MKW Chapter 847

Chapter 847  [Title below]


Goddess coming into being?

Isn’t this name too aggressive!

If that is the case, then wouldn’t those Heaven Deficiency Sect taoists be nothing but spare tires?

This…seems to be a bit heavy.

Ah. It seems like I heard wrongly, it is The Goddess coming into being!

While Liu Yi was roasting in his heart, that goddess had controlled those hundred swords and started attacking the people from Heaven Deficiency Sect.

Those people from Heaven Deficiency Sect were badly frightened. As this is the strongest form of Womanland. They had heard that it is very powerful and mystical.

Even that toad also trembles and nearly lost control of his hand that is forming seals.

“Hmph! Without the Nine Heaven Fire Staff, this Goddess Incarnation is nothing but a paper tiger!”

Master Cihong only laughs like he does not place this Goddess Incarnation in his eyes.

“Kill him!”

Qiu Han controls the formation and controls the Goddess to attack Master Cihong.

But the monk does not seem to care as he laughs while waving the staff in his hand.

Moon Dream Sutra activate!

That enormous Goddess immediately loses control. Instead, it became under the control of the monk and attacks the surrounding Womanland disciples.

The sword formation lands instantly injuring a lot of the people from Womanland.

“Damn it!”

Qiu Han’s expression changes as she did not expect that the Goddess which was powerful in the past could be taken.

Don’t tell me that without the Nine Heaven Fire Staff, Goddess Descend Formation is ineffective!

Why would this happen! Could it be that without that heartless rat’s protection, my Womanland will collapse at the first blow?!

Qiu Han is unable to accept this matter.

“You are nothing but a group of arrogant trash.”

Master Cihong laughs in disdain, “If it was not for this Nine Heaven Fire Staff, my Heaven Deficiency Sect would have taken you, women!”


Qiu Han leaves the formation as she carries the Goddess Incarnation and lands in front of Master Cihong.

That Goddess Incarnation suddenly shrinks extremely and transforms into a pink feather dress that wraps around her body.

This incarnation can also be used like this?

Liu Yi is startled. Seeing this incarnation feather dress, he feels like he had comprehended something.

“Damn baldy! Eat this move of mine!”

Qiu Han’s figure instantly appears in front of Master Cihong before the twin swords in her hand’s slices at his head.

“Hahahaha! Childish!”

Master Cihong only laughs as he uses his other empty hand to control the body of Qiu Han, raising her into the air.

“Damn it! Put me down!”

Qiu Han struggles with all her might but is unable to escape from the control of this technique.

Liu Yi also knows how scary this Moon Dream Sutra is. Although Qiu Han is very valiant, her cultivation is only 21 starjade.

Furthermore, Master Cihong is also holding the Nine Heaven Fire Staff. Although it has gotten polluted by filthy blood, it still possesses a certain amount of power.

To fight a single Qiu Han, it is very easy.

As the Womanland people are unable to combine their strength together, no one can fight against Master Cihong!

This kind of matter definitely had been schemed for a long time until it was completely planned.

Is taking down Queen Real Stone the only the intention of Master Cihong and his Heaven Deficiency Sect?

Liu Yi suddenly feels that there is something weird going. Perhaps, it is the instructions from someone higher up….for example, Imperial Palace!

Looks like this time, I must take action. Not only to help Womanland but to lure out the person behind this scene!

“Let go of Elder Qiu!”

Yue Qinger, who is standing among the group of women, can no longer take it and leaps out with her twin swords.

“Control her!”

Master Cihong cannot be bothered to care about this girl and let one of his underlings take action.

A taoist step out from the group of Heaven Deficiency Sect and shouts, “Lass let this taoist meet you!”

As he speaks, he pulls out an amulet and tossed it at Yue Qinger.

“Parlour tricks!”

Yue Qinger does not fear. Her sword formation pierces through that amulet before chopping at the daoist’s shoulder, chopping off that daoist’s arm.

That daoist collapses onto the ground and screams. “Ahhhh! My hand! My hand!”

“Useless trash!”

The toad does not care about his sect disciples and sneers, “Idiot. What are you attacking her for! Wouldn’t it be done after you take down their princess?”

As the toad speaks, he forms an intense thunder seal and tossed it at the princess.


“Are you mad!”

Master Cihong curses, “I still have not enjoyed that woman’s flavor yet! You will kill her! She does not have any cultivation!”

But there is no time for the toad to regret now as the seal is already forming. A bolt of lightning instantly strikes down from the sky at the princess.


The Queen Guard’s people, as well as the elders, turn pale!

The Princess also stands there blankly not moving at all.

“Princess! Qinger is coming to save you!”

At this moment, Yue Qinger is the closest to the Princess. She swiftly blocks in front of the princess.

