MKW Chapter 838

Chapter 838  [Title below]


“You can continue to maintain the image of a man of steel,” the Scarlet Cloth Guard smiles warmly, “But the next shot will be your head.”

“Don’t, don’t be like this…”

Da Dong hurriedly says, “Our location is…”

He told the location to the Scarlet Cloth Guard truthfully. That Scarlet Cloth Guard immediately takes out his handphone and make a call.

“Okay. We can set off now.”

Da Dong bears with his pain and asks apprehensively, “This, you are going to fight against us?”


The Scarlet Cloth Guard smiles, “It should be called encircle and annihilate.”

While he is speaking, a rumbling sound came.

Rows of military helicopters fly over their head causing Da Dong to be flabbergasted.

What the fuck!

Just attacking a gang, why do you need to put on such a show!!!

Military helicopters, can you be more exaggerated?!

Just as Da Dong thought of this, he hears the sound of engines by his side.

He turns around to see rows of armored cars drive by his side with a tank following behind them.

What the fuck! Are you joking!

Red Scarf Army has these kind of toys?!?!

Are they a gang or an army!

How did they even get their hands on a tank!


Today Xie Hua is very happy. He is as happy as anyone can get.

Didn’t expect that going to Living Buddha, I would pick up 5 million!

Indeed, Living Buddha, is no for nothing, hahaha!

To celebrate, Xie Hua especially took out the best quality Dahongpao from his collection. He sits in a villa beside the black coal mine and happily sips it.

His woman is sitting in his embrace using an iPad.

“Husband. You see this nice-looking handbag. Chanel limited edition! There is only 200 in the entire world!”

“Oh buy it then.” Xie Hua says, “Right now I have money. A few million. What does buying a bag count as? How much is it?”

“Not expensive. Only 1.2 million.”

“Oh, 1.2 million…fuck, what did you say?”

Xie Hua kicks that woman down.

“Fucking hell! Does a bag cost 1.2 million?! You think that my money is picked up from the ground?”

The woman falls onto the ground and is very wrong. She mutters softly, “Didn’t you pick it up…”

“What did you fucking say?”


The woman turns pale in fright and does not dare to say anything.

Xie Hua slaps the gun that was placed on the table beside him and scolds, “Fuck you! If you make any more noise, I will shoot you!”

The woman does not dare to say anything. Only then did Xie Hua went back to sipping his tea in satisfaction.

Looking like it is still kidnapping that earns money. In the future, I should do more kidnapping work! It is more profitable than mining coal!

“It is almost time. Da Dong should be back soon. Let’s go and meet our moneybag!”

Xie Hua stood up and walked out of the villa to the wooden hut.

That language graduate is dozing off in front of the door.

Seeing this Xie Hua gave him a kick, “Fucking hell! I let you watch the door and you went to sleep?!”


The language graduate was badly frightened and starts trembling.

“What are you staring blankly for! Open the door!”

Xie Hua acts like he is going to kick again and that language graduate hurriedly climbs to his feet and opens the lock before opening the door.

Sunlight instantly shines into the wooden house. Xie Hua raises his head and instantly sees Liu Yi who is meditating in the wooden hut.

Xie Hua cannot help but ask, “What is this? Meditating? A rich young master believes in buddha?”

“That’s right. I am praying.”

Xie Hua says, “Praying? There is no need to pray for yourself. Soon the money will arrive and you can leave.”

Liu Yi smiles, “I am not praying for myself. I am praying for you guys.”

“Praying for us?”

Xie Hua raises his eyebrow not understanding what Liu Yi means.

Looking at the time, Liu Yi says, “It is almost time. Soon you will know.”

While they are speaking, a little brother outside cry out in panic, “Boss, boss, it is bad! A lot of people came!”

“Who? Police?”

Xie Hua turns around and asks, “I gave them so much money and they came to investigate us?”

“Boss…it is not the police…”

The little brother is about to cry, “It is the fucking army!”


Xie Hua is also stunned, “Army? You must have seen wrong!”

“Boss…it is the army…”

While they are speaking, military helicopters start flying in and float in midair.

