MKW Chapter 843

Chapter 843  [Title below]



Liu Yi has the urge to laugh. This metaphor is quite appropriate. Didn’t expect that Qiu Han esthetic conception is quite good.

At this moment, Yue Qinger transmits a message to Liu Yi.

{This old monster Tun E is not a good person! He is a repulsive toad demon!}

Toad demon? No wonder! No wonder he would appear like this! So it is natural.

{Heaven Deficiency Sect is not good! They covet our sects Queen Real Stone for a long time!}

Yue Qinger continues and says, {Hateful toad. Same as their Master Cihong, he is nothing good! Hmph, the Heaven Deficiency Sect is full of scum!}

{Looks like you girls hate this Heaven Deficiency Sect.}

Liu Yi thoughtfully nods his head, {Then is that Queen Real Stone that important to you?}

{Of course. That is the stone that our Womanland’s Queen had transformed into!}

Yue Qinger nods her head and replies, {We have been waiting for our Queen to wake up and revive! Womanland cannot leave the queen. So how can we give her to their Heaven Deficiency Sect!}

{I see. They wish to have such an important thing, they are too shameless!}

Liu Yi also feels disdain.

{Heaven Deficiency Sect has always been shameless!}

Yue Qinger says in extreme anger, {For the past thousand years, our Womanland has been on guard against them. If it was not for the Nirvana Great Barrier protecting us, our Womanland would have suffered a calamity. But they also forget about demanding anything! If they dare to play dirty tricks, Qinger shall punish them!}

{Yes, yes, yes. Our Qinger is the best.}

Liu Yi knows that Qinger’s deposition is like a little kid thus he says good things to please her.

Indeed Yue Qinger’s mood becomes a lot better as she smiles faintly.

As that toad is speaking about the Queen Real Stone, Qiu Han snorts coldly, “I believe that we have already given you an answer!”

Qiu Han does not give face as she rejects, “You have come time and time again,your seeking embarrassment!”

“Hahaha, Elder Qiu, you cannot put it such so rigidly.”

That toad grin as he smiles making Liu Yi nearly vomit. He is as ugly as one can imagine! Fucking hell! Can this dude not smile!

This dude’s smile can be used to frighten people into peeing in their pants!

Too fucking scary!

Along with this toad’s smile, the members of the Queen Guard immediately pulls out two long swords as they stare at him vigilantly.

This situation seem to be somewhat awkward while the hurry to explain, “Eh, this old Taoist is only smiling…”

Qiu Han has lingering fears as she holds her long sword and says, “How many times have I warned you not to smile. Otherwise, we will take it as a signal to start a fight!”

The toad wants to cry but has no tears, “Is this old Taoist so bad?”

“Apologies, I do not wish to discuss appearance with you.” Qiu Han hurriedly says, “If we discuss, I will vomit!”

“You damn woman…”

Just as the toad wishes to scold back, he swallows it back down.

“Elder Qiu, this old Taoist respects that you are a hero among women. But if you dare to shame this old Taoist again, then do not blame this Taoist for becoming hostile!”

“Becoming hostile? You do not have the right.”

Qiu Han sneers, “Perhaps if your senior brother Master Cihong came he might take one of our moves!”

One of the people from Heaven Deficiency Sect cannot help but mutter, “So arrogant! Aren’t you just borrowing the support from Nine Heaven Fire Staff!”

“That’s right, we have the Nine Heaven Fire Staff! If you have the ability then come and snatch it!”

Yue Qinger props her hands on her waist and says, “Like we are afraid of you guys!”

The group of Heaven Deficiency Sect people became speechless but Liu Yi notices that that toad seems to be secretly smiling.

Liu Yi feels that it is weird and something bad must be going on.

What is this damn toad plotting?

“Elder Qiu, this Taoist, seeing on the many years of relationship between us…”

Qiu Han immediately retorts, “Spits! Who has a relationship with you!”

“Fine, fine, fine. Just treat this Taoist as being a good person. This Taoist is only doing it for your good. Right now pass the Queen Real Stone to me and this old taoist can help you resolve that curse.”

“Who would believe you! Who needs your fake goodwill!”

Qiu Han berates, “If you do not wish to fight then scram! Otherwise, do not blame my Womanland for being impolite!”

“What do you mean Qiu Han!”

The toad frowns deeply, “No matter what, we have been neighbors for so many years. Is your Womanland going to be so heartless?”

“It is not our Womanland being heartless. It is your Heaven Deficiency Sect being too presumptuous!”

Han Qiu says impolitely, “How is the Queen Real Stone something that you guys can have designs on! Talking nonsense here, how shameless are you! Don’t blame me for chasing you away!”

Toad gnashes his teeth and says, “Good. Qiu Han. This is your own choice! Then do not blame me for being heartless!”

