MKW Chapter 824

Chapter 824  [Title below]


Huang Yixin had thought that after she left Sun Qingchen and followed Zheng Wuyin, she will be able to live a beautiful life.

But she had never expected that Zheng Wuyin was only playing with her. After he had finished playing with her, he sold her to the rest of the managers.

She is a slave being sold around between the managers continuously.

When the final manager is bored with her, he then sold her back to the slave prison.

Everything that had happened was different from her expectations!

Huang Yixin feels that she no longer have the face to see Sun Qingchen but fate toys with her. Of all of the prison cells, she was locked inside here.

Hearing Huang Yixin finish, Sun Qingchen clenches his fist.

“Zheng Wuyin! Zheng Wuyin! I will definitely kill him!”

“No, we can’t defeat him…”

Huang Yixin shakes her head and says, “Qingchen, you are a good person. In the future, you must also be a good manager and find a good girl…please forget about me…”

“Xinxin, what nonsense are you saying!”

Sun Qingchen immediately glares, “There is only you in my heart. No matter what you turn into, you will always be my girlfriend!”

By the side, Liu Yi sighs faintly. Tsk, tsk. This Sun Qingchen is rather similar to the me back then. Both of us are model characters! Both of us are the easy fallback guys in China!

“Qingchen. You, you treat me to good…”

Huang Yixin seems to had found her spiritual support and sticks against Sun Qingchen.

“We will forever be together…I will work hard and sooner or later, we will leave this place and enter Fengdu City to have a new life…”


While the two of them are speaking sweat things each other, a commotion happens outside the prison cell.

Following which those jailers kneel down one after the other as a guy with swept-back hairstyle walks in.

When Sun Qingchen sees him, he immediately becomes angered as he clenches his first.

Huang Yixin immediately grabs hold of him, afraid that he would be too impulsive and do something irrational.

“Ah, indeed got sent back?”

Zheng Wuyin walk to the entrance of the prison cell and looks at Huang Yixin inside the prison cell and laughs.

“Two days ago when I was playing golf with Old Chen, he talked to me about it. Really a waste. It is such a waste to throw such a good female slave here. Wasted value, why don’t I just extract and make use of all of your value.”

Sun Qingchen glares at Zheng Wuyin angrily and says, “What else do you wish to do? She was already sold by you and no longer belongs to you!”

“Just a female slave. That bit of money is nothing.”

Zheng Wuyin sneers coldly, “I spent ten thousand soul value. Which of you Yin Messengers will fuck her? Everything in this Fengdu City is good, just that there is to few interesting shows. Give me a show!”

Huang Yixin’s face instantly turns pale.

While Sun Qingchen blocks in front of his girlfriend and scolds, “You beast! If you dare to touch my girl then I will fight you!”

“Hahaha, just you?”

Zheng Wuyin laughs, “Why don’t you guys hurry up and pull those ladies out! Today I am very free and I need something interesting to watch! Today who dares to spoil this lord’s mood, this lord shall make him a slave forever!”

The people by the side do not dare to utter a word while a Yin Messenger who wishes to earn a bit of quick money and sex smiles as he opens the door and walks towards Huang Yixin.

Huang Yixin was badly frightened as she keeps moving backwards.

Sun Qingchen leaps over and starts fighting that Yin Messenger.

But what is a Yin Messenger? How would he be afraid of a small ghost?

He pulls out his whip and whips Sun Qingchen.

This whip is very effective against ghosts. Usually, it is only punishing but now, the Yin Messenger purposefully whips Sun Qingchen with it causing Sun Qingchen to cry out in pain. His voice is ear-piercing making Huang Yixin cry in heartache.

“Don’t hit him. Don’t hit him. I beg you…”

“If you do not wish for the person you like to be beaten then you better be obedient !”

Zheng Yuyin who is standing by the side laughs, “Otherwise your lover will be beaten to death! This Spirit Whip is enough to whip a person’s soul into scattering!”

“Don’t, don’t whip him anymore…”

Seeing the Yin Messenger continuing to whip Sun Qingchen, Huang Yinxin feels pain. Souls also have tears, just that their tears are even more painful.

“Yinyin! Don’t agree with them!”

Sun Qingchen bears with the pain as he bites his lips and forced out a smile.

“I…I don’t feel any pain…”

“You idiot…”

Huang Yinxin cries even harder while Zheng Wuyin sneers.

“You think that I need her to agree? Two people go up and pull that woman out!”

Zheng Wuyin orders and two Yin Messengers immediately step forward. Each of them grabbing one of Huang Yixin’s arms and prepare to drag her out.

“Let go of her! You beasts! Beasts!”

Sun Qingchen no longer cares about his pain as he struggles to go and save Huang Yixin but his neck was bound by the whip by the Yin Messenger making him unable to move.

He can only stretch his hand towards Huang Yixin like he is trying to grab her.

