MKW Chapter 835

Chapter 835  [Title below]


“Did you hear about it, recently a guy called Liu Yi had swept a few inner pavilion sects.”

“That’s right, that’s right. It seems like he also wants to come to our White Cloth Sect !”

“Yeah…I want to meet this guy, hehehe…”

“I wonder what he looks like…I’ve heard that he has three heads and six arms, three meters tall and covered with black hair!”

“Ah…that seems not bad…”

“Hehe, you have a heavy taste!”

Inside White Cloth Sect, a few girls who are laughing display their inexhaustible energy.

“All of you shut up!”

Just as those few girls are bantering, a beauty wearing white suddenly berates, scaring those girls into silence.


When the girls see her, some stick out their tongue, one of them shrinks back and all became honest.

“What kind of appearance is this!”

That beauty creases her brows and sternly criticizes, “To discuss men here. Are you girls missing men that much?”

“Elder…we were wrong…”

“That’s right, we are just curious…”

These ladies start pleading one after the other.

“What do you look like. Don’t forget that you girls are from the White Cloth Sect! Warriors of Womanland!”

The more the elder thinks, the angrier she gets as her chiding voice became louder, “Have all of you forgot about your past lessons? Forgotten how ugly men are?”

A few girls are very wronged, which girl does not yearn for love…we have reached the age …


“Don’t plead for leniency. Go and meditate in front of Queen Stone and reflect upon your actions!”


The girls dejectedly walk away. The elder herself sits in the hall with anger in her face.

“Liu Yi is it? It is best if you don’t come. If you come, I will make you take the consequences!”


-sneezing sounds-

Liu Yi who had just descended from the mountain starts sneezing.

Damn it. I am a cultivator, I cannot fall sick!

It must be someone who is cursing me!

Like the saying, One thinks, two scolds, three chatter. Someone definitely must be scolding me! But I have so many enemies, which one is scolding me?

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders. Since I cannot think who it is then let’s not think then.

He stands at the foot of the mountain and inquires from Meng Xi how to go to Womanland.

{It is roughly located at Hubei Province of Suizhou Prefecture. We need to fly towards there first. Once we reach there, this servant shall give directions.}

“Mm. Okay.”

Liu Yi nods his head before inspecting around a bit, “But let us first receive a few guests first.”

While he is speaking, a few sedans suddenly stop around him as a few big guys jump off.

Among which the most eye-catching is a Cayenne. The door to the Cayenne was also pushed open as a pair of familiar faces.

These two are none other than the pair of lovers who Liu Yi had seen on the mountain earlier.

“Idiot. Weren’t you very arrogant earlier?”

That woman crosses her arms proudly as she looks at Liu Yi and says, “Earlier I said that I shall deal with you. Damn it to scold me, my husband shall deal with you!”

The guy by the side takes out a cigarette and lights it up slowly.

“Little kid. You provoked some people whom you shouldn’t have. Get in the car and you might not suffer so much.”

Liu Yi looks around and realizes that a few Tibet people are locked up in a car. But these Tibet people are unconscious and there are injuries on their faces.

He frowns slightly and feels that something is weird.

Anyways, there are only two places left and I do have quite a bit of time left. Why don’t I meddle in this matter?

After all, my identity is China’s Law Enforcement Officer. I do have to uphold justice and the likes.

Thus Liu Yi pretends to be frightened as he says apprehensively, “Lets talk…”

“Now you know fear?”

The girl becomes even more delighted, “Where did your arrogance go?”

“Bosses, please let me off!”

Liu Yi cups his hands, “I don’t have money or appearance. There is nothing to give you!”

“Ha, little kid stop talking nonsense, follow us and perhaps you might suffer fewer injuries! Do you see those people in the car? They were beaten unconscious by us. Do you want to have the same end as them?”

“Is, is this a kidnapping?”

“Less nonsense, hurry up!”

A guy gives Liu Yi a kick from behind.

“Don’t hit me! I, I’ll go!”

Liu Yi can only ‘obediently’ walk over to a car.

“Nothing but a soft egg. I still thought that we could beat him!”

The girl is unsatisfied, “Husband, let’s beat him up to help me release my anger, okay?”


The guy glares at the girl, “If we spoil him then we would have captured him for nothing! Do you think you can compensate for delaying my transactions?”

“I, I was wrong…”

The girl says in her heart, This fellow will be dead in the future. He will not lack this bit of pain.

“Search his body!”

The guy orders and a burly fellow immediately steps forward and feels up and down Liu Yi’s body before taking out his handphone from his pocket.

“This style is rather new.”

The guy throws the handphone on the ground before stomping on it.