But this lightning seal is too strong. If it hits her, perhaps both she and the princess will suffer.

Qiu Han is in extreme shock as she watches all of these. Could it be that it is  impossible to stop it?!

At this moment, the golden butterfly which is on the princess’s shoulder suddenly flies over.

The butterfly lets out an intense golden light that swiftly gathers together and forms the image of a guy.

The guy opens his arm and lets the lightning strike his body.

The lightning was completely absorbed by him but half of his body was completely gone.


Seeing this guy, Yue Qinger body and soul separated.

Why, why would he appear here!

Furthermore, his body was blasted in half!

Gods! How can he still be alive!

The princess also covers her mouth as she watches all of these in disbelief.

This, this small butterfly…transformed into a human?

Or is it that…he is a butterfly that had obtained intelligence?

The princess’s heart is throbbing and can’t calm down.

As for the one who is the most startled, it is none other than Qiu Han.

“Why…why would it be you…”

This damn man is indeed inside Womanland!

But why would he sacrifice his own life and save the princess as well as Qinger?

“Who are you!”

The toad frowns as he looks at Liu Yi who is left with half his body.


Although Liu Yi is only left with half of his body, but he still stands there perfectly fine as he winks at the toad.

“With how ugly you are, I do not wish to tell you my name.”

“You are seeking death!”

Tun E roars, “What do you think you can do with your current appearance! You will die!”

“Which eyes of yours sees that I am a trash?”

As Liu Yi speaks, he takes a deep breath as that remaining half of the body burn with golden flames.

Very quickly his other half of the body grew out.

“Are you a gecko?!”

The eyes of everyone present widens.

Although Liu Yi can keep restoring his body, but his strength is still very inferior.

After all, this body is only created from his golden fog thus his strength is weak.

Perhaps if he fights, he will not be able to defeat this Tun E.

But very soon my real body will recover. I just need a few more minutes to completely overcome the stones in my hands and legs!

Thus what I need to do now is to stall for time!

Stalling tactics!

As long as my real body is restored, what do these demons and monsters count as!

A radiance flashes across Liu Yi’s eyes as he decided.

“Actually it is not impossible for me to say who I am. It is just that I am afraid that after I say it, you guys will be afraid.”

Liu Yi crosses his arms as he stands there with an arrogant smile on his face.

“Nonsense! When has my Heaven Deficiency Sect been afraid of people!”

The toad sneers, “Be careful of buffing!”

“Is that so?”

Liu Yi laughs again, “Never afraid?”

“Of course!”

The toad’s nose is nearly pointing up to the sky.

“Then Qin Imperial Palace?”

When Liu Yi said Qin Imperial Palace, it causes the expression of everyone present to turn.

The toad trembles while the monk’s complexion turns pale.

“How, how would you know about Qin Imperial Palace?! Not possible?! How would you know that Qin Imperial Palace is related to us?”

Womanland was originally formed by the fairies who descend from the sky. Thus based on logic, it is impossible for them to know about Qin Imperial Palace!

But how did he realize it?!

Who on earth is he?

“Just, just who are you?! Tell me now!”

Master Cihong can’t take it anymore as he roars while pointing with the staff in his hand at Liu Yi.

Liu Yi still does not say out his identity. Instead, he questions, “Since you guys are so smart and planned all of these, why don’t you use that brain of yours to guess who am I?”

“Still not explaining!”

Master Cihong’s temper seems to be not good as he waves the staff in his hand instantly tossing out Qiu Han into the goddess smashing it.

The goddess instantly crumbles and transformed back into those women’s incarnation, returning to their bodies.

“If you still do not explain then this monk shall let you die!”

As Master Cihong speaks, he points at Liu Yi causing his body to flies up into the air no longer under his control.

“If you do not tell me after three seconds, you shall die!”


“Little butterfly!”

Seeing Liu Yi being raised into the sky, Yue Qinger and the princess instantly exclaim.




The monk lowers three fingers, “Looks like you wish to die!”

“Oi, oi. Don’t. I say, I say!”

Liu Yi hurriedly shouts making Master Cihong sneers, “Wouldn’t it be easier if you had said it earlier. Why would you make me waste so much time!”


Liu Yi coughs twice like he plans to say something.


“Actually what?”


Master Cihong roars, “Hurry and speak! Are you trying to stall for time!”

“Fine then. Then I shall say it!”

Liu Yi says loudly, “Actually I am the Qin Emperor of Qin Imperial Palace! Still not kneeling down and say ‘Long live your majesty’!”

“You are courting death!”

Master Cihong instantly became angry as his finger moves to cause Liu Yi’s body to be torn into several pieces!


Chapter 847  [Delaying tactics]

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