MKW Chapter 834

Chapter 834  [Title below]


From the surrounding cloud layers, lamas in red walk out with their palms clasped together as they chant Buddhist scriptures.

These Buddhist scriptures fly into the sky and transform into golden Sanskrit characters before combining together and transform into shackles which twine around Liu Yi’s body making him unable to move.

“Motherfucking hell. This group of damn lamas…”

Liu Yi roars and puts on his fire-ice armor. His body grew to over two meters as his muscles turn firm. Each muscle contains boundless strength!

But there are too many lamas. All of them are powerful and the weakest are at least earth realm.

They gather together and the Buddhist scriptures they are chanting became stronger.

A total of 7, 7, 49 shackles twined around Liu Yi’s body. Locking down his movement making him unable to move.

At this moment the four enormous Wisdom King Real Bodies attack. They keep hitting out seal with both hands.

These seals explode on Liu Yi forcing Liu Yi to change his fire ice armor into Monarch Armour, borrowing Monarch Scorpion’s powerful defense to protect himself.

Fireice armor can strengthen his attack while Monarch Armour can strengthen his defense. If these two armors could combine together it would be better but Liu Yi is unable to do it.

These seals keep attacking Liu Yi making him frown in pain.

Too fucking savage. Is this group of Wisdom Kings trying to do me in?

Although these cannot injure me it is painful!

The buddha aura bathes all things making the top of the entire cloud layer auspicious and peaceful but Liu Yi did not sense any warmth.

Instead, it is a kind of pain that came from within his body.

Like something is trying to be born from his soul!

How to become a buddha?

According to buddha, everyone is Buddha. Everyone is Bodhisattva. But we had gotten bewildered by greed, anger, and sentiment. Strained by greed, anger, and sentiment. If we can put down greed, anger, and sentiment then we can soon afterward become Buddha on the spot.

Liu Yi feel that his soul was being torn apart. like a lot of things were peeled off his body.

“Liu Yi…”

“Liu Yi…don’t abandon me…”

Female figures one after the other was dragged out from Liu Yi’s memories.

These figures were the ones who made Liu Yi captivated. They are a part of him. He was born for them and live for them.

If there weren’t them then what is the point in me living?

But their moments are indeed being stripped off.

This is Liu Yi’s memory, his memories of them!


Liu Yi roars in rage. No matter what I will not forget my women!

Screw greed, anger, sentiments! Screw becoming buddha on the spot!

I never wished to become a buddha! I never ever thought of becoming buddha!

What is the point of becoming buddha on my own!

Liu Yi does not wish to put down his worldly affairs.

He lives in the world of mortals and loves these girls in the world of mortals.

I must persevere! I will not lose them!

“What is the point in missing them?”

Living Buddha faintly opens his eyes and says, “Greed, anger, and sentiments are nothing but a moment of bewilderment in your eyes. Only by putting them down would you become buddha.”

“I do not wish to become a buddha!”

Liu Yi roars, “My life is not up to you!”

“The cause and effects have already been planted.”

Living Buddha continues and says, “I am only trying to save you.”

“I can handle my own matters. You think that you can lock me up like this?”

Liu Yi clenches his teeth and says, “No matter what, I will not give up any part of myself!”

“I will continue to work hard. Correcting you is my responsibility.”

Living Buddha and the surrounding lamas chant Buddhist scriptures together.

The shackles on Liu Yi became even firmer as the attack tempo of the four Wisdom King became even more ferocious!

For a moment, all kinds of seals flew all over the place exploding on Liu Yi.

Liu Yi bows over from the attack as he half squats on the ground.

To be honest, he is indeed almost unable to take it anymore.

His soul is being torn while his body is suffering huge pain!

{Big Idiot! Don’t lose to these lamas!}

Lin Tong’s voice rings out in Liu Yi’s ear.

Liu Yi trembles…right. No matter what, I will have Immortal Fox Sister accompanying me.

If I forget Immortal Fox Sister, forget Ai Ling, forget Murong Die, Wang Yuzheng and the rest of the girls…then what would happen to me?

Liu Yi is unable to imagine it!

No one can take away those that I love!

Even Buddha cannot!

Liu Yi roars as the sun tattoo on his back became clearer and clearer.

This golden sun tattoo symbolizes unyielding willpower which was created by Liu Yi’s Overwhelming Qi back then!

He stood up once again as golden light flickers in his eyes.

The shackles on his body slowly break one by one.

“So tenacious?”

Living Buddha frowns faintly, “He is a sentimental person. It looks like we must deepen the Buddhist Qi.”

The Buddhist scriptures he utter became clearer.

An enormous Buddha image broke through the cloud layer, emerging out from underneath and appears in front of Liu Yi.

It is only half a body and that enormous buddha is over a hundred meters tall.

The enormous buddha stretches out a palm and grabs hold of Liu Yi, scattering the shackles, capturing him in his hand.

