MKW Chapter 825

Chapter 825  [Title below]


Sea Ghost Emperor is lying in the chamber of imperial concubines.

Several tens of female ghosts are lying on his enormous dragon bed. All of the female ghosts are extremely tired as they lie there. Some are lying face up with their limbs twined together.

But the Sea Ghost Emperor is not happy. Recently his mood is very bad!

I have stayed in Fengdu City for too long and I am still trapped by this damn barrier!

Although Fengdu City is very comfortable for me, being able to absorb the strength of these cultivators daily to strengthen myself, I have absorbed until my limit and if I wish to improve my current stage, it is not enough to rely on them.

Furthermore, what he worried about the most is Qin Imperial Palace. Back then I had betrayed Qin Imperial Palace and in the end, I went all out against, Tenth, that bitch and after dying I entered Fengdu City.

I must cultivate to 28 starjades before the rest of the Ten Heavenly Stems reach it and obtain the Qin Emperor Sword! As long as I can obtain Qin Emperor Sword, I will become the new Qin Emperor!

At that time, the Ten Heavenly Stems must also capitulate towards me! Afterward, the entire Six Realms shall be mine!

Everything that goes against me must die! I shall be the supreme of the entire Six Realm!

But right now this fellow appears. Although he is not that powerful his escape skill is very good!

He is like a fishbone, stuck in my throat. Cannot be swallowed down nor vomit out!

This kind of feeling is truly uncomfortable!

“Your Majesty, come eat a grape.”

A charming female ghost picks up a translucent grape and feeds Sea Ghost Emperor.


Sea Ghost Emperor slaps that female ghost off the bed, “Right now This Emperor does not have the mood to eat!”

“So-sorry, Your Majesty. This slave knows my mistake!”

The female ghost kneels on the ground kowtowing, begging for him to spare her life.

“Hmph! Go and die!”

Sea Ghost Emperor clenches his fist and that female ghost’s head immediately explodes.

The rest of the female ghosts start trembling in fear and withdraw to the side no longer daring to speak.

“He is messing up this Emperor’s mood!”

Sea Ghost Emperor is currently very annoyed and is around the same as a girl whose great aunt had come.

This is the first time he is so jittery in so many years.

Because he has a faint feeling that something is not right. Clearly, that fellow does not have any strength but why would he make him have this feeling?

This is not rational!

“Report! Report! Your Majesty, something bad has happened!”

Just as Sea Ghost Emperor is unhappy, from outside came the voice of a Yin Messenger Imperial Bodyguard.

“What is the matter? Why are you so alarmed?”

Sea Ghost Emperor became even more unhappy. This group of trash underlings. Can’t even find a single person! What was the point of raising them!

“Report,…all of the slaves, all of the slaves are rebelling…”


When Sea Ghost Emperor heard this, he instantly sits up from his dragon bed before pushing out his hand, pushing open the door.

A ghost is kneeling outside, not daring to raise his head as he continues and speaks while trembling in fear, “All of the slaves have rebelled…they have escaped from the slave prison and are now moving towards the Martial God Plaza…”

“Those Yin Messengers? Have they all died?”

“They…they were all defeated…there were simply too many slaves…”

The Yin Messenger is afraid that Sea Ghost Emperor would take his anger out on him and hurriedly says, “It, is that assassin who incited them..he, he sent me to deliver this message back to your majesty…”

“What did he say?”

It is him?

Sea Ghost Emperor clenches his fist. To mess around in my territory, he does not wish to live anymore!

“He says that he will be waiting for you at the Martial God Plaza…”

“Hmph!” Sea Ghost Emperor snorts, “Since this fellow came to die, then this Emperor shall fulfill him! Send my order down for all of the Yin Messengers and Ox-heads to gather at the plaza!”

“This subordinate shall go!”

That Yin Messenger lets out a sigh of relief and slips away immediately.

“No matter who you are. Today you shall die!”

After Sea Ghost Emperor speaks, he himself transformed into black smoke and disappeared from the chamber.

Liu Yi is sitting on a tall monument in the plaza. Previously the monument did not exist in the plaza and now it suddenly appears. The entire monument is black and three characters are carved on it.

‘Liberation Monument’

Behind Liu Yi are the slaves. Right now they are using all kinds of tools and methods to smash up the milestones.

Liu Yi knows that these slaves have anger in their hearts that needs to be vented. Thus he brought them here to smash things up.

As for the Yin Messengers that they came across along the way over, they were all beaten up by the slaves.

“What the heck, these millstones are very thick. Everyone work hard!”

Sun Qingchen also smashes in high spirits and feels like he can vent out all of his anger from earlier and feels very refreshed!

As they are smashing excitedly, the sky suddenly changes!

Black smoke gathers together in the sky and slowly condensed together.

This black smoke condensed together before surging down.

A figure walks out from the black smoke and it is none other than the Sea Ghost Emperor!

