MKW Chapter 839

Chapter 839  [Title below]


Within Qin Imperial Palace, Fourth is sitting there as he looks at a Bagua Plate in his hands and says slowly, “Ninth has died.”

Third says, “Didn’t he die earlier? A few thousand years ago, wasn’t he dead to the point where he cannot die again?”

“Don’t you forget that we are undying.”

Fourth says, “Even if his flesh body was utterly destroyed back then, his soul is unable to be the same as us and returned to Qin Imperial Palace through the moonlight. Thus his soul should be lingering in the nether world undying and unable to reincarnate.”

“Hmph! If it was not for him, my woman would not have died!”

Third says with a trace of coldness, “Causing her to be unable to use the moonlight technique fully! He deserved death!”

“That’s right. This time around, he has thoroughly died.”

Fourth smiles faintly, “Right now, this traitor’s soul is entirely extinguished, dead to the point that he cannot die again.”

“Strange. Who did it?”

Second who is by the side asked with his arms crossed, “Who can destroy us Ten Heavenly Stems? Who is the one who has this capability?”

“Who else could it be?”

Third looks at his Bagua Plate, “The divination shows that the one who killed him is none other than that adorable chess piece of ours.”

“Looks like if this goes on, this chess piece will exceed our expectations.”

“This person must be killed.”

First says darkly, “Otherwise, he might thwart our plan.”

Fourth ask, “Who should we send next?”

“Sixth, Seventh as well as Ninth have died. Among us Ten Heavenly Stems, there is only seven of us as well as the one who is still hiding.”

Third says hurriedly, “Let Tenth go! Believe in her and give her an opportunity! She will do it!”

First replies slowly after careful deliberations, “It is not that we do not want to give her an opportunity. Just that right now, the chess piece is wandering all over the place. If Tenth appears by his side right now, this does not conform to common sense. Thus we must send a key person.”

First turns around and asks Fourth, “Where is the chess piece going to next.”

“The divination shows that he is currently heading south and should be going to Womanland.”

“Womanland? Looks like it is your turn to take action Second.”

First smiles, “Don’t disappoint us. Don’t let down our noble Emperor Qin.”

“Leave it to me.”

Second crosses her arms and says proudly, “I am not like those useless trash. This time the chess piece will die in my hands.”

“That is good then. Everything shall be handed over to you.”

First nods his head, “If you fail then there is no need for you to come back.”

“I have never failed!”

After Second speaks, her body transforms into a beam of moonlight and disappears from within Qin Imperial Palace.

“Now that Second has taken action, that fellow’s death date is finally arriving.”

Fourth laughs mischievously, “The bagua divination says that this time, our Qin Imperial Palace will succeed!”

“Hope that that Bagua of yours is accurate!”

“It has always been very accurate!”

“500 years ago, you shouted that Emperor Qin will revive. 500 years have past and I did not see any movement!”

“This…the bagua only says that he is going to revive. It did not say when it will revive…”

“Talking nonsense!”

“Nonsense! If you say that my bagua is nonsense again I will fight you!”


“You are seeking death!”

“Bring it on. Who is afraid of you?!”


First roars out making the scene finally stop.

“Have you guys forgotten your identity? You guys are people who have lived for over several thousand years, why are you still like kids! If you guys continue on then do not blame me for beating you to the mundane world!”


Liu Yi does not know that Qin Imperial Palace which he had taken as an enemy is currently coming after him. Right now, he is sitting in the main hall of White Cloth Sect drinking the special local product Daughter Tea.

Although this tea is not bad, Liu Yi is a bit awkward drinking the tea.

Because he realized that a group of women is hiding by the side of the main hall pointing at him as they laugh non-stop.

Damnit…am I that funny?

Liu Yi looks at his clothing and there is nothing that is not in order.

{Meng Xi is there anything strange on my face?}

Liu Yi can only ask from help from his neck passer-by.

Meng Xi smiles as she says, {Nothing. Benefactor is still that handsome.}

{Then why are they looking at me like that?}

Liu Yi is unable to comprehend.

{Very easy to understand!}

Meng Xi says out her guess, {These girls have not seen any men for several decades, you can be considered as a rare organism! Seeing you, it would be strange if they are not curious about you!}

{Ah? That means that right now I am no different from the monkeys in the zoo?}

Liu Yi frowns.

{Hehe, you can also say it like that. But benefactor is an existence that will attract the attention of everyone wherever you go.}

Liu Yi clucks, {Bootlicker.}

Meng Xi says coquettishly, {Hehe, this servant likes to bootlick master.}

Lin Tong who is lying on Liu Yi’s right shoulder twitches her lips and says in her heart. Hmph, damn lass. Who does not know how to act coquettishly. It is just that this lady disdains to do it!

At this moment, a woman wearing red clothing slowly walks over. Liu Yi turns around and takes a look. This lass is quite beautiful. Just that it would be better if she had some expression on her face!

