MKW Chapter 822

Chapter 822  [Title below]


The following few days, the interior of Fengdu City can be said to be under martial law!

Yin Messengers are flying everywhere searching for foreign people!

Every one of the roaming ghost civilians in the city were interrogated and inspected!

Liu Yi who is mingling in the slave prison was on the contrary very safe.

Perhaps that Sea Ghost Emperor did not think that I would pretend to be a slave!

Every day, when Liu Yi is pushing the millstone, he would take note of that largest Martial God Image carefully.

Like what Liu Yi had reckoned, that largest Martial God Image has the greatest strength.

Perhaps it is due to those sealed cultivators, its strength and defense are way above the other Martial God Images.

Liu Yi wishes to get in contact with these cultivators but does not know how to enter the Martial God Image.

Martial God Image’s material is very unique. It could even isolate souls.

Thinking about it makes sense. If it was unable to isolate souls, perhaps those cultivators would have already given up their flesh bodies and escaped.

Liu Yi does need a method to release those cultivators.

Just as Liu Yi is at his wit’s end, Meng Xi who is hidden in his hair suddenly says, {Benefactor…this servant can give it a try.}

{Oh? You have a method to open that Martial God Image?}

{I do but I need time. Furthermore, this servant can only make it possible for benefactor to enter. As for saving those cultivators, this servant can’t do it.}

{Say it. What method?}

As Liu Yi speaks, he looks around.

Surrounding him are slaves and Sun Qingchen is on his right, pushing dispiritedly.

The current Sun Qingchen is no different from a walking dead.

{As an Eight Desolate Poison Spider, other than being able to consume moonlight as food, what this servant is best at the venom that this servant secrete out.}

Meng Xi says, {This servant’s venom can slowly corrode away the armor of Monarch Scorpion.}

{Ah? Is that true?}

{It is real. Although I am unresigned, it is indeed the case.}

Xie Yanqiu who had not come out in a long time says {It can be said that Eight Desolate Poison Spider is my bane.}

{I picked up a treasure again…}

Liu Yi suddenly feels that his luck is not bad!

{So let this servant go and try.}

Meng Xi looks at that Martial God Image, {Such a thick Martial God Image…this servant needs two months, then this servant can corrode a small hole which benefactor can enter.}

{A small hole. Yeah, it will be enough to let me enter.}

One year in Fengdu City is only a day in the mortal world.

I have more than enough time, thus around two months is not a problem.

But not eating for so long is indeed an enormous test for my gluttonous bug.

Liu Yi feels that after absorbing Yang Mianmian’s strength, his appetite started to become better.

Although he can rely on absorbing the ling qi from the air to live on, he still wishes to eat good food.

Although he does have food in his storage bag in this kind of environment, it is not convenient to eat.

{Good. Then that is decided. I will be relying on you, Meng Xi.}

{It is this servant’s honor to help benefactor.}

Meng Xi seems to be touched, feeling that she is finally useful.

{Benefactor, this servant shall be going!}

Meng Xi jumps out from Liu Yi’s hair and silently spits out a spider thread that sticks to the Martial God Image faraway. She then climbs up the almost transparent spider thread.

Such a small spider is unable to attract the senses of those Yin Messengers.

Liu Yi pretends to be working as he continues to push the millstone.

By the sky, Sun Qingchen suddenly collapses onto the ground causing the people who are pushing this millstone to stop.

“Brother Sun, Brother Sun, what is the matter with you?”

Liu Yi hurriedly props Sun Qingchen up and realizes that his soul’s aura is very weak!

Fucking hell, this is dying due to sorrow!

Different from the positive Sun Qingchen, the current Sun Qingchen no longer has any wish to continue living on!

If this goes on, his soul aura will slowly start dissipating, becoming weaker day by day and sooner or later, his soul will scatter!

Liu Yi understood Sun Qingchen’s state. Back then when I thought that Immortal Fox Sister did not love me, wasn’t I the same?

What is the hardest to comprehend in the world? Isn’t it a single emotion?

Even if I am the greatest, conquer the world universe, perhaps it will also difficult for me to pass emotions.

Not to mention Sun Qingchen.

“Damn it! Who let you guys stop! Continue working!”

A Yin Messenger immediately walks over angrily as he starts whipping the slaves.

Their whips are also special, causing the slaves to cry out in pain when hit by the whips.

“Right now he is very weak.”

Liu Yi raises his head and says to that Yin Messenger, “He needs rest!”

“Fuck you, this place is a prison!”

The Yin Messenger curses, “This is not the place for you guys to rest! If you want to rest then rest after you finish your work!”

“Can you be a bit more human?”

Liu Yi frowns, “He is sick, can’t you be a bit more sympathetic?”

