MKW Chapter 833

Chapter 833  [Title below]


The lama speaks very politely.

“Motherfucking hell. Could it be that today I came here for nothing?”

The guy is very unhappy, “Let me pray! Today I must meet Living Buddha!”

The guy does not wish to make a trip for nothing and prepares to pull his unwilling lover to go and pray.

At this moment Liu Yi steps forward and says, “Please report that this humble Liu Yi wishes to meet Living Buddha.”


Seeing that it is Liu Yi, the woman instantly sneers, “The Living Buddha is not willing to meet my husband how would he be willing to meet you? Who do you think you are?”


Liu Yi laughs before placing his palms together and pays respect towards the hall before saying, “In front of Buddha, all living things are equal. Living things have their own fate with buddha. Regardless if you are an official, merchant, or even pig or dog. As long as you are fated with buddha, naturally, you will have the opportunity to become a buddha.”

“You are a pig and a dog!”

The woman can hear that Liu Yi is scolding her with his words. She immediately erupts with anger and wants to leap forward to grab hold of Liu Yi.

A lama step forward and chide, “In front of the hall, no one is allowed to impudent!”

This chide carries boundless Buddhist Qi!

The entire mountain seems to be echoing with his voice as pressure pushes down on that woman making her face turn pale.

“Damn it. How is this a place where you can make trouble! Be smart!”

The man hurriedly pulls his woman over and whispers fiercely into her ear, “Didn’t I say that we will deal with this fellow after descending? What are you being anxious about!”

The woman’s gaze is sluggish like she had turned foolish. For a while, she did not say anything.

The Buddhist qi jolted her soul thus she can’t wake up from it so quickly.

The guy pulls her and she obediently kneels as well.

The other lama closes his eyes like he is listening to something.

Very quickly, he opens his eyes and walks in front of Liu Yi, saying, “Living Buddha is inviting you in.”

Those pilgrims were very startled. This fellow just arrived and he was invited in?

Just how on earth does Living Buddha choose people!

“Thank you.”

Liu Yi returns the Buddhist etiquette before following the lama and walks in.

The door to the hall opens slowly revealing a small crack. A lot of pilgrims fall over each other in eagerness to look inside.

But this crack is not very big and inside also seems to be slightly dark thus those outside are unable to see anything.

This Living Buddha makes things too mysterious.

After Liu Yi entered the hall, that door closes with a rumble.

At that instant the door closes, cups of candle flame light up one after the other, brightening the room.

On the walls hang rolls of Buddhist drawing describing each and every Buddhist story.

This thing is classified as a cultural heritage which will definitely worth a sum of money if taken out to sell.

But these things are unable to attract Liu Yi. Currently, his sight lands on a lama sitting in the center of the room.

Instead of saying that he is a lama, why don’t you call him Living Buddha Panchen?

But this Living Buddha’s age…isn’t it too young y?

Liu Yi looks at that little bean sprout that does not look above 15 years old sitting in front of him, not knowing what to say.

Just as Liu Yi scowls, that little bean sprout finally speaks.

“Could it be that you can be confused by appearance as well?”

Although it is a young and tender voice, the words spoken are old and decrepit.

Liu Yi looks at the little boy Living Buddha and asks, “Living Buddha just reincarnated?”

“That’s right. That is why am a bit young. But the mind is already old and stubborn.”

Living Buddha, on the contrary, speaks somewhat lively, “Thus there is nothing to be surprised about.”

Liu Yi cannot hold back his curiosity and asks, “Does it feel good being a Living Buddha?”

“How could it be good?”

The young boy smiles faintly, “We practice asceticism of Dharma in order to be detached from the reincarnation of six realms. While I, am forever in the cycle of reincarnation. But giving up one’s body and bringing Dharma everywhere is my responsibility. If it can allow everyone to attain enlightenment, so what if I am in the cycle of reincarnation?”

Indeed a Living Buddha. This understanding is indeed very high.

Liu Yi cannot help but give two thumbs up in appreciation.

“Talking about this, you and my Tibetan Buddhism School have some relationship.”

The boy suddenly smiles with deep intentions, “You can also say that you are fated with my buddha.”

This fellow must have seen that I have the Luohan Golden Body inside my body!

If he doesn’t even have this bit of power then there is no need to call him Living Buddha.

“This…it is something that happened 1300 years ago…”

“That’s right. Although back then I did not see you, I can sense the aura of the golden body inside your body.”

Living Buddha nods his head, “But there is evil qi in your body suppressing that Buddhist nature. Amitayus Buddha. Too sinful.”

Liu Yi asked, “Could it be that Living Buddha plans to settle with me?”

“What account is there to settle?”

Living Buddha counter asks, “Since you had taken it, it means that you are fated to it. There is no account between us naturally there is nothing to settle.”

This Living Buddha is indeed magnanimous! Then there is nothing to be worried about.

“Living Buddha is indeed magnanimous. Dharma without boundary. Then let us talk about proper matters!”

