MKW Chapter 844

Chapter 844  [Title below]


Qinger does not know what’s going on but right now she can’t control her own body.

At this moment, Liu Yi transmits his voice to her, {Qinger don’t resist. I am helping you.}

Helping me?

Although Yue Qinger does not understand but she chooses to believe Liu Yi.

Qiu Han glares at Yue Qinger and pressures, “Still not saying!”

At this moment Yue Qinger pouts like she was wronged and says in a sobbing tone, “Why is Elder Qiu so fierce…”

“Of course it is because…”

Qiu Han who speaks halfway is slightly startled, why does Yue Qinger seem to have turned into another person?

“Just now I was startled…and Elder Qiu wants to frighten me as well…”

Qiu Han became curious, “Startled? Why are you startled?”

“It is because I was frightened!”

Yue Qinger continues and says, “Today seeing that toad being overbearing, I keep feeling like they are plotting something! Thinking about these, Qinger cannot help but be afraid…”

Liu Yi tries to imitate Yue Qinger’s speaking manner as much as possible.

“What is there to be afraid of. You are a member of the Queen Guard and you are afraid of people from Heaven Deficiency Sect?”

“Qinger is not afraid of the light but of the dark!”

‘Yue Qinger’ says out his worries, “These Heaven Deficiency Sect people look treacherous, Qinger is afraid that they would play dirty tricks.”

“Then why did you laugh?”

“Because Qinger thought of our Elder Qiu seeing through them after they play their dirty tricks, the appearance of Elder Qiu ferociously beating them up made Qinger laugh!”

“Hmph! These fellows should all be beaten up!”

Qiu Han nods her head, “If I have the chance, I will give them a fierce lesson!”

“That’s right, that’s right! That’s why Qinger became so happy thinking about it!”

Qinger smiles while Qiu Han nods her head, “So that is the case. I thought that you had some secrets that you were hiding.”

“How would Qinger have secrets!”

‘Yue Qinger’ blinks. Seeing Qiu Han’s deadpan manner, Liu Yi who is pretending to be Yue Qinger suddenly has an urge to tease her.

“But…recently, Qinger…indeed has some secret place that is weird…”

“What place?”

Qiu Han hurriedly question, “Did you meet a suspicious person?”

Liu Yi raises his eyebrow without a word. Looks like this woman is starting to suspect that I had entered Womanland? Indeed a woman who is always paranoid!

“No…it is my body feeling weird…”

As ‘Yue Qinger’ speaks she slowly walks in front of Qiu Han before placing her hands on Qiu Han’s tiny waist and slowly moves up.

“Recently…Qinger feels that Qinger’s chest is stuffy, slightly swelling…don’t know what is happening…elder has seen a lot of stuff, can you tell Qinger what is happening?”

The real Yue Qinger starts screaming, {Ah! What, what are you doing!}

{Relax Qinger. I will not harm your Elder Qiu!}

Liu Yi says, {I cannot help but tease her after seeing how serious she is.}

{Only this much?}

{Of course. Furthermore, I am using your body. It is not like I can take advantage, what are you afraid of!}

{That is also true…but you cannot go overboard…}

Yue Qinger is also a mischievous girl. Hearing what Liu Yi said, her thoughts also became alive.

It seems like seeing Elder Qiu being teased will be very interesting…

Qiu Han indeed got startled and exclaims, “Qinger…what, what are you doing….”

But because Qinger is a woman, she did not get angry and was only startled.

But Liu Yi was also startled because she realizes that these girls in Womanland seem to not have bras.

This woman is roughly wearing something like a dudou, which is very loose.

Liu Yi feel upwards and is shocked to realize that Qiu Han’s breast is not that small. To think that I had thought that she was a woman who is lacking!

“Aiyah! So Elder Qiu developed so well!”

“Don’t, don’t touch!”

Qiu Han is panicking now. Although everyone is a woman, but this is the first time she got touched by another woman!

After all, which woman would dare to get close to her. They were all scared away by her prestige.

“You developed better than me…does Elder Qiu also have times when you have chest pain? Would you develop one big one small?”

As Liu Yi speaks, he gropes even more determinedly making Qiu Han shiver as her face turns red.

“You, you cannot touch anymore!”

Qiu Han wishes to push away Yue Qinger’s hand only to realize that she does not have any strength left…

Why is it like this…

This is the first time Qiu Han had this kind of feeling.

Could it be that Qinger’s hand has something weird….it must be me who is sensitive.

“Qinger…you cannot touch anymore…”

“But Qinger is envious…Elder Qiu’s breasts are really good…Qinger also wants…why doesn’t Elder give your breasts to me…”

“How, how can this be given…”

“We have so many techniques, think for a bit and perhaps there might be one that can do it!”

“Don’t, don’t mess…. you cannot pinch there!”

“Why not!”

“Just, just no!”

Qiu Han finally cannot take it and pushes ‘Yue Qinger’ away.