“Oi, little fellow. This place is Fengdu City and all of us are ghosts where does this humanity come from?” The Yin Messenger sneers, “Furthermore, all of us are ghosts, how would ghosts become sick? Don’t pretend to be dead for me! Hurry and get the fuck up!”

As the Yin Messenger speaks, that whips is about to land on Sun Qingchen.

“I’ll do his work today.”

Liu Yi stands up and pushes him to the side. “Give my soul value to him.”

“Little fellow. How much soul value do you have?”

The Yin Messenger snorts.

Liu Yi opens the soul value system and hides a portion before showing that Yin Messenger 10k.

“This is for you.”

He gives that Yin Messenger 2k soul value.

After getting the soul value, the Yin Messenger’s expression became a lot better.

Indeed the saying of even ghosts will be moved by money is indeed an unchanging truth!

“Ah, we ghost indeed should have some humanity.”

After the Yin Messenger speaks, he turns around and walks to the side, “Today I shall give a favor outside the law! You better complete his work!”

Sun Qingchen sits by the side blankly and did not thank Liu Yi.

Liu Yi sighs. He knows that his heart had died and does not care about all of this.

If this goes on, he does not know how to help Sun Qingchen.

Let’s see how it goes as we go then…

For the following period of time, Liu Yi uses soul value to bribe a lot of Yin Messengers and finally made the Yin Messengers ignore Sun Qingchen.

He no longer needs to go to the millstone to work daily. He only sits in the prison and stares blankly like a person waiting for death.

Liu Yi can only help Sun Qingchen to here. Because what he had contracted is a heart sickness and only his heart can heal this sickness.

Meng Xi’s progress is quite fast. That small hole is already very deep. Liu Yi secretly went to take a look and his Fog Qi indeed can pass through.

And only his Fog Qi can enter. This kind of small hole, even the smallest bug will not be able to enter.

As for cells and the likes, Liu Yi does not know how to transform into it…

Yin Messengers are still flying about in the sky while there are more and more ox-head creatures walking about in the surrounding making the originally Fengdu City which is filled with ghost qi turn even more horrifying.

The people in the slave prison are discussing recent matters. Out of nowhere, why did it turn into the whole city being locked down.

Perhaps they would know that the person who caused this is Liu Yi who hardly speaks and works daily.

Days passed very quickly and Sea Ghost Emperor is still unable to find where Liu Yi had hidden!

Thus Sea Ghost Emperor is always angry and every day, the people in Ghost Emperor Palace would hear his angry shouts!


A few days after a month had passed, Liu Yi went to the millstone as usual and at this moment, he hears a familiar voice.

{Meng Xi, you are done?}

Liu Yi senses a small spider jumps back into his hair.

{That’s right. Finally settled!}

Meng Xi’s voice carries a trace of fatigue, {This servant bored a hole at the back of the neck. That place is the thinnest…but it used up a lot of this servant’s qi…this servant is too tired…benefactor, for the following days, this servant will not be able to accompany you…this servant needs to have a good sleep…to restore this servant’s qi…}

After finishing, she no longer speaks.

It looks like she is very tired.

After all, she is only a small spider and her cultivation cannot be compared to me.

Liu Yi no longer disturbs Meng Xi. At this moment he is impatient. Thus he opens his mouth and breathes out his Fog Qi which transforms into a small fly. Multitasking, he keeps his body pushing the millstone as he uses his Fog Qi incarnation to fly towards the small hole that Meng Xi created.

Although there are a lot of Yin Messengers in the surrounding, not a single one of them notice Liu Yi flying about under their eyes.

He flies up several hundred meters and after seeking a while did he finally found the hole that Meng Xi left behind.

Fucking hell! It is indeed very small! It is almost the size of a needle!

This is a two-month big project!

This is Meng Xi. If it was me, perhaps I would be out of patience!

Liu Yi’s incarnation transforms back into fog and flows in through the hole.

Inside the Martial God Incarnation is blackness and nothing could be seen. But after entering it, it is very spacious!

After Liu Yi entered, he immediately transforms back into his human form.

There is not a single bit of light in this place. Liu Yi raises his hand and releases a source of light gathering together to form a small sun that floats to the top of the interior of Martial God Image.

The inside of Martial God Image immediately brightens up.

The insides of Martial God Image is very spacious and is several hundred meters wide!

Liu Yi finally sees those cultivators. Indeed, they were sealed inside this Martial God Image.

Their bodies were sealed by an unknown technique and had turned into statues, sticking to the back of the Martial God Image like they wished to escape out from this place.

But although their flesh body was sealed, their souls are still alive.

“Someone came in?”

“Finally someone came?”

“Could it be someone from that fellow?”

“Save us, quickly save us?”

These cultivators who were sealed immediately shout with their qi.

“Everyone don’t panic. Speak one by one…how about this…who is the sect head here?”

“It is me…”

A deep voice rings out.


Chapter 822  [The world inside]

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