But at this moment Huang Yixin is dragged out of the prison cell and pressed onto the ground. Two Yin Messengers laughs wickedly while Zheng Wuyin by the side is also laughing loudly.

At this moment Sun Qingchen is suddenly very hateful. Hating how cowardly and weak he was, hating how feeble and powerless he was!

While at this moment, someone speaks out beside him.

“Do you wish to stop this?”

This voice is very familiar. Sun Qingchen turns around in surprise looking at Brother Dapo who is standing by the side.

The rest of the people also heard Liu Yi’s voice. Zheng Wuyin also looks at him.

“Yet another slave who wish to butt in? I advise you to take care of yourself and do not seek death!”

Liu Yi ignores that Zheng Yuxin’s warning. He only crosses his arm and asks Sun Qingchen again, “Wish to stop them?”

If Sun Qingchen does not choose to, he will not help.

Saving a person is easy while saving a heart is hard.

It is possible to save someone once but you can not save them forever.

Liu Yi hopes that Sun Qingchen will wish to save himself in his heart. Otherwise, if he continues to be negative, no matter how hard he tries, it will be useless.

“Want! Want!”

Sun Qingchen nods his head ferociously, “As long as I can save Xinxin, even if I pay with my life I would also not mind!”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders and says, “There is no need to pay with your life. Towards this point, I am no different from you. If it is to protect those that I love, I do not mind turning into a devil. Regarding life? Only by keeping your life properly can you protect them!”

“What the heck are you talking about?”

Zheng Wuyin is very unhappy. He takes out a cigar and uses scissors to snip it properly before placing it in his mouth, “Someone teach a lesson to this slave that does not know how high heaven is!”

A Yin Messenger walks over and raises his whip as he whips at Liu Yi’s face.

Sun Qingchen did not expect that these Yin Messengers would attack immediately without any warning and instantly cries out, “Ah! Dapo! Be careful!”

While Liu Yi only raises his hand and easily grabs that whip in his hands.


Realizing that the other party used his bare hand to catch his whip, the Yin Messenger was shocked.

“Helping tyrant Zhou in his oppression! Should be killed!”

Liu Yi tugs and that Yin Messenger was pulled over and kneeled a few steps in front of him.

Liu Yi grabs the whip and wraps it around the Yin Messenger’s neck before tugging it fiercely.

That Yin Messenger’s neck was torn off and rolls on the ground before his soul scattered.

The rest of the Yin Messengers were badly frightened and nearly peed. Luckily they are ghosts and cant.

But intense horror still exists. A few Yin Messengers pull out their blades and point at Liu Yi.

“Who, who are you!”

It is impossible for a ghost to kill a Yin Messenger. This move of Liu Yi’s is enough to prove his identity.

 “He is the assassin that is wanted by Sea Ghost Emperor!”

“Gods! So it is him!”

Disturbance instantly erupts in the surrounding while Sun Qingchen’s gaze towards Liu Yi changes.

This Brother Dapo who looks normal…is that assassin that charged into Ghost Emperor Palace!

“Let the real show begin.”

As Liu Yi plays with the whip he walks out of the prison cell, “After all, I am bored of playing this game. Let go of that girl and tell Sea Ghost Emperor that I will be waiting for him in the plaza.”

“Brothers sisters! As ghosts, we are not here to be slaves! We came to Fengdu City thus we have the rights of a citizen! From today onwards, the regime of Sea Ghost Emperor is going to end! This era is going to end! You guys have freedom!”

“What, what are you doing!”

Zheng Wuyin shouts in panic, “Are you crazy?! Do you want to release the slaves?! I am the higher up! You cannot release them!”

“So much nonsense.”

Liu Yi swings out the whip and stabs through Zheng Wuyin’s neck and helps him end his scumbag life.

The slaves become excited as Liu Yi orders the people from his prison cell to open the rest of the prison cells allowing them to run out.

Several tens of Yin Messengers raise their whips as they charge over.

“Scram back!”

“Wanting to die?”

Seeing these Yin Messengers, the slaves immediately became fearful and want to disperse.

“Brothers, sisters!”

Liu Yi uses his qi to shouts throughout the entire prison, “There are several million of us! As long as each of you spit once, we can drown these damn Yin Messengers! Right now you are afraid? Fine, you can despair or retreat! But those that no longer wish to be slaves and wish to earn their freedom, charge out with me and beat up these damn Yin Messengers!”

Liu Yi kicks a Yin Messenger flying away.

That Yin Messenger rolls into the group of slaves. The surrounding slaves roll up their sleeves and surround him with red eyes.

“What, what do you guys want to do? You guys are mad! You guys are seeking death! Don’t, don’t come over! Ahhhh!”

That Yin Messenger finally lets out a shriek before being drowned out by the crowd.

“The good show is starting now.”

Liu Yi crosses his arms and looks at the rebelling slaves.


Chapter 824  [Good show about to begin]

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