MKW Chapter 830

Chapter 830  [Title below]


Even the Sea Ghost Emperor is also startled. He could never have imagined that the Martial God Image that he had created would move on its own!

That Martial God Image is flashing out golden radiance. Without the towing of the millstone, how can it move!

It raises its arms before pounding its chest like king kong.

The heavy pounding sound spreads out from the plaza to the surrounding.

“What is this situation!”

Sea Ghost Emperor cant understand. I lost control of the Martial God Image?!

While Sea Ghost Emperor was in shock, the Martial God Image suddenly raises its leg and stomps the ground fiercely.

Instantly a crack appears on the ground which extends under Sea Ghost Emperor’s throne.


The dragon throne instantly falls between the crack while Sea Ghost Emperor jumps into the sky holding that enormous moonlight sword.

“Could it be that you are still not dead?! It doesn’t matter how, now go and die for this emperor!”

Sea Ghost Emperor roars as the moonlight sword in his hand chops at the enormous Martial God Image.

The Martial God Image raises its right hand and uses its arm to block this chop.

That enormous moonlight sword cant chop through the Martial God Image.

“Damn it! This emperor crafted the Martial God Image too hard!”

Sea Ghost Emperor is so mad that his teeth ache, “You stinky brat. Do you think that you will be fine if you hide inside? Don’t be this way! You have only just got to know of this emperor’s ability!”

As he speaks, he waved his hand as the black clouds in the sky form an array. Following which black ghosts descend from the sky and lands on the ground before following Sea Ghost Emperor’s order and push the millstone.

The remaining 107 Martial God Images start moving before walking in front of that largest Martial God Image and start punching it.


While that largest one became even more agile as it raises its fist and smashed the head of the closest Martial God Image.

Although both are Martial God Image the largest one is clearly more sturdy and stronger.

It was like being possessed by a warrior. All of its attacks were vicious and fatal.

The Martial God Images by its sides ever all strike down and none can get close.

It even grabs a Martial God Image and raises it up before throwing it at Sea Ghost Emperor.

That few hundred meters tall Martial God Image was used like a concealed weapon and tossed over. The might behind it is very terrible.

“Fuck this! You think that this emperor is afraid of you?”

Sea Ghost Emperor roars as he uses Moon Dream Sutra with both hands and freezes that Martial God Image in midair.

That few hundred meters tall Martial God Image was held in the air.


Sea Ghost Emperor pushes with both hands as that Martial God Image was sent flying at that largest Martial God Image.

While that out of control Martial God Image enters a lunge position and rams forward with its shoulder.

That few hundred meters tall Martial God Image was knocked flying away, smashing into the ground far away like a nuclear weapon had exploded. It causes a huge dust cloud to rise towards the sky.

Sea Ghost Emperor’s heart is very astonished. That guy can control the Martial God Image in this

“Scram for this emperor!”

Sea Ghost Emperor dispersed the surrounding Martial God Image before raising his hands.

A beam of moonlight instantly descends from the sky and shines on the largest Martial God Image.

The Martial God Image instantly kneels down and stops moving.

“Hahahaha! Do you think that you had won? This emperor’s Luminous Moon Overhead can injure you!”

“Injure who?”

A ridiculing voice asks from behind Sea Ghost Emperor.

Sea Ghost Emperor turns around in shock to see Liu Yi standing behind him with his arms crossed as he floats in the sky.

“You seem to be looking at the wrong target?”

“How is that possible!”

Sea Ghost Emperor is confused. “This emperor sealed you inside the Martial God Image! If it was not you, then who is controlling the Martial God Image!”

Although Sea Ghost Emperor knows about the matter regarding the gods he does not know about the matter regarding the Heavenly Dragon King.

He has never seen the Fog Qi technique.

Liu Yi had precisely used this Fog Qi to control that largest Martial God Image to attack. While for himself, he takes the opportunity to go to the back of Sea Ghost Emperor.

“How dare you mock this Emperor! Today this Emperor wants you to die!”

“You have no chance.”

Liu Yi’s body suddenly shines with savage light as he instantly appears in front of Sea Ghost Emperor.


Sea Ghost Emperor grabs the moonlight sword with both hands and chops down at Liu Yi.

“Army Destruction!”

Liu Yi prepares to destroy the sword with a single palm move. Taking advantage of this, he moves in front of Sea Ghost Emperor while his other hand is holding a fire god sword which he stabs into Sea Ghost Emperor’s stomach.


Sea Ghost Emperor was skewered by Liu Yi’s fire-god sword. His eyes widen as he is in slight disbelief.

“Your cultivation is below me…how is it possible for you to harm this emperor…”

“That’s right. My cultivation might be below yours.”

Liu Yi holds the fire god sword as he nods his head and says, “But your self-confidence and arrogance have destroyed yourself.”