“Hey! I just bought that!”

Liu Yi’s heart is in pain.

“In the future, you will no to use it anymore. Board the car!”

The guy stuffs Liu Yi into the car before boarding the car with the rest and driving away.

The pair of lovers sit on the other car. Liu Yi is sitting with a few other burly fellows. By his side is a burly fellow each crowding him into the center making him look very pitiful.

Liu Yi who is sitting in the car pretends to be worried as he asks, “I say…brothers, where are we going?”

“Less fucking nonsense. If you speak again I shall beat you!”

A burly guy became impatient and glares at Liu Yi fiercely.

Tsk. It looks like it is not that easy to fish out info. Looks like I can only wait and see where we go.

“Tie up this pig. Don’t expose it.”


Why is there is this expression?

Liu Yi is very unhappy. After being called a pig who would be happy.

A pair of handcuffs cuffed Liu Yi’s wrists. At the same time, a burly guy takes out a needle and stabs into Liu Yi’s neck.

They injected me with some drug? What drug is it?

“The pig has been injected. Very soon, he will become honest.”

Liu Yi can hear from the conversation that this injection should be a hypnosis drug.

He immediately pretends to be dizzy as he leaned against the back of the chair and fell asleep like the rest of the Tibetans who got captured.

“Boss is too amusing. He was there to worship Buddha but in the end, he still captures a few pigs.”

“A few days ago he opened another tunnel. It cannot do if we do not capture a few pigs.”

“I heard that a Tibet’s physical strength is not bad. They do have their usefulness.”

“Damn. You know idioms?!”

“Take a look. Back then I studied in university before and graduated from the Chinese language department!”

“Damn! You graduated from university and joined this life!”

“If I don’t do this then what do I eat! Back then it was hard to find a job!”


Hearing the headless conversation between these people, Liu Yi is unable to guess anything.

What they are saying is all their secret jargon thus it is hard to make any guess on their meaning with just a few words.

Let’s just follow. Reaching the place and I shall know what is going on.

Just like this, Liu Yi ‘sleeps’ on the journey. During midnight, the burly fellows take action again.

They pull out police uniforms from the car and put in on.

Very quickly these fellows turn into the public policemen!

They are policemen? No! They are fake policemen! What do these fellows want to do using fake identities?

Before Liu Yi can through them, they had stopped the car by the roadside before supporting Liu Yi and the rest down the car and closed them inside the container of a truck.

Liu Yi takes a look. Good gods. There’s a lot of people locked up inside this container. Over ten of them and all of them are handcuffed, furthermore, they are unconscious.

Where are these people going to be led to?

Liu Yi can only board the truck and observe the changes.

The truck slowly starts moving. Liu Yi activates his Black and White world and silently observes everything.

He realized that those few SUVs had changed into armed police license plates and are following the truck.

Liu Yi suddenly understood something. The reason why these fellows do so is to pull the wool over people’s eyes!

Perhaps this truck had changed and those who pretend to be police are in charge of escorting it.

Seeing their appearance and how smoothly they do it. Perhaps this is not the first time they have done this!

The truck had driven for three days. What drug did they use, the people in the truck had not woken up even once during this entire time. They slept for three days just like this.

After three days, the truck finally stopped at its destination. Those burly fellows pulled open the container door before pulling those people out and use cold water to wake them up.

Coldwater ruthlessly splashed onto Liu Yi. Liu Yi pretends to wake up as he blankly looks around.

“Where is this place…”

“This place is your final destination!”

The burly fellow places fetters on each of their legs, “In the future, those who do not work in this place will only have one ending and that is death.”

There are a number of wooden houses in the surrounding. They seem to be placed to sleep.

While a far away hole that leads underground attracted Liu Yi’s attention. As the sound of knocking sound came from inside.

What the heck! Black coal cave!

Liu Yi finally understood where they are.

{Little Jade. Help me check where we are!}

{Master we are currently at Shanxi Province.}

Fucking hell! I got brought to Shanxi!

The rest of the people also seem to know their fate and start crying.

A rather crafty Tibetan knocks aside the burly fellow by his side and tries to run away.


The sound of a gun being fired rings out and that Tibetan immediately collapses onto the ground in a pool of blood.

That guy among the pair of lovers that Liu Yi had seen earlier blows the gun muzzle and says, “Those that wish to escape can continue to run. If there are too few people, I can just capture a few more.”

Two burly fellow raise the corpse and toss it into a deep hole by the side.

Liu Yi takes a look and there are countless white bones and corpses inside the hole. Countless people have already died!

Rage instantly filled his heart and mind!


Chapter 835  [Pigs]

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