MKW Chapter 852

Chapter 852  [Title below]


Some of the venom falls onto the ground and instantly burns out a deep black hole on the ground. This shows just how scary this venom is!

Liu Yi immediately uses God Sword Protecting Body and summons out the six god swords to float in front of his body and blocks these venoms.

The venom was blocked by Liu Yi’s God Sword Protecting Body, once again saving the princess’s life.

“To attack time and time again! This fellow really wants to take the princess’s life!”

“Nicely blocked Liu Yi!”

The women cheers.

“This toad has a lot of different attacks!”

Liu Yi raises his eyebrow as he waves his arm, “Okay. Time to get rid of the evil now.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he pushes down with his palm.

Instantly an enormous palm descends from the sky and slams down on the body of the enormous toad.

Tun E was instantly slapped into minced meat as green blood splatter all over the place.

Those that do not know would have thought that a green storm had attacked here!

This toad monster was killed by Liu Yi while Wang Feng who lies by its side had died a long time ago.

“This is the end result of believing in men.”

Qiu Han looks at Wang Feng’s corpse and sighs, “This silly lass…why did she not believe what I said…alas…”

An elder by the side asks the princess, “Princess, what do we do now? Do we kill all of the people from Heaven Deficiency Sect?”

“That’s right! Kill all of them to prevent worry in the future!”

The women from Womanland wants these Heaven Deficiency Sect people dead.

The people from Heaven Deficiency Sect were all badly frightened when they hear this and immediately start begging.

“No! Don’t kill us! We are only runners!”

“Spare us…we will no longer dare to take action against Womanland in the future!”

“Today, all of you can forget about surviving!”

Qiu Han raises her twin swords with ill-will in her eyes.

These people invade Womanland! All of them deserve death!

Qiu Han had been self-reproachful over this matter because she feels that it was her mistake for letting these people into Womanland!

Her mistake shall be corrected by herself!

“Princess, give your order!”

Qiu Han and the group of elders kneel by princess’s side while two Queen Guards walk over and drape a cloak embroidered with gold on the princess.

A huge number of males from Heaven Deficiency Sect kneel down and cry as they beg.

“Don’t kill us…”

“I beg you, we no longer dare to…”

The princess says, “Forget it. Let them off. They are only minor characters.”

Qiu Han hurriedly says, “Princess! How can we let the tiger back into the mountain! All of these filthy men ought to be killed! Otherwise, they will still have thoughts about Queen Real Stone!”

“Forget it. Let them off.” The princess waves her hand, “But before letting them off, cripple their cultivation.”

Upon hearing these, those Heaven Deficiency Sect people who were about to rejoice instantly turn pale.

How is losing their cultivation no different from death? No, it can be said that it is even worse than dying!

“As you order!”

Qiu Han smiles, “This is a favor that the princess has bestowed upon you guys! Drag all of them away and deal with them!”


The guards of Womanland immediately escort those taoists from Heaven Deficiency Sect whose expressions are pale.

“Looks like this matter is temporarily settled.”

The princess lets out a breath of relief before turning around before smiling at Liu Yi gracefully.

“As the princess of Womanland, I need to thank you. If it was not for you, perhaps Womanlad would have suffered a calamity.”

“No need to thanks.”

Liu Yi smiles, “On the contrary what makes me startled is that you are a princess.”

The princess smiles as well, “You being a human shocked me even more.”

This smile causes Liu Yi to be speechless.

Fine then. Indeed it was me who lied first.

“Talking about this, aren’t you t too weird? To wear palace maid attire, are you cosplaying?”

Qiu Han angrily rebukes, “How dare you speak to our princess like this!”

Liu Yi cannot help but retort, “Oi bitch, is your period not well?! Why is your temper so bad!”

“Towards these stinky men, what need is there to be nice?”

Qiu Han is still distrustful of man. She speaks back thorny and coldly, “You men are experts in lying to women! Wang Feng is a living example!”

Yue Qinger hurriedly helps Liu Yi explain. “Elder Qiu! Stonehead is not like what you think! He is a very good person! Furthermore, he saved us! He is not that kind of stinky man!”

“Hmph, you have already been tricked by this man’s flowery words!”

Qiu Han satirized, “Qinger, you are still too innocent and very easy to lie to!”

“Qinger is no longer young! Qinger is already an adult!”

Yue Qinger says unconvinced, “How can I be lied to! Brother Stonehead is a very good person!”

“Wang Feng was also an adult but right now she is a cold corpse!”

“No! Brother Stonehead is definitely not like that one! Qinger believes him!”

Yue Qinger supports her viewpoint and believes that Liu Yi is a good person.

“Qinger! You are too innocent!”

Qiu Han hates that Qinger is unable to understand her, “You are unable to determine the flowery words from men! You do not have any experience!”

Liu Yi smiles as he looks at Qiu Han, “So that means that our Elder Qiu is very experienced?”

