MKW Chapter 828

Chapter 828  [Title below]


Sea Ghost Emperor was angered by this sentence of Liu Yi as he adds a few more folds of qi into the moonlight swords in his hands.

Liu Yi’s body was directly pressured down, landing on the ground.

The ground once again sinks down as the surrounding buildings also sink down as well and start falling in the direction of Liu Yi and Sea Ghost Emperor.

When so many buildings collapse at the same time, this scene is indeed very terrifying.

But the two of them stand still remain standing in the center of the pit. Nether dodges as their weapons clash against each other releasing two different streams of radiance.

One is silver while the other is golden and both are very eye-catching.

It is like the sun and moon are fighting!

Moonlight ribbons fly out from Sea Ghost Emperor’s back attacking the surrounding buildings falling on him.

As for Liu Yi, he enters God Sword Protecting Body. Six god swords fly to his surroundings like the best guard, they blasted apart the buildings.

No matter how tall the buildings are, they are unable to get close to them!

“Is this all of your strength?”

Sea Ghost Emperor sneers, “If this is the case then your life shall end in a minute!”

“Even if ten of thousands of years past, I will not die.”

Liu Yi smiles, “I still have not lived enough.”

“That is not up to you!”

Sea Ghost Emperor roars and raises his hands. After this, his moonlight sword keeps landing on Liu Yi’s spear.

Eye-catching sparks keep erupting out spraying all over the place.

Liu Yi’s Sky Splitting Golden Spear could be said to be a god weapon. Although the moonlight sword keeps landing on it, it is unable to break the defense of Sky Splitting Golden Spear.

“Just you and you wish to control this god weapon? Watch how this emperor turns you into mincemeat!”

Sea Ghost Emperor toss out a moonlight sword, making that moonlight sword stab into the building by the side.

At the same time, his other moonlight sword, hangs by his side. His other hand grabs hold of Liu Yi’s Sky Splitting Golden Spear and raised it up.

Liu Yi immediately senses Sky Splitting Golden Spear slightly not listening to his control and keeps wishing to escape upwards.

Is it that defiance of natural order Moon Dream Sutra?

Liu Yi takes a deep breath and strengthened his qi and deepens his control over Sky Splitting Golden Spear a few more degrees.

This Sky Splitting Golden Spear keeps trembling like it is struggling with something.

Although Liu Yi possesses control over Sky Splitting Golden Spear but after all, his current cultivation is not strong enough. With the Sea Ghost Emperor using his Moon Dream Sutra like this, he is unable to control it perfectly.

Fucking hell. Why is this Moon Dream Sutra so rotten one!

“Stinking fellow! Obediently die! No one can resist this emperor!”

Sky Splitting Golden Spear is rising higher and higher while Sea Ghost Emperor laughs.

“Don’t be too confident!”

The nine suns behind Liu Yi’s back start revolving together as his eyes also turn reddish-gold.

His qi keeps moving as he also uses the strength that Yang Mianmian gave him.

From the back of Liu Yi’s armor, a golden sun tattoo slowly appears.

Even Liu Yi himself does not know of the existence of this tattoo. But at this instant, his strength indeed increased by quite a bit.

Sea Ghost Emperor’s strength is indeed thorny. Looks like there are indeed a lot of experts in this world!

But, I am still confident that I can defeat him!

If I am unable to defeat even Sea Ghost Emperor, how can I go and challenge the Great God Sect Sect Leader!

“This is not self-confidence. This is the gap between our strength brat!”

Sea Ghost Emperor laughs, “This emperor has absorbed qi for over thousand of years! Right now this emperor’s strength has reached the middle stage of 25 starjades! Your current strength is only the beginning stage of 25 starjades! You are lacking a complete stage, what can you use to fight against this emperor!”

“My willpower as well as my determination.”

As Liu Yi speaks, two radiance of golden light erupts from his eyes.

“Sky Splitting Golden Spear after being repressed for so long, it is time to release your strength!”

Instantly streams of scarlet lightning erupt from the Sky Splitting Golden Spear and fly in all directions.

Trial lightning!

The lightning spread out in all directions turning all of the buildings in the surrounding into fine powder!

There is nothing that can withstand the power of trial lightning. Even the reinforced concrete is no exception.

Sea Ghost Emperor himself is also the same as he uses his moonlight sword to block in front of him in astonishment, blocking those trial lightning.

The trial lightning is very tyrannical as it keeps weakening the moonlight sword’s strength.

As Sea Ghost Emperor wretchedly blocks the trial lightning, he shouts, “Relying on trial lightning, is it? This is your capability?”

“Of course not. Now is my real ability!”

Liu Yi had gathered all of his qi and takes a step forwards as he slaps Sea Ghost Emperor’s moonlight sword with his palm.

“Glorious Sun Palm: Army Destruction!”

This move is an area of effect attack but Liu Yi feels that using Army Destruction is the most suitable!

