not return within a day, they will also turn into stone!”

“Gods…it is so scary…”

Yue Qinger got a huge shock as she says in her heart, luckily I didn’t secretly slip out with Brother Stonehead…otherwise, I would be finished.

“But now that Mr Liu has come…the curse can be broken!”

[TL: any guesses on how it can be broken?]


Chapter 853  [Curse breaker]

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