Sea Ghost Emperor roars, “Since that is the cause then this emperor shall let you know my power! Do you think that this emperor only has this much strength? Let me tell you, this is nothing but a corner of this emperor’s strength!”

Sea Ghost Emperor roars as Moon Dream Sutra exploded from his mouth which sends Liu Yi flying far away.

“It is you who is asking for it! Don’t blame this emperor for being impolite!”

Sea Ghost Emperor suddenly opens his mouth and breathed out a stream of black smoke.

The surrounding Martial God Images also open their mouth and breathe out streams of black smoke from their mouth into the sky.

The black smoke in the sky gathers together and forms an enormous black cloud.

The black cloud swiftly forms the shape of a human face and opens its mouth as it keeps roaring.

“This emperor wants you to die!”

Liu Yi stares at the sky in shock, this damn old ghost’s cultivation has become even deeper!

Right now he is at the peak of 25 starjades!

Are you fucking serious! Don’t want people to live anymore?

This fucking promotion is like playing games, are you trolling me?!

{Liu Yi, what should we do now?}

{Benefactor why don’t I help you!}

Lin Tong and Meng Xi are standing on both sides of Liu Yi’s shoulders.

{No need. Leave it to me.}

As Liu Yi speaks, he takes a deep breath.

Qi flies out from his sun jades and revolves around his entire body.

Both his eyes had turned completely golden as the nine spinning suns behind his back turn brighter and brighter.

His black clothing had turned completely golden as a sun tattoo appears on it.

The sun tattoo on Liu Yi’s back also became even more eye-catching and is almost shining through his clothing.

“God Sword Protecting Body!”

He casts his most powerful technique and summoned out six god swords which all points at the sky.

“Relying on these 6 broken swords and you want to defeat this emperor?”

Sea Ghost Emperor laughs loudly as the black cloud keeps trembling.

A powerful pressure came down from the sky pressing down on Liu Yi.

“It does not matter if it is possible. I will try it.”

Liu Yi stubbornly smiles, “As luck would have it, I still believe that evil will never win against good.”

“Go to hell and continue to play dumb!”

The black face in the sky opened its mouth as black rays of lights gather in front of its mouth.

Very quickly an enormous black circle ball appears in front of its mouth like it will explode any moment.

Liu Yi keeps doing his best to absorb power and gathers all of them into the six god swords.

Three fire god swords, one Charm Fox Sword, one Xiao Taiji and one Through Heaven Sword!

The fourth fire-god sword is about to be completed but it is still not the crucial moment.

In a spurt of energy, Liu Yi pushes out the six god swords.

Sea Ghost Emperor also condenses his strength as a black beam of light split through the clouds and falls down to blast Liu Yi into dust!

While the six god swords move up first and black the black beam of light.

But Liu Yi’s god swords seem to be unable to block and start to retreat again and again.

“What to do, Dapo seems to be unable to withstand it…”

“Looks like this fellow is still unable to fight back…”

“Just…who can defeat the Sea Ghost Emperor?”

Everyone starts to become worried but there is still a faint hope. Hope that Liu Yi might win.

“Benefactor, this servant is coming to help you!”

Meng Xi flies out and transforms into her human form before sending her qi into Liu Yi’s god swords.

“This miss as well!”

Lin Tong also flies out and transforms into her human form and adds her qi in as well.

Although the power that the two girls are meager it make Liu Yi feel warm.

“You think that you will win like this? This emperor shall blast all of you until nothing is left!”

The voice rings out above the plaza. Liu Yi is unable to understand. Clearly, this damn thing is shooting with its mouth.. and is spraying out light, how can it speak.

Although there is the help of the two girls, the black beam still continues to push down causing the six god swords to continue to fall.

“Can we help as well?”

“We are ghosts…it seems like we can also contribute a bit of strength…”

“Why don’t we give it a try!”

Sun Qingchen raises both his hands up and tries to release a bit of his ghost qi.

Indeed a little bit of white light split out and enters the god sword formation.

“It seems like it works! Let us do it as well!”

“Right, let us all help!”

More and more people raise their hands and release their strength helping Liu Yi.

Rows of white light fly out from all directions, slowly increasing, slowly becoming stronger.

In a blink of an eye, the sky of the plaza is all white like the sky had been pulled in.

All of these rays of lights enter the god sword formation. Instantly the six god swords turn even more splendid and slice the black beam apart and start moving up.


The face in the sky became shocked as its eyes widen.

“It is you who looked down on an ordinary person’s strength.”

Liu Yi urges the god swords toward the face. “Sea Ghost Emperor. You have lost!”

The six god swords instantly break the human face of Sea Ghost Emperor making all of the black clouds dissipate!


Chapter 830  [Rebel battle]

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