MKW Chapter 845

Chapter 845  [Title below]


{They are doing an exercise.}

Liu Yi can only explain like this, {For this kind of exercise…currently you are still too young thus I cannot tell you. Wait till you are older then I will say.}

{Fine then…you stinky stone head. Why did you make it so mysterious.}

Yue Qinger can only pout.

{But how did this guy enter…really strange.}

{How else can he enter. Naturally, he relied on this girl to enter.}

Liu Yi says in his heart, although this Womanland’s defense looks very impressive it is actually weak.

Because most of the women in Womanland are too pure…with just a few tricks one can break through this so-called ‘defense’ and enter Womanland.

Looks like this guy called Brother Chong is also the case.

The two of them make love very quickly. In less than 3 minutes, it ended.

This guy’s action is super fast!

“Are you comfortable Feng Feng?”

“Brother Chong…you are very bad…”

“Are you comfortable there?”

“Comfortable…but how nice would it be if I can be comfortable a while longer…

“Cough, that. This is not the main point…”

That ‘Brother Chong’ is somewhat awkward and changes the topic, “Today let’s end here…let’s meet again tomorrow, okay?”

“Mm…really miss Brother Chong h…if only I could live together with Brother Chong forever…”

“Relax. In a few days, I will bring you out of this Womanland.”

“Why can’t you bring me out now…”

“That…I need to prepare.”

The two of them continue to chat as their voices get closer and closer.

Yue Qinger exclaims, {Gosh, they are coming out now! Let’s quickly leave!}

Liu Yi says in his heart, this also sounds too wicked!

But he still lies on Yue Qinger’s shoulder and leaves along with her.

But Liu Yi is unable to be relieved. Although this Womanland has enchanting scenery the surroundings are filled with an ominous feeling.

Where is the feeling coming from?

Liu Yi returned into the cave and continued to heal his body.

It seems like after going out for a stroll, my body is recovering even faster.

If this goes on. In less than two days, I should be able to recover.

I must hurry and recover…I keep feeling like there is a dark cloud shrouding the top of Womanland.


At this moment, in a village not far away, the toad is facing a bald Taoist as he says, “Senior brother. The matter is more or less done.”

That monk strikes the staff in his hands, letting out a ring, “Very good. Very soon, Womanland shall become ours! At that time, master will reward us!”

“But…are we going to give this Queen Real Stone to master?”

The toad says in pity, “If you and I take it to cultivate. Along with Nine Heaven Fire Staff, we will become a Realm Crosser like existence!”

“Are you mad!”

Master Cihong glares at the toad fiercely, “Do you wish to die? To think of betraying master? Do you think that we can escape from master’s scheme? So what if the two of us have benefited? Would the Heart Bug let us off? So what if we are Realm Crosser, we will be dead.”

“Damn it…this Heart Bug. Why are we unable to get rid of it!”

Tun E clenches his teeth, “For so many years, this Heart Bug has s been a knife in my heart! It makes me unable to eat or sleep properly! Just when would such days end!”

“That is why we must do our work properly this time. As long as we take the Queen Real Stone over to master, he will remove the Heart Bugs.”

“I hope that is true…”

Tun E is worried, “I feel like the two of us are nothing but dogs that master is raising…”

“Since we are dogs then we also have the value of a dog.”

Master Cihong sneers coldly, “Otherwise we will be killed and eaten as meat.”

“Senior brother, I understand.”

Tun E nods his head, “I will do my work properly. Li Chong is quite successful. Tomorrow we will see the results. But Qiu Han is very difficult to deal with and there will be a fight.”

“Might as well. Tomorrow, let me make a trip along with you then.”

Master Cihong raise his staff and slowly stands up.

“With senior brother setting out, this time we will win!”

“Womanland, Princess Imperial Lotus, Obediently wait for this master to pamper you! Hahaha!”

The two of them look at each other as they laugh loudly.


The second day morning, Yue Qinger came over to the cave that Liu Yi is in and says to him apologetically, “Stonehead, today Qinger cannot accompany you. Today is the day where we offer sacrifices to our Queen. All of the Queen Guards must take part in sacrifice to our Queen.”

“Sacrificing to the Queen?”

“That’s right. Today is the once in a year big day for our Womanland.”

Yue Qinger explains Liu Yi’s confusion, “Today importance is very significant. Tomorrow I will come and accompany you.”


Liu Yi nods his head. Even if Yue Qinger did not accompany him, he can also stroll around.

“Then I shall leave. Let me feed you the medicine first.”

Yue Qinger chewed the pill before feeding it to Liu Yi with her mouth, letting Liu Yi enjoy a bit.

But this enjoyment time is very short and ends very quickly.