“Rubbish, when have I had such experience!”

“Then can Elder Qiu still berate Qinger so aggressively. I thought that Elder Qiu has experience.”

“Nonsense! You are asking for a beating!”

“Aiyah, Elder Qiu wants to exchange blows with this one?”

Liu Yi challenges and Qiu Han’s face instantly flushed red.

Exchange blows, how is she Liu Yi’s opponent!

Although she only said it in anger her strength is way beneath Liu Yi!

She is unable to even defeat Master Cihong…how can she fight against Liu Yi!

“Looks like you no longer wish to fight?” Liu Yi sighs, “Regretful.”

“You stinky man!”

“Forget it Elder Qiu.”

At this moment the princess finally speaks. Her smile is so beautiful that it can cause a person’s heart to transform.

“Elder Qiu. Liu Yi is a benefactor of our Womanland. We must treat him with due respect.”

“How, how can this be! How can Womanland receive men!”

Princess speaks softly, “Why not? Although our Womanland does not welcome men but Liu Yi is an exception. Because Liu Yi is our benefactor. How can we not receive our benefactor? If this kind of matter is spread out, wouldn’t we become a joke?”

Qiu Han hesitates, “This…”

“What Princess says is most correct!”

Yue Qinger claps her hands and says, “We should indeed properly receive Brother Stonehead! This time he put in a lot of effort! Earlier when Qinger saw him, he was about to die!”

“Talking about this, how did you enter?”

Qiu Han frowns and question, “Could it be that you also lied to Qinger and made her secretly bring you into Womanland?”

“How is that possible. Qinger is so innocent, how would I be willing to deceive her?”

Liu Yi smiles, “Actually, I am also not very clear. Back then, after receiving the sneak attack by that Qin Imperial Palace person, I fell into the lake outside. By the time I awakened, I was inside the Queen Spring.”

When everyone heard this, they were all shocked, “What?”

One of the Womanland women mutters, “Could it be that the lake outside…actually leads to Queen Spring?”

Qiu Han shakes her head, “Not possible! This is not possible! There is no secret entrance that leads to Queen Spring from the outside! This Queen Spring was a dead spring. The spring water was formed by the tears that our Queen cried! How is it possible for it to be connected to the outside?”

“Wait a minute…”

The princess covers her forehead gently with her hand, “It is unusual that Liu Yi appeared inside Queen Spring…”

Qiu Han question, “Perhaps you are telling lies to deceive us!”

Yue Qinger hurriedly says, “Not at all. Qinger can prove that Brother Stonehead did not lie to us! Back then when Qinger saw big brother, big brother was already struck by Moon Dream Death Palm! When he suddenly appeared inside the spring water, Qinger got a huge shock!”

“So that was the case…wait!”

Qiu Han got a huge shock, “Qinger! A few days ago you should have been undergoing your adulthood ceremony! Could it be that you met Liu Yi at that time?”

Qinger’s face suddenly turns red, “That’s, that’s right…”

“Adulthood ceremony? What is that?”

Liu Yi is very curious while the gaze of the people in the surrounding turn even weirder.

Liu Yi can only ask Yue Qinger, “Qinger what is this adulthood ceremony?”


Yue Qinger’s face is as red as an apple and she is unable to say anything at all.

Liu Yi became even more curious, “What is it?”

“Damn pervert! You are not allowed to ask anymore!”

Qiu Han hurriedly stopped Liu Yi, “If you ask again, I will kill you!”

Liu Yi’s lips twitched, “Such a huge temper again, it makes me more curious!”

“Enough. You are indeed not allowed to ask about this matter anymore. Adulthood ceremony is our Womanland’s unique ceremony that cannot be told to outsiders.”

The princess hurriedly stepped forward and smooth things over, “Since everyone has met, let’s get to know each other better. Nice to meet you, I am called Dragon Lotus, the princess of Womanland.”

Liu Yi mutters, “Princess Dragon Lotus…this is nice name…”

Qiu Han immediately chide, “Pervert!”

“Praising your princess and I became a pervert?! Could it be that calling you women ugly is a noble act?!”

Liu Yi is slightly angry.

“You! You damn fellow!”

Qiu Han trembles but feels like she is unable to out talk Liu Yi.

“Enough. Why is it that the two of you start quarreling the moment you meet each other. We still have not finished discussing about proper matters.”

Princess Dragon Lotus placates the two of them “If you guys continue to quarrel, we will no longer be able to chat. Qiu Han cool your anger and don’t startle our benefactor.”

“Yes, this one shall obey…”

Qiu Han is rather respectful of Princess Dragon Lotus.

“Liu Yi. Since you have saved my Womanland, we need to properly treat you. Don’t leave for these few days and rest in our Womanland. I will arrange a few females to treat you properly.”


Chapter 852  [Come and be a guest]

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