MKW Chapter 821

Chapter 821  [Title below]


Thinking about this, Qing Yise’s eyes became filled with delight.

Right now, Fengdu City is no longer that ghost city of the past. It is under the rule of Sea Ghost Emperor.

In the past Qing Yise could not imagine that there would come a day when he obtains the appreciation of Sea Ghost Emperor.

He takes the place of Sea Ghost Emperor to control the casinos, tricking the citizens to spend their soul values in the casino to reclaim the soul value.

Of course, Qing Yise did not earn everything. After all, who would enter this kind of casino?

He would always give out some small grace, small benefit at appropriate times, letting one or two citizens strike rich! From there, it attracts even more people to rush like ducks and bite the bait!

Thus, quite a number of citizens gamble their soul values in the casino and some have no choice but to attempt to become a citizen again.

Only those who have over 50k soul value can become a citizen. Anyone who has a value lower than this would be captured for the slave prison!

As for his friendship with Kunlun Mountain, Qing Yise had tossed it behind his head.

Right now the one who gives him ample food and clothing is Sea Ghost Emperor!

Very quickly, a guy wearing golden armor walks in escorted by a group of female ghosts and sits on the dragon throne.

He is wearing a crown that is embedded with numerous precious stones.

He sits there propping his cheek with his hand. His expression is calm as he looks at Qing Yise and Scarface who is kneeling below him.

“This is the fellow who barged into my territory?”

Sea Ghost Emperor’s voice carries a kind of unique magnetism. Although there is a bit of difference between the roaring voice from that night in the sky, it is not that hard to determine that the owner of the voice is the same person.

Qing Yise hurriedly takes the credit, “That’s right your majesty. This fellow ran into my hands on his own and was captured by me!”

Sea Ghost Emperor asks, “His strength is not bad. How did you capture him?”

Qing Yise smiles faintly as he cups his hands and says, “This fellow was drugged by me with Soul Scattering Powder. For the next three days and nights, he will not wake up! Being able to work for Your Majesty is this one’s honor! This one will naturally make an all-out effort!”

“Not bad.”

Sea Ghost Emperor nods his head, “Lock him up. After three days, interrogate him. This Emperor wants to know what his background is.”

Earlier during the fight over at the Martial God Images, Sea Ghost Emperor was slightly startled.

Although the strength that he had used was not his full strength, he could escape from right under his eyes, this made him angry as well as shocked at the same time.

I am unable to exit this Fengdu City for over a thousand years. Just how much has changed in the cultivation world outside?

Those that came in are just ordinary mortals who do not know about the matters regarding the cultivation world.

Thus Sea Ghost Emperor was very interested in this person. If I do not dig out everything he knows in his brain, wouldn’t I be letting myself down!

“Someone come! Detain him.”

Sea Ghost Emperor orders and two Yin Messengers immediately walk over from the side attempting to grab Liu Yi.

At this moment, Liu Yi who was thrown on the ground suddenly stretches and stand up.

“Senior Qing Yise, have we reached Ghost Emperor Palace Hall?”

This unexpected scene causes the expression of everyone in the surroundings to change!

The surrounding Yin Messengers pull out blades surrounding him, Qing Yise and Scarface in the middle.

“Wow! We are really here!”

Liu Yi looks around the surrounding and claps his hands excitedly, “Thank you Senior Qing Yise, your task is complete. Leave the remaining matters to me.”

“What, what are you saying! I, I didn’t….Your Majesty, I didn…”

Qing Yise was badly frightened not knowing how he should explain.

What startled him the most was that Liu Yi who was poisoned by Soul Scattering Powder was wide awake!

How is this possible! How is this fucking possible!

Sea Ghost Emperor who is sitting on the dragon throne snorts, “Hmph!”

This sound scared Qing Yise badly as his lets start trembling.

“Your Majesty, listen, listen to my explanation…this is a misunderstanding…”

He also did not expect that the moment Liu Yi woke up, he would say such stuff which instantly pushed him into the fire!

As for Sea Ghost Emperor who is sitting there, he raises his hand and aims at Qing Yise before squeezing.


The sound of bones being crushed rings out but the rest of the people know that this is the sound of a ghost’s soul being destroyed.

Qing Yise’s soul was exterminated and disappears.

“This, this is not related to me…I am only a little brother…”

Scarface was also badly frightened as he subconsciously starts running to the outside.

A Yin Messenger suddenly steps forward as he slashes out with his great blade, beheading Scarface.

Liu Yi does not know what the material of the blade is which can affect a soul.

Scarface’s ending was also extermination. His head rolled very far away before turning into white smoke.

“Aiyah? I was just framing and you took action?” Liu Yi says in astonishment, “You took action too fast.”

“You are mocking this Emperor? Foreigner?”

Sea Ghost Emperor’s gaze is cold as he stares at Liu Yi, “You think that with your capability, you can walk out of here alive?”

“This, I truly had not thought about it.”

Liu Yi waves his hand as a golden chair appears behind him which he sits on.

