MKW Chapter 851

Chapter 851  [Title below]


A beam of moonlight immediately shines down on to the corpse that was split into two.

“Wish to escape?”

This time around, Liu Yi had made adequate preparation and would not let these people escape again!

“God Sword Protecting Body!”

He waved his hand releasing six god swords. The six god swords immediately appear above the corpse.

The god swords actually block the moonlight technique for a moment disallowing the moonlight technique to shine of that Second’s body.

“Soul Return!”

Liu Yi executes  Demon Sword Technique and captures Second’s soul into his hand.

“What! My, my soul!”

Second realize that he is unable to escape, instead, he was captured by Liu Yi. Instantly, he was frightened stiff!

Moonlight Technique is their final escaping method which was now ineffective!

“After showing off you wish to escape?”

Liu Yi sneers as he looks at the small soul in his hand.

At this moment, Second’s body was like had been compressed into a pocket-sized person as he stands on top of Liu Yi’s palm.

“What do you want to do to me! Quickly let me go otherwise Qin Imperial Palace will not let you off!”

“Could it be that in the past Qin Imperial Palace was my old friend?”

Liu Yi cannot help but laugh, “Don’t joke. There will definitely be a fight between me and Qin Imperial Palace. Killing you is nothing but doing in an enemy!”

“I will not die! You cannot kill me!”

“This is not up to you!”

As Liu Yi speaks, he uses Soul Return.

He does not have any techniques that can search a soul thus he can only send this fellow in Xiao Taiji as an offering to it.

“Don’t, don’t kill me!”

Second realize that this sword is releasing a scary sucking power like it is going to swallow up his soul and was badly frightened.

“Don’t kill me! I, I do not wish to die!”

Second keeps begging.

Liu Yi’s expression turns stern as he frightens, “If you do not wish to die then tell me everything that I want to know!”

Although this Second is very arrogant,  it seems like he is very afraid of death! If I can make use of this point, perhaps he might reveal the things that I wish to know! But right now, it is not time to question him.

Liu Yi takes out the Netherghost Ring and Second starts trembling in fear.

“Netherghost Ring…why, why is that ring in your hands?”

Liu Yi cannot help but question, “Oh? You recognize this ring?”

“How, how would I not recognize…this is Ninth’s ring!”

Second’s voice trembles, “That damn Ninth…betrayed Emperor Qin and stole away Emperor Qin’s Netherghost Ring! You, you did kill him!”

“It was him who was seeking death.”

“Why did you take out this ring..”

“To give you a place to take shelter.”

Liu Yi feels that his smile is a bit sinister.

But to defeat Qin Imperial Palace, it does not matter if I become a bad person.

“Don’t make me go in! Please!”

Second keeps shaking his head as fear filled his eyes.

“After entering, do greet those ghosts of your Qin Imperial Palace.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he sends Second into the Netherghost Ring.

At the same time, Master Cihong who had turned into a blood person starts crying in fear.

Fucking hell! Even our master was killed! How is Liu Yi so powerful!

“Now it is your turn monk.”

Liu Yi puts on the Netherghost Ring before looking at Master Cihong. “You have become neither a person nor a ghost, what is the point of living. Obediently enter reincarnation and be a beast.”

“You can forget about it!”

Master Cihong stomps his feet and turns around wanting to escape.

“Where are you going?”

Liu Yi laughs as a chain flies out from behind him and coils around Master Cihong.

Master Cihong was then slammed onto the ground by Liu Yi, creating a large hole.

“Damn stinky monk! Where are you running to!”

“None from the Heaven Deficiency Sect are allowed to leave!”

The Womanland warriors surround Master Cihong and the people from Heaven Deficiency Sect within.

“Princess, please give your order on how to deal with them!”

Qiu Han lets the Queen Guards detain the people from Heaven Deficiency Sect to prevent them from escaping.

“Kill them!”

Yue Qinger says in resentfully, “These people trespassed Womanland and damaged our Nine Heaven Fire Staff as well as assaulting our Womanland! Their crimes cannot be forgiven!”

“That’s right! Kill all of them!”

“Kill all of them!”

The beauties of Womanland shout along as well. Their gaze towards the people from Heaven Deficiency Sect is filled with ill will.

These women probably hate the people from Heaven Deficiency Sect a lot.

“There is indeed not a single good person in Heaven Deficiency Sect!”

Qiu Han places her sword on the throat of one of the guys of Heaven Deficiency Sect, “Let’s start the killing from you!”

“Who dares to touch my Heaven Deficiency Sect!”

At this moment, Taoist Tun E who was blasted off to gods know where run back wretchedly.

After eating Liu Yi’s palm, right now the toad’s face is green making him even uglier!

Qiu Han says coldly, “You can’t protect yourself and you are still worried about your Heaven Deficiency Sect?”