At the same time, the sound of bells ringing came from all directions. These bells carry qi which suppresses the shouting of the slaves.

The ground also starts trembling like an earthquake is happening.

The slaves look around in horror and realize that other than rows of Yin Messengers holding bells, there are also thousands of Ox-heads!

These four-meter tall ox-heads give the slaves even more pressure than those Yin Messengers who carry dense yin aura!

The horror of the slaves came from the bottom of their hearts. Their earlier enthusiasm slowly vanishes.

Especially with the Sea Ghost Emperor personally standing in front of them, that imposing aura of his makes them cannot help but think of kneeling.

“Hmph! You lowly slaves! Why are you still not kneeling when you see this Emperor!”

Sea Ghost Emperor stomps his leg lightly and the ground instantly starts shaking violently.

The slaves are unable to stabilize themselves and all of them kneel.

Only then did Sea Ghost Emperor nod his head in satisfaction. I am the real Emperor! How can these people disobey me!

Everyone kneels except for a single person. And that fellow is sitting on that monument with his legs crossed and does not place me in his eyes! He shall pay for his disrespect!

“Aiyah, really majestic.”

Liu Yi who is sitting on the monument says faintly. “The noble Ten Heavenly Stems of the Qin Imperial Palace had fallen into bullying a group of ghosts. Too impressive.”

“Since you know that This Emperor is from Qin Imperial Palace, you still dare to be arrogant in front of This Emperor?”

Sea Ghost Emperor waves his hands and two Ox-head Creatures immediately carry over a dragon chair and place it behind him.

Sea Ghost Emperor sits down and two pretty female ghosts raise the imperial canopy over his head.

“Even if there is no Qin Imperial Palace, look at your surroundings. You are surrounded by this Emperor’s people. As long as This Emperor gives the command, all of your souls will be scattered and even slag won’t be left behind!”

Hearing these, the slaves start trembling.

In a moment of impulse I charged out…am I going to die here now…

“These demons and monsters?”

Liu Yi smiles, “You have stayed down here for too long and your brains must have short-circuited. You feel that with me around, I would let them touch these ghosts?”

Sea Ghost Emperor sneers, “Can you stop them?”

“I never say empty talk.”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders, “Not only these slaves. Today I am also going to save all of the cultivators of Fengdu City who were sealed up by you.”

“Just you? Hahahaha!”

Sea Ghost Emperor laughs loudly, “Little fellow. I see that you do not know about this Emperor’s strength! Today, I shall play with you.”

He claps his hand.

That biggest Martial God Image suddenly opens its mouth.

Streams of white light flew out before landing on the ground and arrange themselves in a row.

These are those cultivators who were sealed. Sea Ghost Emperor open half of their seal to let them stand by the side and watch the fight!

“We….we came out?”

“It is that young man…it seems like he is going to fight against the Sea Ghost Emperor!”

“Isn’t that just seeking his own death?!”

Sea Ghost Emperor looks at those cultivators who were sealed and laughs in delight, “Since we are going to play, we cannot lack an audience. Aren’t you going to save them? Today, this Emperor shall kill them in front of you! This Emperor shall tell everyone that all of you are my slaves! No one will save you and neither will anyone escape from this Emperor’s palm!”

“Since you like putting on a show so much, then let me accompany you.”

Liu Yi stands up from the monument and shakes his muscles and bones, “Don’t say that I didn’t tell you. I am very strong.”

“There is no need to use an ox blade to kill a chicken. Your Majesty, there is no need for you to take action to deal with him. Let this servant help you!”

A big fellow with ox horn growing out of his head walks out.

This fellow is over two meters tall with a robust figure! Although he is clearly a human ghost he possesses a pair of ox horns.

He is wearing black armor and holding a two meters long crescent blade.

“Ghost it is Ox-face General!”

“It is him…the number one general under Sea Ghost Emperor!”

Although the cultivators are inside the statue, they can see clearly and start exclaiming.

“Little brother…you better escape..there is no need to die for us!”

The sect head warns kind-heartedly, “This Ox-face General is the number one general under Sea Ghost Emperor. There are rumors that he is the hybrid descendant of Yin Messengers and Ox-head Creatures. He was raised by Sea Ghost Emperor using a secret method until now and possesses 23 starjade strength. Even people from my sect were defeated under his crescent blade…alas…”

“Hmph, with this servant here where can he run to!”

Ox-face General roars, “Swiftly receive your death!”

He charges over as his crescent blade slashes at the monument underneath Liu Yi.

The monument was instantly sliced through the center. Such a thick monument created from darkness qi could block a single blade of the Ox-face General.

Liu Yi leans to the side as he falls towards the ground along with the remaining monument.


Ox-face General’s crescent blade releases dense black light before slashing at Liu Yi who is falling down!

A black crescent moon qi flies out and pounces at Liu Yi!


Chapter 825  [Ox-head General]

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