MKW Chapter 829

Chapter 829  [Title below]


As Sea Ghost Emperor speaks, he tosses his moonlight sword high up into the sky!

That moonlight sword instantly rises very high up before releasing eye-catching radiance.

“Luminous Moon Overhead!”

That moonlight sword starts warping its shape and is like a moon hanging in the sky.

The entire Fengdu City turns bright due to the moonlight.

Liu Yi raises his head and looks at that luminous moon. He does not know why but he was somewhat spellbound.

That moonlight seems to be projecting Immortal Fox Sister’s face.

The entire world seems to no longer exist only leaving that beautiful smiling face.

Alas, when Immortal Fox Sister smiles, she is pretty.

He cannot help but think of the first time he saw Immortal Fox Sister. It was at a bus stop and I had thought that she was being molested and dim-witted, went up to help her. After which my essence was sucked away by Immortal Fox Sister and I stepped into the path of cultivation.

Thinking about it, it is mystical. Fate makes me loathe and like it.

Just as Liu Yi is thinking of random stuff, the moonlight suddenly descends from the sky and shines on Liu Yi.

At that instant, Liu Yi’s body starts burning up as blue netherworld flames envelop his body and even burn his soul!

This causes Liu Yi to feel extreme pain. His body burning is one thing but his soul burning is the real pain.

He kneels on the ground trembling in pain.

Did not expect that Sea Ghost Emperor was hiding such a powerful move!

“Hahahaha, now you know this emperor’s might!”

Seeing Liu Yi who is kneeling there, Sea Ghost Emperor laughs in delight, “This is what happens when you provoke this emperor! Little fellow, this emperor does not care who you are. Today you are going to die!”

He spreads open his hands and releases even more qi.

The moonlight falling from the sky becomes even thicker shining on Liu Yi making the flame burning on Liu Yi even vigorously.

“If it was an ordinary person, after receiving this emperor’s Luminous Moon Overhead, they would have burned to death.”

Sea Ghost Emperor continues to release his qi and then says, “Looks like your soul is rather strong. Why don’t I also imprison you inside the Martial God Image and absorb your strength? This way this emperor will become even stronger!”

“Dream on!”

Liu Yi props up his body as he gets up.

“You think you can overwhelm me with this move?”

The sun tattoo behind his back becomes brighter and brighter as the golden light in his eyes stronger.

A golden splendor was also draped over his body like he is wearing golden battle armor.

When that moonlight shines on his body, Liu Yi is still upright.

“Not possible! After receiving my moonlight shining on you, you can persevere! Unbelievable!”

Liu Yi keeps receiving the Sea Ghost Emperor’s shining. Even though he is staking all of his strength, but he is unable to resist the pain his soul is receiving and finally fainted.

“I am more and more interested in you.”

Sea Ghost Emperor stretches out his hand and grabs the air and pulls Liu Yi up before holding him in his hands.

“I can let those slaves take a look that is the result of resisting this emperor!”

He grabs Liu Yi and flies swiftly as fast as lightning and returns to the plaza.

“Ah! Big Brother Dapo!”

When Sun Qingchen inside the Sky Flipping Seal saw Liu Yi being captured by the Sea Ghost Emperor, he exclaims in worry.

“Finished…in the end, he was still defeated…”

“That’s right. In the end, we are still unable to be saved…”

“No one can defeat the Sea Ghost Emperor…who asked this kid not to listen to use. Isn’t it good if he had obediently gone to find Ghost King Palace?”

The cultivators cannot help but sigh while some ridicule.

The slaves also shouted miserably as they no longer see hope.

Sea Ghost Emperor sits on his dragon throne and tosses Liu Yi’s body on the ground.

Sea Ghost Emperor points at the people present and says, “You guys have also seen. This is the end result of disobeying this emperor! In this world, there is no one who can defeat me. You, are all this emperor’s slaves understood?”

“Finished…this time we’re finished..”

“Who else can save us…”

Weeping sounds came from all over the place.

“Shut up!”

Sea Ghost Emperor roars, “Still not kneeling!”

Sea Ghost Emperor’s roar causes the slaves to instantly kneel.

Sea Ghost Emperor turns around and says coldly to the cultivators, “Soon he will also be the same as you guys, entering Martial God Image and becomes this emperor’s nourishment!”

“You think that someone will save you guys? In the end, all of you are losers and useless slaves!”

What Sea Ghost Emperor said makes the cultivators despair.

“Face your life. This is your fate!”

Sea Ghost Emperor laughs as he stretches out his hand and uses Moon Dream Sutra and raises Liu Yi high up into the sky.

The largest Martial God Image immediately opens its mouth, waiting to receive Liu Yi.

“Do you see this? This is the end of your fate.”

