MKW Chapter 842

Chapter 842  [Title below]


“Really strange. Isn’t that Liu Yi famous for being difficult? Why did he not come here again?”

Qiu Han who is sitting touches her forehead, not understanding.

One of the female disciples cannot help but ask, “Elder, aren’t you very hateful of that fellow? Isn’t it good that he did not come?”

“What do you know?”

Qiu Han berates, “Can’t you use your mind to think a bit!”

“Ah? Could it be that there are still some other secrets?”

“Of course! If I was him, I would not give up important matters so easily.”

Qiu Han frowns and analyzes, “He definitely wants to use some other methods to enter our Womanland. Anyways, for these few days, we must strengthen our defense. Send down the order to inspect the barrier. After which let the patrols search carefully! They must not let outsiders enter.”

“Nirvana Great Barrier is so powerful. How is it possible for outsiders to enter?”

The female disciple smiles and says, “You are too suspicious elder.”

Qiu Han says, “There is nothing that is impossible to happen. Is there anything absolute in the cultivation world? Even the Cosmos God can be defeated, what other matters are not possible to happen?”

“Fine then. I shall send down Elder Qiu’s order.”

The woman immediately leaves.

At the same time, Liu Yi whom Qiu Han is worried about is currently sitting in the cave healing up.

In a blink of an eye, 5 days had passed and Liu Yi had recovered half of his cultivation.

Perhaps in less than two days, I will recover most of my cultivation. At that time, I can go and meet that pain in the ass princess and settle the matter!

These few days Yue Qinger visited daily and fed me medicine daily.

Although Liu Yi had already recovered his ability to eat things, he still shamelessly pretends that he is unable to and enjoys Yue Qinger feeding him the medicine using her mouth.

Yue Qinger is pure. Every time while he enjoys this kind of special treatment, Liu Yi feels like he had committed a crime.

But only by having a sinful feeling… can one feel even more simulated.

Just as Liu Yi is cycling his cultivation, a fragrance appears by his side.

Looks like Yue Qinger has come.

Liu Yi immediately opens his eyes.

Indeed in front of him is the pretty face of Yue Qinger.

“Stone, Qinger has come to visit you again!”

As Yue Qinger speaks, she takes out a pill, “Old rules, let me feed you the medicine first. Open your mouth, ahhh….”

She speaks to Liu Yi like she is coaxing a little kid.

Liu Yi also opens his mouth with a clear conscience. Yue Qinger bends down and feeds Liu Yi the pill with her mouth.

As their lips kisses, Yue Qinger uses her little tongue to send the chewed up pill into Liu Yi’s mouth.

Normally, Liu Yi would receive it silently. But today, he suddenly cannot help but be mischievous and stealthily sucks on Yue Qinger’s tongue.


Yue Qinger instantly shivers. The habitually as norm matter mood for today suddenly turns strange!

She subconsciously cries out in alarm as she pushes Liu Yi away with a red face.

“Why….why did you bite Qinger’s tongue…”

Yue Qinger says coquettishly before gently patting Liu Yi’s stone arm, “You are a stone person and you are still dishonest! No wonder elders say that men are bad!”

“Nonsense, men are not things (are not things, in this case, mean good-for-nothing)…, this saying is also wrong!”

Liu Yi feels that he will confuse himself to death. Thus he changes his tune, “That…today what do you wish to know?”

“Right, last time you told me that mortals can fly about in the sky without using any cultivation technique, is it real?”

“That’s right. Mortals are very smart. Although they do not know how to cultivate they are experts at drawing support from tools.”

Liu Yi is very happy that he had smoothly changed the topic and continues to speak, “They have invented a kind of plane that can fly in the sky. The speed is very quick and also very convenient.”

“How curious…Qinger also wishes to take a look ah!”

Yue Qinger is like a curious doll.

“Wait for the future, if there is an opportunity, I will bring you out to experience it yourself.”

Talking about this, Yue Qinger’s expression turns gloomy.

“Not possible.”

She shakes her head and says, “Other than elders, no one is allowed to leave Womanland a single step…Qinger is also not an exception. It is also a matter of a thousand years later even if I become an elder…Qinger has only just come to age…”

“No worries. I’m still here. I will bring you out.”

Liu Yi pats his chest.

“But…elder says…if one is not an elder, leaving Womanland will be dangerous.”

Yue Qinger pouts and says, “Thus they do not let us go out…”

“What a joke. Is the elder who said that Qiu Han?”

“Oh? You know our Elder Qiu? She is a very strict person…but very reliable.”

“Hmph, she is a crazy person!”

Liu Yi said in unhappily, “She has not seen a man before and starts despising men. If she is not mental then what is she! Don’t listen to her. She is just scaring you girls.”


Yue Qinger’s gaze glitters with faint excitement, “Qinger…Qinger can go outside to have a look?”