“It is no longer morning. Go back and rest. Don’t mess around anymore!”

Qiu Han bolted.

“Hehe! This is the first time Qinger has seen Elder Qiu run away!”

Liu Yi finally releases his control over Yue Qinger and transforms back into a small butterfly landing on her shoulder.

Liu Yi snorts twice, {Your Elder Qiu is too strict. Her character is not that good at all. If I have the chance I will transform her!}

{Elder Qiu is very good…but didn’t I say before, although she is strict, she is very nice to us and is very reliable.}

{No matter how reliable a woman is, in the end, she will have a weak spot.} Liu Yi sighs and says, {Those people from Heaven Deficiency Sect cannot be taken lightly. You must be on guard and cautious about them.}

{Hehe, you think too much!}

But Yue Qinger says full of confidence, {There will not be a problem. With our Nine Heaven Fire Staff around, no matter how powerful the enemy is, they will never win! If they come, they will flee wretchedly from our attacks!}

{You girls are too confident.}

What Liu Yi is worried about is this.

{How is this confidence. It is just that you do not know the power of the Nine Heaven Fire Staff!}

Yue Qinger smiles and says, {Later when there is an opportunity, Qinger will bring you to take a look.}

{Fine then. Seeing how confident you are, I wish to know what it is.}

Liu Yi was made very curious by her.

{Mm. It is no longer morning. Qinger shall send you back.}

{Hehe, then do you plan to spend your night over at my place?}

{Scram! If you say such things again, Qinger will be mad!}

{Fine, fine. I shall not tease you. Then let us go back but walk slowly. I wish to appreciate the night view of this Womanland.}


Yue Qinger also does not wish to part with Liu Yi so early. She feels that being together with this mysterious guy makes her very happy and the time passes very quickly.

Yue Qinger likes strolling. As she walks, she transmit her voice to Liu Yi, telling him which part of Womanland it is.

But one must say that the scenery in Womanland is indeed very beautiful.

Mountains on one side and water on the other. Verdant hills and limpid water.

If I can enjoy a life in retirement here, it will be very good.

Talking about this, back then Tang Xuanzang’s willpower was firm. In this kind of beautiful place with such beautiful women accompanying by the side, he was not swayed and ran to the west to obtain the scriptures. Although at the beginning he was forced to but later on, he should have his own determination.

If it was me, perhaps I would have stayed in Womanland forever.

Could it be that I am indulging in female charms?

Cough, cough…this is hard to say.

It seems like the reason why I work hard is that I am thinking about my women.

To protect these women…that is why I keep becoming stronger.

{Look. In front is the Lover’s Forest!}

Yue Qinger points at the slightly dark small forest in front and says, {It is very famous!}

{Lover’s Forest?}

Liu Yi feels that this name is interesting.

{That’s right. Legends say that this is the place where Elder Tang and our Queen secretly had a tryst. The two of them pledged their love here! But ever since Elder Tang left and our Queen turned into stone, this place is sealed,  no longer allowing people to enter.}

{That is regretful. I wanted to go in and take a look.}

{Qinger also does not dare to…if Qinger got noticed, Qinger will definitely be spanked by a rod…}

Liu Yi says in his heart, I also wish to use my rod to beat this Qinger. It is only a pity that it is not hitting her butt but hitting other places..cough…

Alas, my thoughts are too impure.

Liu Yi decided to properly pray to Buddha to purge himself of wicked thoughts.

Amitabha, amitabha…

{It is best for us to leave.}

Yue Qinger inquires Liu Yi for his opinion.

{Fine then. Looks like this play is even scarier to you than the imperial palace!}

{That’s right…Qinger is a member of Queen Guard. So I can enter the imperial palace…but no matter who it is, no one is allowed to enter this Lover’s Forest!}

{So that is the case. Looks like Qinger is quick-witted!}

{Of course! Qinger is very smart, hmph!}

Liu Yi feels that Qinger is too easy to coax.

Just as the two of them plan to leave, they heard voices coming from the forest.

“My good Fang Fang. I missed you!”

“Brother Chong. I missed you as well…”

A guy’s and a woman’s voice causes Liu Yi and Yue Qinger to be startled at the same time.

Yue Qinger hurriedly transmits her voice to Liu Yi, {It seems like there are people!}

{Mm. Let’s listen…what is going on.}

Liu Yi hints Yue Qinger to move closer. Yue Qinger nods her head before silently walking to the side of the forest.

The voices became even clearer.

“Brother Chong…don’t kiss anywhere…”

“How am I kissing anywhere. I am kissing here!”

“Wuuu, Brother Chong, you are bad…”

“Hehe, I have even worse things!”

“Ah, Brother Chong, Brother Chong~~”

The following sounds are no longer child-friendly. The sounds make people have wild fanciful thoughts.

Yue Qinger does not understand and asks, {What are the two of them doing? Why would there be a guy here?}


Chapter 844  [Cheating]

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