MKW Chapter 832

Chapter 832  [Title below]

One of the most annoying chapters that I had to translate…


Treasure Wheel Temple is the largest temple in China’s western part region. This temple had successfully carried on the Tibetan Buddhism culture and every year, there will be a lot of tourists who came here to worship and it is considered as quite bustling.

At this moment, Liu Yi is standing in front of this enormous Treasure Wheel Temple and cannot help but to feel rueful.

After 1300 years, this place had indeed changed.

Recalling 1300 years ago, Little Lass had stolen the Luohan Golden Body from here and perhaps now, it should be called Wisdom King Real Body.

There are a lot of different Buddhist branches. And they are different based on the world limit. And should be either Mahayana or Hinayana. Back then when Tang Xuanzang went to the west in a quest for Buddhist scriptures, it introduced Mahayana Buddhism to China.

While in China, Buddhism is divided into ten schools. Which are, Satyasiddhi school of Buddhism, Kusha-shu, Sexual School, Mutual School, Tiantai school of Buddhism, Virtuous First School, Zen Buddhism, Pure Land Buddhism, Law School, Tantric Buddhism. The one leading Buddhism in China is Zen Buddhism. Begin with Bodhidharma and started flourishing under the sixth ancestor Huineng.

[TL: Huineng is the the 6th Patriarch of Chan Buddhism.]

Thus if you see a monk begging for alms from you on the streets or selling protective talisman and the likes to you, they are fake. because begging for alms is part of Hinayana Buddhism. Mahayana Buddhism, especially Zen Buddhism does not advocate begging for alms, instead, it is self-reliance.

While back then the Tantric Buddhism School had only started differentiating themselves and had not broken away from Zen Buddhism influence.

But from the looks of it now, Tantric Buddhism seems to have orderly ‘transformed into ‘Tantric Buddhism’, becoming the Living Buddha and lama’s holy land.

Tibetan Buddhism School is also different from other inner pavilion sects. The current Tibetan Buddhism School is open to the foreigners!

They welcome the Buddhist disciples to make a pilgrimage. Occasionally Living Buddha lama would also come out to bless those pilgrims. They are no different from other ordinary temples.

Liu Yi does understand this point. After all, Buddhism no matter which school, its teachings is inseparable to the general living things. If the lamas seal up Tibetan Buddhism School, then they are violating the Buddhism teachings and will never comprehend the real dharma.

This Treasure Wheel Temple is splendid. Furthermore, it is well known. There are rumors that the local government is energetically helping the temple in development.

The temple almost covers an entire large mountain, majestic and spectacular.

There are also 14 enormous golden pillars erected behind the temple. Flying Apsara, Sakyamuni and also Wisdom King were carved on the pillars.

Liu Yi activates his Reality Eyes and instantly sees through the real image of the 14 pillars.

It is 14 large Golden Luohan…ah wrong, it should all Wisdom King bodies towering there as their Buddhist qi spills over the entire temple.

For a moment, Liu Yi was infatuated looking at them as Buddhist chant from the Wisdom King seems to sound in his ear.

Originally there should be 18 Golden Luohan but now there’s four missing. Three of them were taken away by me, Little Lass as well as Wine Sword Immortal. It seems like Xueluo had also taken one for Wuli.

“Can we really see Living Buddha in this place?”

“Of course. I heard that Living Buddha is very efficacious. We have came here from very far away just to meet him!”

From the side came two non-harmonious voices. Liu Yi turns around and takes a look to see a pair of lovers leaning on the steps as they walk deep into the temple.

The two of them are accustomed to living like royalty. After walking a few flights of steps they are panting and sweating.

“Huhu…just what is there about this living buddha!”

The girl grumbled as she pants, “Running over to this place where birds don’t even shit, why don’t I watch tv at home!”

“What do you know!”

The boy is clearly is more powerful than the girl, “This year I opened a new business. I must get the living buddha to help me! You only know to watch those moronic dramas. How can those broken acts compare to the living buddha! Do you know how hard it is to meet the living buddha? A lot of people can’t see him even after spending a lot of money!”

“Anyways I do not wish to see him…”


The guy gives that well dressed beautiful girl a backhand slap, “Shut up! If you argue again then fuck off!”

The girl covers her face and appears like she was wronged but does not dare to say anything.

Liu Yi shakes his head and no longer looks at them. He continues to stroll onwards along the flight of steps upwards.

This flight of steps is very long and very steep. It indeed requires effort for ordinary people to climb up.

What makes Liu Yi admire are those pilgrims. On such a difficult to travel flight of steps, they pray every three steps as they walk up! This pious nature is worthy of respect.

In front of him are a few pilgrims which makes Liu Yi secretly give them a thumbs up.

Because these pilgrims are quite old, when one of the old men suddenly sprains his body and staggers, he falls down!

Behind him is that girl. Seeing that old man falling down, she exclaims before dodging to the side.

The old man continues to fall down attracting lots of startled cries.

If he continues to fall down, perhaps he might fall to his death!

