MKW Chapter 848

Chapter 848  [Title below]



“Little, little butterfly!”

Yue Qinger and the princess were both shocked as they did not expect that he would be torn into pieces!

“Hahaha! See this!” Master Qihong laughs loudly, “This is the price for disobeying this monk!”

“You damn stinky monk!”

Yue Qinger’s eyes turn red, “You killed my big brother stonehead! Qinger is going to kill you!”

“To dare be so impudent in my palace!!”

The princess is also very started. A person whom I had just met died saving me!

Just where did this guy come from, did he really die?

Qiu Han is much more knowledgeable and reminds, “Both of you calm down! We need to re-enter our formation!”

“This cannot continue anymore. We must once again reform our formation and let the Goddess punish this evil sect!”

“What Elder Qiu said is right!”

“That’s right! Hurry and protect princess!”

The Womanland’s cultivators swiftly encircle the princess, protecting the princess and Qinger.

“I am going to fight all of you!”

Yue Qinger raises her twin swords and is going to charge at Master Cihong.

Qiu Han hurriedly pulled her back.

This girl is too impulsive! Cihong is o powerful and he also possesses the Nine Heaven Fire Staff now. There is no one in Womanland who is his opponent anymore!

“Today you will all die!”

Master Cihong says, “None of you shall escape!”

As he speaks, he prepares to take action against Qiu Han and the rest of the women.

At this moment, a mocking voice says, “Come on. I am still here. Why do you want to take action against the women?”

Everyone looks up to see a guy with his arms crossed standing in the air.

“Why, why are you still not dead!”

Master Cihong and Taoist Tun E were shocked as they look at each other.

This guy was torn into pieces! How can he still be alive?!

“What, what sort of monster are you!”

“Hmm. It can be considered as an undying body.”

The incarnation which was formed by Liu Yi’s golden fog cannot die or be destroyed.

Unless Liu Yi’s original body got injured, otherwise, his golden fog incarnation would forever exist.

“Why are you obstructing us!”

Master Cihong’s gaze towards Liu Yi turns cautious. “Who sent you!”

“Ah, I can answer this question of yours.”

As Liu Yi speaks, “It is Daoist Ai Ling who sent me over!”

“Ai Ling? Who is that? Why have I never heard of her!”

Master Cihong frowns deepens, “Could it be that you made her up?”

“No, no, no. Everything that I say is true.”

Liu Yi laughs, “The reason why you had never heard of it before is that you are ignorant and inexperienced! Wait till the 5 Spirit Gathering and I guarantee that the whole world will know of this name.”

“5 Spirit Gathering?”

Master Cihong suddenly trembles, “This person is related to the 5 Spirit Gathering?”

“Looks like you know about 5 Spirit Gathering!”

Liu Yi thinks rapidly, “Indeed. Qin Imperial Palace has thoughts about this 5 Spirit Gathering.”

Hearing this, no matter how stupid Master Cihong is, he also understands what is going on already. “So you are the enemy of Qin Imperial Palace!”

This fellow is not an ally of Qin Imperial Palace but an enemy!

While Qiu Han also did not speak cautiously. Although she hates men a lot but she is not an idiot.

That Liu Yi seems to be stalling for time…why?

But seeing that he seems to be protecting princess, let’s just watch for now!

“Still not talking?”

Master Cihong sneers, “Although I do not wish to kill you it does not mean that I am unable to deal with you!”

As he speaks, he waves the Nine Heaven Fire Staff.

The filthy blood on top was instantly wiped off as Nine Heaven Fire Staff lets out eye-catching light.

“In your hands, this Nine Heaven Fire Staff is wasted! Only in this monk’s hand can it release it’s might!”

As Master Cihong speaks, he pounds the Nine Heaven Fire Staff fiercely onto the ground.

A golden light instantly spread outwards and form an enormous buddha palm in the sky above the head of all of the women of Womanland.

If such an enormous buddha palm slaps down, perhaps Womanland would no longer exist!

“What, what scary buddhist might!”

“How…how can we win?”

The Womanland fighters finally lost their confidence and fell into confusion.

“Calm down!”

Qiu Han berates, “To be so startled, what do all of you look like! Take a look at yourselves! How can you all be worthy of the name of Queen Guard! Furthermore, with me here, I will not let outsiders harm any of you!”

With this shout of hers, those female warriors who were panicking previously calm down.

Liu Yi says in his heart, although Qiu Han is a weirdo it seems like she is indeed quite reliable.

“In a bit, I’m afraid that all of you will not be able to calm down!”

As Master Cihong speaks, he lets the buddha palm lower until it nearly touches the top of the crowd head which is very terrifying.

“Didn’t you wish to protect these women?”

