MKW Chapter 820

Chapter 820  [Title below]


Liu Yi is slightly surprised. He did not expect that the moment he says that he will return the soul value this scarface would be so proactive!

Indeed even after dying, these brothers are all greedy ghosts.

People die for money, birds die for food. The ancients did not lie to me!

Scarface rolls up his sleeve and says solemnly, “Say it, little brother. Who do you want to meet and I shall drag him out!”

“He is called Qing Yise.”

The moment Liu Yi says the name, Scarface nearly kneels down.

“Big brother, are you for real? You want to look for Qing Yise!”

Scarface says with a bitter face, “Why don’t you take away my casino!”

“What’s the matter? Qing Yise has a very huge background?”

Liu Yi sensed something.

“More than just big? Qing Yise is my boss!”

Scarface nearly cries, “Big brother if you have any matter just look for my boss and discuss it with him. Why must you find trouble for me! Have you seen a little brother go and capture his own boss?”

[TL: too many times in other novels…]

“So that is the case…”

Liu Yi suddenly comprehends. Looks like this Qing Yise indeed has some influence in Fengdu City. No wonder Yang Mianmian wants me to look for him.

“Help me find him. Tell him that I came from Kunlun and he will come and meet me.”

Liu Yi sits down on the chair by the table and waves his hand, sending him off.

“Can…I’ll go find him!”

Scarface sees that there are no other options and can only go and help Liu Yi look for his boss. As for his little brothers, they start to expel the rest of the people.

“Today we are no longer open. Everyone go back. Tomorrow, come back to gamble!”

After all, it is a discussion between big bosses, naturally, it is not convenient to have outsiders around.

One must say that they are rather efficient. The casino was very full but they had chased all of them away within a few minutes, leaving behind Liu Yi and those little brothers in the casino.

Liu Yi looks around. These little brothers of the casino are all Hungry Ghosts with malnourished and sickly in appearance, which makes Liu Yi reminisce of his own Red Scarf Army. They are a well-trained and powerful army which are called a real underworld power!

Just as Liu Yi is getting bored of waiting. A door in the back of the casino was finally pushed open.

An old man wearing Chinese tunic walks out with a swagger as he strokes his goatee.

This old man is not that short but is slightly stooped. As he strokes his goatee this other hand is holding a large opium pipe. Those who did not know would have thought that this old man is a local ruffian in the early beginning of the Republic of China.

After he had entered, he gazes at Liu Yi up and down.

“It is you who ran over to smash my venue?”


After all, this is the person that Yang Mianmian introduced, thus Liu Yi is very polite as he replied, “I am sorry for disturbing senior’s venue. As for those soul value that I had won earlier, junior will return all of it to senior.”

“That’s more like it.”

Qing Yise’s expression turns relaxed, “You say that you are from Kunlun? What’s your proof?”

“It’s this.”

Liu Yi takes out the jade tablet that Yang Mianmian passes to him and shows it to Qing Yise.

“Kunlun Precious Jade? ”

Qing Yise takes a long puff of opium and breathed out a smoke ring.

After becoming a ghost and still smoking.

There are really too many things that make Liu Yi unable to understand in this Fengdu City.

Other than being unable to die another time, the people in this Fengdu City seem to be no different from normal people.

Earlier the manager also said to Huang Ziyin that they can eat good food. How is it something that a ghost can do?

But thinking about seems to be reasonable. offering to ancestors or people who died will use some delicious food. The people of the current era would also burn money, house, and the likes.

Looks like netherworld has netherworld’s own life. Especially given to people who are unable to reincarnate.

Qing Yise taps the opium pipe against his leg as he asks, “Why did you run over to Fengdu City, instead of staying in your Kunlun Mountain?”

“Actually junior is only a guest of Kunlun Mountain.”

Liu Yi says the reason why he came, “I came to Fengdu City to send a letter to the cultivators of Fengdu City to invite them to take part in the 5 Spirit Gathering that is hosted by our external pavilion….”

Liu Yi says a whole bunch of things while Qing Yise listens while half-understanding.

“It also means that you are here to deliver a letter? You wish to meet the inner pavilion sect in Fengdu City?”

Liu Yi nods his head, “That’s right!”

“This way…”

Qing Yise seems to be considering something before giving a look to a little brother by the side when Liu Yi is not paying attention to him.

This little brother nods his head before leaving silently.

“But after this junior arrived in Fengdu City, this junior realized that it is very weird…the lifestyle here is too weird and is not like the lifestyle of a normal netherworld! Furthermore, this junior has not seen any cultivators…”

“Hahaha, the reason why there are no cultivators is because they are sealed up.”