“Of course. I guarantee.”

Liu Yi smiles.

“Hmph! Boastful!”

Yue Qinger pouts, “You are about to turn into stone. How can you bring Qinger out!”

“I will get well.”

Liu Yi smiles and says, “Very soon I will do it.”

“Hmph! Boasting again!”

Yue Qinger giggles, “It is very impressive that you can maintain your current state! But relax. Recently Qinger has been reading ancient books regarding this and will find a way to save you.”

“Then I shall rely on you, sister Qinger.”

Liu Yi suddenly feels a surge of warmth.

“Don’t be polite. Since Qinger picked you up the two of us are fated.”

“How can you use such words as a pick-up. It is not like I am a cat or a dog.”

“How would there be such a big cat or dog like you!”

Yue Qinger hits Liu Yi’s arm lightly, “ Your more like a bad cat or dog. Who would want to pick you up as a house pet!”

“My role is not a house pet!”

Liu Yi wishes to tease this adorable girl Yue Qinger but there are more important matters that he needs to do.

-dong, dong, dong-

The sound of bells ring out and Yue Qinger is startled as she turns around and looks outside of the cave.

“Ah, I still wish to chat with you a while more but I cannot now.”

“What is the matter?”

“The large bell is ringing so something must have happened so I must hurry back!”

“What matter? Everyone must gather?”

Liu Yi is unable to understand.

“Don’t you look down on me!”

Yue Qinger says arrogantly, “Although I have just come of age, I am a member of Queen’s Guard! Hehe, if elder sister knows that I had passed the test and gotten into Queen’s Guard she would be infuriated! She is still a member of the Patrol Team!”

Liu Yi guess, Queen’s Guard? Patrol Team? This should be Womanland’s internal police system?

“Qinger wait a bit.”

Liu Yi hurriedly calls her back.

Yue Qinger says, “Aiyah, didn’t I say that today I cannot accompany you? Qinger has things to do!”

“Will not delay you. I have a small request.”

Liu Yi hurriedly says, “I have stayed here for so long and I haven’t gone out to look around. Can you bring me out today?”

“You are messing around!”

Yue Qinger puffs her cheek, “How can I bring you! You are such a big person and your hands and legs are also inconvenient.”

“Let me show you something fun.”

Liu Yi opens his mouth and breathes out a breath of golden fog.

This golden fog instantly transforms into a butterfly before landing on Yue Qinger’s shoulder.

“Ah! What is this? So mystical!”

Yue Qinger happily looks at the small butterfly on her shoulder. it is very vivid and lifelike and is completely no different from a real one.

“What is this technique?”

“A small technique.”

Liu Yi transmits his voice into her ear, {I will not do anything and just watch from here.}

“Really will not anyhow do things?”

{Relax. I am just a small butterfly, what can I do?}

Liu Yi comforts, {I am curious about Womanland thus I wish to take a look. Aren’t you in a hurry to leave?}

“Ah, right! It’s your fault for wasting so much time! If Qinger is late, you will get it from me!”

Yue Qinger leaps and flies out of the cave. She flies as fast as lighting towards the sound of the bell.

Liu Yi obediently stays on Yue Qinger’s shoulder and for the first time, he had a feeling like he is Immortal Fox sister.

So staying on other people’s shoulders is rather interesting.

The view of the world is slightly different.

But Yue Qinger is flying too quickly…only by grabbing onto her with full strength otherwise I would have been thrown off by her.

Very soon, Yue Qinger had flown to the main hall of White Cloth Sect. At this moment, two rows of females wearing red female clothing are standing in the main hall.

The women in these two rows have powerful cultivation. While the one standing at the very front is none other than Qiu Han.

By Qiu Han’s side stands a few other women. It seems like they are the same as Qiu Han. They should be the elders of White Cloth Sect.

Liu Yi cannot help but be speechless. Fucking hell, how are these women in Womanland born? Why are all of them such great beauties?

Perhaps any guy who can live in Womanland will die from happiness!

No. It should be dying from excitement.

At this moment, standing in front of these women is rows of guys wearing blue robes.

On the chest of the robes is two words, Heaven Deficiency.

Heaven Deficiency Sect?

Liu Yi thought that it was a Buddhist sect. So they are a group of Daoists?

But why do these Daoists look so wretched?

Especially that old Daoist in the lead. His face is covered with lumps like a toad.

Qiu Han still has that bad temper as she looks at that lump-face Daoist coldly and berates, “Tun E, I seem to have said before that this place does not welcome you. Why do you still come here for!”

“Immeasurable Tian Zun!”

That Daoist called Tun E to laugh sinisterly, “Is there even a need for this old Daoist to repeat? Shouldn’t you be the clearest about what this old Daoist wants?”

“Don’t think about it Toad!


Chapter 842    [Toad?]

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