Following which soldiers wearing Red Scarf Army military uniform rappel down from the helicopters. They are all holding MP5’s in their hands and are armed to the tooth in military equipment. These gang people are unable to be compared to them.

When they came down, these gang members instantly kneel down. Who would dare to resist!

“What…what is this…”

Xie Hua is also stunned. At this moment an enormous sound came from the perimeter wall.

The perimeter wall was exploded in pieces.

A tank directly charges through and rumbles in. Following behind it is a row of armored cars.

“What the fuck…did the army really attack their way in?”

Xie Hua nearly kneels down. Fucking hell, I have been in the gangs for so many years and this is the first time I had met such a large array!

Using the army to attack gangs…isn’t this too much?!

Over a hundred armed to the tooth Red Scarf Army soldiers are holding MP5’s as they surround the black coal mine. The gang members were frightened as they kneel down trembling.

“It’s not related to me, not related to me. I am just a worker!”

The language graduate crouches on the ground as he starts crying. He was badly frightened.

I only mingled around in the gangs there is no need to use the army to bomb us!

What the fuck is going on!

“Squat down!”

A Red Scarf soldier uses the butt of his gun and strikes his back.

“Yes, yes. I will be honest!”

The language graduate hurriedly nods his head.

Xie Hua pretends to be courageous and asks, “Who are you…why did you attack my territory!”

“Can’t you see who we are?”

A Scarlet Cloth Guard walks over and points at the red ribbon around his arm.

“Scarlet-scarlet Cloth Guard…Red Scarf Army!”

Xie Hua feels his crotch o becoming wet. Although I am also in the gangs, how would I dare to fight against the Red Scarf Army!

“There…there’s no bad blood between me and Red Scarf Army! Why did you guys come and look for me!”

“Because you locked up our Commanding Officer.”

After that Scarlet Cloth Guard speaks finish, he salutes at Liu Yi who is mediating.

A group of Scarlet Cloth Guards and Red Scarf Army walk over and salute towards Liu Yi.

The gang members were badly frightened. What the fuck, we kidnapped the Commanding Officer of the Red Scarf Army?!?!

Isn’t this a fucking joke! This is lighting up the toilet to find shit!

Xie Hua himself nearly bit his own tongue.

How, how is this picking up money! This is picking up a fucking bomb!

Furthermore, this is a super horrifying bomb!

Red Scarf Army’s Commanding Officer…this is a person who can make China tremble …

I…kidnapped this fellow…

“ I said that I was praying for you guys.”

In front of the stunned looks of everyone, Liu Yi slowly stands up, “The government is unable to do anything to you, the police are unable to do anything to you, the public is unable to do anything to you, right?”

Liu Yi crosses his arms and looks at Xie Hua in front of him. “No worries. I, Liu Yi will deal with you.”

“I…I am willing to give you money…”

Xie Hua gathers his courage and says, “As long as you let me live…I can give you money…there is no hatred between the two of us right. I can also apologize to you for the earlier matter. I can offer you tea as an apology! I, I can also split a portion of the earning of this black coal mine to you! As long as Commanding Officer is satisfied.”

“I only want one thing of yours.”

Liu Yi stretches out a finger.

Xie Hua hurriedly says, “What do you want, you just need to say!”

“I only want your life.”

Ruthlessness flashes across Liu Yi’s eyes, “The rest of the people also who killed people. Tell me and I will help you guys take revenge.”

“Must you be so ruthless?”

Xie Hua trembles as despair flashed across his eyes.

“It is not me who is ruthless. It is you who was ruthless.”

Liu Yi points at the Thousand Men Hole, “Do you want to go in there to see the evil that you had committed?”

“What did I do wrong!”

Xie Hua suddenly roars, “Right now there are so many people! The population pressure is also so big! What is there bad about me capturing a few people to help me earn money?! Isn’t this killing two birds with a stone? I can also earn money as well as lessen the population pressure for the country! The country should thank me!”

“Yeah. What you say is very reasonable.”

Liu Yi nods his head, “If that is the case, isn’t me killing you contributing to the country? Thus, there is no need to thank me.”



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