“Back then Buddha punished that coarse monkey and used Mount Five Finger and kept him under it for 500 years. Then today I shall keep you under it for 300 years. For 300 years, you shall listen to Buddhist reading and wash away your evil desire!”

That enormous buddha uses his palm to press Liu Yi’s body down underneath him.

That palm suddenly transforms into an enormous mountain, over a few hundred meters tall and a hundred meters wide. Firmly suppressing Liu Yi!

Right now Liu Yi cannot stand up with his body being pressed down with this kind of large mountain.

Damn it…to play that same tricks like buddha…repulsive!

Does this Living Buddha think that he is Tathagata?

[TL: Tathagata is Buddha’s name for himself]

“Don’t struggle. You cant get up.”

Living Buddha looks at Liu Yi who is struggling and says, “Dharma is without boundary. Facing this boundless Dharma what can you do? Your strength is pitifully small in front of the boundless Dharma.”

“Although my individuality is insignificant the boundless universe is hidden inside my heart!”

Liu Yi roars and in front of Living Buddha’s stunned gaze, he stood up bit by bit as he raises the mountain with two hands.

The mountain keeps shaking. Liu Yi is like Vigorous God and finally raises the mountain with both hands and stand up in front of the crowd of lamas.

“I will decide on my own future!”

Liu Yi roars before tossing the mountain at a Wisdom King.

That Wisdom King was immediately smashed into pieces by the mountain and transformed into golden dots of light that scatter into the air.

“These buddhas are illusory it is your excessive expectations!”

Liu Yi stands there and looks at Living Buddha before saying, “This so-called becoming buddha is also your hopes! Put down greed, anger, and sentiment but your desire is so strong. How to become buddha? From what I see, the one who always wants to become buddha will never become buddha!”

“Heart to become buddha is a desire?”

Living Buddha trembles.

“That’s right! It is a desire!”

Liu Yi says loudly, “Although you say that you do not wish to become buddha but the fundamental reason for your teachings to living things is to hope that you can transform and become Buddha! All of this is caused by the desire to become a Buddha! Living Buddha, you can’t lie to yourself. This is your greed, anger, and sentiment!”

“My greed, anger and sentiments….”

Liu Yi’s words cause Living Buddha to think.

“So if I must put them down then you must first! As for me, I will never put it down!”

Liu Yi suddenly jumps into the air in front of one of the Wisdom King and slaps down on its forehead ruthlessly.

That Wisdom King immediately turned into broken pieces and disappears cleanly.

“Illusion Extermination!”

Liu Yi turns around and sends out a palm and destroys another Wisdom King.

The final Wisdom King roars a few times as its both hands keep hitting out enormous seals like a machine gun shooting them like rain at Liu Yi.

Liu Yi raises both hands and uses his palms to hit out palm images in front of him.

Finally, he takes advantage of the Wisdom King’s gap and his right-hand grasps the air!

An enormous Asura Arm flies out as the palm grabs hold of that Wisdom Kings head and crushed it.

The four Wisdom Kings all crumble apart in an instant.

“My time is very tight!”

Liu Yi says impolitely, “No time to waste here! If you do not let me out, then do not blame me for starting a slaughter!”

A fire-god sword appears in Liu Yi’s hands.

“Why are you being savage! You are looking down on my Tibetan Buddhism School!”

One of the lamas shouts, “Today there are so many of us, why would we be afraid of you!”

“That’s right. If we use all of our strength, with so many of us, we will stop him!”

“Give the command Living Buddha!”

“We had never been afraid of death!”

These lamas seem to have been angered.

“Amitayus Buddha. We have sinned…”

Unexpectedly Living Buddha lets out a long sigh, “Liu Yi what you say is right. My cultivation is still insufficient. Since the cause and effect cycle of the world has been foreordained then why should I obstruct? Wouldn’t it be spoiling karma.”

He waves his hand, “Today is my mistake. I represent Tibetan Buddhism School and apologize to you. But since you have chosen your path, you must assume responsibility for your future.”

“I will handle my own matters.”

Liu Yi says loudly, “There is no need for you to butt in.”

“Since that is the case, everyone disperses. I will let Liu Yi down the mountain.”

“Living Buddha, are we no longer fighting?”

“That’s right. Hadn’t you been preparing for this forever?”

The rest of the lamas ask not understanding what is going on.

“Amitayus Buddha!”

Living Buddha only clasps his palms together and sit down in lotus position and starts chanting Buddhist scriptures.

The rest of the lamas have no choice but to follow along and chant.

The originally spoilt door suddenly flies back and sticks in front of the hall perfectly fine.

Liu Yi walks over and pushes open the door with a single hand.

Outside, the pilgrims and pure white snow mountains re-appear in front of him.


Chapter 834  [Buddha obstructs kill buddha!]

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