MKW Chapter 819

Chapter 819  [Title below]


That ghost is slightly surprised. One must know that normally, higher up managers or governors all hate gambling!

The stakes for gambling are only one and that is soul value!

In Fengdu City, there is no money, no coinage. The only circulating currency is soul value!

Soul value represents everything, money, privilege, position!

Gambling is truly scary. Some people might become a manager within a night while some become slaves within a night!

In the past, the higher up people also like to gamble. That kind of one-night fortune feeling is truly alluring!

But ever since one governor lost his entire fortune once and the matter of him turning from a governor into a slave happened, the higher-ups no longer dare to touch this kind of thing.

Only some impoverished commoners would carry the hopes of money falling from the sky and gamble with their soul value!

Thus when this commoner ghost knows that this manager in front of him is inquiring about Daihatsu Casino, he asks in shock, “Lord…you, you want to gamble?”

“Is this what you should ask?”

Liu Yi did not follow that East Sea 3rd Princess for nothing. More or less he had learned how to imitate her tone.

“So-sorry lord…this one knows my wrongs..”

The commoner starts trembling in fear as Liu Yi snorts, “Still not telling me! Still want to waste my time is it?”

“This one does not dare! This one does not dare! That Daihatsu Casino is at, at…”

The commoner tells Liu Yi the location of Daihatsu Casino in fear. Only then did Liu Yi nod his head and leave.

After seeing Liu Yi disappearing from his sight, that ghost lets out a breath of relief.

These managers…the moment they are unhappy, they will abolish my civilian privilege, making me go back and become a slave again…

In Fengdu City, rank is the absolute existence!

After Liu Yi knows where is Daihatsu Casino located, he immediately finds a place and transforms back into his earlier ordinary citizen appearance.

Manager this kind of image can be used for a bit but cannot be used all the time. After all, it is too high-profile.

It is best to be a normal ghost. No one will notice me.

There are more and more Yin Messengers flying in the sky. Liu Yi feels that they are about to make a carpet style search!

Liu Yi speeds up to avoid accidents from happening.

This Daihatsu Casino exterior is an ordinary old factory. But standing outside, Liu Yi can faintly hear the sound of shouting coming from inside.

“Three points! Small!”

“Ahhh! Lost again!”

“Hahaha, I shook a leopard! I won!”

These voices are in an utter mess as they enter Liu Yi’s ear.

Qing Yise should be in here. Hope that he would let me make a trip for nothing.

There does not seem to be anyone guarding the casino as Liu Yi pushes open the door and walk-in.

A moldy smell instantly enters his nose. As Liu Yi is not a real ghost and still has a sense of smell, he nearly choked!

The atmosphere here is somewhat murky and unbearably messy.

A few tables were set up in the room. By the table stands a lot of ghosts shouting as they gamble their soul value.

After possessing soul value, they can shout out any time they want.

After everyone’s soul value had been called out, it will float in front of their right shoulder.

Liu Yi had worked for a day today thus he does not even have a single soul value.

Based on pushing the stone mill, one can only accumulate one soul value after a few days which is very pitiful.

Without soul value, Liu Yi is unable to gamble.

But earlier when he killed that Yin Messenger, he had obtained quite a bit of soul value from him! Around 100k.

Yin Messengers are a job that came from promoting to civilian. Being a Yin Messenger will allow one to obtain soul value daily. But not all civilians can become Yin Messengers. They must go through an evaluation and those who meet the standard required are then able to qualify.

Thus it was not strange for that Yin Messenger to possess 100k soul value.

Liu Yi plans to use gambling to lure out that Qing Yise because earlier Yang Mianmian had secretly told him that Qing Yise likes to hide within the crowd. Only when there is a genuine loser would he come out.

Looking through all of the gambling joints, Liu Yi decided to choose the simplest and rough, guessing big or small.

He squeezed through the crowd and stands by the table.

A ghost seems to have lost a lot. Being pushed by Liu Yi, he immediately shouts unhappily, “Who are you! Do you know that you disturbed this lord’s gambling interest? Do you have money? Do you dare to gamble?”

Liu Yi is disinclined to say anything as he slashes with his finger.

Instantly the 100k figure appears in front of him. That fellow who shouted no longer dares to speak.

He had nearly lost until he nearly turns into a slave. Towards a person who possesses so much soul value, naturally, he is slightly fearful.

Rich and imposing, poverty stunts ambition!

Liu Yi places a hand on the table and gambles 10k on small.

The surrounding ghost exclaims, why did this fellow play the moment he came up!

As for the partner in charge of shaking the dice smiles, an idiot with money has come!

After being a partner for so long, his heart is like a mirror. After all this kind of gamble, out of 10, most are all to swindle people!

Inside my dice pot, there is a very small mechanic. As long as I fiddle with it, I can change the points inside!