Master Cihong rubs his bald head and laughs nastily, “If you do not say your real identity then all of them shall die! Even if this monk is unable to kill you, I can still kill these women .”

“To think that you are a monk!”

 Liu Yi gnashes his teeth, “To behave so despicably!”

“What is this monk afraid of!”

Master Cihong laughs, “This world was always like this. For a good person to become a buddha, he must experience 81 disasters! While for a bad person to become a buddha, he only needs to put down his butcher’s knife!”

His smile contains a trace of coldness. “As long as I cultivate to the peak, I will become a buddha the moment I put down my butcher’s knife!”


Liu Yi sneers, “The cycle of Karma will have appropriate retribution! Sooner or later you will receive retribution for these malicious deeds! It is only possible for you to become a buddha if buddha is blind!”

“You dare to presumptuously talk about Dharma!”

Master Cihong replies coldly as he hits out a palm sending Buddhist qi towards Liu Yi.

One of Liu Yi’s arms was instantly destroyed but it swiftly restores to normal.

“Do you see this. This monk can easily destroy your body! And I can humiliate you as I wish! What can you do?”

Master Cihong laughs loudly. Liu Yi did not move. Instead, he smiles back.

“Very soon, you will see the cycle of karma.”

“Then why don’t you show it?”

Master Cihong laughS nonstop like he is in delight and furY, “Let this monk see that karma! But right now, it is not time for you to think about these. If you don’t tell me your identity, all of them are going to die! Although it is a pity for so many beauties to die, women can be found anywhere! Say it. You do not have much time left!”

“Stonehead, quick-quickly come over!”

Yue Qinger says in worry, “You are not his opponent! Come over to my side and lets fight against him together!”

“What Qinger says is right. Quickly come over!”

The princess also says, “You still have not told me who you are yet, why did you come to the imperial palace, why did you use the identity of a butterfly to lie to me…thus, you cannot die yet!”

“Qinger relax. Nothing will happen to me.”

Liu Yi gives Yue Qinger a warm smile before looking at the princess and says, “Your highness. You also lied to me so the two of us are equal.”

“You still have time to chat?”

A ruthless gleam flashes across Master Cihong’s eyes, “It is time for all of you to die!”

“Is that so?” Liu Yi suddenly laughs as he points to the right, “Then what is over there?”

Master Cihong and the rest instantly look at that direction and see a small black dot flies over.

“Who is that? Where did that cultivator come from?”

“Someone from Womanland?”

The people from Heaven Deficiency Sect cannot help but mutter. Could it be that Womanland still have people who can fight?

“What a powerful cultivation…”

Master Cihong looks at the direction of that black dot as he grasp the staff tightly, “Such powerful cultivation…could it be that master is coming?”

As they are speaking, that black dot starts becoming bigger and soon the figure of a man could be seen as he lands on the ground.

This person…isn’t he that fellow who couldn’t die?

The guy takes a deep breath and that other guy who was standing in front of the Womanland ladies instantly turns into a golden fog which was sucked in by him.

“This….this is a doppelganger technique?”

Tun E’s eyes widen, “There is this kind of technique?”

“I said that you guys are ignorant and inexperienced!”

Liu Yi stretches his muscles and bones, “Alas, it has been a long time since I exercised my body. It is making me stifled.”

“Stone-stonehead, your body is fine?”

Yue Qinger covers her mouth as she looks at Liu Yi’s figure in shock, “You were hit by Moon Dream Death Palm and your body recovered?”

“Moon Dream Death Palm?”

“This person was hit by Moon Dream Death Palm? How is that possible! Shouldn’t he have turned into stone?”

Everyone present seems to know this palm technique. Most of them do not believe that Liu Yi could stand there fine.

“Didn’t I say earlier that I will be fine but you did not believe.”

Liu Yi instantly appears by Yue Qinger’s side and lightly scraps her nose, “Now do you believe it?”

“Hateful! ”

Yue Qinger bats away Liu Yi’s hand.

“Just who are you…”

The princess’s gaze towards Liu Yi is filled with curiosity as well as amazement.

“Ask your Elder Qiu.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he looks at Qiu Han.

Qiu Han instantly rolls her eyes at Liu Yi.

“In front of this monk, you still have the mood to crack jokes?”

Master Cihong is angered, “After killing these women, you shall know how scary this monk is!”

As he speaks, he brandishes his staff downwards.

Instantly that enormous buddha palm starts pressuring down filled with world-shaking imposingness!

“How scary…”

“We are going to die…”

“All of you send your qi out and resist together! Form the formation! Goddess descend!”

Qiu Han gathered all of the strength from everyone and released the goddess again to block that descending buddha palm!


Chapter 848   [Scary Buddhist Palm]

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