MKW Chapter 831

Chapter 831  [Title below]


“Not possible…not possible…”

Although all of the black clouds were scattered, Sea Ghost Emperor is still not dead.

It seems like he did not release all of his soul earlier and still retained a bit inside his body.

But he was nevertheless heavily injured as seen from the white smoke that is coming out from his mouth and nose. This is the sign of his soul slowly dissipating.

“ is it possible for..this emperor…this emperor to lose to you… dregs…”

Sea Ghost Emperor staggers a few steps before standing there and is unable to control the dissipating of his soul.

“Looks like the one who is going to die is you.”

Liu Yi keeps his six god swords and stands in his spot as he looks at the weak Sea Ghost Emperor in front of him.

“This is not possible…this emperor’s cultivation is so powerful…this emperor is a supreme ruler…how, how is it possible for this emperor to die in the hands of you, dregs…”

“You did not lose to us. You lost to yourself.”

Liu Yi sticks his hands into his pockets, “In your world, there is only yourself. Thus you were unable to see how powerful your enemies were.”

“Are you preaching to this emperor?”

Sea Ghost Emperor suddenly sneers, “It is still not your turn. Little kid, you are nothing! You have no idea how powerful Qin Imperial Palace is! Sooner or later Qin Imperial Palace will take revenge on you.”

“There already exists a lot of hatred between me and Qin Imperial Palace. There is no lack of this.” Liu Yi sneers, “Did you think that Qin Imperial Palace is friendly with me? Sooner or later, we will fight.”

“Hahahaha, when you face Emperor Qin, you will know! You killing this emperor will only release a more powerful beast!”

“What do you mean?”

Liu Yi frowns. What does he mean?

“Soon you will know…but at that time, you will die…”

“What the fuck. If you want to die wait till you have finished speaking!”

Liu Yi steps forward and tries to grab the Sea Ghost Emperor.

But Sea Ghost Emperor’s soul had dissipated. A wooden tile drops from his body.

Sea Ghost Emperor had died making the surrounding slaves cheer in delight.

The cultivators also sob, unable to say anything as they did not expect that Sea Ghost Emperor was defeated and that they can finally be free!

At this moment Liu Yi stretches out his hand and picks up the wooden tile from the ground.

On top of it, ‘Ninth’ was carved in ancient character which was within his expectations.

{Yet another one of the Ten Heavenly Stems hax died. Furthermore, this time around, it seems as if he had utterly died.}

Lin Tong sits on Liu Yi’s right shoulder and says, {For the remaining seven people, let us slowly kill them all!}

{I am quite concerned about what the Sea Ghost Emperor said. He died too quickly!}

Liu Yi sighs before keeping that tile inside his storage bag.

At this moment, from the sculptures of the cultivators, dots of blue small starlight starts to float into the sky.

“We are free!”

“Finally going to be free, hahahaha!”

When the starlight completely disperses, the cultivators walk out of the sculptures.

“Did not think that there will come a day where I could finally be liberated…”

The sect head also walks out. Liu Yi takes a look and instantly shivers.

Good fellow! It is a middle-aged uncle with a large beard!

I thought that he would be a handsome fellow! But it is the cultivation world t, there are all kinds of people.

“Little brother…we are forever thankful to you…I do not know how I could thank you…”

That wretched-looking uncle walks forward and says thankfully, “After being trapped for over a thousand years…I nearly went mad! I thought that no one would save us and did not expect that we would be saved..this is not a dream! How should Fengdu City thank you!”

“There is no need to thank me. In the future, just resist Qin Imperial Palace along with me.”


The wretched uncle coughs.

“Don’t tell me you are starting to regret so quickly?”

Liu Yi looks at him sideways, “Is it a bit too quick. Just came out from prison and already forgot me?”

“Ah, how could that be…”

The wretched uncle laughs, “It is just that Qin Imperial Palace is a bit too formidable. Our forefathers also ran over to this neither human nor ghost place to escape from the Qin Imperial Palace. Right now if you want us to fight against Qin Imperial Palace again…more or less there will be some hesitation.”

“It is not only Fengdu City fighting against Qin Imperial Palace. We still have other allies.”

“What other allies are there?”

“This…currently, there is only Kunlun Mountain, but there will be more in the future.”

One of the disciples by the side walks over and cups his hands and says, “Sect head. No matter what, it is also benefactor who saved us. Furthermore, if Qin Imperial Palace really reviveS, they will not let us off.”

“A war against Qin Imperial Palace is just a matter of time. Thus establishing an alliance is expected.”

Sect head starts to pretend to be naive and distracted, “This is also true…but, I am still apprehensive…after being trapped for over a thousand years, my entire person is absent-minded…”

“Sect head….”

The disciples were also unable to do anything.