“Tsk, thinking highly of yourself!”

“Soon we will see who is thinking highly of themselves! Qiu Han, this old Taoist will let you know what is regret! Let’s go!”

The toad wave his hand and these Taoists leave one after the other.

After they had left, a member of the Queen Guard cannot hold it in and says, “Elder Qiu. We should teach them a lesson!”

“Who wishes to fight against those stinky men.”

Qiu Han says, “It is enough to scare them off. I do not wish to stain our White Cloth Sect’s holy hall with men’s blood!”

“What Elder Qiu says is right!”

“That’s right, that’s right! How can this place be stained with men’s blood!”

The girls by the side start discussing.

Liu Yi cannot help but mutter, {This Elder Qiu of yours really hates men.}

Yue Qinger nods her head and replies, {That’s right. Not only Elder Qiu. Our Womanland find men loathsome!}

Liu Yi asks, {Then do you dislike me?}

{Hehe…don’t dislike…you are not as bad as what the elders say…}

Yue Qinger smiles, {Although you are a little bit bad, but I don’t dislike you!}

{That is why, guys are not that bad as they say. Probably Tang Xuanzang is a bad person but I am not. I am the best person in this world!}

{Hmph, anyways Tang Xuanzang is a bad person! In the future if you see him, you must help my Queen to beat him up!}

{Okay. Understood!}

Liu Yi nods his head, {Just leave it to me! I’m guaranteed to beat him up into a pig head!}


{But can you tell me why that group of Heaven Deficiency Sect people want the Queen Real Stone?}

Qinger hesitates lightly before saying, {I can tell you but you cannot tell other people!}

“Of course.”

Liu Yi nods his head but says in his heart, this girl is too pure and easy to lie to. Just a few words of sweetness can make her say important matters.

Luckily the one she met is me. If it was a person with bad intentions, perhaps Womanland would have been undermined!

{That Queen Real Stone is the incarnation of our Queen. Do you know how powerful our Queen was?}

While saying all of these, Qinger is slightly proud.

Liu Yi became somewhat curious, {How powerful?}

{ Realm Crosser!}

Yue Qinger’s voice carries pride, {The powerful Queen protected our Womanland from external infringement. Back then, there were a lot of demons and monsters surrounding our Womanland. Those that wish to infringe into our Womanland were all killed by our Queen!}

What the fuck, so she is a swift and fierce old woman! Tang Xuanzang’s woman was so impressive?

{The Queen Real Stone that the Queen transformed into also possesses the strength of a realm crosser. If a person uses a suitable technique to seize and possess it, that person will obtain the strength of a realm crosser and become the strongest in this world.}

{What the fuck, so heaven-defying.}

{Hmph, you are not tempted, right?}


Liu Yi laughs, {My strength can only be cultivated by myself. Is there any meaning to stealing the strength of other people?}

{Indeed you are different from the masses!}

Yue Qinger’s mood seems to become better, {Seeing how obedient you are, today I shall bring you around Womanland to stroll around!}

Liu Yi casually asks, {Then I shall rely on you! Can you bring me to the imperial palace to look around?}

After all he wants to hurry and meet the princess. If he can see her that would be even better.

Yue Qinger shakes her head, {Oh, this is not possible. The Nine Heaven Fire Staff is placed in the imperial palace. Even if Qinger believes you, I will not bring you there!}

{We cannot go there?}

{We cannot go there! Definitely not!}

Liu Yi tries to tempt her, {I will tell you more interesting things from the outside world…}

{Then you are not allowed to speak! You are not allowed to run about!}

What the heck! Didn’t expect that Qinger would agree!

{Forget it then…}

Liu Yi had a very intense feeling of having committed a crime and feels like he is making use of the pure Qinger.

{What is the matter? Didn’t you want to go and look at the imperial palace?}

{I thought about it and feel that it is a bit dangerous!}

Liu Yi says, {There should be a lot of experts in the palace. If someone notices us, you will be punished, so let’s not go.}

{Hehe…you are good!}

Qinger cannot hold back and giggles.

“Qinger what are you laughing about?”

The two of them had not left the main hall yet. Thus Yue Qinger’s laugh attracted the attention of Qiu Han.

“Ah, no-nothing Elder Qiu!”

After all, Yue Qinger had just reached 16 years old. Being questioned by the normally strict Elder Qiu, she immediately becomes panicky.

Qiu Han instantly glares and berates loudly, “Still not explaining!”


Yue Qinger is afraid now and does not even have the courage to speak.

Damn it! If this goes on, perhaps she might say everything! Right now my cultivation has not fully restored so I cannot be exposed!

Liu Yi hurriedly uses his own technique and secretly engulfs Yue Qinger’s entire body.

Yue Qinger trembles as golden light flashes across her eyes.


Chapter 843  [Got noticed?]

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