MKW Chapter 840

Chapter 840  [Title below]


Womanland is completely covered by a barrier. Other than entering from Womanland, there is no other way in.

Liu Yi stands by the lakeside outside as he stares at the faraway Womanland’s entrance with a frown.

What can I do now? Didn’t expect that Womanland would be so xenophobic.

That Qiu Han is a bane of men. She is too extreme in her hatred towards men!

No matter what I say it is useless. Looks like this woman cannot be reasoned with.

The surrounding barrier is also too powerful. Breaking through forcefully will not be easy.

But to fight against White Cloth Sect like Kunlun Mountain? But Meng Xi says that they have a special formation that can combine the strength of these girls making Ye Heng retreat. Wouldn’t I be seeking a beating,  fighting against them?

Saying sweet words is also useless. With Qiu Han there, no matter what kind of nice words I say they will also be useless.

Liu Yi stands by the lakeside as he moaning and groans. For a moment, he does not know what he should do.

Although Womanland does not allow outsiders to enter, but there are a few small villages surrounding it.

This patch of Womanland’s illusion barrier is not small. Inside this illusion barrier, there are a few interesting small villages. Look like they are the population of people outside of Womanland.

A lot of Inner Pavilion sects are the same. They have some villages and the likes around them. Sometimes, cultivators would go to the village to choose disciples. But the importance of these villages is to ensure the productive force.

Even if the cultivators of higher realms do not need to eat, those early realm cultivators still need to consume food. The food that they need, herbs that they need for their pill concoction all need these villages to cultivate.

At this moment, by the lakeside, there is an old man who is leisurely fishing.

Liu Yi feels that he should first inquire about some useful information from this old man. After all, people who live closer naturally know more news than him.

He walks over and stands by the side of the old man. He cups his hands and asks politely, “This sir, may I ask…”


The old man holds his fishing rod with a hand while making a keep quiet sign by placing his other hand in front of his lips.

“Little kid, with such a loud voice, the fish will be scared away by you.”


Liu Yi stands behind the old man and did not say anything. He silently revolves his cultivation technique.

After waiting for over two hours, the fishing float which is floating in the lake finally moves slightly.

The old man is calm and unhurried. After waiting for a while more did he start reeling in his fishing line.

A mackerel shaking its tail is fished up before being grabbed by the old man familiarly. He takes off the fish hook before placing it into his bamboo basket.

“Little fellow is rather patient. Which village are you from?”

The old man finally speaks to Liu Yi.

“I came from outside, I’m returning home to visit my family and passed by Womanland.”

Liu Yi asks, “Is it impossible to enter this Womanland?”

“If you are a man then forget about entering.”

As the old man insert a fish bait into the fishhook, he says, “Ever since Tang Xuanzang went to the west in a quest for Buddhist scriptures, Womanland’s Queen has turned into stone, thus Womanland put an end to men entering. You being a man and wishing to enter Womanland, it is even harder than ascending up the nine layers of heaven!”

“Really no way?”

The old man raises his head and looks in the direction of Womanland and asks, “You see this barrier in the surroundings. Do you know the origin of this barrier?”

“Back then this barrier was the Sanskrit Barrier personally arranged by Tang Xuanzang. Only if you have the strength of Realm Crossers, otherwise, you will not break it.”

“What the fuck…Tang Xuanzang also knew cultivation?”

“What are you talking about? Tang Xuanzang, Elder Tang is the famous outstanding senior monk. How can his cultivation be inferior! Victorious Fighting Buddha was such a valiant existence which caused havoc in Heaven, didn’t he, in the end, follow by Tang Xuanzang’s side?”

“Isn’t it because of the Band-tightening Spell?”

“What Band-tightening Spell? Did you listen to the stories outside?”

The old man rolls his eyes, “That is just what those people outside are weaving, talking nonsense. The real journey to the west is not like this one. Elder Tang was a generation’s famous outstanding Great master of sutras. His strength was not weaker than that monkey. Everyone says that eating Tang Seng’s meat will make one live a long life but Tang Seng’s meat is not that easy to eat, hahaha…”

What the, that Tang Seng who only knew how to chant sutras..was he that powerful?

Liu Yi feel that his world view is continuously being toppled.

Liu Yi cannot help but ask, “Is there REALLY no method?”

“If your asking… there is a way…”

The old man hesitates…he seems to be considering if he should say or not.

“May elder please enlighten me.”

Liu Yi cups his hand and humbly asks for guidance.

“Then come closer.”

The old man beckons him over, “The teaching cannot be transmitted to six ears.”

[TL: basically it means that no third party can know.]

The old man makes it rather mysterious. Thus Liu Yi can only get close to listen to what this old man wants to say.

“This path is…”

As the old man says slowly, he suddenly raises his palm and slaps down on Liu Yi’s chest.


Liu Yi trembles before falling back into the lake behind him and instantly sinks until he disappears without a trace.


