MKW Chapter 818

Chapter 818  [Title below]


These arms are densely packed as they cover the entire sky!

It is like arms of grievance ghosts as they outdo each other trying to capture Liu Yi.

Although it is only a body formed from qi, Liu Yi has the ability to leave.

He does not wish to reveal his identity. Although this behind the scene person could be a cultivator from Fengdu City Liu Yi does not know why but he has a weird feeling that something is not right. Thus, he hides his identity and fights against this person.

“Imperial Sword Technique!”

He uses the most simple technique to deal with those ghost arms.

Golden swords emerge from behind Liu Yi’s back. Also in a row, they follow Liu Yi’s sword seal and flies towards the sky.

-clashing sound-

Intense clashing sound as the arms in the sky was kept being destroyed by the sword rain that Liu Yi created.

“Who are you! Why did you pretend to be a Yin Messenger!”

“If you do not want people to know then don’t do it!”

Liu Yi thinks rapidly and feigns as he says casually, “I already know your secrets!”

“Then you must die!”

That black hand instantly exploded in anger when he heard this!

Over millions of black hands in the sky start to transform and turn into black ghosts. They became even more agile as they charge at Liu Yi.

“There is no path for you to escape!”

The face in the sky is very malevolent, “Die!”

“You fool, who would be willing to obediently die!”

Liu Yi reports in disdain, “You wish to stop me with this? You are thinking too much!”

As Liu Yi speaks his sword seal changes!

The swords behind him immediately protect him before shooting out in all directions!

-clashing sound-

Streams of sword qi wreck havoc! The black ghosts are unable to get close to Liu Yi!

“So thorny…”

The black hand seems to be shocked by Liu Yi’s strength, “Fine…then I shall let you witness the strength of my Martial God Image!”

As he speaks those black ghosts suddenly land on the ground before starting to push those milestones!

108 golden men immediately start moving as they open their palms and grab at Liu Yi!

These Martial God Images are very sturdy! Relying on the current Liu Yi, he is unable to deal with them at all!

The swords that he created are like a tickle when they hit the Martial God Images.

Avoid the spearhead!

Tonight Liu Yi’s objective is not to fight but to test the water that’s all!

He immediately roars as he transforms into a stream of eye-piercing golden light and explodes in midair!


The black hand did not expect that Liu Yi would self explode and disappear completely.

Did he really die?

“Activate all of the Yin Messengers! All of the Ox-heads! No matter if that fellow is dead or alive, lock down the entire city!”

The black hand roars, “Release the wanted poster! Anyone who captures this person will be able to obtain 10 million soul value!”

10 million soul points!

An Ox-head creature standing in the corner of the plaza twitches its lips, this 10 million is enough to let a slave directly turn into a manager!

At this moment, Liu Yi has the urge to let Sun Qingchen capture him. But it is just a thought. After all the black hand is not an idiot. With Sun Qingchen’s capability, how is it possible for him to capture him?

He shakes his head and wags his oxtail before walking out of this plaza with heavy steps.

He slips away openly under the eyes of the black hand and his next steps are to find that old ghost called Qing Yise!

He must find a person who understood Fengdu City to inquire about the situation!

After Liu Yi exits the radius of the prison, he no longer uses the eye-catching image of the Ox-head creature. He finds a corner with no one and transforms into an ordinary ghost before walking along the pathway of this extensive Fengdu City.

Indeed right now in Fengdu City, there are a lot of Yin Messengers flying all over the place trying to find Liu Yi.

But none of them would have thought that right now Liu Yi had changed his appearance and is walking about under their eyes.

{Very convenient!}

Lin Tong speaks from inside Liu Yi’s conscious, {Thinking about those flower thieves who know the technique for changing their appearance, I estimate that they have the same mood as you, right?}

{Immortal Fox Sister! These two things are completely different.}

Liu Yi instantly starts sweating, {I am a chivalrous person, not a person who goes and harms other families ladies! Why is it when you say it, it turns so wretched?}

{Because you have a wretched heart.}

Lin Tong roasts, {Every where you go there will be girls accompanying you, aren’t you a flower thief? Two days ago you plucked Kunlun Mountain’s Yang Mianmian so who do you plan to pluck this time? Fengdu City’s female ghosts should be what you like, right? Did you find the one that you want? Want this lady to help you be the matchmaker?}

{Immortal Fox Sister! That’s enough!}

Liu Yi wipes away his sweat, {I am not interested with female ghosts!}

{Then why don’t you pluck Meng Xi. Eight Desolate Poison Spider, after plucking her, you will have the ability to absorb the essence of moonlight!}

{Id rather pluck my Immortal Fox Sister!} Liu Yi licks his lips, {Who knows, perhaps I might grow out a foxtail!}

{Your sister!}

Lin Tong did not expect that she would invite trouble for herself and is angry. But thinking rapidly she starts calculating in her mind.