The dice were also filled with lead. Basically, I first shake an approximate point and the moment someone laid their bet, if the sum is large enough, I shall secretly alter the points and earn big!

That is why the saying is right. Out of ten gambles, nine are losses.

Because during the ten gambles, nine of them are arranged rounds.

Looks like tonight this fellow is destined to lose all of his points!

This 10k soul value is mine!

Originally the points of the dice inside are 6 points small. One four point and two one point. But the partner says, “No more bids allowed.”, before pretending to carelessly use his finger to tap the dice pot.

Inside, one of the dice immediately jumps from one point to six points.

This way it is 11 points big.

But at that instant where he lifts up the dice pot, Liu Yi exerts strength with his palm, passing through the table. That dice which was 6 points turned back to one point.

“Good, 11 points…”

Shouting halfway, the partner forcibly choked it back as his eyes stare fixedly at the three dice on the table like he had seen a living ghost.

It should be 11 points big!

Why did it turn back into 6 points small?

Is the dice pot spoiled?

“Six points small…”

But the dices had been revealed, thus it is impossible to change.

At 1:3 rate, Liu Yi had earned back 30k soul value and was envied by the surrounding ghosts.

“What is the matter, is there a problem?”

Liu Yi smiles merrily as he looks at that partner.

“No, not at all…”

Luckily he is a ghost otherwise he might had started sweating.

He can only pick up the dice pot and started shaking the dice.

This time around, Liu Yi bet 10k soul value on small again.

Currently, the dice inside the dice pot should be 12 points big!

The partner says in his heart, even if the dice pot is spoilt this time, you will lose.

“No more bids!”

The partner lifts up the dice pot, his eyes nearly drop out!

Inside appears three points small! Every single dice is a red dot, so red that it pierces the eyes!

Where did it go wrong!

Something definitely must have gone wrong!

But in front of so many gamblers, the gambling joint must continue to carry on!

This time around Liu Yi did not even wait for the dice to be shaken and placed a bet of 100k on small.

The partner cannot take it and asks, “Still buying small?”

“That’s right. I like small.”

Liu Yi stretches out his finger, “It is now your turn to shake the dice.”

The partner carefully starts to shake the pot with tempo.

He is afraid that he would make a wrong estimation again. Today he has already lost 60k for the casino…thus he cannot lose anymore!

Finally, he had confirmed that he had shaken out 3 six points which are 18 points big, did he place the pot on the table in relief.

“No more bets!”

The partner slowly removes the dice pot and collapsed.

It is still 3 points small! Did I see a ghost?!

Fuck, everyone are ghosts!

What the fuck is going on!

I instantly lost 300k!

This time the rest of the gamblers also become passionate as they one after the other follow Liu Yi’s bet.

Liu Yi changes back to 10k bet and only bet on small.

The rest of the ghosts also follow along and bet on small. Adding up all of the stakes, every single round has around 100k each time!

Ever since Liu Yi stands here, the casino no longer rolls out a big!

It is super abnormal!

After losing a few million, the casino people can no longer sit still.

A guy with a blade scar on his face walks out and kicks the partner to the side before standing opposite Liu Yi and says, “Little brother, today you earned quite a bit, right?”

“I guess. Just for amusement.”

Liu Yi smiles. These soul value are useless to him, thus there is no point in winning them.

“Since it is just for amusement, why do you want to force people to death?”

The scarface is clearly the boss here. As he looks at Liu Yi, his voice carries a bit of threat, “Little brother, there is a saying, ‘As a person don’t do things until the extreme. That way in future, when you need help from the other party, he might help!’ It is better not to play until so extreme!”

“Firstly we are no longer people.”

Liu Yi stretches ou three fingers and closes them one by one, “Second, I am a straight guy and will definitely not have any future with you. Third, there are no such things as forcing others to die, after all, all of us are already dead, right?”

“You think that you can’t die again?”

The scarface is instantly angered as he shows his soul value which is 35 million!

This amount of soul value represents a manager!

As for the soul value to become a governor, it is heaven-defying, 100 million. It is not a sum that this small casino can come up with.

“I can throw you back into the slave prison at any moment, did you know that?”

“Sure you can.”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders indifferently, “But this way, no one will dare to enter your casino.”

The scarface’s lips twitches, this fellow is a pain in the neck!

“Say it. How much soul value will satisfy you!”

“No, no, no. I am not here to gamble but to find a person.”

What game is this?

This person runs over to Daihatsu displaying his might not minding to offend the casino just to find a person?

“Oh, to be accurate, he is a ghost…”

“Tsk. Where do you think our place is! Who do you want to be found?”

“The moment you find him, the money that I earned earlier can be returned to you.”

“Say the name!”


Chapter 819  [Daihatsu Casino]

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