MKW Chapter 836

Chapter 836  [Title below]


To earn money, this group of people sacrifices the lives of other people!

Liu Yi’s anger immediately bubbled up!

Liu Yi is wearing cuffs on his hands and legs. He stands there with a frown as he asks the guy in front of him, “The money that you guys earn, don’t you feel that it is covered in blood?”


The guy laughs, “Little kid have you heard of this idiom before. Eh, what was it…”

“Boss. It is a general’s success is from thousands of dried up bones.”

That fellow who graduated from the Chinese Language department reminds him.

“Fuck, who needs you to say!”

The boss gave him a slap, “What a joke! I don’t have culture, is it?”

That fellow was frightened as he covers his mouth and says in fear, “No, not at all…”

“Damn it. Shooting off your mouth!”

The boss berates before turning around and continues and says, “I, Xie Hua also studied in junior high school. Fucking Hell. Little kid, you heard it. A general’s success is from thousands of dried up bones. If you wish to succeed you need to step on the corpses of others! This current society is an exploitative society. Only by consuming others can you feed yourself understood?”

Liu Yi asks once again, “Are you not afraid of the wrath of heaven?”

“Hahahaha! You’re amusing!”

Xie Hua laughs, “I do want to see who can punish me?! Let me tell you. It is not a day or two since I opened these black coal caves. Some of those local policemen have already been settled by me. What wrath of Heaven. Even the gods will not save you.”

“Whatever people do, heaven is watching.”

Liu Yi sneers, “You will get your retribution.”

“Less nonsense! Hurry and work for me!”

Xie Hua scolds, “If you delay me from earning money, I shall kill all of you!”

The group of fellows points guns at them, forcing these ‘living pigs’ that were captured to go deep into the mine shaft and start mining.

After Liu Yi entered the mineshaft, he sees that there are a lot of black fellows inside.

No one knows how long these people had been locked up inside here until their skin turned black.

In this kind of place, it is an extravagant demand to bathe.

Liu Yi walks over to their side and can smell that intense sweat stench from their bodies.

They are all wearing shackles on their legs as they excavate the mine shaft. There is no one who is rebelling.

Seeing Liu Yi and the rest walking in, these people do not have any reaction. They only use their eyes to give them a numb look before continuing to mine and do their own work.

“All of you better work honestly! Those who wish to run away will only die!”

One of the burly fellows shouts, “We have laid out an electric network in this entire place. Even if it is night time, you guys will not run out!”

This sentence is to remind these newcomers. The rest of the people seem to know as they do their own work.

“Damn it. Hurry and finish giving the instructions then we can leave!”

The other burly fellow urges, “I do not wish to stay in this lousy place any longer!”

This kind of black coal mine does not have any safeguards at all.

The protective frames were done very crudely. If something happened, perhaps everyone in this mineshaft will be crushed to death.

But the lives of these ‘pigs’ are not part of the consideration of these people.

They only want to earn money and do not care about the rest.

“Can you give me a bit of medicine…”

An immature voice attracted Liu Yi’s attention. He turns around and sees a young kid standing within the mine shaft. He is also wearing fetters as he begs from those burly fellows.

“My father is sick..please give me a bit of medicine.”


A burly fellow instantly raises his leg and kicks that kid before saying, “That devil father of yours is only having a fever, it is not like his leg or arm is broken!”

“But, his sickness is very serious…”

“Forget about it. Forget about it. Stop mentioning it. I am fine…”

A guy runs over from the side and stops his son and says, “I am fine. I can continue to work.”

The burly fellow scolds, “Tsk, know what you are doing! If you do not work then tonight you can forget about eating dinner!”

They swagger off.

After they had left, one of the miners by the side says, “Alas. No humanity.”

“They never had humanity. A group of devils.”

“Alas…when can Old Wang’s fever recede…”

“There is no medical treatment. I’m afraid that he will have it for a while.”

Liu Yi walks over and touches the forehead of the person who is sick.

Slightly feverish.

“This cannot go on. You have to see a doctor.”

Liu Yi himself does not have any medical knowledge thus he can’t help.

“There is no doctor here…”

That kid wipes away his tears and says, “If only I was a superhero then I can punish those bad people and save my father…”

“Father is fine. We will get by.”

The man hugs his son and comforts him.

“Old Wang. Go and rest. I’ll help you do your work for today.”

“That’s right. After all, they also wouldn’t know. Go and rest.”

The rest of the people advise.

“Everyone. There are so many of us. Let us all escape together!”

A Tibetan raises his pickaxe and says, “We still have weapons what are we afraid of them for! Let’s fight with our weapons!”

“We can’t.”