As Liu Yi speaks, he takes out an invitation letter from his storage ring and placed on the table in front of Living Buddha, “Tibetan Buddhism School has countless experts. I believe there is no need for me to validate it through fighting with you. This is the invitation for the 5 Spirit Gathering which is on the 15th of the first month. It will be held at Raising Immortal Palace Hall. I hope that Tibetan Buddhism School will attend at that time.”

“Actually 5 Spirit Gathering does not affect my Tibetan Buddhism School a lot. But if those from the evil path had obtained this 5 spirit treasure, perhaps it will cause the people in the world to be a terrible situation.”

This old child! Clearly he wants to go but still finds a whole pile of reasons.

“Since that is the case then this one shall leave. It really is an honor to chat with Living Buddha and am very happy as well.”

Liu Yi gets up preparing to leave.

At this moment, the lights in the room suddenly became brighter, “It is still not time to leave, right?”

Liu Yi senses that something is wrong and frowns, “Living Buddha, what do you want to do?”

“Liu Yi, I am also doing it for your good.”

Living Buddha who is sitting in a lotus position floats up from the ground and retreats a few steps and says faintly, “There is Mara in your heart. I must help you clear it. This is my duty as well as my School’s duty.”

“What a joke! How is there any relationship between what is in my heart and Tibetan Buddhism School?”

Anger instantly rises from his heart, could it be that these lamas like to meddle in other people’s stuff?

“Of course it is related. You are fated with my buddha. This is the relationship.”

“Furthermore, this will affect all living beings in the world. Only by getting rid of your Mara, can this one save this world from calamity. Otherwise, from now on, people will be in a terrible situation.”

“What my future is like is not what you can decide!”

Liu Yi says directly, “If you stop me, I do not mind causing havoc to get out.”

“If you do not believe, I can let you see.”

Living Buddha’s figure suddenly appears in front of Liu Yi. Sticking very close to Liu Yi, making him feel that this is the prelude to gay sex.

Could it be that after reincarnating a few times, his sexual orientation has some problems?

“I have seen your future…”

As Living Buddha speaks, his two fingers tap on Liu Yi’s forehead.

Liu Yi got a huge shock and thought that this Living Buddha wants to plot against him.

But who would have imagined that this sight turns bright and like watching a 3D movie, he instantly sees another scenery?

The sky and earth are all red as flames cover every single spot.

People are escaping in all directions and blood and corpses cover the ground.

A guy with nine suns behind his back stands straight in the sky as rows of swords float around him.

Below him is countless Netherworld Ghost Soldiers conquering the earth.

A cloud layer appears in the sky as countless of immortals fly down from the cloud and charge at that guy.

As for that guy, he just whips with his palm and those cultivators were wiped from the sky as if they had never existed before.

This fantasy flashes past and when Liu Yi raises his head, he realises that he is still standing within that room.

Living Buddha is floating in front of him and says, “Do you see this. This is your future.”

“How do you know that this is the future me?”

Liu Yi does not believe that Living Buddha is saying, “I am a youngster who abides by the law.”

“This is one of the possibilities of your future.”

Living Buddha says, “Although it is only one of the possibilities, it will also threaten all living beings in the world! For the living beings in the world, my buddha must clear all of the Mara in your thoughts! Thus from now on, you shall be a vegetarian and pray to buddha daily. Listen to me lecturing the scripture and let the Buddhist qi wash your soul! So long as 300 years have passed, your evil thoughts will all be eradicated and at that time, with your cultivation and comprehension, you might grasp the buddha opportunity and from there reach the top of Sukhavati and become one of the buddhas.”

“A mouthful of virtues!”

Liu Yi knit his brows, “My future, is not up to you!”

He turns around and slaps at the door behind him.


That door is only created with ordinary iron. Thus how can it withstand this palm of Liu Yi and instantly flies out.

But when Liu Yi jumps out, he got a huge shock as those pilgrims outside had all disappeared and that enormous mountain range had also disappeared!

In front of Liu Yi is boundless clouds while behind him is that hall which door was destroyed.

“Welcome to the real Tibetan Buddhism School.”

Living Buddha who is sitting in the hall smiles.


Liu Yi immediately slaps downwards with Broken Army, attempting to break this cloud layer.

But this cloud layer which looks soft is even firmer than diamond. Under this palm, the cloud layer did not move but Liu Yi’s palm is in pain.

“This is Tibetan Buddhism School’s Sukhavati. Without my permission, you will not leave.”

Living Buddha says faintly, “It is better for you to stay and listen to my chant.”

“I don’t believe you.”

Liu Yi does not believe that there are places that cannot exit.

He leaps up and plans to fly in a single direction to exit.

At this moment, four enormous Wisdom King Real Bodies suddenly appear in Liu Yi’s four directions.

They drill out from the cloud layer, exposing their upper bodies and glare at Liu Yi like tigers watching their prey.


Chapter 833  [Captivity]

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  1. The Panchen Lama is the second most important person in Tibetan buddhism after the Dalai Lama. Some years ago the Chinese government chose a Panchen Lama that wasn’t recognized by the Dalai Lama. Meanwhile the Panchen Lama chosen by the Dalai Lama was kidnapped with his family by the Chinese government.

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