{Okay.} Find a peaceful place and this miss shall come out and let you pluck! Bring it on!}


Liu Yi wishes to curse as Lin Tong’s current situation is not suitable for him to eat her up.

The moment they did it, she will be absorbed by him.

Isn’t this trolling me…

It is not like I am Vacuum Cleaner, why would I be that rotten!

{That…Immortal Fox Sister. How much longer do you need to be able to solidify your soul…}

Seeing Liu Yi salivating as he asks this question, she cannot help but gift a look of disdain.

{Hmph! Still early, wait!}

{You abuser…} Liu Yi says with tears, {You can’t be like this!}

{Hmph, there are so many girls by your side, with them, it is enough to console you!}

Lin Tong sneers and says, {Wait till this miss has finished, naturally, I will turn around and pluck you instead!}

{That needs to wait…}

{Why is it that you are always thinking about these matters! Be healthier and active! Increase your strength  more!}

Lin Tong criticizes Liu Yi, {Why did you turn so perverted!}

{Appetite and lust are only natural!}

Liu Yi says in deadly earnest, {Furthermore, me having sex with the girls will increase my strength! My Immortal Fox Sister don’t forget that you are the Fire Spirit Body, furthermore, you have the bloodline of Heavenly Fox. After we dual cultivate, that is equivalent to gifting wings to a tiger. Not only would I absorb the spirit bodies strength, but I would also be able to let my Glorious Sun Palm improve!}

{Only you would have a preposterous argument!}

Lin Tong rolls his eyes, {Hurry and be busy with your matter. Later on, we talk about our matter. I will do my best to cultivate!}

Don’t know if the last sentence is to encourage Liu Yi or what, after saying it, Lin Tong no longer replies.

Thinking about seductive Lin Tong, Liu Yi cannot help but become somewhat aroused.

Alas, did not think that I would have this day of yearning for love!

But what Immortal Fox Sister says is right. The top priority is to deal with this current matter properly.

{Little Jade. Release a satellite. I want the entire map of this Fengdu City!}

Wanting to find Daihatsu Casino, rushing around like a headless fly is not possible as this place is too big.

Fengdu County’s surface area is 2900km! While Fengdu City is the clone of Fengdu County!

Letting Little Jade uses her satellite to scan out the map of this place is the fastest method!

{Master, satellite release failed!}

Unexpectedly Little Jade sends back bad news, {Master, within 600 meters of the sky, there is a formless barrier that obstructs the satellite! Within 600 meters, the satellite is unable to enter the space orbit thus it can’t operate.}

Damn it!

As Liu Yi wishes to roast, he raises his head and looks at the sky.

Indeed this place exists inside a barrier?

This Fengdu City’s owner, why does he want to keep using his Martial God Images to keep attacking the barrier?

Liu Yi is unable to comprehend this point.

Aren’t Yin Messengers able to enter the mortal realm? What is the reason for attacking the barrier?

It looks like I can only use other methods to find that Casino.

Liu Yi walks into an alley and when he exited he had changed into another appearance.

If Sun Chenqing had seen Liu Yi at this point in time, he would definitely clench his teeth in anger!

Because the person whom Liu Yi had transformed into is none other than Zheng Wuyin, that manager who had snatched away his girlfriend.

Wearing a black suit and his swept-back hairstyle, Liu Yi feels like he is dressed up in the 90s style!

Fengdu City’s trend might be a little eccentric!

After Liu Yi changes into this appearance, he can walk sideways on the road.

When the ghost citizens on the street see him, they would one after another kneel.

When Yin Messengers fly over him, they would also descend and salute him before flying away.

This kind of feeling is rather enjoyable!

Hierarchy is exactly like this making those in the higher up extremely comfortable while the price is suffering of countless of those below them.

This kind of hierarchy is undoubtedly inhuman and antisocial. Although Liu Yi is enjoying it in his heart but he does not approve of this kind of system.

Enjoying a while is alright, just treating it as experiencing a game once.

Talking about it, this Fengdu City is just like a simulation game. All the people here are like fictitious new life as they keep doing their tasks to gather soul value to raise their rank. But Liu Yi himself is like a virus as he takes advantage of his ability to tamper with the data of the game.

He walks to a ghost who is kneeling in front of him. That ghost is trembling with fear as it seems like he thought that Liu Yi wants to beat him.

“Lo-lord…where, where did I offend you…”

“Nothing. I have a matter that I want to ask you.”

Only then did the ghost breathe out a sigh of relief as he hurriedly reverently says, “Lord can just ask. This one will not hide anything that this one knows from you.”

“Very good.”

Liu Yi nods his head and asks, “Do you know where Daihatsu Casino is?”


That ghost instantly blanks out.


Chapter 818  [This can also be cultivated]

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