MKW Chapter 823

Chapter 823  [Title below]


The voice came from one of the statues. Liu Yi immediately flies over and floats in front of the statue.

“Little brother…who are you?”

That voice carries a trace of vigilance like he is not at ease with Liu Yi.

After all, these people were trapped here for over a thousand years. When a person suddenly came here, although they are filled with expectations, they are unable to believe that they would soon be saved.

“I am a disciple from the outer pavilions.”

Liu Yi says directly, “Our outer pavilion is going to host a 5 Spirit Gathering. Originally I came to Fengdu City to deliver a letter…but I met this kind of situation. If you guys are unable to free yourselves, then my task will not be complete. Thus, I came here to help you guys escape.”


“We, we are going to be saved?”

“Awesome! This is awesome!”

The group of Fengdu City’s disciple start to cry tears of joy.

Only that sect head is still very calm as he says, “Little brother, although I should thank you…but I’m afraid that this matter is not that simple.”

He sighs and says, “That Sea Ghost Emperor is no ordinary person. He is very powerful…he is a person from Qin Imperial Palace. Back then we did not know why but he ran to my Fengdu City. He sealed all of us. Furthermore, this fellow is good at sealing techniques. Not only did he seal us here, he also isolated the way to Ghost Monarch Palace Hall.”

“Ghost Monarch Palace Hall?”

Liu Yi does not know what is that place.

“Yeah, that is a place where my Fengdu City’s elders had hidden up and are in closed-door seclusion. Being isolated there, my Fengdu City’s elders do not know that something had happened to Fengdu City.”

“If that is the case, then why don’t I take your place and make a trip to Ghost Monarch Palace?”

Liu Yi feels that this is the best method. Invite these undying old fellows and let them handle this Sea Ghost Emperor.

Talking about this, just who is the Sea Ghost Emperor in the Qin Imperial Palace? Could it be that he is also part of the Ten Stems?

“Not possible…”

That sect head shakes his head and says, “Without us leading the way, you will not be able to find the entrance to the Ghost Monarch Palace. Ghost Monarch Palace was originally the place where our elders have their seclusion. Thus it was hidden deeply. Now that it was sealed up, if we do not kill Sea Ghost Emperor, even we will not be able to find it.”

“That would be troublesome…”

Liu Yi asks, “Then is there any method to save you from this place?”

“We were sealed in this place by a technique from Moon Dream Sutra. To break this seal, there is only one method.”

“The only method is to kill the Sea Ghost Emperor!”

The moment the sect head says this, Liu Yi starts to have a big head.

Fucking hell! How is this any different from not saying anything?

Last time when Liu Yi crossed blow with Sea Ghost Emperor, Liu Yi sensed that he is quite powerful!

Not 24 starjades…Liu Yi feels that he might be around 25 starjades.

If he is one of the Ten Stems why is his strength so much stronger?

The moment we start fighting, it will be a hard fight!

But it is not an impossible fight.

“That’s why I say…it is too difficult.”

The sect head says faintly, “That Sea Ghost Emperor sealed us here and then absorbs our strength daily. Right now, his cultivation would be even stronger.”

So the reason for sealing these cultivators is this? No wonder he did not kill them!

“So that is the case. I know.”

Liu Yi nods his head as the surrounding cultivators turn taciturn.

“Alas…looks like we still can’t be rescued…”

“That’s right. This fellow is so young, I’m afraid that he is unable to fight against Sea Ghost Emperor…”

“Probably…we will forever be unable to leave this place…”

Hearing all of these despairing voices, Liu Yi grins.

“There is no need for everyone to worry. I will help you defeat the Sea Ghost Emperor.”

“Little brother! You say such things!”

The sect head hurriedly says, “Sea Ghost Emperor’s strength is far from normal. Even if little brother goes, you are just dying for nothing! Why don’t we research to find the entrance to Ghost Monarch Palace!”

“How long do we need to seek?”

“Around two hundred years. After all, we have waited for so long, two hundred years is nothing.”

Two hundred years…it will be almost 20 days in the mortal realm…

This is not possible! There is no time!

“Sect head, I’m afraid that this is not possible…”

Liu Yi says truthfully, “This junior does not have so much time. Defeating the Sea Ghost Emperor uses the least time.”

“How is that possible…”

The seat head does not believe that Liu Yi can defeat Sea Ghost Emperor, “That Sea Ghost Emperor possesses the Moon Dream Sutra. Furthermore, he still has in control a scary Underworld Ghost Corp…based on your strength, you will not be able to win…”

“Ah? I do know about that Moon Dream Sutra but what is this Underworld Ghost Corps?”

“That is a huge undying corp that defeated us within a single night…”

A cultivator shivers as his voice is clearly trembling, “Even when I think about it now, I still feel that it was a nightmare…”

“That’s right…too, too scary…”

“Don’t want to see them again…”

On the contrary, what the cultivators said attracted Liu Yi’s curiosity. He looks at the sect head in front of him.