“Since Fengdu City is unwilling, then I will also not insist.”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders, “At that time when we fight against Emperor Qin, if we were defeated, I will tell him the method to enter Fengdu City.”


The wretched uncle instantly shivers, fuck this proposal…this is too despicable!

But he does not have any method to resist. After all, this fellow is the person who had killed Sea Ghost Emperor!

“I suddenly feel that it is best for everyone to work together to fight against Emperor Qin!”

The wretched uncle quickly changes his tune, “Following what little brother says is perhaps the best choice, hahaha…”

Reaching the end, it is a peal of forced laughter. Liu Yi cannot be bothered to pay attention to him. Clearly an opportunist!

If he relies on them to defeat Emperor Qin, Liu Yi would rather go and look for the police to help.

“I am also not inclined to fight against you. This is the invitation letter for the 5 Spirit Gathering. It is on the 15 of this month. At that time, you guys need to remember to take part.”

Liu Yi stuffed the invitation letter into the wretched uncle’s hands.

“Little brother is not going to stay a few days in my Fengdu City?”

The old man points at himself and says, “I still have not introduced myself. I am the Fengdu City’s Sect Head, Tao Cheng. With great difficulty, I was rescued by you. How can I not let you to rest for a few days? Let us display the friendship of the landlord, right?”

“Forget it. I’d rather not stay. You guys better use the time to settle the problem of these wandering ghosts.”

Liu Yi withdraws his Sky Flipping Seal and lets those wandering ghosts walkout.

“For these wandering ghosts, we intend to arrange for them to reincarnate. For those that do not wish to, we will let them live in Fengdu City.”

Sect Head Tao Cheng looks at the huge number of wandering ghosts and sucks in cold air, “During these thousand years…the population had increased sharply…”

“Brother Dapo, I am grateful to you…”

At this moment Sun Chenqing pulls his girlfriend Huang Yixin over and stands in front of Liu Yi thanking him.

“If it was not for you, perhaps the two of us would have been slaves forever…”

“That’s right…you are our benefactor…”

The two of them give Liu Yi their thanks.

“There is no need to thank. After all, we are brothers.”

Liu Yi pats Sun Qingchen on the shoulder, “So what’s your plan for the future?”

“Me and Xinxin plan to stay in Fengdu City.”

Sun Qingchen smiles, “As long as Xinxin is around, I will be happy anywhere.”

His words cause Huang Yixin who is by his side to become grateful.

“You guys are too sweet. I still have tasks to do so I cannot accompany you anymore.”

Sect Head Guo Chen continues to ask, “Little brother. Are you really not going to stay a few days?”

“No need. I still need to make a trip to Secret Religion, White Cloth Sect, and the Ruyi Sect. I do not have much time.”

The other point is that Fengdu City is crawling with demons and monsters, there is no reason to stay.

“Fine then. Since that is the case then I shall not insist. But in the future, if little brother has anything that you need help with, you just need to ask! My Fengdu City will not shirk without dishonor and do our best to help you.”

“Then I shall thank you.”

Liu Yi cups his hand. Saying good-bye to Sun Qingchen and the rest, he walks out of Fengdu City.

I stayed here for a long time. It ought to be time to change the environment.

The next one is Secret Sect. It seems like this Buddhist sect and I have some relationship…after all, 1300 years ago, the little lass had stolen the golden body from their place and gave it to me to use.

More or less…meeting them will a bit awkward.

But Liu Yi does not have any other choice. After all, he needs to go there.

Hope that these monks are agreeable!

After 1300 years, I don’t know how much this place changed 

I hope that they will be fair and reasonable!

Meng Xi follows Liu Yi. Seeing Liu Yi walking out from Fengdu City, she asks, {Benefactor, where are we going next?}

{Going to a place without any women.}

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders. First go to a monk temple then Womanland, this is the best arrangement.

{Oh, that must be Secret Sect then!}

Meng Xi laughs, {That is great. The illusion barrier there is easy to deal with! }

{Hope so.}

The future is hard to forecast and even Liu Y has no clue.

{Right benefactor…just now when that Sea Ghost Emperor died, something had fallen and this servant picked it up.}

{Is that so? What is it?}

{It is this!}

An arm emerges out from Liu Yi’s hair, in front of him.

What the fuck, can you not do this everytime!

At this moment the hand is holding a ring that attracted Liu Yi’s attention.

Netherworld Ghost Ring?

What the heck! This is a good thing!

Liu Yi receives the ring and holds it in his hand.

Holding the ring in his hand, he can feel a surge of chilly which also carries a trace of ghost qi.

This is a good thing. Inside are the Netherworld Soldiers!

With this thing, fighting against Emperor Qin, fighting against my enemies will be even easier!

Liu Yi accepted this Nether Ghost Ring with clear conscious. Just treat it as my spiritual damage fee that Sea Ghost Emperor is giving me!


Chapter 831  [Good Stuff!]

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