MKW Chapter 826

Chapter 826  [Title below]


This crescent blade might is not small. As the Ox-face General brandished it, it shoots out black crescent qi at Liu Yi!

If this crescent qi hits Liu Yi, his body might be chopped into two.

After all, Liu Yi currently did not turn on any of his defensive ability nor was he wearing his Fire-ice Armour.

Ox-face General is very confident with his strike and thought that he would cut Liu Yi into two.

When his blade swept through Liu Yi’s body, he did not feel like he had hit anything.

Liu Yi disappeared at this moment?

The crescent qi that Ox-face General slashes out sliced the monument behind once again. At that instant, as it drops, the ten-meter tall monument was once again split into two!

Ox-head General is unable to become happy as horror appears in his mind.

Liu Yi’s figure reappears above Ox-face General before punching his head.

This Ox-face General with the sturdy body is unable to block as his body collapse. His body was smashed down into the ground by Liu Yi’s punch!

The ground in front of him starts cracking before collapsing.

Just like being infected with a virus, the crack keeps expanding forward until it reaches the feet of Sea Ghost Emperor!

None of the cultivators were not shocked!

Using a single move!

Just one move and he dealt with Ox-face General who made us feel horror!

At this moment Ox-face General is inserted into the ground. Over half of his body is in the ground while his head should have been blasted into pieces.

Because he is a soul, the Ox-face General’s body is turning to black light and dispersing.

“He, he killed Ox-face General so easily?”

“This, this fellow is so powerful?”

Liu Yi dusts off his hands and stands up and says, “I said, I am very strong.”

“You…who are you?”

Sea Ghost Emperor himself is also unable to understand it. Based on this fellow’s pervious strength, he shouldn’t be able to face my Ox-face General!

But he succeeded. Although it is a sneak attack, he still used a single move to deal with the underling that I am proud of!

This is not something that an ordinary cultivator can do!

At the very least, none among the Fengdu City cultivators that were sealed by me could do it.

“I am a letter deliverer.”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders, “Thus can you please release these cultivators and do not block me from delivering my letters?”

“You are too arrogant.”

Sea Ghost Emperor sneers, “You think that you are very impressive after defeating one of this Emperor’s subordinates? Let me tell you. Your strength is far from this emperor’s! But this emperor will not cross blows against you so quickly. This Emperor shall let all of these slaves that you are protecting die with you!”

He roars, “Kill those damn slaves!”

The moment he speaks, the surrounding Yin Messengers and Ox-head Creatures start to charge forward.

The slaves were badly frightened as they scatter in all directions. For a moment, everything is in a mess.

“Everyone do not move. Gather together!”

Liu Yi gathers his qi and shouts, “I will protect you!”

Following Liu Yi’s shout, the slaves seem to have found their pillar of strength and once again gather together.

Liu Yi tosses out Sky Flipping Seal, releasing a large barrier protecting these innocent slaves!

The Yin Messengers and Ox-head Creatures were blocked outside as they madly attack the barrier.

“For these small troops, back off.”

Liu Yi lands in front of a Yin Messenger, “Otherwise, helping me is also fine.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he slaps a palm onto that Yin Messenger’s body.

Glorious Sun Palm: Yama!

As that Yin Messenger shrieks, black skeleton flames swallow him up!

His body was burnt but his soul condenses into a black skeleton which then raises it’s blade and enters Liu Yi’s faction.

Liu Yi keeps moving about gifting the Yin Messengers or Ox-face Creatures Yama.

The uniqueness of Yama was continuously put to use as more and more enemies turn into his pets.

These yama soldiers quickly turn into an army and start fighting against the remaining enemy.

Sea Ghost Emperor did not expect that Liu Yi would have this kind of technique and crushes the armrest of his dragon throne.

“This fellow is very powerful..”

“Perhaps, we can be rescued?”

The cultivators by the side start to have hope.

Liu Yi sincerely expresses his thanks, “Thank you for gifting me with so many subordinates.”

Although he is angered, Sea Ghost Emperor still asks, “Since you have this technique, why didn’t you also turn those slaves into your subordinates? If they all turn into your army, perhaps you will have the strength to fight against this emperor.”

“Everyone has their right to be alive.”

Liu Yi withdraws his smiling face and says seriously, “Although they have turned into a ghost, their fate is not up to you or me, to control.”

“They are nothing but slaves!”

Sea Ghost Emperor laughs as he rebukes, “That useless benevolence of yours will only harm you. We possess even greater strength, we are the top-notch prefatory! These inferior slaves should serve us!”

Liu Yi says bluntly, “A person who uses his strength to bully the weak is not an expert but a coward!”

“Ignorant! Ridiculous!”