She is lacking three things!

No expression, no chest and no humanity!

That woman sits down on the right of Liu Yi and asks, “You are Liu Yi?”

But there is no politeness in her voice.

“That’s right. This one is indeed Liu Yi. Who is this fairy?”

That woman says coldly, “Qiu Han, but you are not allowed to call me that.”

“This is strange then.”

Liu Yi asks not understanding, “Why can other people not call you by your name? If it cannot be used, then what is the use of calling yourself that?”

“My name can only be called by women.”

Qiu Han replies coldly, “Filthy smelly men cannot call it.”


Liu Yi looks at Qiu Han in huge astonishment, “How would you know that I am a smelly man? Could it be that you have secretly smelled me before?”

“Who has smelled you before!”

Qiu Han says in alarm as a nauseous expression appears on her face, “How dare you use this kind of language to humiliate me! Liu Yi! Did you come to my White Cloth Sect to pick fault?!”

“Seems like you have mistaken the sequence, right? It is you who humiliated me first.”

Liu Yi chuckles lightly, “You had also said that you had never smell me before, then base on what did you say that I am a smelly man?”

“Hmph, all of the men in the world are the same. Incomparably smelly. Is there even a need for me to smell?”

“Whatever. In the future, after you have smelled it, you will know what the smell of a man is.”

Liu Yi waves his hands, “There is no need for the two of us to continue this kind conversation.”

“I will never smell a man! Liu Yi! Daoist Liu! If you humiliate me again with words, then do not blame me for being impolite!”

That pair of pretty eyes of Qiu Han glare at Liu Yi.

“Since you do not let me call you by your name, then how should I address you?”

“You can call me Elder Qiu.”

There is still no expression of Qiu Han’s face.

“Fine, Elder Qiu, I have come…”

Before he finished, Qiu Han raises her hand and stops Liu Yi’s following worlds.

“No matter what your objective is, my White Cloth Sect is not interested.”

“Hey, hey. This matter is not small.”

Liu Yi is very speechless, “5 Spirit Gathering is not a small matter. Is your White Cloth Sect sure that you have decided not to take part?”

Qiu Han replies, “Major matters of the sect require our princess to decide.”

“Then bring your princess over.”

“The princess is in Womanland’s Imperial Palace. How can she come and meet you?”

“Then bring me over to pay respects to her.”

“Womanland has never let men enter. You are a man so how can you enter Womanland!”

“Then what do you expect me to do?”

“Very easy.”

Qiu Han says, “Return to where you come from.”

“You think I came here for a tour?”

Now Liu Yi is really unhappy. “Is Womanland that hard to enter? It is not like I am going in to find girls! I am entering to do business!”

“Like I care!”

Qiu Han snorts, “Hurry and leave. This place does not welcome you!”

Liu Yi is also not anxious as he slowly drinks his tea.

By the side, a group of women are peeping with all kinds of methods as well as whispering to one another.

“What are you looking at! Go practice! Do all of you wish to go and reflect on your past mistakes?!”

Qiu Han shouts scaring those girls into escaping in a panic.

“Looks like Elder Qiu is rather reputed.”

Liu Yi smiles, “I thought that you were only harsh towards men. Unexpectedly you are also the same towards women.”

“Don’t compare men with us women! This is an insult to us!”

“Right now you are also insulting me!”

Liu Yi is unhappy, “What, you got harmed by men before? Cheated?”


Qiu Han thinks for a bit before saying, “In my lifetime, I had never met men more than a few times.”

“Then why do you say that men are ugly?”

“Because men were originally ugly!”

Qiu Han snorts and says, “Our Queen’s stone statue is still at the entrance of Womanland which reminds us at all times how despicable men are!”

“A man cannot represent men.”

Liu Yi purses his brows, “A club beating the rest of the people makes people annoyed.”

“I feel that I am already speaking highly of you.”

Qiu Han sneers, “Anyways this place does not welcome you. You can leave.”

“If I do not meet your princess, I will not leave!”

“Why are you so dislikable! This place of ours does not welcome you, understood?”

“I did not think that I would be staying here. I only wanted to meet the princess and deliver the invitation. Since you cannot decide then I can only find the person who can make the decision.”

Qiu Han instantly became angry, “If you continue to tangle here, I will expel you!”

Fuck! Take action then! Who is afraid of you!

Liu Yi’s temper also rises as he secretly revolves his qi.

{Benefactor. I think that we should retreat first.}

Meng Xi advises, {Womanland this place is not advisable to attack. It can only be outsmarted. Womanland has a kind of technique which is very strange. When combining together, it is very savage. Back then even my master Ye Heng was unable to contend against it. He couldn’t take a single blow!}

{Fuck…how can there be such a heaven-defying technique.}

Liu Yi wishes to curse.

{Anyways, let us first retreat…perhaps there might be other methods.}

{We can only do so…}


Chapter 839  [White Cloth Sect]

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