Yue Qinger turns around and flies out of the cave. Before she left, Liu Yi can faintly hear her mutter, “How nice would it be if the princess could come as well…”

Her voice is very faint and cannot be heard clearly. Thus Liu Yi did not take it to heart.

In a blink of an eye, Yue Qinger is gone. Liu Yi who is bored transforms into a golden butterfly and flies out.

Womanland is very big. Liu Yi looks at the far away dazzling palace and cannot help but become curious.

But in consideration of Yue Qinger, he only hesitated in the surroundings but did not fly in.

At that moment, he heard the sound of a flute.

This flute tune is somewhat saddening and bitter.

What is going on…why is there a flute tune?

Today is the big day to sacrifice to the Queen, shouldn’t there be no one in the imperial palace?

Liu Yi became curious. Just where did that flute sound come from?

He s got attracted by the flute sound and slowly flies towards the flute sound.

This butterfly flies like this into the imperial palace chasing after that flute sound. Very quickly it came to a lakeside.

The imperial palace is indeed very beautiful. The lake seems to be man-made with all sorts of flowers and plants planted around the lakeside.

In the center of the lake, there is an enormous female statue which is around ten meters tall.

The sculpture appears to be somewhat majestic wearing a carved crown. Clearly, it is carved with the image of the queen of Womanland.

But this shouldn’t be that Queen Real Stone. I heard that Queen Real Stone is erected at the entrance of Womanland. Furthermore, the shape ought to be similar to an ordinary person.

But this statue seems to be vivid and lifelike. If it was not for the enormous build, Liu Yi would have thought that it was real.

A distance behind the statue is an eye-catching golden light that shoots up to the sky. That should be where the Nine Heaven Fire Staff is located.

Liu Yi can faintly sense a scary god aura. Majestic while boundless. Clearly, it is not an ordinary force.

Is Tang Xuanzang so valiant? If there is an opportunity, I wish to meet him.

That melodious flute tune is even clearer. Liu Yi turned around to see a seductive woman sitting in the garden.

That girl is wearing a white maid attire as she holds a jade flute and slowly plays it.

When Liu Yi saw her appearance, he got a shock.

This woman…is way too pretty …She is a bit…like a demoness!

But this woman’s complexion is somewhat laden with grief between her brows. Like she is burdened with heavy load on their mind.

Liu Yi cannot help but fly over following the flute tune and stops on the woman’s finger as he lightly trembles his wings.


When that pretty woman sees that golden butterfly and instantly exclaims.

“Such a beautiful butterfly…”

The female withdraws her finger slightly as she attentively looks at this butterfly, “Are you here to accompany me? Roughly within this palace, there is only you and me left.”

Only left with this palace maid?

Liu Yi mutters in his heart, it looks like this offering sacrifices to the queen is indeed very significant.

“Might as well. With you accompanying me, perhaps I won’t be so lonely.”

The woman smiles, “If I play my flute, how nice would it be if you can dance along…”

After she speaks, that golden butterfly indeed flies into the sky slowly fluttering around her.

“A small butterfly is so intelligent…”

The female is even more startled, “You are already dancing. It looks like I must start playing my flute.”

As she speaks, she restarts her flute. Her melodious flute tune makes Liu Yi’s mood very good.

Why don’t I play with her for a while? This female’s expression is a little lonely.

This makes Liu Yi wish to accompany her.

Why does this kind of beautiful woman have this lonely gaze?

Liu Yi is unable to understand.

What he can do now is to dance about like a butterfly that’s all.

I hope that this dance will make her happy…

“I am happy with you accompanying me…”

That palace maid plays the flute for a very long time. Finally, it seems like she got tired thus she stops playing. She looks at the butterfly flying in the sky, “It is a pity that you are only a butterfly. If you could accompany me by my side forever, how nice would it be…”

The butterfly slowly stops on her finger.

The palace maid is curious and mutters, “Could it be that this butterfly has cultivated until it gains intelligence?”

“If that is the case, would it be possible for it to transform into a human form and accompany me? I am very…lonely in this palace…”

What the heck, if I transform into a human form, wouldn’t you be frightened to death!

Perhaps you might even scold me that I am a pervert! Both are possible!

Liu Yi would rather be a small butterfly and stay on the palace maid’s finger.

“Alas…looks like it is not.”

The palace maid sighs, “Forget it. Even if you are a small butterfly, it is also fine that you are accompanying me. It is in every case better than me being alone.”

The palace maid’s complexion turns lonely again. At that moment, a familiar voice came from far away.

“Brother Chong…why did you want to come here…”

“Because this place can liberate you and me!”


Chapter 845  [Lonely palace maid]

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