“Apologies looks like people of different paths cannot make plans together. Let’s fight then.”

“Fine then. Then this emperor shall fulfill your wish!”

Sea Ghost Emperor still did not get up but only raises his right hand.

Liu Yi sees that he is wearing a black gold ring on his right index finger.

“Since you like armies, then let this Emperor’s Netherworld Ghost Corp play with you!”

As he speaks, his other hand gently touches stroke the ring.

The sky was once again covered by a black cloud. The heavy clouds pressure people making them unable to breathe.

Those cultivators also feel the horror as they start crying out piteously.

“Gods…it is the Netherworld Ghost Corps…”

“I, I do not wish to see them again…”

“Too scary…”

Liu Yi cannot help but frown as he looks at the sky, curious about how does this Netherworld Ghost Corp that scared the cultivators look like.

At this moment, black smoke suddenly starts churning as streams of black smoke falls from the sky.

Black figures start walking out from the black could and surround Liu Yi.

Indeed a Netherworld Ghost Corp…these fellows are all wearing black martial armor with green devil masks, and sharp spears in their hands.

Furthermore, all of them have the aura of an earth realm expert and there are over four thousand of them.

So many earth realm experts…no wonder the cultivators of Fengdu City were so badly beaten up by them!

In this current era, none of the sects can take out so many earth realm experts!

Even those outer pavilion sects who accept a large number of disciples, they would be considered as a very impressive sect if they can have over a thousand human realm disciples!

And this Sea Ghost Emperor’s subordinates are such a large group of earth realm soldiers…heaven-defying! Too crazy!

No wonder this fellow has the confidence to call himself an emperor!

“This is this emperor’s powerful Netherworld Ghost Corp!”

Sea Ghost Emperor says proudly, “There is no upper limit to their strength because they are able to consume flesh, blood, and soul to strengthen themselves! That weak army of yours is incomparable!”

While he is speaking, the Netherworld Ghost Corp had started attacking.

The spear in their hands had already pierced through the Yama Soldiers that Liu Yi had created consuming their souls and transform it into their own strength.

Just like breaking rotten twigs, these Netherworld Ghost Corp had reached in front of Liu Yi.

“Then let’s see how powerful you guys are.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he takes out his two golden-red Fire God Swords.

He steps forward as he sweeps out with the force exerted from his whole body.

His entire person is like a whirlwind chopping out. The two Fire God Swords let out eye-catching red flames and turn into two enormous flame swords which instantly surround his body and chops out in a circle.

Circle Flame Chop!

This is the move that Liu Yi had learned in Japan!

Instantly a circle of ten-meter radius around Liu Yi became empty. Those Netherworld Ghost soldiers were all chopped into two before their armor starts burning and breaks down into several pieces which then fall on the ground.

This move killed off nearly a hundred Netherworld Ghost soldiers. This powerful might causes several people to exclaim.

“This is only the beginning.”

Sea Ghost Emperor does not mind as he sneers and says, “Soon you will see the true might of Netherworld Ghost Corp!”

While he is speaking, that armor that had fallen starts to burn with a green flame.

Following which these flames burn higher and higher as the armor pieces on the ground start to recombine together. Netherworld Ghost soldiers come back to life from within the green flame.

Those Netherworld Ghost soldiers that were just been killed revived and started attacking Liu Yi energetically.

“Netherworld Ghost Corp uniqueness is undying…little brother, you must be careful…”

The sect head reminded again. In comparison to the rest of the cultivators, he is much calmer.

He keeps having a feeling that although this youngster is also very powerful there is no chance of winning against Sea Ghost Emperor.

“These toys seem to be quite hard to break.”

Liu Yi looks at the surrounding Netherworld Ghost soldiers, “Quite interesting.”

“Then die happily.” Sea Ghost Emperor says, “Let me Netherworld Ghost Corp swallow your soul!”

The Netherworld Ghost Corp once again start attacking as their spears stab towards Liu Yi from all directions.

“Although these toys of yours are impressive, they have a very large weakness.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he puts away the two Fire God Swords and summons the Scorpion Tail Lance.

Scorpion Tail Lance does not have any attribute thus it is able to accept other attributes.

Boundless Buddhist Qi flows into the Scorpion Tail Lance as the entire lance body faintly lets out golden radiance.

Sea Ghost Emperor says, “This Emperor’s Netherworld Ghost Corps does not have any weak point!”

“You are wrong.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he jumps high up before dropping from the sky and stabs the speak into the ground ferociously.

Golden Buddhist Qi instantly penetrate out from the ground and illuminate on the surrounding!



Their biggest weakness is being ghosts.

Liu Yi’s gaze penetrates through the Buddhist light.


Chapter 826  [What is his weak point]

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