MKW Chapter 846

Chapter 846  [Title below]


“But this place is out of the question!”

The girl who should be Feng Feng from yesterday says hesitatingly, “This place is the imperial palace…I cannot bring you in to look at the Nine Heaven Fire Staff!”

“Feng Feng. Could it be that you do not believe me?”

“Of-of course I believe you. But…Brother Chong…”

“If you believe me then bring me over to take a look. I heard that this is your Womanland’s god weapon! Since I came to Womanland, I must take a look. After resolving my wish then I shall bring you away.”

The woman becomes hopeful, “Real-really?”

“Of course. That is why I wish to take a look at the Nine Heaven Fire Staff first!”

“Fine, fine then…”

That female finally agreed.

Liu Yi is startled. This…does not seem like a good sign!

“Damn it! Nine Heaven Fire Staff!”

The palace maid got a huge shock. She got up in a hurry and rushes towards the direction of the voice.

But there is no longer a soul in sight where the voice came from. There is only a beautiful small fountain spouting water.

“No good…they already left…”

The palace maid runs towards the direction of the Nine Heaven Fire Staff. The palace maid’s cultivation seems to be low and does not even know how to fly. She can only run.

When the two of them reach there, a pair of lovers are standing in front of the Nine Heaven Fire Staff. That guy is looking at the Nine Heaven Fire Staff in the sky with a slight tremble.

“This is the Nine Heaven Fire Staff? It is impressive…”

“Brother Chong. Since you had seen it, we should leave.”

“Feng Feng what are you being anxious for. Do you know, this is the source of sin that is binding all of your generations!”

“What did you say? Nine Heaven Fire Staff binds us?”

“That’s right. Didn’t Heaven Deficiency Sect want to snatch Nine Heaven Fire Staff and Queen Real Stone, why is that?”

The girl trembles. It seems like it is indeed the case.

“That is why let Brother Chong free all of you.”

The guy laughs as he stretches out his hand towards the Nine Heaven Fire Staff.

The woman got a huge shock. Just as she wishes to stop him, at this moment someone shouts behind them, “How dare you Still not stopping!”

The one shouting is none other than the palace maid.

Seeing this palace maid, that woman’s legs instantly turn soft and collapse onto the ground.

“It is too late!” The man shouts as he suddenly takes out a pill bottle, releasing a stream of black blood that splashed on top of the Nine Heaven Fire Staff.

“Finished…” The palace maid lets out a wail, “This time we are ruined…”

While she is speaking, a scarlet light flashes across the sky.

The light flickers twice before disappearing.

While at this moment, the bell in the imperial palace starts ringing.

This bell sound is like a warning reminding everyone that a disaster is coming!

The female immediately starts crying, “Gods, you broke the Nine Heaven Fire Staff formation!”

“So what if it is broken. It is the thing that I want to be broken!”

“Brother Chong, why, why do this…”

“Hahaha, take a look look at who your Brother Chong really is.”

As that guy speaks, he wipes his face.

Instantly his appearance changes!

This fellow is no longer that earlier handsome guy but someone Tun E.

“How, how is it you!”

That female is instantly stunned. She is unable to imagine that the one whom she loved is this person!

He relied on face changing techniques to deceive me!

“How dare you lie to a disciple!”

That palace maid glares that that extremely ugly daoist.

“Hahahaha, so what if I deceive her. Sooner or later your Womanland shall be my Sect’s property! Now that Nine Heaven Fire Staff is broken by this Taoist, the barrier is already open. How can you block my Heaven Deficiency Sect? See, my people have already come!”

“Why did you come to the imperial palace?”

The palace maid berates, “Queen Real Stone is not here!”

“Hahaha, do you think that my sect is stupid?”

The toad starts laughing loudly, “Did you guys think that after this Taoist had stayed here for so long, this old Taoist still had not inquired where the Queen Real Stone is?”

He stretches out his hand and points that the enormous statue far away, “The Queen Real Stone at the entrance has already been replaced by you women! That is nothing but the eye of your formations! The real Queen Realm Stone is over there.”

Liu Yi is startled. What the heck, Womanland had this hand!

If it was not for someone leaking the secrets, perhaps the outsiders would be duped!

This damn toad…looks like he put in a lot of effort!

“You, you beast!”

Seeing the female weeping by the side, the palace maid immediately understood everything.

“To lie to my Womanland disciple like this, you deserve death!”

“Dragon Lotus. The one who deserves death today is not me but you!”

The toad seems to recognize this palace woman and shouts out her name, “As well as your entire Womanland, all of you will die in the hands of my Heaven Deficiency Sect! Nine Heaven Fire Staff is ours! Queen Real Stone is ours! Even you, you are all ours! With the women being our cauldron, our Heaven Deficiency Sect cultivation speed will be even faster!”