Qing Yise finally said something that shocked Liu Yi. Seeing Liu Yi’s expression, Qing Yise smiles and continue and says, “Seeing that you have some relationship with Kunlun, there is no harm in me telling you. A thousand years ago, Fengdu City was indeed a world controlled by cultivators! At that time, Fengdu City also did not have so many ghosts, only those few cultivators with the ghosts that they reared. The remaining ones are those former residences of Fengdu County those ghosts who are unwilling to reincarnate. Only Fengdu City would accept them.”

“Then what happened afterward? Why were the cultivators trapped and why did Fengdu City turn into this? Why is it that the moment Fengdu County people die they would be captured to this place to do labor?”

“I do not know.”

Qing Yise puffs his opium pipe, “Also do not know when did Fengdu City change its sky. As for the specific matters I am not clear. If you want to ask, you can only ask those cultivators who were sealed!”

The cultivators…

Liu Yi suddenly recalls the largest Martial God Image!

Looks like something bad happened to this Fengdu City. While the cultivators were all sealed there! Damn it, why am I so unlucky to meet with such a rotten matter!

“Right now the current Fengdu City is no longer the same as in the past. Even the cultivators were trapped. Perhaps you will also not have a good time.”

Qing Yise breathed out the smoke and says, “Seeing that you come from Kunlun Mountain, I can help you leave Fengdu City and you shall never come back. What do you think? This muddy water is not something that you should enter!”

“Thank you for your kind intention.”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders, “Delivering the letter is my task. If I did not deliver it to the client, I will not be able to account to my boss! So Senior Qing Yise, if you can help, just tell me just where that damn mastermind is! He is delaying my job of delivering the letters so I can only make a trip to handle him.”

“You really don’t want your life!”

Qing Yise is startled, “You will risk for life for your job?”

Liu Yi insists, “It is not absolute that I will be throwing away my life. So can senior please help.”

“Fine then. Since that is the case, there is no harm in telling you.”

Qing Yise puffs some more before saying, “Right now the one in the highest position in Fengdu City is called Sea Ghost Emperor! He is staying in the Ghost Emperor Palace Hall which is located in the center of the city!”

Sea Ghost Emperor?

Sea Turtle? This name is rather damned!

[TL: Sea Ghost and Sea Turtle romanize is around the same. Haǐ Guī 海鬼 and Haǐ Guǐ 海龟]

“Then let me thank senior!”

After knowing all of this useful information, Liu Yi more or less has some understanding in his heart. At the very least, he knows what his next step will be.

“Hahaha, come, come, come. It has been a long time since I had to meet outsiders.”

When an underling carries in a wine jar, Qing Yise laughs happily.

“Is is our first-rated Burn Knife! Let us have a few cups as you tell me the news outside and let me know what has changed!”

“Since senior have this request then junior shall fulfill.”

Liu Yi nods his head as he takes a wine cup while a little brother by the side immediately filled it up with white wine for him.

A strong wine fragrance emits out as a few underlings cannot help but smell as their craving was aroused.

Liu Yi looks at a little brother who had just swallowed his saliva and raises his cup and ask, “Want a cup?”

That little brother’s expression immediately changes as he quickly shake his head and retreats.

By the side, Qing Yise hurriedly says, “They are all lowly people and do not deserve it! There is no need to care about them! Come, let’s drink!”

“Okay, then junior shall drink first to pay respect.”

Liu Yi raises the wine cup and drank the whole cup.

“Hahaha, younger brother has good alcohol capacity!”

Qing Yise instantly smiles widely.

“Senior pr…pr…aise…”

Liu Yi collapsed onto the ground with a -plop- and smashed the wine cup in his hand.

“Hahaha, what an idiot!”

Qing Yise strokes his goatee and smiles in delight, “This wine has been laced with Soul Weakening Powder! After being poisoned by it you will become powerless for three days and nights allowing others to do anything they want to you! This fellow should be worth quite a bit of soul value right, carry him and follow me to the Ghost Emperor Palace Hall!”

A few little brothers immediately puff as they lift up Liu Yi and follow Qing Yise out.

Going out, Qing Yise takes a car as he escorts Liu Yi all the way into Ghost Emperor Palace Hall.

Seeing his car, the Ghost Messengers guarding the entrance to Ghost Emperor Palace Hall let them pass.

Finally, they drove in front of a palace. Those little brothers are unable to continue in thus Scarface lifted Liu Yi up like a dead pig and follows behind Qing Yise.

In the center of the palace hall stands two rows of Yin Messengers while a number of Ox-head creatures guard the door.

This main hall seems to also be renovated by the slaves, gold and jade in glorious splendor making people have an illusion that they had entered the Forbidden City.

“Hahaha, this fellow is unlucky today.”

Scarface who is carrying Liu Yi is standing by the side of Qing Yise who is smoking, “To not know about boss and Sea Ghost Emperor’s relationship and deliver himself to you!”

“Hehehe…this time, wouldn’t Majesty Sea Ghost Emperor make me a big official!”


Chapter 820  [Alcohol capacity is bad?]

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