The old man turned around and instantly transforms into another person.

It is none other than Second from Qin Imperial Palace.

He crosses his arms and arrogantly looks at the lake which resumes its tranquil.

“This fellow is nothing at all and they actually failed. Indeed in Qin Imperial Palace, I am the strongest, hahahaha!”

He looks at his right palm, “After being hit by my Moon Dream Death Palm, this fellow is definitely dead. It looks like your days of being a chess piece have finally ended. There is no need to thank me!”

Second transforms into a beam of moonlight and disappears from his spot.


Very cold…

Very cold…

I feel like I cannot move my body …

Liu Yi’s body sinks into the lake and slowly towards the bottom.

At this moment, a whirlpool suddenly happens in a cavern at the bottom of the lake and sucks Liu Yi’s body in.


Yue Qinger had just become 16 years old today. Based on Womanland’s rules, she is to be completely naked as she soaks in Queen Spring and conducts her growing into adulthood baptism.

Every girl who grows to adulthood in Womanland must undergo a baptism once in Queen Spring. From what the elders say, this Queen Spring was formed by the day and night weeping of the Queen of Womanland back then from her missing Elder Tang.

To let all of the girls in Womanland understand how evil guys can be, thus they let the girls who had grown into their adulthood wash their bodies in this Queen Spring.

Yue Qinger also cannot be the exception but she feels that this Queen Spring is a bit cold.

The elders always say men are very vile, very perverted. How sickening they are…but what does a man look like?

I have never seen a man before in my lifetime…too curious…

“Heavens, if you can hear me, then bestow Qinger a man to take a look…”

Yue Qinger who is soaking in the spring water puts her palms together and silently prays.

At this moment, a human figure floats up in front of her.

Yue Qinger takes a look and feels like it is a…man she had read about in painting!


A startled cry instantly spread out from this Queen Spring.

Yue Qinger is very astonished. She had heard that men are all very perverted. When they see women, they will immediately pounce on them and eat them. After eating, they will wipe their mouths and leave! Like a devil!

Yue Qinger hugs herself, afraid that she would be ‘eaten up’ by this man!

Human eating humans is too scary already!

But after she shrieks and hugs herself for a long time she did not see that man moving.


Yue Qinger feels slightly strange. She swims forward moving closer to that man.

That guy still does not move at all as he continues to floats along with the water wave.


Yue Qinger feels that something is wrong. She stretches out her hand and gently pokes that man’s body.

That man did not respond to her like he had fainted.

Yue Qinger pokes that man’s face but there is still no movement.

This should be a man, right?

But what is the matter with him. Why does he not move? Did he faint?

Why would he faint inside Queen Spring? Didn’t Womanland not allow outsiders to enter?

Furthermore, Elder Qiu is the Welcoming Elder. It is impossible for her to let a man in.

But…why would he faint here? So strange …

Yue Qinger becomes curious. She wishes to study this man.

Heard that a man’s body is different from a woman’s. An elder says that on a man’s body there grows a weapon that is similar to the Golden Cudgel used by Sun Wukong which is the bane of women.

What does that thing look like?

Yue Qinger wishes to study it when she suddenly heard a yell from far away.

“Is it Qinger? What happened?”


It is an older sister who is a year older than me!

Yue Qinger hurriedly swims over in front of that man and blocks the view of his body.

A woman that looks rather similar to Yue Qinger walks over as she asked in worry.

Yue Qinger hurriedly waves her hands as she says, “No-nothing…”

Big sister pouts, “Since there is nothing what did you shout for?”

“Because the water…water was too cold…”

Yue Qinger’s face is slightly panicking. But due to the darkness of the night, her big sister did not see clearly.

“Then you should slowly soak. This is your ceremony for being an adult. You need to wash your body clean understood?”

“Understood big sister! You are very annoying!”

“Damn lass. Then slowly soak!”

Her big sister walks far away.

Yue Qinger sighs before turning around and looks at the guy lying in the water.

He still had not woken up.

“Just what kind of person are you?”

Yue Qinger is very curious as she pulls that guy while swimming to the riverbank.

Getting up the riverbank, Yue Qinger immediately waved her hand and covers herself with a red dress.

The guy fainted at the river bank. Half of his boy is still in the water and he does not move.

Yue Qinger bends over and looks at this guy.

“Ah! What happened to his hands and legs?”

Yue Qinger was shocked because this guy’s hands and legs had turned into stone.

Stranger, earlier in the water he was not like this…why is it that after getting ashore his hands and legs had turned into stone?

Did this guy contract a weird disease?

Yue Qinger is very curious!

“Aiyah…I must first hide you…it is too dangerous outside.”

Yue Qinger thinks for a bit before her eyes brighten up.

“Right! I can hide you over there! This way no one will find you!”

She raises her hand and that guy floats up in front of her.


Chapter 840  [Yue Qinger]

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