The palace maid who is called Dragon Lotus trembles as she clenches the jade flute in her hand, “Don’t think about it!”

“What can you do?”

The toad laughs none stop, “Your cultivation has been destroyed and right now, you are nothing but trash! Without the Queen Guard, the entire imperial palace is just an empty shell! In a blink of an eye, our people will occupy this place! You see, they have come!”

While he is speaking, black figures appear in the sky.

Liu Yi looks in the direction the toad is pointing at and sees those Heaven Deficiency Sect Taoists flying over. All of them have a sinister expression while they smile in delight.

At the head is a bald monk. He should be that Master Cihong.

But what makes Liu Yi not understand is how did this monk become the head of a group of Taoists?

This is not comprehensible!

“Hahahaha! Nine Heaven Fire Staff!”

After the monk lands, he stretches out his hand towards the Nine Heaven Fire Staff that is covered with unidentified blood.

Nine Heaven Fire Staff instantly flies into his hand as he wields it.

This instantly causes Liu Yi’s expression to become serious!

Moon Dream Sutra!

Could it be that this monk is the person who injured me?

But…Liu Yi feels that this monk is not as powerful as the person who attacked him that day!

That person who attacked me was not so weak. Perhaps he is slightly inferior to me but not by a lot.

This fellow’s cultivation is roughly around the beginning stages of 22 starjade. Although he can be considered as someone very impressive, he is far from that old man from that day.

But…he should be related to that old man because this Moon Dream Sutra is not something that anyone can learn!

“Cihong! How dare you touch our Nine Heaven Fire Staff! You are seeking death!”

“Dragon Lotus, what are you mad about?”

Master Cihong sneers as he holds the Nine Heaven Fire Staff, “Because this thing is the keepsake of your father, who had become a buddha, and left for your mother?”

What does this monk mean? What father became a buddha? What lover’s keepsake?

Liu Yi is feeling confused. It is like something went wrong!

At this moment a shout came from the sky, “Heaven Deficiency Sect! Cihong!”

Everyone raises their head to see Qiu Han leading a group of Womanland people as they fly over swiftly.

Most of them are people from Queen Guard. Looks like they had received the news and hurried over.

Beside Qiu Han is those Womanland’s elders. The Queen Guards are by the side while behind them are those patrolling teams.

“Aiyah. Looks like everyone arrived.”

Cihong watches Qiu Han lead the beauties and land on the ground. Numerous Heaven Deficiency Sect people are salivating.

What the fuck. So many beauties. If I can keep them, just how enjoyable would it be!

In the past, I did not dare to think about it, but now…hehehe…

“Cihong!You have guts!”

Qiu Han had pulled out her twin swords as she berates through clenched teeth, “How dare you intrude into my Womanland and touch our Nine Heaven Fire Staff! You deserve death!”

“Qiu Han. What can you be savage about now?”

Cihong sneers as he raises his staff. “Nine Heaven Fire Staff is in my hands! Without the Nirvana Great Barrier, what can you do?”

As he speaks, he points at that palace maid with his staff, “Not only this Nine Heaven Fire Staff, she will also be mine!”

“How dare you! You are seeking death!”

Qiu Han instantly raises her swords.

What?! Princess?!

Liu Yi got a huge shock. This palace maid is the princess of Womanland?

What the fuck! Since she is the princess why didn’t she go to attend the offering of sacrifices to the queen?!

Since she is the princess, why did she wear the attire of a palace maid! Cosplay?!

“This monk already said. Womanland is no longer the powerful Womanland in the past. What can you do to us?”

Ci Hong is not afraid as he smiles in delight.

Without the Nirvana Great Barrier, who can protect these women!

“Queen Guard! Form the formation!”

Qiu Han raises her sword, “Let them know how powerful Womanland is!”


Queen Guard members instantly surround the elders inside. Following which a three meters tall woman flies out above them. She is also using twin swords.

Liu Yi is startled seeing these. These girls appear to be using his Raising Immortal Palace Hall’s Through Heaven Sword Technique.

But the image that their sword qi release is different from Through Heaven Sword Technique. This image seems to be gathered using the strength of others.

Where else, Raising Immortal Palace Hall’s sword qi can only be used to attack but these women’s incarnation seems to be for attack and defense which is very impressive.

“Queen coming into being!”

The incarnation of these girls gather together and instantly form an over ten meters tall enormous woman image.

The woman waves her twin swords and hundreds of swords were formed behind her back!


Chapter 846  [Goddess coming into being]

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