But at this imminent peril, Liu Yi had appeared a few flights underneath and catches the old man.

The old man is covered in cold sweat in shock. If it was not for this junior catching me, perhaps today I would have fallen and turned into minced meat, meeting buddha!

“Thank you little brother!”

“This junior is really amazing!”

The old man’s companions gather over and thank Liu Yi.

“You’re welcome.”

Just now Liu Yi had used his qi to probe the old man’s body before smiling and says, “This old man’s blood pressure was on the low side as well as some acute mountain sickness. Although being pious is very good but when worshiping don’t stand up too quickly otherwise your blood will not be able to keep up and might cause you to faint.”

“Thank you…thank you very much…”

The old man was also frightened by what happened but afterward, he was happy as he becomes very thankful to Liu Yi.

“Don’t mention it. It is just a slight effort. Let us continue making our way up then.”

Proper business is important. Liu Yi and these people exchanges pleasantries before preparing to continue their climb.

At this moment, that girl shouts, “Old thing! What are you joking about! Do you think that everything will be fine after knocking into me?!”

“This, this…I did not do it on purpose…”

The old man is startled. Seeing that girl is dressed quite well, it seems like she cannot be provoked.

“Aren’t you just an old thing. Could it be that you still want him to pay money?”

The man says impatiently, “You see how tattered he looks, how does he looks like he has money. Hurry and chase him away.”

“Oi, do you have a heart or not! Your woman got bullied and you say this?”

“Stop muddling around and hurry up!”

The guy’s temperament is not good.

The girl’s anger has nowhere to vent and can only vent on that old man.

“Damn it hurry up and apologize to me! I am in a hurry!”

Liu Yi frowns. This request is too much. Furthermore, this old man didn’t do it on purpose.

“This, this is bullying!”

“That’s right. That’s right. How can you be like this in front of buddha!”

“What kind of person is this!”

These pilgrims start criticizing.

But that woman does not care about the others. She grabs hold of that old man’s clothing, “If you do not apologize then you can forget about leaving.”

“Are you done?”

Liu Yi stretches out his hand and pats lightly. Instantly that girl feels a huge strength exerting on her wrist, flicking away her hand.

“You dare to touch me! Do you know who my husband is! Do you believe he will chop off your hand!”

“Shut up!”

The man pulls the woman over and berates, “Hurry and follow me to worship! So much nonsense!”

The man says in his heart, damn it, nearly had my identity exposed!

This time around I am here to worship not to cause trouble!

“Are you sick? Your woman got bullied!”

The woman grinds her teeth angrily.

“What are you being anxious about!”

The man says softly and chides the woman, “It wouldn’t be too late to take care of him after he leaves the mountain!”

“Hmph, it seems you have some heart!”

Only then did the woman nod her head happily and follows the man to climb up.

The pilgrim’s mutter. 

“Alas…the current morals of time ah…”

“Hope that buddha is able to show himself and save these people, sweeping away their sins”

The old man thanks Liu Yi again before following the rest of the pilgrims and walks up.

Liu Yi is not a Buddhist thus he does not need to follow the praying every three steps method.

His physical strength is also boundless. This kind of flight of steps does not pose a problem for him. But Liu Yi is not hasty. He continues to stroll along with the crowd as he continues to move upwards.

That pair of lovers are walking in front of Liu Yi. Liu Yi can see that that guy’s physical strength seems to be quite good. After walking for so long he did rest while his woman is covered in sweat.

This flight of stairs is called Scaling Heaven Stairs which leads directly to the tallest peak, the tallest main hall.

Living Buddha lama lives there which is the place closest to buddha.

As they continue to walk up, they climbed for two and a half hours before they reached that tallest main hall.

The door to the main hall is tightly closed while two lamas in red are standing in front of it.

Liu Yi can that the two of them are cultivators. In such a high mountain covered in snow and ice, the two of them expose their top half which cannot be done by normal people.

Not anyone can see the Living Buddha. Otherwise wouldn’t he be tired to death?

Normally those who climb up to the peak can only pray towards the main hall from the outside.

They can only passively wait for Living Buddha. If Living Buddha feels that someone is brought together by fate by Buddha, he will call him to enter.

At this time, there are a lot of people paying respect at the top of the peak waiting for Living Buddha to call them in.

Liu Yi and that pair of lovers had also climbed up. The man is pulling his woman and shout towards the lama in front of the door, “Hey, I want to meet your Panchen Living Buddha!”

“Apologies, Living Buddha does not lightly meet people.”

The lama does a Buddhist etiquette before saying, “If you wish to meet Living Buddha, then pray here. Perhaps if you are fated, you can meet him.”

“Then who can say that it will happen!.”

That man sneers, “Say it. How much money do you want? I shall donate to you. Let me meet Living Buddha!”

“Really sorry. Our Treasure Wheel Temple does not accept incense burning.”

“Damn it! This is the first time I heard that there is a temple that does not want incense money!”

The guy is resentful.

“Really sorry. It is better for you to pray.”


Chapter 832  [Pilgrim]

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