MKW Chapter 850

Chapter 850  [Title below]


While speaking, Master Cihong’s hands start forming seals before hitting the staff.

The staff lets out golden light and very quickly, a fire lotus form above the staff.

One lotus, two lotus, three lotus…

“Nine Heaven Fire Technique, Nine Fire Lotus…”

The princess’s face turns pale as cold sweat drips down her forehead, “If this Nine Heaven Fire Technique is released…the entire Womanland will turn into ruins…”

A scene that she does not want to see appears in front of her. 

{{Nine fire lotus slowly descend onto the ground.

Just like nine atomic bombs exploding at the same time, columns of black mushroom clouds flooded with red blaze shoots up into the sky.

The heaven and earth change color as the fire wave swallows up everything!

This is the move that Tang Xuanzang used back when a group of demons wanted to invade Womanland.

That demon along with the country that he existed in, turned into history.

This is a memory that my mother had imparted to me…

Although the princess does not have any cultivation she had a unique ability and that is to peep into the memories of others.

Even though the queen had turned into stone, the princess can still see her memories.

Nine Heaven Fire Technique…this technique is too powerful. If it was used, based on Master Cihong’s cultivation, perhaps Womanland will turn into ruins!

“All of you wait to die! Queen Real Stone is mine!”

Master Cihong’s eyes turned red as he laughs madly. Six fire lotus had formed. When the ninth lotus form, the technique will be released.

“Wish to use Nine Heaven Fire Technique? Ask me first!”

Liu Yi stands in front of the Nirvana barrier as he clenches his fist.

“What can you do about this monk?” Master Cihong does not care about what Liu Yi says, “None of you can break this Nirvana Barrier! Just wait for the end of the world to come!”

While he was speaking, Liu Yi had taken a deep breath before smashing his palm fiercely onto the Nirvana Barrier.

The entire Nirvana barrier instantly trembles!

The surface barrier ripples as an enormous sunken mark slowly appear.

“It is useless. You will not break it….”

Before Master Cihong can finish, the Nirvana Barrier suddenly lets out a groaning sound before distorting. Liu Yi’s palm had split open this barrier!

Glorious Sun Palm: Broken Army! 

The Nirvana Barrier is unable to take a single blow of this palm move, that was specialized in breaking defenses, which Liu Yi uses with full power!


Master Cihong nearly pees from fright! This guy broke the Nirvana Barrier!

How is this possible! This is the move that Tang Xuanzang was proud of!

He had relied on this barrier to protect Womanland for over thousands of years!

And now, it was broken by this guy!

“Just, just who are you!”

Master Cihong is trembling as he lost control over his bladder!

As for people who can do this….it seems like only people who possess the strength of my master can do so…

“Fine then. Since you asked so earnestly and sincerely, I shall be merciful and tell you.”

Liu Yi withdraws his hand and crosses his arms before saying, “My last name is Liu while my name is Yi.”

“Liu Yi…you, you are LIU YI!!!”

Right now, Master Cihong is frightened!

“Impossible! Liu Yi was struck by my master’s Moon Dream Death Palm! How is it possible for him to be alive!”

“For this kind of matter, go and ask that master of yours.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he appears in front of Master Cihong before raising his leg and chops down on his head like an ax.

Master Cihong’s body was hammered into the ground. The staff drops and was caught by Liu Yi.

“So this is Nine Heaven Fire Staff?”

Just feeling the surging power inside the staff, indeed the Buddhist qi is very robust.

Liu Yi holds the staff and feels like he is holding onto buddha!

Tang Xuanzang’s strength seems to be very strong…just his staff possesses such might! How strong is his actual self?

Back then when he had not become buddha he was a realm crosser. After becoming Buddha, how much did he improve!

This fellow is also an enemy of mine…after all, I promised Qinger to beat him up.

Looks like it is another arduous task!

“You are finished! You are finished!”

Unexpectedly this monk is still not dead as he struggles to climb out from the ground, “Very soon your death day is coming!”

“If you can kill me then come!”

Liu Yi challenges the monk, “But if you are unable to kill me then you should enter reincarnation!”

“This monk will not enter reincarnation!”

The monk suddenly roars as his seven apertures start bleeding.

Fucking hell what is this?

Liu Yi is a bit lost. Could it be that it is some evil technique?

While at this moment, the sky suddenly turns dark and cloudy. Originally it was bright and sunny. Like some magic skulduggery, the sun suddenly disappears as the moon rises quietly and hangs in the sky.

This is Moon Dream Sutra?

While the skin of Master Cihong in front of him starts to fester bit by bit. The originally fair monk instantly became no different from a rotten zombie.