Indeed. After taking this blow, the moonlight sword in Sea Ghost Emperor’s hand scatters into pieces and the moonlight breaks into pieces and flies all over the place.

“To break my moonlight sword! How is this possible!”

Sea Ghost Emperor cannot believe what he is seeing. How can my moonlight sword be broken? Even trial lightning is unable to break my moonlight sword instantly. And this fellow scattered it with a single palm!

Am I dreaming?

“Your Moon Dream Sutra is indeed impressive but I see how you use it.”

This is the second time Liu Yi had crossed blows with a person who uses Moon Dream Sutra. He had more or less seen through how it is used.

“How is that possible!”

Sea Ghost Emperor does not believe that Liu Yi can see through Moon Dream Sutra.

“That…although it is only a little bit, there is no need to be too surprised.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he keeps away his Sky Splitting Golden Spear before grabbing the air.

A golden red sword appears in his hand like it is condensed from sun rays.

“Let’s call this a similar name to moonlight sword, then how about sunray sword?”

As Liu Yi speaks, he raises that enormous sunray sword with a single hand.

“Rather handsome. Don’t know if it is good to use or not. Want to give it a try?”

“Merely an imitation! Watch how this emperor breaks your fake product!”

Sea Ghost Emperor roars as he recondensed a moonlight sword and chops at Liu Yi.

Liu Yi raises his sunray sword and blocks the Sea Ghost Emperor’s attack.

This sunray sword also has the shape of a triangle as flames burn on the surface like a wave. 

This thing is indeed very useful. Able to attack and defend like that great sword that Kunlun Mountain Swordmasters use.

Looks like this kind of sword technique is Emperor Qin learning from the founder of Kunlun Mountain.

“You blocked it?”

Sea Ghost Emperor is unable to imagine that the imitation product that Liu Yi made up could block his moonlight sword!

Their greatswords keep clashing against each other letting out banging sound.

Shockwaves keep blasting the surrounding and the ruined buildings are now even more tragic as crushed rocks fly all over the place.

“You think that you have learned this emperor’s technique? You are too lacking!”

The moonlight sword in Sea Ghost Emperor’s hand sweeps over and was once again blocked by Liu Yi.

“Let’s take a look at the real power of moonlight sword!”

While speaking, a crescent moon tattoo lights up in the center of Sea Ghost Emperor’s brow and his moonlight sword also erupts with an eye-catching radiance.

Liu Yi was like he got hit by a train and flies out.

He is unable to control his body and flies several hundred meters away like a kite with broken strings before smashing into a building. After smashing in, he lands inside a place that looks like an office.

Fucking hell…

This Sea Ghost Emperor’s strength is too violent. After absorbing qi for over a thousand years, he did not absorb for nothing. It is like he had eaten a Vigorous Pill! Looks like if I do not use some extreme battle tactics, it is not possible to defeat him!

The wall exploded as Sea Ghost Emperor jumps in holding his enormous moonlight sword.

“Hahahaha! Caught you!”

Sea Ghost Emperor laughs nastily as his moonlight sword chops at Liu Yi.

A white crescent sword qi instantly flies out, splitting the ground and ceiling into two before flying at Liu Yi.

“What is impressive about this. Let me try as well.”

Liu Yi holds his sunray sword with both hands and chops as well!

A golden crescent flies out as well but this time around the crescent starts whirling and transforms into a circle like a sun.

The white crescent moon and golden sun clash again each other erupting in eye-catching light.

The entire building instantly vanishes in a puff of smoke as all of the walls turn into dust.

As for Liu Yi and Sea Ghost Emperor, their figures were exposed outside as if the building had never existed.

The two of them continue to keep waving their own greatsword as crescent moons and suns were tossed out. The two clash against each other or shoot to the surroundings.

But no matter which one, both are a disaster to the surrounding.

The two of them are even scarier than a nuclear weapon and almost half of Fengdu City is about to be destroyed by them.

“Damn it. This emperor is unable to take you down!”

“Of course. It is not like I am a girl.”

Liu Yi sneers, “But even if I was a girl, I would not like an old ghost, like you!”

“You are seeking death!”

Sea Ghost Emperor was angered by what Liu Yi says and once again summons out another moonlight sword and uses the two swords to keep sending out crescent moons, attacking Liu Yi crazily.

“I am tired of this game.”

Liu Yi releases his sunray sword and summons out Sky Splitting Golden Spear and uses the spear to deflect the crescent moons.

But if this goes on, I can only defend passively.

Sea Ghost Emperor’s strength seem to have no end.

“How is it, feeling exhausted?”

As Sea Ghost Emperor swings out crescent moons, he asks Liu Yi in delight, “This emperor has only started!”

“Your qi is very robust Mr Thief.”

Liu Yi’s spear is impenetrable making Sea Ghost Emperor’s attack unable to enter.

“You anger this emperor time and time again. Do you really think that this emperor is unable to kill you?”

“If you have that capability!”

“Then have a taste of this emperor’s ultimate move!”


Chapter 828  [Not good to fight]

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