The rest of the people shake their head and says, “They have a gun as well as the electrical network. They also raised a lot of fierce dogs. We can’t escape. In the past, there were people who tried to escape before but in the end, all of them were killed and thrown into the thousand men hole.”

“So cruel…”

“Damn it. Do these people have no heart!”

The people who had just came blurts out.

“No choice…we were locked up here and no one knows about it…”

An old man sighs, “Perhaps, only god can save us.”

“That’s right…we can only pray…”

“Buddha will protect us…”

The little kid places his palm together. His appearance incomparable sincere.

“Buddha might not have time to take care of you guys.”

Liu Yi rubs the top of the little kid’s head, “But I have time.”

“Big brother. You can save us?”

The little boy looks at Liu Yi. That pair of black and white eyes are filled with hope.

“Relax. I will keep my promise. Tonight, it will be time for us to leave this place.”

“Too great!”

That little boy claps his hands happily, “We can finally leave this place!”

“Alas. Only lying to little kid.”

“How can we leave this place…who does he think he is…”

“Even if he is very powerful outside, it doesn’t matter which family’s young master he is. Arriving at this place, it is equivalent to entering another world.”

The surrounding people sigh.

Liu Yi did not say anything. He is currently obtaining the information regarding Xie Hua from Little Jade.

Little Jade hacked into the government database and finds Xie Hua’s information from there.

Xie Hua, Shanxi province outstanding entrepreneur. A representative of the National People’s Congress.

What the fuck this guy is also a representative of the National People’s Congress?!

It looks like he paid quite a sum of money to unblock a number of connections to obtain this identity!

Indeed, a fellow who can cover the sky with a hand!

From the government information, it shows that he also possesses two large coal mines.

Hey, perhaps the large coal mine is merely on the bright side. Perhaps he has more coal mines!

I alone can’t deal with this but the power that I possess is not just myself.

Liu Yi follows along and excavates the coal until hours later when they were released to rest.

A few burly fellows holding guns escort them to the small wooden house before tossing a few hard steamed buns, salted vegetables before turning around and leaving.

“Looks like the food here is nothing much.”

There is a water dispenser in the room. Looks like we can drink the water as we wish.

“Dad, dad what is the matter with you?”

Just as they are preparing to rest, the boy suddenly starts crying.

Everyone gathers over to take a look. That kid’s father is delirious from his fever as he lies there speaking nonsense.

Liu Yi stretches out his hand and touches. What the heck, it is scalding!

“Someone come! Someone is dying!”

“Quickly open the door! Someone come!”

The door to the wooden house is locked and cannot be open. The miners can only do their utmost to pound the door.

“Damn it! What the fuck are you shouting for!”

Outside a burly fellow scold, “Why the fuck are you shouting in the middle of the night!”

“Quickly call the doctor. Someone is going to die from sickness!”

The people outside do not care at all and toss in a cold sentence, “Die then. It only stinks up the ground when you people die! Quit shouting!”


“These brute brutes!”

Liu Yi walks over to the door and shouts, “Call your boss over!”

“Fuck who do you think you are?!”

Liu Yi says unhurriedly, “Tell him that I have a few million-dollar businesses to discuss with him.”

The people outside start laughing loudly, “A few million? Based on you? Hahahaha!”

Liu Yi continues and says, “You better go and tell him. If you delay your boss from earning this few million, I believe that you know better than me what will happen.”

When the people outside heard this, he clearly hesitates.

“Damn it! If you lie to me, I shall kill you!”

The person outside takes out his walkie talkie.

“That…boss…a pig here says that he has a business worth a few million to discuss with you…”

“Damn it! Did your brain grow from a pig? You believe in these things?”

From the other side of the walkie talkie came Xie Hua’s scolding.

There is also the moaning of a woman. It seems like Xie Hua is doing some night exercises.

Liu Yi immediately gathers his qi and says loudly.

“Boss Xie. You better make a trip over. It is not like you will make a loss. If I lie I die.”

Liu Yi’s words clearly enter the walkie talkie and Xie Hua who is having sex hesitates.

“You really have a few million?”

“Wouldn’t you know if you come?”

Liu Yi purposefully keeps him on suspense to bait this Xie Hua.

“Damn it. If I get to know that you are lying to me, I shall feed you to the dogs!”

Xie Hua scolds and hangs up.

In less than ten minutes from outside came the sound of footsteps. The lock on the door was taken off letting out cranking sound.

The door to the house was kicked open as Xie Hua who is holding a Type 54 pistol walks in together with his underlings with an unhappy face.

“Who is the one who seeks death?”


Chapter 836  [Discuss business]

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