Looks like to use this technique, this fellow does not mind sacrificing his flesh body!

A ray of moonlight shines down as a male figure walks out from the moonlight.

The guy asks, “To use the forbidden technique to call me? What is the matter?”

“Master…disciple, disciple is ashamed to face master…the plan has failed…”

Although the flesh body of Master Cihong is destroyed he can speak. Just that his voice is filled with fear.

“What?!” The guy roars, “Failed?! And you still have the face to meet me!”

“Master….but, but he is Liu Yi…”

“Nonsense! Liu Yi was already killed by my Moon Dream Death Palm! How can he be still alive…”

His gaze finally lands on Liu Yi and he trembles. Clearly he got a huge shock!

“Looks like I finally found the main culprit.”

Liu Yi exercises his bones as he looks at that guy, “Without good cause I was beaten until I had to rest for so long. I still have a belly full of fire to release!”


The guy crosses his arms as he arrogant sneers, “I can kill you once, that means I can kill you a second time!”

“Why don’t you say your name before killing me?”

Liu Yi tries to probe the identity of this fellow.

Out of the Ten Heavenly Stems, he had killed 3. Who among the remaining is this fellow?

“There is no harm in telling you my distinguished name!”

This fellow is filled with self-confidence. It seems like in his eyes, Liu Yi is already a dead person.

“I am Second of the Ten Heavenly Stems. Last time I did not kill and now you send yourself to me! Good! Let me kill you now!”

Second’s hand raises his left hand and a mountain far away separates from the ground before flying over to the sky of this side like it is going to drop on top of Liu Yi’s head!

Moon Dream Sutra: Moving Mountain Reclaiming Land!

This technique is truly heaven-defying! 

Liu Yi feels his heart itch. How nice would it be if I also knew this technique.

Although one must not bite off more than one can chew…but who wouldn’t want to learn such a heaven-defying sutra!

As long as I  learn it and combine it together with my Nine Yang God Qi, it wull be enough!

But now there does not seem to have any more time for him to think about all these anymore as the huge mountain is bearing down on him like it is going squash Liu Yi into minced meat.

However, this is not the first time that Liu Yi had face this kind of technique. He also does not care about the 5 Finger Mountain of Living buddha, how would he be afraid of this kind of mountain that is not made of qi?

Liu Yi stretches out his hand and forcefully uses his single hand to grab hold of that hundred-meter tall mountain.

“This thing is not fun. Here you go!”

As he speaks, Liu Yi tosses it out.

The enormous mountain rumble towards Second.

“What huge strength!”

While Second is shocked, he stretches out both his hands and uses both his hands to execute Moon Dream Sutra and stops the mountain in front of him!

“But what is the use of only pure strength?”

As Second speaks, his hands draw in the air.

That enormous mountain starts trembling as the stones on it start peeling off!

This Moon Dream Sutra is like the hands of gods and swiftly modify the shape of the mountain into another shape!

The mountain became an enormous triangle with pointed thorns-like monolith under the triangle!

If this thing descends now, even a giant would be pricked into a hedgehog!

“Let’s see how you resist!”

Second laughs loudly while Liu Yi only smiles as he looks up.

“Sunray Sword!”

He grabs the void and a golden red greatsword appears in his hand.

At the same time, this greatsword extends and in a blink of an eye, it became a few hundred meters long flaming greatsword!

“What….is, is this Moonlight Sword?”

Second does not believe in his own eyes. This fellow used a technique similar to Moonlight Sword?

How is this possible!


Liu Yi roars as he chops down with the greatsword.

The thorny mountain above was instantly split into two by his Sunray Sword. At the same time, the Sunray Sword continues to chops at Second above!


Second turn pale as he hurried uses both his hands to execute Moon Dream Sutra to control the enormous Sunray Sword to stop barely half a meter from his head.

The sunray sword keeps trembling like a ferocious beast wishing to break Second’s control.

Second is covered in cold sweat as he faintly feels that the fellow in front of him seems to be way stronger than him!

“This is not possible…this is not possible…”

How is it possible for a mere chess piece to be stronger than me?! I am the number 2 of the Ten Heavenly Stems!

“There are lots of things that are impossible! A while back the move that you sneak attack me with, let me return it back to you now!”

As Liu Yi speaks, two rays of golden light erupt from his eyes as a sun tattoo faintly appears on his back. The nine golden chains also float up!

The Sunray Sword broke Second’s Moon Dream Sutra and chops down from his head, splitting his body into two! Then split the ground into two!

Nearly a hundred meters long deep ravine appears on the ground just like this!


Chapter 850  [Super powerful!]

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