“Anyways…with this taoist here, this taoist will not allow you to touch Heaven Deficiency Sect!”

It is not that Tun E is loyal or self-sacrificing. He knows that Heaven Deficiency Sect is his everything!

If he no longer has Heaven Deficiency Sect, then Qin Imperial Palace will discard him…

Without Qin Imperial Palace giving him the medicine, sooner or later he will die!

“Fine then, let’s send you first!”

Qiu Han slices her sword at Tun E’s head.

“No! Don’t!”

At this moment, a woman rushes out and blocks in front of Qiu Han.

Seeing her, Qiu Han asks in shock, “Wang Fang? What are you doing? What guts, did you forgot your identity?”

“Elder Qiu, so-sorry…”

This woman’s face is covered in tears, “I, I am his woman…alive, I am his person, dead, I am his ghost. I cannot watch him die like this…”

“You, you disappointing thing! Have you forgotten our Womanland’s teachings?!”

“I, I had never forgotten…it is me who let you down, let the princess down…”

Wang Fang kneels down and cries, “If you want to, kill me first….”

“You, you disappointing idiot!”

Qiu Han trembles in anger.

At this moment, Tun E takes a step forward and picks up a wooden peach sword before placing it on Wang Fang’s neck

“Immediately had over the Queen Real Stone! Otherwise, I will kill her!”

“Bro-brother Chong…”

Wang Fang looks at Tun E with her shocked filled eyes.

“You, you actually treat me like this…”

Tun E laughs nonstop with delight on his face. “Hahaha, idiotic woman did you really think that this taoist loved you? This taoist was only playing with you! You stupid woman still believe in love! So retarded!”

“You, you…”

Wang Fang trembles as her tears fall even faster.

She did not expect that the only guy whom she trusted would turn around and harm her.

Qiu Han glares, “Tun E you are too shameless !”

Yue Qinger’s swords are glowing with qi, “This stinky man! Damn it!”

The women from Womanland were about to explode in anger! This damn taoist is too wicked!

“Then come and kill this taoist! Bring it on.”

Tun E does not dare, “As long as you dare to move then this taoist shall kill this woman!”

“You, you are too shameless!”

“Damn toad! Let go of our Wang Fang!”

The women of Womanland are all angered as their rage burns the sky!

“Let her go? You can dream on! If you do not hand over Queen Real Stone then she can only die!”

Seeing all of these, Liu Yi cannot help but sigh, “Wang Feng. Right now do you still love this man?”

“I…I….” Wang Feng suddenly cry out tears of blood, “I indeed love this man…but…I loved the wrong person.”

As she speaks, she turns her head around and looks at Tun E in grief.

“Brother Chong…since we cannot live together…then let’s die together…”

Wang Feng suddenly raises her sword and stabs it into her chest.

This sword stabs through her chest before stabbing into Tun E’s body.

“Wang Feng!”

“Wang Feng! Are you mad!”

The women of Womanland were greatly shocked and then they start crying.

Tun E is in shock as blood seep out from his mouth.

“You…you dare to kill this taoist!”

“Let’s die together…hopefully in the next life…we can be good people together…”

Blood flows out Wang Feng’s mouth as she collapses onto the ground.

“Damn it…damn it!”

Although Tun E had gotten stabbed once, he did not die. He seems to know that things are going south and turns around wishing to escape.

“Who let you escape!”

Liu Yi waves his hand and a Fire God Sword falls from the sky and stabs into Tun E, nailing into the ground.

Tun E vomit blood before pulling out the Fire God Sword from his back, wishing to climb to his feet and escape.

Who does not wish to live? At this moment, Tun E’s heart is filled with an extremely strong wish to survive!

“Tun E! After commiting such crimes you still wish to escape?”

Flames of anger flare up in Liu Yi’s heart. This kind of guy deserves death!

Tun E lets out a roar, “Who, who can kill this taoist!” as his body suddenly transforms into an enormous green light.

In a blink of an eye, he reveals his real body and transforms into a dark green toad.

Right now he had turned into a real toad. This fellow is over ten meters big as his body let out an intense stink, making the women present pinch their nose.

“Ah…so stinky…”

“Gods…why is it so stinky!”

Liu Yi himself also has the urge to vomit. Fucking hell! Is this fellow a toad or a stinkbug!

The enormous toad opens its mouth as a black tongue flies out shooting towards the princess!

The female warriors were all shocked!

Who is the princess? She is the head of Womanland. Just that she had lost all of her cultivation due to an accident!

She does not have any ability to withstand the attack from the toad!


Luckily Liu Yi is by her side. He pushes down with his palm as a golden Fire God Sword once again descends from the sky and nails down the toad’s tongue.

The enormous toad lets out a weird cry while the pus on its back burst apart, shooting out a few streams of venom at the princess.


Chapter 851  [Damn Toad]

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