“But this place of yours is not bad. If only I wasn’t busy. I would stay here for a few days! But letting ghost girls accompany me, it is too weird. Human kings have 3000 concubines. Is your harem 3000 ghost girls?”

“How dare you! To keep mocking our Majesty!”

A Yin Messenger instantly became angered and stepped forward as his blade chops at Liu Yi’s arm.

Liu Yi did not turn his head as he stretches out two fingers and easily captures the blade between them.

The Yin Messenger’s blade was stuck between Liu Yi’s fingers unable to be pulled out!

The Yin Messenger’s face turned red and at this moment Liu Yi pull with his fingers and that blade was pulled out from that Yin Messenger’s hand before flying out. The handle of the blade smacks against the Yin Messenger’s forehead blasting him away.

“To dare be impudent in the Royal Palace! Take him down!”

The surrounding tens of Yin Messengers immediately charge up as the blades in their hands chop down at Liu Yi impolitely!

While Liu Yi picks up the opium pipe that was dropped on the ground.

“Aiyah…smoking is really bad… affects the health and might also cause a person to die.”

As he is speaking, a Yin Messenger had landed in front of him. Liu Yi’s arm transforms into a flash of shadow and stabs that opium pipe into that Yin Messenger’s mouth, piercing through his throat.

“You see, I said that it can cause death!”

Liu Yi kicks that fellow and at the same time, he stomps the ground.

A shockwave spread out and blasts the Yin Messengers in the surroundings away.

These Yin Messengers charged up very quickly and fly out even faster.

In a blink of an eye, these Yin Messengers all smashed into the pillars or walls as they cry out in pain.

“These underlings of yours are too dishonest. You don’t mind that I helped you teach them a lesson, right?”

Liu Yi sits on the chair as he asks Sea Ghost Emperor who is sitting opposite him.

“Little kid, don’t you think that you are too arrogant?”

“Arrogant? Hmm, nope.”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders, “On the contrary, I feel that you are very interesting. Proclaiming yourself as king in this place that does not have any living people. What is it, could it be that Fengdu City crowns the king who is the most shameless?”

“The more high-sounding a person speaks, the faster he dies.”

Sea Ghost Emperor is faintly starting to get angry and Liu Yi can hear the sound of him clenching his fist.

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders and says, “Looks like we are unable to reach a common understanding regarding this point. I do feel that the more a person chases after influence and power the faster he dies.”

“Today, only one person will die here.”

Sea Ghost Emperor says with a trace of anger, “This Emperor has already experienced your strength and it is way beneath mine! If you do not wish to die, then say your objective! Who are you and why do you want to intrude into my Fengdu City!”

“This is not your Fengdu City.”

Liu Yi laughs, “Fengdu City is a famous ghost town and never had an emperor. I shall come and go as I wish. You wish to control this place? Don’t joke.”

“Looks like you do not wish to say anything?”

Sea Ghost Emperor snorts coldly.

“Since that is the case, there is no point in detaining you.”

“Hahaha, don’t be so anxious.”

Liu Yi waves his hand, “It is with great difficulty that I came here, let’s have a good chat ah. Although I cannot say anything, I have a lot of matters that I wish to ask our Sea Ghost Emperor! Come, Sea Ghost Emperor, don’t be polite. You can say anything that you want!”

“Hmph seeking death!”

Sea Ghost Emperor stretches out his hand and aims at Liu Yi before clenching it.

Liu Yi’s body suddenly appears in the air behind him as he stands on top of a dragon pillar.

As for the golden chair that Liu Yi was sitting on earlier, it disintegrates into wood shavings before disappearing.

Liu Yi immediately recognizes this technique.

“Moon Dream Sutra? So you are someone from Qin Imperial Palace!”

“You know about the Moon Dream Sutra!”

Sea Ghost Emperor trembles as he did not expect that someone would recognize his technique.

“Looks like I cannot let you live!”

He slowly stands up from his throne.

But Liu Yi does not have the urge to fight, “Apologies. Today I do not have the mood to accompany you. Let’s play next time!”

He opens his arms as his body releases an eye-catching golden light!

“Ahhh! So bright!”

“My eyes hurt!”

The surrounding Yin Messengers immediately cover their eyes as they cry out in pain.

As for Sea Ghost Emperor, he only wrinkled his brows as he narrows his eyes.


Liu Yi’s entire body transforms into a golden light and dispersed in all directions.


Sea Ghost Emperor roars in unwillingness!

He knows that this fellow did not self-implode but instead he is escaping!

“Even if This Emperor has to dig three feet under! This Emperor will find you!”

Sea Ghost Emperor roars of anger keep ringing out from within the Imperial Palace.

While at the same time, Liu Yi who is sitting in the prison secretly opens his mouth and swallows a golden bug.

He opens his eyes and looks around the prison.

Those dejected slaves are sitting is the surrounding. Sun Qingchen is also leaning against the wall half dead. 

It seems like the situation is getting more and more interesting.


Chapter 821  [Sea Ghost Emperor]

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