“Alas…the Underworld Ghost Corp…they came from the black fog. It is the strongest corps created by Sea Ghost Emperor…their uniqueness is undying. Every single one of these Underworld Ghost soldiers possesses the strength of an earth rank. Their body is covered with underworld fire which corrodes your body, your strength, and your soul. They are undying and cannot be exterminated. We were unable to kill them…wait till you see them then you will know.”

“What you say is making my blood boil.”

Liu Yi cracks his joints as he becomes slightly excited, “I do want to see what this legendary Underworld Ghost Corps is like!”

In the genes of god is warlike traits!

Liu Yi’s manner makes the cultivators in Fengdu City shocked.

This fellow a madman? Such scary corps and instead of being frightened, he is excited?


The sect head advises again, “Little brother…it is best if you do not send yourself to die…”

“Let’s talk about this matter later. Right now, I am curious about a matter and wish to ask.”

“Little brother can go ahead and ask. Right now I am a prisoner. There is no need to be so polite.”

Liu Yi says in his heart. You are a sect head and if I am impolite, perhaps you might start picking on my manners.

These famous sects have too many tricks and mind games.

“Junior is a bit curious why does that Sea Ghost Emperor want to create Martial God Images and use it to attack the barrier enveloping Fengdu City?”

“Little brother must not know about this.”

The sect head says, “Sea Ghost Emperor is different from ordinary departed spirits. His birth methods are slightly strange! He seems to be a kind of undying soul but died for some unknown reason. His soul was cursed and is unable to enter the six paths of reincarnation. Thus it appeared inside Fengdu City! Because of his unique soul, the ancient guardian of Fengdu City, the protection barrier binds his body! This protection barrier was set up by the creator of our sect! Although Sea Ghost Emperor can defeat us, he is unable to break this ancient barrier! Thus, he painstakingly manufactures the 108 Martial God Images and used thousands of ghosts and our strength, attempting to break the barrier!”

“So that’s the case! I finally understand.”

Hearing these, Liu Yi more or less understood everything.

Looks like this Sea Ghost Emperor should be one of the Ten Stems.

The reason why his cultivation was so high is because of him absorbing the strength of these Fengdu City cultivators throughout the long years.

And inferring from his name, Sea Ghost Emperor…should be of water attribute.

Among the Ten Heavenly Stems, only Ninth and Tenth are of water attribute. Looks like Sea Ghost Emperor should be one of them!

“Looks like it is time for the final fight…”

I have tarried here for too long. Womanland is still waiting for me!

Ah, wrong. It is White Cloth Sect. White Cloth Sect…

Liu Yi is thinking of random stuff in his mind while the sect head is advising him. Seeing that it is not effective, he starts sighing.

“Alas. Looks like this time around, we still cant exit…”

“How is challenging Sea Ghost Emperor that easy!”

“Sending himself to death. I am so stupid to believe this fellow!”

The cultivators are once again in despair. At the same time, they keep saying cold things about Liu Yi who does not listen to their advice.

The sect head also did not advise them. Perhaps he is also very disappointed with Liu Yi.

After waiting for a thousand years and someone finally came, and now he is about to die as well, it is useless.

Since nothing will change why give them hope? It looks like it is better not to give this hope as it made them despair more!

Too fucking cruel!

Liu Yi says goodbye to these pitiful cultivators and flies back.

Outside, the slaves had already dispersed. Thus Liu Yi flies towards the prison.

Returning to the prison, everything is still the same as normal.

Liu Yi returns to his body and starts pondering over how to deal with Sea Ghost Emperor.

Sea Ghost Emperor’s strength is impressive and is roughly around the beginning of 25 starjades.

He also possess Underworld Ghost Corps whose strength is valiant.

Wanting to defeat him truly needs some skills.

As Liu Yi is thinking, the door to the prison was opened.

Following which, a crying slave was pushed in falling onto the ground.

“Wuwuwu…I, I am not a slave, don’t lock me…”

The voice seems to be slightly familiar.

“Damn it, bitch! You don’t have any soul value. If you are not a slave then what are you! Stay here!”

The Yin Messenger lock up the chain before walking out of the prison.

“Don’t! I am not a slave! Not one!”

The person who was just locked in is clearly a girl. She kneels in front of the door as she cries out, “Quickly let me out…I am not a slave, wuwuwuwu…”

Hearing this voice, Sun Qingchen finally raises his head as a glow enters his eyes.



Huang Yixin turns her head around to see her ex-boyfriend sitting there. His eyes immediately turn red and collapse onto the ground covering her face as she cries.

Seeing his ex-girlfriend being thrown into the prison and crying nonstop, Sun Qingchen immediately asked in worry, “Xinxin what is the matter?”


Chapter 823  [The only method]

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