As Sea Ghost Emperor speaks, he pushes out with his hand and sends Liu Yi into the mouth of the Martial God Image.

“Big Brother Dapo…”

Sun Qingchen kneels down inside the Sky Splitting Seal barrier and stares blankly at that largest Martial God Image.

“Benefactor, benefactor. Wake up…”

Meng Xi also keeps calling Liu Yi but Liu Yi is like he is in deep sleep and did not reply at all.

Meng Xi calls out for Lin Tong who did not reply.

The two of them were like they had disappeared and no one can find them.

“Hahahaha, with this, who else can block this emperor?”

Sea Ghost Emperor is very delighted.

His current mood is like the supreme of this world.

“How dare you rebel against this emperor. Unforgivable!”

He looks at the kneeling slaves and says coldly, “If this emperor does not give you a lesson, you guys will forget about it! Originally this emperor planned to kill off all of you but if all of you die, no one will be working for this emperor. Then this emperor shall kill off half of you.”

As Sea Ghost Emperor speaks, he claps his hands.

Immediately a pretty female ghost walks over and rides on top of Sea Ghost Emperor immediately.

“Wait for this emperor then I’ll decide which half to kill! You guys enjoy this pleasant time!”

Sea Ghost Emperor embraces the female ghost and takes off his lower armor before starting to fuck the female ghost.


While that this same instant, inside Liu Yi’s subconscious world, it is completely white.

He feels like he is floating in an empty space on his own. Everywhere is utterly white, with nothing at all.

“Very exhausted, right?”

A female figure suddenly appears in front of him and gently caresses Liu Yi’s face.

“For a long time now, you have been very tired…”

This voice carries matchless warmth like it is wrapping up his heart…

This voice is very familiar like Immortal Fox Sister …

I…am indeed very tired …

I have always been fighting…always in combat and have never stopped …

Suddenly I am very envious of my previous life …

“Very tired right…you can rest…”

“Why don’t you slowly sleep in my embrace…”

“I will forever accompany you…”

Will forever accompany me…accompany me to rest like this…this way also seems to be very good…too tired…

“Rest then…just rest like this…”

That voice keeps speaking to Liu Yi.

“That’s right…I wish to rest…”

“Then sleep…in my embrace…”

The girl embraces Liu Yi and cuddles up.

Ah..then let’s sleep…

Liu Yi also embraces the girl as they huddle together.

Relax my heart and let me sleep…take a proper rest…

Just as Liu Yi plans to rest, he faintly recalls a voice.

It is not only one but the voice of several girls.

“Big idiot…don’t give up…you must never give up…”

“Lord, you no longer wish to see lass again?”

“You damn fellow! You still owe this miss a Mala Tang!”

“Husband…you still have not heard my new song…”

The voices keep lingering in Liu Yi’s mind, for a long time they did not disperse.

That’s right…I cannot stop…cannot rest…

I still have to protect those beloved girls…I must continue to persevere…

I cannot rest! If I rest how about these girls that I like?

Wake up…must wake up…Liu Yi…you must wake up…


“I’ve enjoyed myself enough. This emperor should o do some proper business now.”

After Sea Ghost Emperor had his fun, he swats that female ghost away before putting on his pants and gets up.

“You slaves must be anxious waiting, right? Let this emperor see. Which portion of you guys should this emperor kill?”

The slaves are all trembling afraid that the grim reaper would descend upon them.


Sea Ghost Emperor suddenly shakes his hand as a beam of moonlight shoots out and sweeps between the group of slaves.

“Let’s use this line as the reference!”

Sea Ghost Emperor raises his moonlight sword, “The slaves on the left of this line can survive while those on the right shall say good-bye to this world.”


“Save me, save me!”

“Don’t push me, let me go over first!”

“Damn it! Scram for me! You are blocking the path!”

The slaves of the right side instantly start being aggressive as they do their utmost to run towards the left. So much so that they do not hesitate to harm those blocking in front of them.

Being trampled on is light. Should they have weapons now, perhaps they might even use force.

“Hahahaha! These are the way slaves are! If no one manages them, how is it possible!”

Sea Ghost Emperor raises his enormous moonlight sword. The moonlight sword instantly grew bigger until over a hundred meters long.

If this sword swings down, half of the plaza will disappear.

Sun Qingchen and Huang Yixin belong to the slaves on the left side. The two of them hug each other tightly waiting for the moment of their true death.

Perhaps, death is the real release?

But at this moment, a loud sound came from the side.

The earth starts trembling and everyone looks over only to see the biggest Martial God Image suddenly start moving.

It gets up before slowly turning its head over as golden light shoots out from its eyes looking at Sea Ghost Emperor.


Chapter 829  [Wish to rest ]

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